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czajkowskizergless: ello09:36
czajkowskizergless: best way to get out to DCU on Tuesday ?09:36
czajkowskiI'll be coming from um......... smithfield09:36
zerglessfrom smithfield I would get the...09:37
zerglessIf you get the luas to oconnel street you can get the 44 which drops you inside DCU09:38
czajkowskigreat where at o'connell st?09:38
zerglessItsstop number 27809:40
zerglessup near09:40
czajkowskiperfect thank you09:48
zerglessI think thats the quickest apart from a taxi09:48
zerglessczajkowski: Ive just been reminded th3 44 doent come that often so keep an eye out for it11:26
zerglessthe 9 or the 4 are more frequent and leave you just outside DCU11:26
czajkowskiok and I can find that on ocnnell st also11:39
czajkowskiohh o'connell st has a supermacs!11:39
zerglesssame stop irrc11:39
czajkowskigarlic chips how I've missed thee!11:39
zerglessthe 9 and 4 are one stop before it :)11:40
zerglessdo they not have garlic chips in the uk? O.o11:40
zerglessyeah stop 281 is the 9 and the 4 which is just before it11:41
czajkowskinot the same sauce11:41
czajkowskizergless: can you let people know about http://www.meetup.com/Couchbase-Dublin/events/226230617/14:39
zerglesssure thing!14:43
czajkowskibus from Nassau Street to bring people to and from event14:44
zerglessoh cool!14:45
zerglesstargeted at anyone in particular?14:45
czajkowskiinterested in hearing how people use new technology14:46
zerglessIll pass it on to members and friends :)14:46
czajkowskitdr112: same for you, open to all to come along14:47
czajkowskimaybe TOG folks might be interested14:47
ebeldevelopers developers developers developers14:53

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