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dholbachgood morning08:09
dholbachhey popey08:52
popeyjust the man!08:52
popeydholbach, i need to pick your brains about build recipes in launchpad - you're an expert in that right? :)08:52
dholbachI wouldn't consider myself an expert, but I'm happy to look at it with you. :)08:53
popeyhehe :)08:53
popeyI'll check with Francis later, but I think the jenkins bot has been shutdown, which used to build the core apps in the ppa.08:53
popeysome are building, some aren't08:54
popeyneed to figure out if there's recipes in lp, or it's all jenkins and make sure they all work.08:54
dholbachpopey, maybe we can start with one example which doesn't build?08:55
popeyit's not so much ones that don't build, but ones that don't build for wily08:55
popeybasically none of them build for wily, so I need to figure out what builds them, and poke it08:56
dholbachpopey, have an example?08:56
popeywasn't sure if it was a recipe or jenkins08:56
popeynone other than dekko (thanks DanChapman :)08:56
popeyaha https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/+recipes08:56
popeydholbach, i think I get it now. Thanks for being my rubber duck :)08:57
dholbachso for music app I only see recipe builds which go to dpm's ppa (which doesn't seem to work)08:57
dholbachand vthompson's08:57
popeywrong branch I think08:57
dholbachbut they don't go to the core apps ppa08:57
popeyis there a view of all of them?08:57
dholbachit's not https://code.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/trunk?08:58
popeyhttps://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/+recipe/music-app-daily should go to the ppa08:58
dpmwe stopped the daily builds, as jenkins was taking care of them08:58
popeyah, excellent, thanks dpm08:58
popeyI think I need to speak to francis & balloons_ then, because if old-jenkins is now down, and new-jenkins can/might build then I don't need these08:59
popeyif they can't/wont build then I do need these08:59
dpmbut not all of them worked, and at some point I got them building on my PPA (I didn't want to conflict with the Jenkins builds )08:59
popeyI'll speak to balloons_ when he's up to figure out a plan. thanks chaps :)08:59
dpmok, cool09:00
dpmalso, now that LP can build snaps, perhaps it might be worth looking at building snaps instead of .debs for the core apps. Well, or both, given the fact that the .debs are already set up to build from the branches09:01
popeyheh, we (myself and dholbach) regularly catch up about snaps09:02
popeyonce snaps can do what we need, we will :)09:03
popeyhey davidcalle09:05
davidcalleHey alan, thanks09:05
* dholbach hugs davidcalle as well09:13
davidcalleThanks dholbach09:18
* dholbach relocates to the office, brb09:36
dholbachdavidcalle, are we doing another deployment? :)10:31
davidcalledholbach, hopefully, yes :)10:31
popeydpm, did you send out the community team update? I don't see it anywhere.10:59
dpmpopey, I did not, thanks for the heads up. I shall send it in the next couple of hours11:06
jcastrowe should truly make fun of bacon for only now advocating atom14:05
jcastroI was like "dude atom is awesome" for like, ever, and he was like, whatever fanboy14:05
jcastronow he's like "omg atom amazing github lol lol."14:05
jcastroI shall dispense justice14:05
mhall119jcastro: agreed14:06
dholbachmhall119, davidcalle: what are we going to do about the django/cms update?14:34
dholbachhttps://code.launchpad.net/~developer-ubuntu-com-dev/developer-ubuntu-com/show-gadgetsnap-images/+merge/277089 is another MP for which I'll have to update the upgrade branch because of added migrations :-)14:35
mhall119dholbach: sorry I didn't have the time to try it last week, and with FOSSETCON coming this week I'm not sure I'll have time now14:40
mhall119a review of the diff looked fine to me, so if you and davidcalle can test the upgrade in staging to verify that nothing breaks, it has my +114:40
dholbachmhall119, ok, we could theoretically try to land it there and then do a concerted effort to try to break staging together14:46
dholbachmhall119, is it easy for us to update staging's data to be close to prod?14:47
mhall119dholbach: no, you'd have to file an RT to have the prod data copied into the staging db14:51
mhall119we can't do it ourselves14:51
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dholbachdavidcalle, do you think we can get the gadget list change on prod and the the django/cms upgrade on staging this week? O:-)15:25
davidcalledholbach, I'm testing the gadget list on staging right now15:25
* dholbach hugs davidcalle15:25
dpmmorning mhall119, call?15:32
mhall119dpm: on my way15:32
davidcalledholbach, still deploying on staging..... zzz.16:07
* dholbach hugs davidcalle16:10
dholbachI updated the upgrade branch16:10
dholbach(with the migrations)16:10
popeyjose, when is a good time/day for you to discuss Google CodeIn?16:39
popey(on a hangout with balloons ?)16:39
popey(and me)16:39
josepopey: eh, I'm travelling this week... but I can try and do something early morning tomorrow16:40
popeywhat's "early" for you? UTC wise?16:40
joseis balloons available tomorrow at 13 UTC?16:40
josehehe, I was just typing16:40
balloonsohh, early16:40
joseotherwise I can try from 14 to 14:30ish16:41
popeyI'm easy for those.16:41
popeyI can fit in around you chaps16:41
balloons1300 is usually a little hectic in the house for me now; normally it wouldn't matter16:41
joseballoons: 14?16:42
* popey creates it before anyone gets a chance to say "no"16:43
popeyinvited both16:44
josepopey: can you invite joseeantonior@gmail.com please? @ubuntu is an alias and makes google go crazy16:44
popeysure thing!16:45
josethanks :D16:45
dholbachI call it a day - see you all tomorrow again!17:14
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davidcallemhall119, the issue I was having with staging seems to have disappeared with a new deployment \o/17:28
davidcalleAlright, see you tomorrow or in the european late hours... o/17:28
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