mappshi all03:26
mappscool tv night..walking dead..homeland and brooklynnine nine;D03:34
mappswatch any?03:34
mappsooh and new series of peep show03:34
daftykinsnope not any o' them03:35
mappspeep showis so funny03:36
daftykinsah can't stand that style03:36
daftykinstoo painful03:36
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MooDoomorning all08:10
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:11
jimmy_willwhat a morning08:12
directhexLaney! fix bug 1132063!08:16
lubotu3`bug 1132063 in unity-control-center (Ubuntu) "Mouse settings missing from Mouse & Touchpad dialog" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/113206308:16
diploMorning all09:08
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Button Day! 😃10:03
directhexJamesTait: buttons for pushing, or buttons for doing things up?10:03
JamesTaitdirecthex, officially the doing things up type, but personally I don't mind. 😉10:04
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)10:16
bigcalmI was hoping for google12:39
davmor2JamesTait: sorry meetings and bugs slowed me down https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJDGcxAf9D812:55
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* diddledan_ pushes davmor2 's button13:15
diddledan_but really.. a day for buttons?!13:15
diddledan_that's randomness13:15
zmoylan-pinext zipper day...13:16
diddledan_zmoylan-pi: and then "getting it caught in the zipper day"13:16
* diddledan_ winces13:16
zmoylan-piit'll keep them in stitches...13:16
diddledan_the big question when you get caught in your zip is "do I finish doing it up or attempt to undo it?"13:17
zmoylan-pior the slow v fast method of bandaid removal...13:17
diddledan_yeah that's another perennial13:17
foobarrypopey: i got some great github stickers13:18
foobarryask jono bacon for some ;)13:18
popeyi will! :)13:20
foobarrywe got 200 after buying the github onsite appliance13:20
popeyI'd rather have launchpad stickers though, because you know, free software13:20
foobarrythere are some great stickers13:20
foobarrybut octocat13:21
* popey shrugs13:21
foobarryi also have a "my other computer is a cray"13:22
zmoylan-pimy favourite was 'the beatings will continue till morale improves'13:24
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diddledan_found this the other day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJvEIjRBSDA (Write in go)14:19
diddledan_"it's weird when you can see each other, isn't it. I don't like it!" lol14:29
diddledan_silly geeks14:29
* diddledan_ <3 the buntu podcast14:29
diploGiving Ubuntu Mate a go today, well once I have backed everything up14:36
diddledan_one must recognise there's a difference between someone saying "you gotta try ubuntu, mate" and "you gotta try ubuntu mate"14:37
diploWell it's not pronounced "mate" like alright mate14:38
diploSo I've found out today14:38
zmoylan-pii learned the importance of commas when i helped my uncle jack off a horse... :-P14:38
diddledan_yeah, I think that makes it sound ponsey tho14:38
diddledan_I would imagine the horse was somewhat relieved to have that weight-off14:40
diddledan_whichever way you punctuate it :-p14:40
diddledan_fun exam answer (supposedly) http://paste.ubuntu.com/13299495/15:31
foobarrythere's only 1 way to pronounce mate surelty?15:39
zmoylan-piunless you spell if maté15:40
foobarrybut they don't?15:41
zmoylan-piseems to have been dropped but still pronounced that way...15:43
bigcalmLike Cafe15:51
daftykinsi find most pronunciation in the open source world to be quite stupid15:54
diddledan_café is supposed to be spelt with a ´ over the e. anything else is wrong.15:56
arsenipanything else is the eastenders version15:58
diddledan_cath's caff15:58
arsenipcaf-ay (french) or CAFF (eastenders)15:58
arsenipGOIN DOWN CAFF15:58
diddledan_daan caff15:58
diddledan_not down15:58
arsenipi'm a newbie to south london.15:58
* arsenip quits life15:59
daftykinshmm a mate is giving me his smashed screen Nexus 5 for free, so i've ordered a cheap £26 screen from Hong Kong to swap :>16:00
diddledan_you sneaky pete!16:00
* arsenip rubs his iphone16:00
diddledan_arsenip: pervert16:01
* diddledan_ rubs his, too16:01
arsenipi'm male.16:01
* zmoylan-pi offers to play phone conkers with nokia dumbphone...16:01
diddledan_my precious16:01
diddledan_I like the fingerprinty thingy16:01
daftykinsnah he knows it's been fixable for ages, but i saw him the other day at a party with a Samsung S5 =|16:01
daftykinssome folks are so ridiculous with their money16:02
arseniprediculous is relative.16:03
diddledan_I like shiny toys16:03
arsenipas is money.16:03
daftykinsseems someone i know is still keen on getting a Surface despite having a Lenovo X1 carbon16:03
arsenipsurface looks good tbh16:03
* diddledan_ checks the lenovo16:03
arsenipis the x1 not old now ?16:03
Seeker`Registered : Nov 20 23:44:23 2006 (8y 51w 5d ago)16:04
daftykinsunless you ever want to upgrade it, trollolol16:04
Seeker`There must be 9 days this week16:04
arsenipits a laptop ..16:04
daftykinsX1 has a 2015 model16:04
arsenipif you're buying laptops for upgradability you're doing it wrong :D16:04
arsenipi say this from my high perch cradling my macbook 12.. of course.16:04
daftykinsnot when Lenovos are mostly sold with teensy SSDs16:04
arsenipah yes, that i can understand.16:04
daftykinswhat the stupid Core M thing?16:04
arsenip'low on disk space' shouldnt be an error that exists in todays age.16:05
arsenipprobably daftykins16:05
daftykinsi was able to swap out the 160GB intel for a 512GB Crucial in the X240 of someones16:05
arsenipthough perf isnt an issue really.16:05
daftykinsbuying all the accessories to get some sane sockets is? :>16:06
primered6~<120gb is not that bad that's what NAS storage is for..16:06
arsenipi gots all the litle donglefriends daftykins  :D16:07
arsenipactually i could do with a usb-c to thunderbolt or whatever it is, i guess16:07
daftykinsprimered6: perhaps for your own usecase, however i have travelling business folk clients16:07
arsenipfranly the only reason i have 500gig SSD in mine is because i dont want to ever have to delete stuff16:08
arsenipi can't see many businesses using >100gig on a workstation unless its a creative industry (sound/video processing)16:08
bashrc_nobody will ever need more than 640K16:09
* daftykins groans at the cliché16:10
diddledan_I use > 100G on my laptop for business16:10
arsenipi basically work out of crhome and a terminal, so my 500gig exists for random junk downloads and videos to watch on flights. :D16:10
daftykinsi wish i knew who this office opposite was, i'd tell 'em they can save money by turning off their damn screens at night :P16:13
* daftykins keeps using Firefox tab groups before it gets removed in FF 45 :(16:15
diploI use > 100G on my laptop and work PC arsenip as do most of the work staff, but I agree in a typical office maybe that would be a lot16:22
awilkinsWindows eats like 60G or something now?16:25
awilkinsI know a lot of it is actually hardlinks to libraries, but still16:26
daftykinsit's never taken 60GB16:28
primered6More like 20-30gb16:29
primered6if that..16:29
daftykins10 comes with that funky install shrinking tech16:30
hexhaxtronAnyone has Freeview HD?16:30
daftykinswhat'd the actual question be?16:30
zleapsome channels on freeview are HD,16:31
hexhaxtronIf it works with WiFi or if I need cables connected to the TV?16:31
zleaplike bbc channels, so if you have HDTV you get a better picture16:31
daftykinshexhaxtron: wait what? freeview is aerial broadcast no o016:31
hexhaxtrondaftykins, what does it mean aerial? I need an antenna?16:31
daftykinsyeah that's what freeview is, unless something new has come out in the last year i don't know about16:32
zleapariel = antenna16:32
hexhaxtronOr the builtin Freeview in the TV already catches the signal?16:32
daftykinsdepends what your TV is capable of16:32
hexhaxtrondaftykins, I'm interested in this TV: http://dealbuyer.com/viewproduct/18228/Digihome_48_LED_Full_HD_1080p_TV_2_x_HDMI_2_x_USB_Media_Player16:32
daftykinsso yeah roof antenna only16:33
hexhaxtronI don't have a roof antenna...16:33
daftykinsthen you're up that specific creek with no paddle16:33
daftykinsi think i'd aim for something with a freesat tuner, then you can make use of a sky dish16:34
hexhaxtrondaftykins, can you suggest me an antenna to buy?16:35
daftykinsyou'll want to phone your local handy installer16:35
daftykinsbefore that though, use the freeview site to check coverage in your area16:36
zleapwe have a freeview tv with a normal indoor ariel / antenna works ok16:36
daftykinssounds like non-HD16:36
zleapthe UK should have full coverage of freeview analog channels were switched off IIRC16:36
daftykinsno harm in checing :)16:36
zleapnot sure just now we have a new tv and we are using an indoor ariel16:37
hexhaxtronzleap, something like this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/271206041756?adgroupid=13936810266&hlpht=true&hlpv=2&rlsatarget=kwd-124296812946&adtype=pla&ff3=1&lpid=122&poi=&ul_noapp=true&limghlpsr=true&device=c&chn=ps&campaignid=220881786&crdt=0&ff12=67&ff11=ICEP3.0.0-L&ff14=122&viphx=1&ops=true&ff13=8016:37
zleapkinda but yes16:37
zleapthey come in all shapes16:37
hexhaxtronThanks! :)16:37
hexhaxtronzleap, what do you think of this one? http://www.qvsdirect.com/amplified-indoor-freestanding-digital-freeview-aerial-with-4g-filter?utm_source=google&utm_medium=googleshopping&utm_campaign=googlebase&gclid=CJDBxJmxlckCFQxmGwodfrMDKg16:42
hexhaxtronIs it good?16:42
daftykinsyou really should just do it right :P16:45
daftykinsafter all you only do it once, so there's no point scrimping16:46
hexhaxtrondaftykins, it's not my home... it's a private rented room... I cannot put an antenna on the roof by myself, the landlord needs to give permission for it.16:46
daftykinsweird to have a place with no provision16:46
hexhaxtrondaftykins, but... that antenna works with the TV I mentioned, right? And then I get many channels for free? That's all I need to know.16:48
daftykinsi wouldn't want to say16:48
arsenipwhenever ive lived in rented i've had tv/phone instaleld - usually with landlord perms tho16:48
daftykinsone years little buggers had sky fitted to my place in Portsmouth, they never asked :P16:49
hexhaxtronI don't have phone either. However, I got wireless Internet. :)16:49
daftykinsphones pretty useless today16:49
daftykinsi only have one from being forced for my VDSL provision16:49
arseniptbh i think these dasy its pretty standard to have sky or cable installed16:50
hexhaxtronarsenip, can I pm you?16:55
diddledannow that's an odd spam - advertising an "ultra realistic" flight simulator they're calling "VirtualPilot3D"16:56
diddledanthey claim it "is going to be a GAME-CHANGER"16:56
daftykinsdiddledan: well you do have to quit what you're playing to run it i suppose ;)16:57
arsenipofc hexhaxtron16:57
arsenipim not sure what use i am, though.16:57
daftykinsyeah that arsenip can't even do s saff London accent ;)16:58
arsenipafaik freeview works via standard tv aerial right? anyting you get from the likes of argos etc would do fine.17:00
daftykinsyeah probably17:01
daftykinshexhaxtron: http://www.freeview.co.uk/availability17:03
daftykinssee how good the coverage is nearby before investing in some cheap internal antenna17:03
hexhaxtrondaftykins, I did that already.17:03
daftykinsoh ok, just not sharing then17:03
daftykinssue me for trying :P17:04
* diddledan demands monies17:04
hexhaxtrondaftykins, 90 channels, 14 HD and 29 radio stations.17:04
diddledandaftykins: talking of suing for money - this is a fun talk at the DEFCON security conference some years ago "that awesome time I was sued for two billion dollars" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSWqx8goqSY17:05
daftykinsonly get 18 over here!17:05
diddledanseems it was 2009 conference17:06
daftykinsbut that was last week, no?17:06
daftykinsdiddledan: i want that 30 minutes back! :P17:40
diddledanyou're stuffed then :-p17:55
daftykinsheh nah it was quite interesting, glad i'm not high profile enough to get such letters17:55
diddledanindeed. I don't know that I'd be able to spot the silly from the serious17:56
daftykinsjust imagine being a family person and finding the time to even sift through it all though, ugh17:56
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daftykinsstill don't feel inclined to run it XD18:07
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hexhaxtrondaftykins, do I have to pay some tax to use TV in the UK?18:48
diddledanhexhaxtron yes18:51
diddledanhexhaxtron, to wathc live broadcast (even via the internet) you need a "TV License"18:52
diddledancatch-up that isn't live is ok wihtou tho18:52
hexhaxtrondiddledan, where can I get more info about the TV License?18:52
diddledanhexhaxtron. tvlicensing.co.uk18:53
hexhaxtrondiddledan, can't I just use an antena and a TV and watch it for free?18:53
diddledanhexhaxtron, you can, but it's illegal18:54
hexhaxtrondiddledan, are the channels encrypted or something?18:55
diddledanfreeview and freesat are completely unencrypted18:56
MyrttiTV licence is a bargain19:32
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diddledanooh, something changed. I wonder what it was.20:31
diddledanno more "snuck"ing20:31
diddledanlol https://twitter.com/bsdphk/status/66623171622746931221:56
diddledanrdio have filed for bankruptcy and pandora have agreed to acquire key assets and staff pending approval by the bankruptcy court22:05
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diddledanzmoylan-pi, you mean:23:22
diddledaninteresting: watching agents of shield ep 7 "I hope you stick around" followed by the video closing23:24

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