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yofelerm, how come e-c-m was moved to core?13:46
yofelLaney: thanks (didn't see your message over the weekend). I wonder why the bot didn't report any packageset changes, but looking at the ACL it does seem to have done what I wanted.13:48
ogra_whats e-c-m and which of the 100 "core" images do you mean ?13:48
yofel[queuebot] Packageset: Removed extra-cmake-modules from kubuntu in xenial13:49
yofel[queuebot] Packageset: Added extra-cmake-modules to core in xenial13:49
ogra_(snappy ... or infinity's minimal ubuntu-core ...  etc )13:49
ogra_ah, not sure what core in this context is then ... that name is so overloaded13:49
LaneyYou think "Packageset:" is not clear?13:50
ogra_the initial question didnt say "packageset" sorry13:50
Laneyyofel: Probably some build dependency13:51
ogra_(and it is still to overloaded )13:51
yofelLaney: most likely, yeah. What's the appropriate way to get it back? We maintain ECM, so that's a bit of a hindrance.13:52
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ckinghey, can somebody help me with getting https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dkms/+bug/1491729/ SRU'd? it's a little bit time sensitive16:58
infinitycking: Get apw or rtg or arges to review/sponsor an upload for you, and I'll review it in the queue.17:00
ckinginfinity, yup, ack17:01
infinitycking: Interestingly, the lack of dependency/ordering is why we made the nvidia modules all live in a single package.17:01
infinitycking: That would have also been an acceptable solution here, perhaps.17:02
infinitycking: Not that I mind dkms being extended to be less crap either, if it's testable and well-tested.17:02
ckinginfinity, whatever we do to DKMS, ultimately I'd like to see less of it being used17:02
infinitycking: Yeah.  We still need to address the elephant in the room that is enforced module sigs.  We've certainly wasted a lot of hot air on proposed solutions, but I think we still need to decide on a path forward.17:03
* cking nods17:04
argescking: looking17:04
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ckinginfinity, arges has uploaded it for me17:32
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infinitycking: Ta.  I'm running out to the doctor, but I'll look before EOD.17:35
ckinginfinity, thanks :-)17:35
infinitycking: If I fail to, smack me when you start tomorrow. :P17:35
ckingslap perhaps, smack no17:35
infinitycking: Tomayto, tomahto.17:36
lamontinfinity: I just uploaded bcache-tools_1.0.7-1~12.04.1 for precise-proposed.  pls to bless (1449099)18:09
tewardhow long is the xenial proposed migration to non-proposed state for autosyncs?18:57
cjwatsonteward: auto-syncs aren't special for this.18:58
cjwatsonteward: The whole process just runs as frequently as it can without treading on itself.18:58
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bdmurrayarges: Could tell me why your sru-review change is needed? If there are two versions of a package in the queue I usually just reject one, then review the other.22:02
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