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dholbachgood morning08:09
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Mirvjaywink: on older Ubuntus we so far have just provided the Qt Creator + emulator etc, which means the old Ubuntu's older Qt version is used, which explains the problem. Soon everyone will be updated to a new SDK IDE package that contains a whole new Qt version (not conflicting with the system Qt version) too.10:43
jaywinkMirv, sounds good, thanks for the note! It's good to keep trusty as a valid dev host10:44
Mirvjaywink: exactly, that's how it will be. just before the upgrade supported run targets are hardware + emulator, not the desktop itself.10:45
Mirvbut that'll soon change too10:45
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t1mphello there, what did I miss? ;)13:52
ahayzent1mp, o/ bug 1514143 ;-)13:54
ubot5`bug 1514143 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "While searching often times the keyboard hides while typing" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151414313:54
t1mpahayzen: I'm on it :)13:54
ahayzenthanks man :-)13:54
t1mpahayzen: victor's analysis was correct, we're a bit too eager to set 'moving' to true internally.13:54
ahayzent1mp, is that likely to get into OTA8? :')13:54
t1mpahayzen: I have a fix, writing some regression tests now.13:55
t1mpahayzen: the fix will be in our staging this week for sure. I am not sure when the next landing to trunk is though13:55
t1mpwhen is OTA8?13:55
ahayzen'soon', maybe this week :(13:55
t1mp(I just returned from my holidays, still need to catch up a bit)13:55
* ahayzen wonders how many other apps that have already bumped this affects13:55
ahayzenlike any that have a search in the header are likely affected13:56
t1mpbzoltan, zsombi: what do I need to do to get a fix in OTA8?13:57
zsombit1mp: luck :D13:57
t1mpand maybe more important, *when* do I need to get it done?13:57
ahayzent1mp, buy QA a beer ;-)13:57
zsombit1mp: and magic13:57
zsombit1mp: OTA8 train has left the building :)13:58
bzoltant1mp: You just give me the MR13:58
bzoltant1mp:  against the trunk not the staging!13:58
t1mpbzoltan: I don't have the MR yet. I'm working on it. That's why I asked the *when* question.13:58
bzoltant1mp:  two weeks ago13:58
zsombit1mp: ota8 gates are closed for 6 days13:58
bzoltanzsombi:  :) exactly13:59
zsombit1mp: so you missed that, ota9 maybe13:59
t1mpokay. It seems to me then that the fix for bug 1514143 will go to ota913:59
ubot5`bug 1514143 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "While searching often times the keyboard hides while typing" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151414313:59
ahayzent1mp, does the address-book have a search? as it may affect that13:59
ahayzent1mp, hmm address-book is fine when you search14:01
t1mpahayzen: the address book has a locked header, and I think locked headers are not affected14:01
ahayzenahhh thats why14:01
t1mpthe problem occurs when the flickable contents height changes14:01
ahayzenok that makes sense14:01
t1mpahayzen: so I'll have it fixed soon, but too late for OTA814:01
t1mpahayzen:  you could temporarily lock your header14:02
ahayzent1mp, yeah was about to say as a workaround, when entering search we could lock the header14:02
ahayzent1mp, ok we'll do that then until OTA9 :-)14:03
t1mpokay, cool14:03
t1mpsorry for the breakage. I'll add a regression test so it won't happen again.14:03
t1mpbzoltan: I'll make the MR for staging and hopefully we can land that for OTA914:05
ahayzent1mp, thanks14:05
bzoltant1mp: if that is fine with pmcgowan then it is good14:06
t1mppmcgowan: ^ can the fix for bug 1514143 go to OTA9?14:06
ubot5`bug 1514143 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "While searching often times the keyboard hides while typing" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151414314:06
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pmcgowanbzoltan, once you have the fix we can decide whether to hotfix or wait for the ota, will see what QA things14:25
bzoltanpmcgowan: Thanks! I agree.14:28
bzoltant1mp:  so just watch out to make it in a way that we can retarget if needed14:28
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popeyballoons, jenkins looks unwell.. lots of clocks https://core-apps-jenkins.ubuntu.com/15:14
popey(morning btw) :D15:14
popeylooks like it's running against the wrong branch according to sverzegnassi_  balloons15:17
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balloonspopey, morning to you!15:30
balloonsI'll look15:30
balloonsahh.. offline15:31
beni_are there any appdevs?15:46
popeybeni_, ya15:51
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ahayzenballoons, any idea why jenkins hasn't merged this? https://code.launchpad.net/~vthompson/music-app/music-uc1.3-now-playing-fix-1447428/+merge/27563518:45
popeyahayzen, jenkins was busted earlier today, it might need re-approving to nudge it? balloons ?19:26
ahayzenpopey, oo19:26
balloonsahayzen, indeed, jenkins was broken this morning. I wasn't sure if the old jobs got re-run or not19:26
popeyi believe it's supposed to be fixed now19:26
balloonsohh.. that merge has never been run by the new jenkins19:27
ahayzenballoons, that mp, and this one hasn't had jenkins comment on it yet https://code.launchpad.net/~ahayzen/music-app/fix-1514143-workaround/+merge/27761119:27
ahayzenyup, its all appproved :-)19:27
balloonslet's look19:28
balloonsahayzen, d'oh!19:37
balloonsfound the issue19:37
balloonsit's doing lots of stuff now19:38
balloonsbtw, it is lp:music-app, not lp:ubuntu-music-app19:38
ahayzenballoons, up lp:music-app19:38
ahayzenboom \o/ thanks balloons :-)19:39
balloonsahayzen, let me know if you see anymore weirdness, but yes, things should be happening now on music19:40
balloonssorry about that!19:40
ahayzenballoons, will do ... unrelated, and a bit obscure, was wondering if you can connect Vis to an app running on a device ?19:40
ahayzeni can use the print_tree as a sortof workaround but Vis is slightly nicer19:41
balloonsin theory, yes. In practice, no19:41
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