nhainesI have another 3 hours of driving ahead of me, minimum. So I'll be watching my backscroll for the meeting recap tonight!02:21
ianorlinok meeting in 5 minutes02:56
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ianorlinwho is here for this meeting ?03:01
ianorlinthe agenda this week is empty https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings03:04
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ianorlin#topic upcoming events03:04
ianorlinwe have scale and ubucon coming up in January and nominations for team leaders for next year03:05
DonkeyHoteiare nominations open?03:05
ianorlinit says they are open03:07
ianorlintoday but I am not sure nominating someone not here we would need to get whether they accept or not03:07
DonkeyHoteiyou're here, so you could be nominated, no?03:07
DonkeyHoteithen i'd like to nominate you for a 2nd term03:08
ianorlinI accept03:09
DonkeyHoteido we have any events prior to scale?03:10
ianorlinmaybe some ubuntu hours I am not sure of03:11
ianorlindon't know of any annouced03:13
ianorlinhosting an ubuntu hour would be nice if someone want to do that03:13
DonkeyHoteii think most are regularly scheduled03:14
ianorlinyes I think there is one in Passdena and then there are the bay area ones which I can't bring to mind right now03:14
DonkeyHoteithey should be on the wiki03:15
ianorlinhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/2992-ubuntu-hour-berkeley/ is the next event I see03:16
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu Hour Berkeley | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]03:16
ianorlinhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/2997-ubuntu-hour-berkeley/ is the other one after the next meeting and then it is to the new year03:17
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu Hour Berkeley | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]03:17
ianorlin#topic any other business03:18
DonkeyHoteiwhich airport serves scale now?03:19
ianorlinI don't ever take airplanes so I am not sure03:20
DonkeyHoteiif i attend, i would not be flying in, but the question was posed by someone who needs to be back in norcal the following day03:21
ianorlinI don't think there is only one but passadena is a bit far from LAX03:24
ianorlinI know there is also an airport in Burbank that airlines fly to03:24
ianorlinI don't know traffic well on those connecting routes east when traveling north and south because I do not usually head that way03:25
DonkeyHoteii was assuming there is an official scale airport much like there is an official scale hotel03:25
ianorlinThe directoins on there give freeways mostly03:25
ianorlinrichard gaskin will know better so might be better to ask on mailing list03:32
ianorlinand probalby george mulak as well03:34
ianorlinI don't have anything more on this subject03:36
ianorlinanything else to add03:36
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mobilephonepiHello.  Is anyone interested in trading hardware?06:23
mobilephonepiI have some mobile phones and a tablet, but I want to see if I can trade them for a hard drive enclosure and software.06:26
DonkeyHoteientirely possible, but attendance in the channel is spotty atm06:35
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