stochastixwhat is the best tool for managing packages right now? aptitute, apt-get ?00:25
tarpmanapt-get is more actively maintained and doesn't have aptitude's tendency to propose outlandish depsolver solutions.00:52
tarpmanaptitude still has more powerful features for searching and querying, though00:52
tarpmanpersonally I use aptitude for deciding what to do and apt-get for doing it00:52
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RoyK(or apt)00:53
maxbThat said, aptitude's interactive curses mode can be a very comfortable way to do things that can be painful with a pure command line00:55
* RoyK prefers the commandline00:56
maxbIt depends on the task at hand00:56
RoyKmaxb: no, it doesn't :P01:01
stochastixtarpman: thanks, that helps a bit.  I did notice aptitude ENJOYS removing deps when uninstalling something.02:06
stochastixHad to reinstall a few things. :)02:06
tarpmanstochastix: if you're talking about auto-remove, that's an option in both, aptitude just has it enabled by default. you can turn it off02:11
stochastixyea, ok. It is a nice way to not have stuff laying around.02:12
nodistHello, I am trying to add a int.d script it works when you use the service s start but not on boot03:00
nodistI also have it set to defaults03:00
nodistno errors in the boot.log03:01
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portalBlockHi, I have an Ubuntu server instance running on Proxmox VE and I resized the disk (+200GB) from the panel there but in Ubuntu the disk still shows as 32GB. Can I expand it without data loss and if so, how?03:32
stochastixI got rid of php5-fpm and just installed php5.  is there a service that i am supposed to run?04:29
stochastixthe only service i see in there is still php5-fpm ?04:29
tarpmanstochastix: sounds like you removed php5-fpm but didn't purge it, so the conffiles are still there05:03
tarpmanstochastix: php5 is AFAIK just a metapackage, it doesn't include any service directly. if you didn't specify an implementation, it probably dragged in libapache2-mod-php5, so apache05:04
stochastixI see,05:04
stochastixpurge with apt-get ?05:04
tarpmanyou can do "dpkg-query -l | grep ^rc" to see packages you have removed but still have conffiles around for05:05
stochastixtarpman:  thanks05:11
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lordievaderGood morning.09:25
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zambai'm looking for a tool that can monitor a remote host and alert me (by using an external script) if the node is down09:50
lordievaderzamba: Check out Zabbix.10:02
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zambazabbix sounds like overkill for just monitoring one host10:07
lordievaderPerhaps. But most monitoring tools are made for many more hosts than one.10:08
zambai was thinking about just running collectd10:15
Chrnclewhere do i find Tasksel > Basic ubuntu server install what packages contain in that option ?10:25
Chrnclehmm i cant get my ssh open to my public ip address11:05
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Chrnclenevermind, forget to press add in my router table11:12
arcskyhey guys there has been an issue today with my pico/nano editor.12:40
arcskyUnable to create directory /home/arcsky/.nano: Permission denied12:40
arcskyIt is required for saving/loading search history or cursor positions.12:40
hateballarcsky: make sure you're the owner of the file and not root12:42
arcskyhateball: i try just with pico test12312:44
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arcskyi did reboot it and it works now12:44
lordievaderarcsky: I'd check the permissions of your home dir.12:47
zolderCan i change my to like a dns name, Router or whatever?13:08
lordievaderzolder: Yes. Do you want that network wide or just for the localhost?13:10
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zuljamespage: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13299217/14:43
jamespagezul, not sure you need the < >14:44
zuljamespage: fixed14:46
zuljamespage: going to upload this14:47
jamespagezul, pls test it first14:47
zuljamespage: tested sucessfully, uploaded14:59
jamespagezul, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nova/+bug/151665215:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1516652 in nova (Ubuntu) "'lxd' is an unsupported hypervisor type" [Undecided,New]15:00
jamespagefun fun fun!15:00
zuljamespage: damn it15:00
zuljamespage: gimme a sec :)15:01
jamespagezul, I'm not asking you todo that one :-)15:01
zuljamespage: i know how to fix it though :)15:01
jamespagezul, so do it :-)15:02
zuljamespage: fine :)15:02
jamespagezul, how does that look:15:07
zuljamespage: thats what I would have done15:09
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jamespagezul, hmm something else is still blocking the scheduling of the instance correctly15:26
zuljamespage: anything in the logs?15:28
jamespagezul, yes15:28
jamespage2015-11-16 15:28:21.389 5127 DEBUG nova.scheduler.filters.image_props_filter [req-f57e15c7-d8ce-478f-8da2-7f5707c7edc9 3e44cc43a4014d1f95dfc1525e798ca8 ea01071b589c47cba451e066d9073bb4 - - -] Instance contains properties {u'hypervisor_type': u'lxd', u'architecture': u'x86_64'} that are not provided by the compute node supported_instances [[u'i686', u'lxc', u'exe'], [u'x86_64', u'lxc', u'exe']] or hypervisor version 11 do not match _in15:28
jamespagestance_supported /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/scheduler/filters/image_props_filter.py:9515:28
zuljamespage: host.py in nclxd needs to be updated as well15:29
jamespagezul, the existing 'lxc' valid value will work ok for now, but yes it does need to be updated.15:30
zul [[u'i686', u'lxd', u'exe'], [u'x86_64', u'lxd', u'exe']]15:30
zuljamespage: when your nova patch gets merged ill update it15:32
Yossarianukhi - where can I find out how long the default kernel is support for in the LTS versions ?15:46
Yossarianuki.e originally 14.04 shipped with kernel 3.13 - when you install the latest .iso (14.04.3) you get v 3.19 - where can I find out info about kernel support ?15:47
jamespagezul, huh - but I have to set:15:48
jamespagenova flavor-key m1.tiny set capabilities:hypervisor_type=lxd15:48
jamespagenova flavor-key m1.tiny set capabilities:hypervisor_type=lxx15:48
jamespagenova flavor-key m1.tiny set capabilities:hypervisor_type=lxc rather15:48
jamespagelove consistency15:48
jamespageYossarianuk, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack15:49
Yossarianukjamespage: thank you15:49
zuljamespage: lol15:51
zuljamespage: i cant fix that :)15:51
jamespagezul, that feels broken15:52
jamespagezul, I think the extra specs should be matching into the advertised capabilities of the hypervisor right?15:52
zuljamespage: yes15:52
jamespagelike the image properties filter does15:52
MelRayQuick question I'm learning how to configure virtual hosts. Can I add additional ServerAlias directives on the same line seperated by a space or do I need to create an individual entry for each alias?15:55
MelRayfor like www, mail, ftp, etc.15:55
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ompsls -l17:55
uaaHi, I've usb 3.0 4TB external harddisk. when I connect it to an Ubuntu server I get this in logs and it's not recognized afterward http://paste.ubuntu.com/13300481/17:57
tewardI/O error sounds like hardware failure, does this device work on other machines?17:58
uaaIt was working well on USB 2 but after I enabled USB 3 in the server the problem started17:59
uaaThank you for responding quickly17:59
sarnolddo any other usb devices work in that port?18:00
sarnoldis there sufficient power for the device?18:00
uaaI used the same port last week with other device but USB3 was not enabled18:01
uaaThe only difference now that I got usb 3.0 extension cable and enabled usb 3.0 from motherboard18:02
hallynarges: going to have time to merge libvirt this week?18:02
uaathe server is remote but I would like to know if can do something before I have to go there to figure it out18:02
uaaand to try other things on that port18:03
tewarduaa: only thing you can do is physically go there and poke at it.18:04
tewardsee if it works on other ports, and test if something else is on that port and works or not18:04
sarnoldI guess you could try booting into a newer kernel, e.g. one of the HWE kernels, to see if it might have been a bug that's been addressed or a device needing some additional driver support18:05
sarnoldbut switching to one of the hwe kernels means you'll have to deal with the kernels again when the HWE kernels hit EOL before the rest of the system.18:05
uaasarnold, thanks for your suggestion but I do not think that playing with kernel would be an option on that server.18:06
tewardthat leaves physically going to the system :p18:07
uaateward, I'll try that when I can18:07
ompsuaa: it looks like the problem is with xhci_hcd kernel driver for usb3.018:07
uaabut I wonder why It was mentioned as sdb in the log then disappeared. I can not see in /dev/sdx or using fdisk or any disk tool that I used18:08
argeshallyn: its on my list18:09
ompsuaa: i found this article on net hope this can help you18:09
uaaomps, I'll check if xhci driver is lastest version18:09
uaathank you for helping18:11
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arcskyhow can i list my ntp servers my ubuntu use ?19:35
SCHAAP137arcsky: check in /etc/ntp.conf19:36
tarpmanarcsky: also, ntpq -p19:57
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rcoIs there a most popular option for a local DNS cache on ubuntu 14.04?21:30
dasjoeThe default cache would be dnsmasq21:33
rcoIs it part of the distribution?21:33
dasjoeIt's installed by default, iirc at least on desktop systems. Unsure about server21:34
rcoYeah, that's what it looks like.21:35
dasjoerco: see http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=dnsmasq&searchon=names&suite=trusty&section=all and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Dnsmasq21:35
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