jwarrenAnyone have any suggestions for remote desktop clients?00:42
Unit193!info remmina-plugin-rdp00:43
ubotturemmina-plugin-rdp (source: remmina): RDP plugin for remmina remote desktop client. In component main, is optional. Version 1.1.2-2ubuntu3 (wily), package size 27 kB, installed size 99 kB00:43
Unit193I use it with the freerdp backend, considering rdesktop is dead.00:43
jwarrenI like it, thanks for the info!00:44
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skrykingjwarren: I use x2go02:28
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NGRH8why do niggers exist?09:06
pterodactileI have trouble with my Lubuntu on desktop after log to my session, the desktop is now not displayed, I have only the background screen09:46
Vlado2Hi, I have a bug report, i tried "try lubuntu without installing" 15.10 i386 on my desktop and when i launched youtube in fireforex, the remainig desktop stopped responding to mouse clicks11:47
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.11:50
Vlado2which package?11:56
bioterrorif you reboot that system and you can redo that problem, then I would make the bug report probably against live media itself11:58
Vlado2i'm just writing from windows on the same machine, i can try to replicate that but11:59
wefiswdfkjsdfanyone have suggestions for a Lubuntu laptop user?15:39
geniiKeep your head up and your stick on the ice15:40
wefiswdfkjsdfI'm benchmarking my SSD in a sata2 slot (the ssd is sata3)15:42
wefiswdfkjsdf266 MB/s read, 151 MB/s write15:42
wefiswdfkjsdfIt's actually saturating the bus :)15:42
wefiswdfkjsdfI have to do a full distro upgrade15:45
wefiswdfkjsdfand I'm scare.d15:45
geniiDid your Lubuntu go End Of Life now?15:46
wefiswdfkjsdfit's LTS until 2017 iirc15:48
geniiSo Precise then16:01
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tewardLubuntu's affected by the fglrx / radeon issue just like Ubuntu is, right?18:25
tewardthat's what I thought18:25
bazhangits all ubuntu18:25
wxli see no reason why it would be diffferent teward18:25
tewardwxl: just double checking ;)18:25
FatSpitfirehi guys :) long time no see , you all !!! :D18:38
FatSpitfireok everyone`s asleep I guess :D hahaha18:42
wxlneed something, FatSpitfire ?18:42
FatSpitfireyes I do bro :)18:43
FatSpitfiresorry I dissapeared like for a year :(18:43
* wxl shrugs18:43
tewardFatSpitfire: is it the Steam / fglrx issue that you had in #ubuntu ?18:44
teward(lots of us do lurk both here and there :P)18:44
FatSpitfireI know :P but not all !!! hahahaha18:44
FatSpitfireit`s not really a problem for me - I just needed to let it all out - and you guys on #ubuntu are ... well not very friendly - know what I mean !18:45
tewardso, I'm not friendly then.18:45
tewardOkay, welcome to IT hell.18:46
teward(wxl knows what this means)18:46
bazhangis there a lubuntu offtopic channel18:46
tewardbazhang: -offtopic18:46
tewardappended :)18:46
bazhangmakes sense!18:46
FatSpitfirehe knows me too ...18:46
FatSpitfireso ...18:47
tewardwell, i'm going to go fix IPv6 on my one server.  Have fun being rude, FatSpitfire, enjoy the IT hell you're going to be visiting18:47
* teward goes to do something productive18:47
FatSpitfireI`d like to return and continue from where I started please :) is this possible wxl ?18:47
wxlFatSpitfire: i have no idea what your issue is, but if it's graphical, it's a general concern and #ubuntu should be able to help18:48
FatSpitfireme being rude ?! dude ... you don`t even know me18:48
tewardFatSpitfire: so, to summarize:18:48
tewardyou want to use Steam18:48
tewardbut fglrx dropped support for your card18:48
tewardquestion is: does Steam support 'radeon'?18:48
teward(the open source drivers)18:48
tewardso far am I right?18:48
tewardor did you decide to have a different set of questions for here?18:48
FatSpitfireyes ... on 15.04 :) you`re correct18:48
tewardFatSpitfire: the answer is Steam does not support the open source Radeon drivers18:48
tewardk1l said as much18:48
FatSpitfireme returning here ... is a different issue !18:49
* teward yawns18:49
tewardwxl: no daily ISOs for me to test for Lubuntu yet are there?18:49
teward(can't find any to zsync)18:49
FatSpitfireI used to be a part of the Padawan project18:49
epictetusFatSpitfire: this isn't #ubuntu why did you say "you guys on #ubuntu" that isn't us hehe18:51
epictetusi think you typo'ed and joined wrong channel :P18:51
FatSpitfireI meant you guys that are here and on #ubuntu at the same time :D18:51
tewardepictetus: he was there18:51
tewardbeing rude :p18:51
tewardgot scolded by k1l :P18:51
FatSpitfireno tipos here dude18:51
epictetuseveryone knows you should be polite in #lubuntu18:51
epictetusyou should only be rude in #pulseaudio and #systemd18:52
epictetuscuz seriously, f*** those guys18:52
FatSpitfireand I am - because I had lot`s of good buddies here18:52
FatSpitfirehahahah :D I hear ya on that one bro (y)18:53
epictetusi'm banned from #pulseaudio18:53
wxlteward: and yes there are daily isos18:53
wxlso it sounds like your support request has been answered, FatSpitfire. is there something else you need?18:53
epictetusI kept trying to convince all the pulseuadio developers to stop programming and take up other hobbies because the world is better off without them programming18:53
wxlepictetus: might want to take this discussion to -offtopic :)18:54
tewardwxl: got a link to the zsync links?18:54
teward'cause I can't find em :/18:54
wxlteward: did you look on the iso tracker?18:54
bioterrorepictetus, isnt it good that they are ruining just sone piece of software instead of spreading across the internet on making more software useless?18:54
teward you mean the page that is white for me?18:54
wxlnot here teward http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/351/builds18:54
epictetusbioterror: systemd is spreading across the internet :P18:55
wxlbioterror: offtopic18:55
tewardahhh there we go18:55
FatSpitfirewxl: you didn`t answer my question : is the Padawan program still open ?19:39
redwolfFatSpitfire, Linux Padawan  is still open19:45
wxlnot really a lubuntu support question, but yes FatSpitfire19:51
FatSpitfirethanks guys :)19:51
FatSpitfireand since when things here are only-support ?!19:52
redwolfwell, it's the Lubuntu official channel, we have #lubuntu-offtopic to discuss other things19:52
wxlthat's why it's mentioned in the topic :)19:53
FatSpitfire? so I used to hang on the offtopic channel ? I`m not that sure ? how about a year ago ?19:58
redwolfyou're welcome to join it now :)19:58
FatSpitfireare you sure ? do they still remember me there ?19:59
redwolfnope. they forgot the exact moment you left. come on, join.20:00
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