clivejoKCI is gonna blame me again00:03
clivejoin one minute!00:03
clivejovalorie: are you on wily?00:05
valorieyes, wily00:16
valoriesince the alpha00:17
valoriegah, I can't remember the correct invocation to upgrade to xenial00:17
clivejocould you test kvkbd in my ppa?00:18
valorieah, got it00:18
clivejovalorie: kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade00:18
valoriesec, laundry and such00:18
valorieok, can test on this wily box while the other one is upgrading00:24
valoriehow to test?00:25
clivejoyou can either add my PPA or just download and install the package00:25
clivejo32 or 64 bit?00:26
valoriethis? ppa:clivejo/wily00:26
valoriehmmm: 00:29
valorieThe following packages will be upgraded:00:29
valorie  amarok amarok-common amarok-utils kdeconnect-plasma00:29
valoriethat ok?00:29
valoriewhy do you have a newer amarok in there?00:29
clivejoamarok, isnt mine00:29
valoriedid it not get uploaded?00:29
valorieI was confused because the lp page didn't list that00:30
clivejodont install those00:30
valoriebut I *just* did update && full-upgrade00:30
valoriewith no amarok00:30
valoriewell, I can always uninstall amarok00:31
valorieI wonder if I have the beta ppa enabled or something00:31
clivejoit could be in my LP, I was playing about with it00:32
clivejoI play about with KF5 builds to see if I can get them to build00:33
valorielast time I tried building amarok, I failed00:34
valoriefortunately, the porting effort continues00:35
clivejodo you use kdeconnect?00:35
clivejowould you test that for me too please?00:36
valorieand I basically upgraded to be able to test that on both boxes00:36
clivejowith it, make sure you are using the latest version on your phone as well00:37
valoriewell, I signed up for the testing group, but unsure how to check that on my phone00:39
valoriekdeconnect seems to be working -- this computer sees my phone and reports the battery status00:56
valorieon screen kbd typed this01:01
valoriebut how do I get rid of it?01:02
valorieclivejo: please urge the author to get that code into kde git01:02
valorielooks a bit oxygenish, but works for me01:02
clivejothere is an icon in the system tray01:02
clivejocan change the colour01:02
clivejoand exit it01:03
valorienow to check the upgrade to xenial01:03
valoriethen dinner, I think01:03
valoriestill in the setup phase01:04
clivejobit slow?01:04
valorieit's just a lil computer01:04
valorie65% done01:04
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valoriekdeconnect is working on xenial02:58
valoriekvkbd working on xenial as well03:05
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stefan__hi guys08:25
stefan__why does kubuntu-ci stable depend on qt packages which are unavailable in wily?08:26
stefan__kubuntu-ci unstable actually has newer versions of qt...08:27
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lordievaderGood morning.09:25
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stefan__is this the right place to askabout kubuntu-ci packages?09:28
valoriestefan__: yes, but there are few devels here right now09:39
valorieif you can't stay around until they arrive, you can always ask on the kubuntu-devel mail list09:40
stefan__valorie: thanks09:47
valoriebest of luck09:48
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stefan__hi guys11:20
stefan__why does kubuntu-ci stable depend on qt packages which are unavailable in wily?11:20
stefan__kubuntu-ci unstable actually has newer versions of qt...11:20
yofelbecause I obviously messed up and only copied them for unstable, sorry about that.11:25
yofelI'll fix that in a big11:25
sitteryofel: I think stable will need a size bump to accomodate qt11:26
tsdgeoswops, wrong channel :D11:26
yofelsitter: really? we have 9G left11:28
sitterunstable overshot substantially from qt11:29
sitterI am preping the wipe now though, so it might be fine11:29
sitterthen again most of xenial doesn't build anyway, so it can't use that much space yet11:29
sitteranyway. purge running now11:31
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.3-168-ge8746ea * Aleix Pol: CMakeLists.txt11:38
pursuivantTrim dependencies11:38
pursuivantRemove those from Discover and backends.11:38
sitteryofel: removal requested for everything. no clue when that will finish11:52
sitteryofel: shall I remove weekly entirely?11:52
yofelsitter: rather leave it empty for the time being. Removing it completely annoys apt11:55
yofeland plasma beautifullness: https://kyofel.de/owncloud/index.php/s/kZCGY5UB6ncaLiP11:55
ahoneybunmm google auth works on my desktop12:08
BluesKajHey all12:31
mrvanesCould any of the devs tell me why I see "Failed to establish shared memory mapping, will fallback to private memory -- memory usage will increase" for any plasma application launched (from terminal)12:42
mrvanesI have /de/shm mounted (tempfs)12:42
mrvanesI have /dev/shm mounted (tempfs)12:42
shadeslayerDo we have a agenda for Munich?12:45
yofelwe have CI future, otherwise not really12:46
shadeslayeryofel: well, depends on what that means12:47
shadeslayertechnical details of CI or CI infrastructure?12:47
shadeslayerand what do we do about this http://dci.pangea.pub/job/plasma/view/Failing/job/step_binary_unstable/arch=amd64/61/console12:48
yofelwell, both, as we'll have to set up our own CI instance eventually and nobody know how to do that12:50
yofelI also want to talk about changelog generation and file tracking12:50
shadeslayerfor CI infrastructure I think sitter said someone needs to talk to starbuck112:50
shadeslayerand work out something12:51
shadeslayeror mentioned something along those lines12:51
shadeslayeryofel: file tracking?12:51
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sitterchangelogs :@12:51
yofelCI verifying that we're not missing breaks/replaces12:52
sitteryofel: all jobs gone; all ppas got vivid sources wiped; weekly got wiped entirely12:52
yofelsitter: <312:52
clivejositter: Do you know what the status of kvkbd is?12:53
sitteryofel: short term file movement is implicitly tracked through the promotion QA http://kci.pangea.pub/job/mgmt_daily_promotion_wily_unstable/12:53
shadeslayerhurray, libkwineffects has so version bump12:53
sitteryofel: since it hasn't passed since May that ought to tell you why we have file movement problems :P12:53
sitterclivejo: no12:53
yofelsitter: "short term" ?12:54
yofelah, between stable/unstable ?12:54
sitterautopromotion takes the previous daily ppa (last good set of builds) and attempts to upgrade from that to what is the supposedly new set of builds (!daily ppa)12:54
sitterif apt can not upgrade daily to the new builds the job fails12:55
yofelyes, but I would like something that doesn't depend on the apt dependency resolving order12:55
sittersure, that's more tricky though :P12:56
yofelright, should still be solvable by throwing a hashmap of files into a mongodb and checking that after a build12:56
yofelor something in that direction12:57
shadeslayermongodb, such hipster12:57
sittershadeslayer: mongodb is yesterday's jam12:58
yofelsays the guy who wrote the CI in ruby :P12:58
sitterstill a step up from writing perl :P12:59
yofelsitter: what's the latest stuff? In-memory DBs on persistent memory?12:59
sittershadeslayer: btw. g+ had something kewl today12:59
sitteryofel: I lost track13:00
sitteryofel: why do we need a db anyway13:00
sitteryofel: IMO the value of a tracking system would be 100% persistency so I'd actually dump raw data into json into a git repo13:00
sitterit could entirely be loaded into a database from there for actual runtime processing13:00
yofelsitter: because I would like something more long-term where a file can vanish for a month before someone upstream remembers to add it back to some random other component13:00
sitterbut as actual storage I'd avoid any specific solution 13:00
sitteryofel: right. I'd dump to json :P13:01
yofelwell, fine with me, which is why I wanted to talk the implementation out in munich13:01
sitterbtw, I think nosql is no longer hip altogether13:02
sitteras far as nosql is concerned I think redis is the one I hear about the most13:02
yofelwell, redis is more cache than db, but yeah, it's usually the thing you want if you need performance. So most people just go with that.13:07
sitteryofel: I literally do not care enough to even have looked into what it does :P13:09
yofelit's the same damn thing implemented from a different POV :P13:10
shadeslayersitter: what was the cool G+ thing13:11
sitterah yes13:11
shadeslayerI'm looking at the EU IOT Agenda13:11
sittershadeslayer: https://github.com/bundler/gemstash13:11
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shadeslayersome of the silly things on here13:11
shadeslayerplus, some of the domains have expired13:11
shadeslayerfirst link, dead, 3rd link, dead, 5th link, dead13:12
shadeslayersomeone dislikes prime numbers13:13
shadeslayerodd numbers13:13
shadeslayersitter: ooog13:13
Riddellclivejo: seen http://download.kde.org/unstable/kdeconnect/0.9/src/ ?13:56
Riddellannoyingly he hasn't changed that tar name13:56
yofelok, our packageset in xenial looks fixed - if it weren't for ECM14:18
yofeland I need to merge 6 packages with the archive, grrr14:19
mck182any updates on the workspace package for wily?14:35
shadeslayerwhy this is fun14:35
yofelI just deleted kscreenlocker in ci/unstable for wily, that should get the CI build accepted I hope15:07
shadeslayerso uh, apparently armhf is now building libkwinglutils.so15:47
shadeslayerbut we go all : Architecture: amd64 arm64 i386 powerpc ppc64el15:47
shadeslayerfor that package15:47
yofelwhat does the package architecture have to do with the cmake configuration?15:47
shadeslayermgraesslin: did kwin recently enable building of libkwinglutils on armhf?15:47
yofelhe did post something about runtime gl/es detection15:48
mgraesslinshadeslayer: yes, as yofel says: there is no kwinglesutils more15:48
shadeslayerright, kwinglutils is now combined?15:49
mgraesslinone kwinglutils to bind them, one to rule them all15:49
shadeslayercan drop Arch here then15:49
mgraesslinI pointed that out in the blog post15:49
shadeslayerright, I just re read it15:49
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clivejoRiddell: I did see it and I packaged it, but Ive used the maintainer verison number.  The previous versions are 0.0+git 16:29
clivejonot sure if that was wise to do or not16:30
Riddellclivejo: use the upstream version number16:33
clivejoRiddell: its in my PPA as kdeconnect-plasma 0.9-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa116:34
Riddellclivejo: that looks good yes16:34
clivejobut I think Ive found a bug16:34
clivejoneed someone else to verify it though16:34
clivejodo you use it?16:35
clivejocan you still browse your phone via dolphin?16:35
Riddellclivejo: where do I install it from?16:36
clivejoIve recently changed my LAN config, so it might be that causing problems16:36
clivejoeither wily or xenial in my PPA16:36
Riddellbrowing from dolphin is done with kio-mtp isn't it?16:36
Riddelloh no there's a kdeconnect:// kioslave16:37
clivejoIm getting an error messaging saying that the file or folder doesnt exist16:37
Riddellok browsing works good with 0.0+git20150810-0ubuntu116:37
clivejobut Im on xenial at the moment16:38
Riddellclivejo: yep still working good on wily16:40
Riddellclivejo: but in my experience kio-mtp is kindae flakey and doesn't work sometimes with the error you said16:40
Riddellso I expect kdeconnect will be the same16:40
Riddellwhich might be the fault of the phone or something lower down the stack on linux16:40
clivejoI think its a local issue16:41
clivejoRiddell: do you know what is going on with kvkbd ?16:45
Riddellclivejo: nothing as far as I know16:45
clivejois it part of KDE or 3rd party?16:45
clivejowould be very handy with touch screens!16:46
clivejo*pokes ahoneybun to see if he would test it on ubuntu phone*16:49
Riddellclivejo: we use malitt I think it is on the phone16:52
clivejoah, so obsolete16:53
clivejowell I packaged the 2014 version yesterday and it appears to work16:54
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yofelmck182: ^18:09
mck182yofel: YESSSS!!!!!! YOU HEROOO!!!!18:09
mck182also, thank you.18:09
clivejoRiddell: how do I go about getting kdeconnect-plasma tested/QA and get it into the archives?19:10
clivejoThe author says on the andriod app that Kubuntu is slow about rolling out new features19:11
Riddellclivejo: ask for testers here with !testers and on the mailing list and get someone with upload privilages to upload it, you can also build it for wily and put it into backports ppa and actual backports19:13
clivejoits in both my wily and xenial PPA19:14
clivejoand how do I link the LP page to KDE, or is that possible?19:16
clivejoshould I build one for vivid too?19:17
* clivejo would have to make a vivid pbuilder to do that19:18
* clivejo feels like hes talking to himself again and wanders off19:26
* genii makes a large tasty pot of coffee, washes out everyone's mugs and leaves them next to the coffeepot19:27
* yofel hands clivejo the "You have mastered the secrets of IRC" scroll and goes back into hiding19:31
Riddellclivejo: don't bother with vivid, supporting more than one version for backports isn't sustainable19:35
soeehiho, im finaly back after some ban :/19:49
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alkethi, who is the release manager now ?21:48
mparilloyofel: and sgclark21:49
alketthanks mparillo 21:49
alketlets hope they do a fine release for 16.0521:53
yofelthat's the plan ;)21:53
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alketplease don't get me wrong, im just saying because its going to be my distro for work for the next 2 years22:08
alketthank you for you hard work22:09
valoriesoee: ban?22:39
valorieooops, gotta go, but perhaps tell about it in -offtopic?22:40
clivejoo/ valorie22:48
clivejoRiddell: do you know how to figure out why my KDEConnect file browser isnt working?22:53
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