xenchrarrWhen I try to install ubuntu-touch on my meizu mx4 now, I get the error "can't boot recovery image" - how can I fix this?00:24
aceman0455 Hey everyone. im wondered if anyone has a download link for touch flashable files00:29
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pandatronegood mornin05:54
InnerCodeHey guys, I've installed the SDK as stated on developer.ubuntu.com and effected by this bug. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu/+bug/1477580 Does someone knows how to fix it? My phone and desktop are up to date.06:09
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1477580 in apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "[HTML5] AppaArmor denials to used the system installed UI SDK files, when webapp container used as a launcher" [High,Fix released]06:09
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dholbachgood morning08:09
InnerCodeHey guys, Goodmorning. I've already asked this question but I disconnect by mistake. So, again: I've installed the SDK as stated on developer.ubuntu.com and effected by this bug. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu/+bug/1477580 Does someone knows how to fix it?08:46
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1477580 in apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "[HTML5] AppaArmor denials to used the system installed UI SDK files, when webapp container used as a launcher" [High,Fix released]08:46
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tvossmardy, o/09:20
tvossmardy, for testing https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/location-service/last-known-position/+merge/27735809:20
mardytvoss: hi!09:20
tvossmardy, I would propose to create a test setup that includes an Engine instance, a service::Implementation instance, creating  session and subsequently injecting a reference position into the engine09:22
tvossmardy, let me hand you some links to bootstrap the testing setup09:22
mardytvoss: thanks09:22
tvossmardy, you might want to copy http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/location-service/15.04/view/head:/tests/acceptance_tests.cpp#L57609:24
tvossthe tests sets up a private testing bus instance, a service and a client09:24
tvossand alters the value of an Engine09:24
* tvoss takes note to come up with a common fixture09:24
mardytvoss: this link seems helpful indeed; do you want me to create a new cpp file for this test, or should I add it to an existing file?09:26
tvossmardy, add to the existing file. We can have a followup MP to split out the file09:26
tvossmardy, it's getting a little large :)09:26
mardytvoss: OK :-)09:27
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om26erjgdx, Hi!09:54
om26erjgdx, can you tell what mechanism we use to turn on/off data connection from system settings ? Is there a command line way to do that ?09:55
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Button Day! 😃10:03
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shawnwangcd :q11:00
tvossmardy, did you have a chance to give https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/651 a spin?11:21
mardytvoss: not yet, sorry11:57
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tvossmardy, no worries, I gave it a spin11:58
jgdxom26er, hey, yes. /usr/share/ofono/scripts/disable-gprs and /usr/share/ofono/scripts/enable-gprs12:12
jgdxom26er, we toggle Powered on the ConnMan interface12:12
om26erjgdx, is the ofono script doing exactly the same thing as the UI ?12:13
jgdxom26er, yes12:13
om26erjgdx, great, thanks12:13
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mardytvoss: I've just updated https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/location-service/last-known-position/+merge/27735813:03
mardytvoss: there's an apparently unrelated change in time_based_update_policy.cpp, but it's quite important13:04
tvossmardy, the fix for the uninitialized value?13:04
mardytvoss: no, a fix on the accuracy check13:05
mardytvoss: the previous code was checking the accuracy only if it was set on both the old and the new positions; but I think we should always update the position if there was no accuracy on the old position13:05
tvossmardy, yup, certainly13:06
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mardytvoss: I want to change debian/source/format to be "3.0 (native)", so that I can easily build the package with pdebuild; can I sneak this change in my current MP, or do you prefer a separate one?13:39
tvossmardy, separate one, please13:39
mardytvoss: OK13:39
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dobeybrendand: hey. sorry, i was on vacation last week. shouldn't there be a helper in unity8 for doing the search and we should use that instead of doing all the work in the scope ap tests?13:45
mardytvoss: here it is: https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/location-service/source-format/+merge/27757013:46
tvossmardy, great, thx13:46
brendanddobey, that would probably be better, yes. i'm not sure what the motivation behind adding the helper into unity-scope-click instead was13:48
brendanddobey, maybe it was a case of path of least resistance at the time13:48
mardytvoss: as for the last-known-position one, I'm preparing a MP against 15.04 (the one you saw was for trunk, just because I happen to be on xenial); as soon as I confirm that it builds on vivid, I'll ping you13:49
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tvossmardy, ack, I would like to have a silo for testing asap to take it for a spin13:50
dobeybrendand: i can only guess that elopio put it there because unity8 didn't have one yet13:50
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mardytvoss: I can foresee a problem, though... on the first start, the last known position will be (0, 0); I should add a method is_valid() to the Position class, and don't emit the position changed signal if the cached position is invalid13:52
tvossmardy, hmmm, fair point13:53
mardytvoss: on a project of mine, I'm initializing the latitute to NaN, to mark a position as invalid; do you think this is fine, or do you have a better idea?13:54
tvossmardy, NaN is tricky unfortunately. I would make it an Optional<Position>13:54
tvossmardy, that allows for a very simple check, without relying on (potentially brittle) numeric semantics13:55
dobeybrendand: also, you cannot dual-land unity-scope-click13:55
mardytvoss: as you wish; for the record, I'm using this: https://gitlab.com/mardy/mappero/blob/master/lib/Mappero/types.h#L11313:56
mardytvoss: the isValid() method on line 123 is indeed fishy :-)13:56
tvossmardy,  ;)13:56
tvossmardy, picky here as I have spent too many hours debugging NaN-induced behavior before ;)13:57
mardytvoss: well, if we have this Optional template, then I won't look further :-)13:57
tvossmardy, yup, in the code13:58
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mardytvoss: mmm... using optional there makes the code look weird in many places (mostly because we are inside an Update<>, and an Optional<> makes things pretty weird)14:24
mardytvoss: what about checking if the update timestamp is the beginning of times?14:25
tvossmardy, let me think about it14:25
tvossmardy, why not make the entire update optional?14:25
mardytvoss: I guess the real question is why didn't I think of that? :-)14:26
tvossmardy, :) it's Monday, and looking at code for too long tends to block clear thinking :)14:26
mardytvoss: thanks, this must be it ;-)14:28
brendanddobey, i just pushed the change, charles took care of the landing14:29
mardytvoss: but is core::dbus able to handle this type?14:29
tvossmardy, yup14:29
tvossmardy, at least that's my excuse on a Monday :)14:30
dobeybrendand: ok, i'll yell at charles :)14:33
brendanddobey, you can yell at me too but i'll just ignore you if it's not relevant :)14:34
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pandatronehi all, do you have any idea if there is a way to turn auto focus off on meizu?14:38
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jgdxkenvandine, hey, added some stuff to the indicator mock: https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/mock-wifi-menu-items/+merge/27756615:21
kenvandinejgdx, ok15:23
jgdxpete-woods, hey, the wifi panel in uss is missing a section, and it it's empty in the gtk.Menus export from the indicator.15:24
pete-woodsjgdx: that sounds pretty weird15:24
pete-woodswhich section is missing?15:25
jgdxpete-woods, it does. It's there, but there's no label15:25
pete-woodsv. weird indeed15:25
jgdxpete-woods, i'll make a bug15:27
pete-woodsjgdx: screenshits plz15:28
pete-woods*shots :$15:28
jgdxpete-woods, sure, but what of?15:28
pete-woodsthe uss screen15:29
pete-woodsthe indicator menu15:29
pete-woodsfor easy comparison15:29
pete-woodsso I know what went missing15:29
pete-woodsalso, is this happening to everyone?15:29
pete-woodsjust happened this once to you?15:29
jgdxpete-woods, the thing is, it's not supposed to show in the indicator15:29
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jgdxpete-woods, and when I said empty, I meant that it's on /com/canonical/indicator/network/phone_wifi_settings but it has no label property15:31
jgdxpete-woods, check it gdbus call -e -d com.canonical.indicator.network -o /com/canonical/indicator/network/phone_wifi_settings -m org.gtk.Menus.Start [0]15:32
jgdx{':section': <(uint32 0, uint32 1)>}15:32
jgdxthat's correct, but according to the design spec there should be a label property (now) “Available Wi-Fi networks”.15:33
pete-woodsin a hangout now15:35
pete-woodsbut will talk about this more after15:35
asacawe: i am not sure my simpin unlock works... where can i see the log/errors from the ofono thingy on my phone?16:39
awegrep for "ofonod"16:40
awewhich phone?16:40
aweMirv, hey had a couple Qt questions for you re: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/+source/sync-monitor/+bug/148087716:42
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1480877 in location-service (Ubuntu RTM) "Access points' "PropertiesChanged" dbus signals freeze UI on mobile devices" [High,Triaged]16:42
asacawe: meizu16:51
asacpoint is i am sure i know the pin16:51
asacand the failed attempts counter does not go down16:51
asacstays at 316:51
asacawe: where would i see errors if somethig goes wrong during simpin unlock?16:52
awesyslog, as I mentioned above16:52
asacNov 16 17:37:38 ubuntu-phablet ofonod[2960]: mtk_radio_state_changed, slot 0: state: SIM_LOCKED_OR_ABSENT md->ofono_online: 116:52
aweis that all?16:53
awe( that looks like an error )16:53
asachmm. its odd16:53
asaci dismissed the ping dialog because i didnt want to hard lock it16:53
asacbut now the SIM isnt detected anymore in the UI16:53
* asac reboots16:53
* asac gets the feel something is fishy with that SIM16:54
awedid you hot plug it?16:54
asacdont do that16:54
asacit was a sim that was in the BQ16:54
asacwhen i came back the BQ didnt detect any sim at all16:55
asacnot even my prepaid onces16:55
asacso i thought BQ is busted16:55
asacnow i put my normal sim into meizu and its detected, but my simpin doesnt work16:55
asacnow meize doesnt see my normal sim either :(16:55
awewhat image are you running16:55
awerc-proposed?  stable?16:56
awe( don't tell me xenial )16:56
asacawe: dunno where that problem is... i am on image...16:56
asac15.04 (r6)16:56
asacdidnt upgrade though16:56
asacso Nov 16 17:54:16 ubuntu-phablet ofonod[2165]: mtk_radio_state_changed, slot 0: state: SIM_LOCKED_OR_ABSENT md->ofono_online: 116:56
asacis what i get after reboot16:56
awethat just means the SIM is locked16:57
awe( or absent )16:57
asacand meizu doenst ask for prompt anymnore16:57
aweyou need to enter the PIN16:57
asacok so i really hit the 3 attempts barrier16:57
asacstill i am 100% sure my pin was correct16:57
awedo you have the PUK?16:57
asaccan a sim reset its PIN somehow/16:57
asacor maybe the BQ SIM component chocked and sent some bogus data to it :()16:57
asaci have a PUK16:57
awenot by itself16:57
asacbut dont know where :(16:57
asacit must be somewhere buried16:57
aweunless skynet just woke up on your SIM16:57
asaci have this sim for like 5 years or so16:58
asacwell, as i said, the BQ phone seems to have no working SIM slot anymore16:58
asacmy sim was in there16:58
asacwhen that happened16:58
awemine's about shot too16:58
asacmight be that there was some static involved16:58
asacis it a common error that the SIM slot break on B16:58
awethe SIM doors are just about broken for me16:58
asacah... well, i can put stuff in16:58
asacbut it jujst desnt detect anything16:59
asacnon of my 3 sims16:59
asacmaybe it fried all by now :)16:59
asacdamn... i hate trying to find my puk16:59
asachow do i unlock if i have it?16:59
awekinda doubtful that all three fo them broke16:59
asacseems i am not getting asked for a PUK at least16:59
asacno i dont get prompted16:59
asacit just spits out the line above16:59
asac17:56 < asac> so Nov 16 17:54:16 ubuntu-phablet ofonod[2165]: mtk_radio_state_changed, slot 0: state: SIM_LOCKED_OR_ABSENT md->ofono_online: 116:59
asacif i got to settings -> mobile17:00
asaci get told it doesnt know my sim17:00
awewell... I guess if the count wasn't going down, then it won't know to auto-prompt17:00
asacdamn i am late and have to run out17:00
asactalk soon. nice to meet friends without phone. lets hope we are able to find each other :P17:00
awemaybe you should ping abeato in the morning ( he's same TZ as you )17:00
awegood luck!17:00
asacthanks  thats good17:00
asachave to search for the PUK anyway i guess17:00
aweyou should be able to get it from your operator17:01
asacworst case i misuse some old android of my wife17:01
asacthey throw it away and only give it to me17:01
asacwhen they hand out the sim17:01
asacif you loose it they give you a new sim unfortunately17:01
asacbut its ok17:02
awewell... I'll check my MX4 later and verify that PIN unlocking is working17:02
asacjust nnoying :)\17:02
asacthat would be cool17:02
awewe test these pretty thoroughly everytime we release a new ofono17:02
asaci am sure i can find the puk :P17:02
abeatoasac, does the sim work on another phone?17:02
asacit worked on the BQ ... then it stopped working on BQ, but so did all other SIMs i had17:02
asacso the BQ is broken now for sure17:02
asacbecause i can still use the other sims in the meize17:02
asacjust not my main one17:02
asacthat was in the BQ phone when it borke17:03
asacthats all i know17:03
asacit asked me for sim 3 times on meizu and now its not asking at all17:03
asaci entered the pin i am using since 10 years :)17:03
asacso its unlikely wrong17:03
asacjust didnt unlock17:03
asacok have to run.  lets chat tomorrow17:03
greyback_hey, I've an annoying little issue with my Bq - it seems to think I entered the PIN incorrectly, so is demanding a PUK code.17:04
greyback_thing is, I never put a SIM into that phone17:05
OerHeksgreyback_, contact BQ perhaps? puk code is related to a sim, not phone AFAIK17:18
greyback_OerHeks: you're right. So I'm suspecting the phone software (ofono) is confused17:20
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enskaI'm trying to find out when the next OS upgrade might come out for Ubuntu touch?21:30
stakewinner00enska, 18 of november i think21:32
enskaahh, that soon. That would be rally nice.21:32
enskaAnd is there some place to announce user comments and bugs?21:33
enskarally -> really21:33
enskastakewinner00: thanks for the info. Didn't stumble into that page yet.21:35
stakewinner00enska, for report bugs?21:36
enskaaww, well, sometimes the phone apps just crash or misbehave..21:37
stakewinner00https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Avengers there are the bug lists21:37
stakewinner00enska, all i know of ubuntu touch is from softpedia :P21:39
enskathats more what I seem to know. :)21:39
enskaAnd I'm using this phone daily.21:40
enskaNot very happy with it atm, though...21:40
stakewinner00enska, I only use the phone for call, use telegram, and listen music, i only care about battery lifetime. But yeah, there are some wrongs thinks, like music app.21:42
enskayep, background play would nice feature.21:43
ahayzenenska, we are working on it :-)21:44
enskagood to know. :)21:45
enskawrong button21:48
enskathanks for replys, I will start going trough the buglists.21:49
stakewinner00one question, will ubuntu updates produce some type of "programed obsolescence", I mean, in 10 years, ubuntu update can be bigger than the free space of my phone? For example BQ 4.5 have 8GB of storage, in 10 years an update of ubuntu can be of 9GB for example?22:00
dobeystakewinner00: possible, but unlikely. we try to keep the core OS small, and phone images are built specific for devices, so aren't filled with drivers for every possible set of hardware22:03
dobeymore likely the hardware will just be too slow and limited for modern software at that point, if it's 10 year old hardware22:04
stakewinner00dobey, that's good :) I had an ipod touch, but the update was too big, and i don't like to waste money if the hardware still works.22:04
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