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wxlhey folks18:20
wxljust the cat i wanted to see cmaloney18:20
wxlcmaloney: you know you guys are up for re-verification at the end of the month?18:20
wxlcmaloney: are you planning on going for it? anything else the lococouncil can do to help?18:21
cmaloneyAnd last time around we were encouraged to be reverified18:21
cmaloneyand frankly I don't feel we're active enough for verification18:22
wxli think that sustained effort of any kind if likely sufficient18:22
wxleven if all you do is irc meetings or ubuntu hours18:23
cmaloneyWe'll we've sustained a status quo of not doing a whole lot other than sitting in IRC> :)18:23
cmaloneyso if that counts, then woo woo18:23
wxlwell, ok. i'll just let you guys expire then :(18:24
wxlhowever, as i said, if there's anything the lococouncil can do for you, please let me know18:24
cmaloneyWill do18:24
wxlhave a great day!18:25
cmaloneyyou too18:25
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