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retrojeffhow do I view the build logs of a package inside a PPA?05:47
retrojeffI know its possible I just forgot how05:48
retrojeffwhat I want to find out is what git revision got built05:48
wgrantretrojeff: Visit the PPA, click "View package details", click the relevant package row, then select the architecture that you're interested in.05:51
retrojeffok I found the build logs06:00
retrojeffwhat its not showing is where its getting the .tar.gz from06:00
wgrantretrojeff: Which PPA and package?06:01
wgrantretrojeff: That package was built from a recipe, so you can find the details of the source build under "Source package recipe build" on the right.06:02
retrojeffit was built fine and everything works I just wish to know which github revision it is06:03
retrojeffso I need to check the build log from06:03
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alkisgHi guys, the "assignee" entry in launchpad is often mis-interpreted by not-native english speakers as "the person that reported this bug", so they frequently assign it to themselves09:26
alkisgI wonder if a different word could be used there09:26
alkisgThey usually know what "assign" means, but the "-ee" part is a bit harder to get, they're interpreting it more like "assigner" than "assignee".09:36
maxbThe only other word frequently used in this context is owner, but that's not really any better09:46
alkisgMaybe a notice could help then, in the box where they're trying to change it... "This is the first time that you've assigned a bug to yourself, are you sure that you are planning to solve this bug yourself and that you want to notify others to stop working on it?"09:52
guest123456Hello. I accidentally changed the information type on a bug. Is there a way to undo that/delete that from the bug's history?10:46
guest123456I'm talking about this bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sssd/+bug/131794910:50
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1317949 in sssd (Ubuntu) "Unable to see secondary groups in `id` listing" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:50
faenilmorning :)10:53
faenilis it possible to add ssh keys to a team account?10:53
wgrantguest123456: You can set the information type back, but it's not possible to remove items from the history.10:55
wgrantfaenil: That's not possible. What are you trying to do?10:55
guest123456wgrant: I see. Thank you!10:56
faenilwgrant: the usecase is, you have a laptop which can be access by many users, and you want to be able to allow branching repos from that laptop without having everyone copying their private ssh keys to it10:56
wgrantfaenil: You'll need to create an account that represents that shared laptop.10:57
wgrantIt's not possible to authenticate directly as a team.10:57
faenilwgrant: that means having a shared account though, which is a security risk10:57
wgrantfaenil: How's that more of a security risk than having a shared key on the team?10:58
faenilwgrant: I don't know, I'm just looking for ways to do this. Having everything handled as team could mean that when people leave the team they lose access10:59
wgrantfaenil: Couldn't they just take the shared SSH key from the laptop?10:59
faenilwgrant: yes10:59
wgrantThat's the problem with sharing creds.10:59
wgrantYou can't revoke just one person's access.11:00
wgrantWhether or not it's a shared user or a team.11:00
faenilwgrant: that's why I'm asking here, I hoped there was a more clever way of doing it using launchpad features11:01
wgrantIt's a fundamental aspect of shared creds, unfortunately.11:01
wgrantNot much LP can do about it.11:01
faenilwgrant: we just want to download repos, there should be a way of downloading public stuff without the need of any authentication, shouldn't there?11:03
faenilI understand uploading/committing..11:03
wgrantfaenil: Oh, sure, anonymous access to public stuff is fine.11:03
wgrantDoesn't require any keys.11:03
faenilwgrant: cool!11:04
faenilwgrant: so for private data the only alternative is the shared account, right?11:05
wgrantfaenil: Well, shared accounts are bad and everyone should really have their own, but if that's not an option for you for some reason then you probably no choice.11:06
faenilwgrant: how is copying private keys to a machine which can be accessed by anyone any better?11:07
wgrantfaenil: It's worse.11:08
wgrantBut you haven't described your use-case thoroughly; it's difficult to advise on better solutions.11:08
faenilwgrant: I don't think I can add any detail :/11:08
faenilwgrant: but hey, as long as downloading with anonymous user is fine, I guess we can handle the other cases separately with different security measures11:09
wgrantfaenil: If you just need to branch private code, you'd probably want a separate LP account with an SSH key and read-only access to the code in question.11:10
wgrantWe use that for deployments of private code, for example.11:10
wgrantBut someone copying the key to retain access to the code after they leave the company is always a risk11:10
faenilwgrant: yeah, so the shared account11:11
faenilwgrant: alright, thanks for the help :)11:11
faenilwgrant: yeah, there doesn't seem to be an ideal solution :/11:13
faenilwgrant: how can I disable ssh in launchpad config? it seems it forces ssh if it finds ssh keys in the default folder11:18
wgrantfaenil: Remove the username config from ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf and ~/.bazaar/authentication.conf11:20
faenilwgrant: I renamed the folder, but it still expects a username11:22
faenilas in, it uses the system login as username11:22
wgrantfaenil: What are you running?11:22
wgrantI mean the command.11:23
faenilbzr merge11:23
wgrantbzr merge what?11:23
wgrantIf there's no username configured, lp: will use HTTP11:23
faenilthe parent repo11:23
wgrantIf there is a username, it will use bzr+ssh11:24
faenilthere's no .bazaar folder atm, I renamed it11:24
wgrantRight, but what's the URL you're trying to merge?11:24
wgrantIf it starts with bzr+ssh://, it will require an SSH key.11:24
faenilwgrant: I see ...> "Merging from remembered parent location bzr+ssh://"11:24
wgrantThe http:// equivalent supports anonymous access.11:24
faenilthe cached value is ssh, that's why11:25
faenilI'll change that11:25
faenilwgrant: done and working, thanks o/11:26
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dobeyuhm ok13:35
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dobeywhy do you keep saying that?13:46
la_juyishi israelplanaguma - please try now13:50
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