bpromptjussi01:   it doesn't for me, it simply jumps to the clicked sheet, Libreoffice
jussi01bprompt: oh well, Ill keep on keeping on - lots of work to do...00:02
denza242what's the metapackage which has a variety of dev stuff?00:35
denza242build deps or build essential?00:35
denza242because I can't remember the name00:35
denza242ah, thanks00:39
jussi01Ok, so in libreoffice calc, If I have 2 spreadsheets and I want to be able to have a dropdown to choose things from a table in another sheet, but I only want certain fields from the row to come across. So, I might have: name, cost, unit type and  package size to come across into the corresponding fields in the new sheet, but  there are other fields that shouldnt  come across. any thoughts?02:11
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thetejuhey guys,,,03:39
thetejuis there any software in KDE that allows me to upload images straight to Google/photos?03:40
thetejudigikam export feature to picasa not working ,, and I dont get shotwell exporting  in KDE too. :(03:41
thetejusomeone ? any comment,, I could not find a solution,, and switching to ubuntu is the last thing I wanna do03:45
jussi01theteju: blackmail gets you nowhere. I think there is a plugin for gwenview that does it...03:47
thetejujussi01 : its not working :(, I could not find solution either.03:49
jussi01theteju: google probably changed their api again..03:56
thetejujussi01 : ok. that means, wait and watch.03:58
rodWhat is this?04:40
valoriewhat is what, rod?04:40
rodI'm new with Kubuntu/linux stuff and have no clue what this chat thingy is. lol04:41
valoriethis is irc04:41
valoriethe first "chat thingie"04:41
valoriebefore the internet, even04:41
rodAh  lol04:41
valorieperhaps before linux04:42
rodWell, now I know.  Thank you!04:42
valorieif you are looking for channels, alis can help04:42
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http04:42
valorieyou do commands starting with / on a newline04:43
valorieas it says above04:43
valoriehave fun!04:43
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shooter2killhey all i just bought a headset that is usb ...when i plug it in nothing happening still playing through speakers ...any help would be gerat06:17
hateballshooter2kill: it is likely the headset comes with its own soundcard06:18
hateballso check that sound is outputting to the correct device06:18
shooter2killnothing seems to be showing up when i plug it in ...06:19
shooter2killis this something i need06:20
shooter2killeven though there is no sound coming from the headset atm06:21
hateballshooter2kill: what model is it? can you see anything by running "dmesg" after plugging it in?06:22
shooter2killits just a mic and headset i bought off ebay...unknown name06:23
hateballsince it is usb, also "lsusb" should show info06:24
hateballshooter2kill: google says http://askubuntu.com/questions/515089/xubuntu-14-04-pulseaudio-alsa-will-not-work-with-usb-headset06:27
shooter2killhateB when i got to video and audio settings i can see CM108 Audio Controller06:28
shooter2killthanks for ya help hateball06:31
shooter2killi got it going :):)06:31
* shooter2kill bows to the good advice06:31
hateballshooter2kill: :)06:32
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Smurphyexcalibr: Can't tell. I use SteamOS (Smurphy, are you able to right click in text input area in steam ui without any problem?), so not KUbuntu for it.08:12
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lordieva1erGood morning.09:25
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Yossarianukhi - can anyone explain why since I've upgraded to 15.10  my previous issue of my machine being incredibly slow at the start of the day (I leave my work machine on overnight in case I need to connect to it) has now completely gone ?09:25
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Yossarianuki.e it used to be really sluggish until I re-logged in / rebooted  - now its fine09:26
YossarianukPossibly intel driver realated ? Its not swap as sometimes I would be using zero swap when I logged in first thing09:26
Yossarianuk(note : I upgraded rather than re-installed)09:27
Yossarianuk<<<< extremely happy with 15.1009:27
Yossarianukjust wondering if anyone had any explainations why - but sometimes on 15.04 kwin was using 3- 4 GB (8intel driver09:37
Yossarianuk(sorry plasmashell)09:37
Yossarianuknot its using just 122 MB (2GB virtual)09:38
valorieYossarianuk: you can ask in #plasma perhaps?09:41
valoriecould very well be an updated driver09:41
Yossarianukvalorie: cheers09:47
valorieglad to hear you are happy, Yossarianuk09:48
valorieme too!09:48
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BluesKajHey all12:31
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kingdoes a live os generates junk files or it throws it through my installed os (i.e. windows xp in prefetch/%temp% folder))15:41
geniiking:Live CD uses ram to run in. Doesn't store anything on a hard drive15:44
kingsir, i'm using a live os on pendrive, i'm asking particularly if my os generates junk files on my pendrive. And i'm currently using kubunt 14.04 os right now15:49
geniiking: If you installed the operating system to the pen drive to permanently run it from there, then it will store some files on the /tmp folder of the pen drive. If you only are booting the normal install image but choosing to just run it instead of installing it, then no files are put anywhere except in memory while it runs15:52
kinggenii: tnx sir very well understood...15:53
IlgazIs there a way to find the EFI/Grub partition installed by Kubuntu and remove it to refresh?16:20
Ilgazor is it just an .efi file installed?16:20
SmurphyI don't understand your question. EFI does not install itself onto the disk. It is just the efi executable which is found, and needs to be known by the system uefi bios replacement.16:24
Smurphygrub is by default installed on the first disks mbr.16:24
IlgazI have a mysterious issue here. HP got no issue with Kubuntu EFI 'secure boot', it installs fine and reboots. Next time you update kernel or anything, even USB boot `cd` which is read only becomes useless.16:25
IlgazI use 15.10. I mean complete kernel freeze. No logs or anything. It just says loading initial ramdisk and stops. Caps lock etc. doesn't work. I tried the nomodeset etc., system has only intel 5500 graphics. Actually I have chosen it to get rid of nvidia/ati etc. issues when I install Linux.16:28
Smurphyget linux installed, and check the efivars with: efibootmgr16:28
SmurphyTake a screenshot of that, and check what it looks like after it applied the updates.16:29
IlgazOK. It would be helpful to others too. Actually it is the first time I have seen Linux freeze like that.16:30
IlgazThanks Smurphy16:30
SmurphyFYI - I am using refind and boot the kernels directly out of it (without grub).16:31
SmurphyThat is - I am running it on a Mac mini :)16:31
skritehey all16:37
jubo2Hiya and thanks for the awesomest user OS17:32
jubo2I'm looking to purchase a tiny mixer17:33
jubo2so it seems that USB audio interface costs like 20€ extra to the mixers17:33
jubo2I'm looking at http://www.thomann.de/fi/behringer_xenyx_qx1202_usb.htm17:33
jubo2Anyone know if driver situation for this Behringer brand is good or bad17:33
jubo2I haven't set my mind in stone yet so I could change brand17:33
jubo2Just that with 12 channels, 4 XLR connectors and enough 6.3mm plugs and 120€ price this would be nice17:34
jubo2Gonna use it mostly to blast commiemist tunes on Mayday17:34
foormeahello! i can't seem to get keyboard layouts working in kubuntu 15.10. i have US qwerty and FR azerty set up system settings/input devices/keyboard/layouts, ctrl-alt-K is selected as alternative shortcut (nothing is selected as main shortcut). i have the layout indicator/show label on flag actiated. ctrl-alt-K does nothing, and i see no layout icon in the system tray17:59
asiffoormea: set a main shortcut18:00
asiffoormea: set alt+space18:01
foormeaasif: is that a fix, or a suggestion? in 15.04 i didn't have to have a main. besides, i like ctrl-alt-K which i cannot select as a main shortcut (main is just a list where i need to pick something :/)18:01
foormeaasif: well i'll try something but not alt-space :) thanks. let me try18:01
asiffoormea: I use KDE 4.something and i use Main Shortcut18:02
foormeaasif: same thing. no flag in systray and no change of layout18:02
foormeaalso, maybe irrelevant, but the delay/rate settings for key repeat doesn't seem to actually affect the way my keyboard repeats keys :/18:04
asiffoormea: how many options you have in shortcuts for switching layouts ??18:04
foormeamain, 3rd level, alternative18:05
asiffoormea: I have Main Shortcuts, 3rd level shortcuts and Alternative Shortcuts18:05
foormeayep same. but anyway,  i think even before the shortcuts18:05
foormeai don't see a layout indicator in my systray18:05
foormeaeven though show layout indicator / show for single layout / show label on flag are selected18:05
asifDid you check on hidden icons ??18:06
foormeado i need to have french locale installed if i want to be able to input french? i don't think so, but... maybe?18:06
foormeanot sure what you mean by hidden icons18:06
asifi wish i can send you an screenshot18:08
foormeacan you not? :)18:08
foormea(appreciate your help btw!)18:08
asifhow ?? i dont know18:08
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foormeaprintscreen key, then use an online rehost service. pastebin, but for images18:09
foormeabut anyway, i think there's something fishy with my system18:09
asifok is there any up sign like icon on the left side of clock18:09
foormeaare you on 15.10 or 15.04 or other?18:09
asifactually now i am on Mint 17.2 KDE18:10
foormeaokay. i'd really like to check with someone running stock kubuntu 15.10 see if they have the same issue as i'm having18:10
asiffoormea: i was talking about this http://picpaste.com/7XQNR2Pi.jpeg18:17
foormeayeap i do have that, but no keyboard idicator there18:17
asiffoormea: you can use iBus ..18:19
foormeathat goes around the problem, doesn't fix it :)18:19
asifyeah .. i know :(18:20
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mikkleIs KDE 5.4.3 available in a repository for Kubuntu 15.10?20:15
soeemikkle: yes20:17
mikkleah, cool. Thanks!20:19
mikklethey used to release news of these things on the kubuntu website...20:19
denza242mikkle: there's also ppa:kubuntu-ci/stable20:20
krytarikmikkle: http://wire.kubuntu.org/?p=42420:23
heinkel_111KDE-friendly music player that supports UPnP / DNLA ?20:28
heinkel_111seems like amarok just doesn't despite having a plugin....20:28
trytryhi all20:46
trytryi need some help20:46
heinkel_111hi trytry20:46
trytrykde looks good but under root the UI looks bad20:47
trytryno icons20:47
heinkel_111you are not supposed to worry about that20:47
trytryand gtk app looks very ogly20:47
trytryit's normal?20:48
heinkel_111trytry: the system is configured so that you will only need root for special occasions20:48
heinkel_111and then you use "sudo" to run a command as root20:49
heinkel_111I think it is possible to get a working UI as root if you spend enough time reconfiguring20:49
heinkel_111but if you want to spend time doing something else, learn about ways to work with "sudo" in kubuntu/ubuntu20:50
sithlord48sudo for cli and kdesudo for gui programs20:50
heinkel_111but you hardly need the the kdesudo20:51
heinkel_111I have been using kubuntu for 9 years,  I think I used kdesudo a handful times20:52
trytryheinkel_111: http://s23.postimg.org/54nrwx6qj/1231231.jpg20:52
sithlord48thats fine just remember sudo for cli and kdesudo for gui.20:52
sithlord48that you run with kdesudo20:53
trytrythis gtk app that run only under root20:53
trytryand that run with kdesudo20:53
heinkel_111ok, there are always exceptions20:53
sithlord48just never use sudo for GUI programs . it may change ownership of somestuff in your home folder to root and you may have a bad time20:54
heinkel_111I never used root-only programs but occasionally need to edit files which only root can edit20:54
heinkel_111I am not an elite network hacker....20:55
sithlord48i  use nmap gui needs root and sometimes dolphin or kate as root too20:55
sithlord48zenmap i think wireshark needs to be root too.. alot of them has kdesudo in their menu command20:56
sithlord48trytry:  if you want to change setting for root you need to run systemsettings w/ kdesudo20:57
heinkel_111occasionally feel the need for kate as root, replaced by copying file to edit to my /home/user/tmpdir, editing it and then sudo cp to "real" location instead of editing file "in situ"20:58
sithlord48trytry:  i wouldn't recommend setting up root so it looks like your normal user programs just incase you use the wrong window20:59
trytryi know but sometimes you need root to run application21:00
trytrylike synaptic for example21:00
heinkel_111ok, stupid question, how do you remove plasmoids from a panel?21:04
heinkel_111I find a remove panel, but not a remove plasmoid21:05
trytryunlock panel >> and in right side click on the menu21:06
trytrynow if you hover on the plasmoid you can remove them or move them21:07
heinkel_111trytry: thanks!21:07
heinkel_111until now I was left with deleting the panel every time I tested an element I did not like21:07
trytryi you want other tip you can display the desktop with Ctrl+F1221:09
trytryand whay it's good?21:09
heinkel_111sometimes work when other solutions are stalled?21:10
trytrybecause if you copy some text and on desktop you click on the MMB it's past the text on note on desktop21:11
trytryok under terminal it's run well21:15
trytryand looks good21:16
trytryi no have idea whay21:16
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u19809Hi anybody, need some help with the 15.10 stability ... it crashes on me in some many situations I do not even know where to begin ... can anybody help ?21:33
u19809first, resume from screen lock almost always fails and Ineed to kill the X server21:36
u19809Second kplasmaserver crashes causing no more window manager ... kill X server21:36
u19809startup really slow (hangs for about 20 seconds or so)21:37
u19809also my panel sometimes prints the systray all on top of oneanother21:37
u19809e.g. the clock is shifted so much to the right is falls of the screen (except for the first digit)21:37
u19809konsole very often does not stop eating 100 % cpy (only killing helps)21:38
trytryare you try to remove old configuration of kde?21:42
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u19809I already removed .config .cache and .kde(rc) but to no avail.  I do have an NVIDIA card and it might have to do with that21:44
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