pieter2627morning all06:01
antonmornings all06:12
inetprogood mornings06:56
Kilosmorning everyone08:40
Kilosand inetpro 08:40
pieter2627so does anyone think we might have rain today?09:09
* pieter2627 hopes so09:09
theblazehenHope so too. This rm commands been running like 27 hours now...10:50
theblazehensup Vlekkie 10:54
VlekkieNot much, just sad, wbu?10:55
theblazehenI'm alright10:55
VlekkieEveryone else sleeping or something?10:57
theblazehenBeen quiet last few days10:58
VlekkieBut IRC seems a bit dead compared to a few years back10:59
MaNIeverybody too busy trying to stay afloat in our shitty economy, no time for luxuries like IRC anymore11:02
VlekkieAllot of people don't know what IRC is nowadays, so not surprised tho lol11:02
VlekkieTrue ^11:03
VlekkieMani: hows it going?11:03
MaNIgenerally okay, november always the worst month of the year11:04
VlekkieFine thanks11:05
inetproKilos: have you had rain yet?11:50
inetprohere in town we had some coming down nicely for a few minutes then suddenly all gone again11:51
Sxuzaola 12:30
Sxuzait rained here last noght 12:31
Sxuzanight 12:31
SxuzaEast London 12:31
Sxuzaseems to me, we're not bad hit by this "lack of water" thingie 12:31
Sxuzaor mayb its me im so ignorant , i dont know 12:31
Kilosnot yet inetpro just the cold13:11
Kilosjust woke up shivvering13:11
* who_da_fly jumps on Kilos 13:29
who_da_flyYeesh, I go away and everyone disappears.13:31
Kilosohi who_da_fly 13:31
Kilossorry was outside checking the weather13:32
who_da_flyKilos: I'm in Mozambique now.13:33
Kilosoh y13:33
Kilosfor how long who_da_fly 13:33
Kilosjust business hey13:33
Kilosi saw the boys with the braai13:34
Kiloswell sitting under the umbrella13:34
who_da_flyTill Saturday. Yes, we literally went straight from the airport to their office, sat down and started working :-(13:34
who_da_flyyeah, they were so cute.13:34
Kilosthis stupid laptop gives weak sounds with alerts13:35
Kiloseven bell.ogg is feeble13:36
Kilosso i sleep past most things13:36
Kilosits busy trying to storm here, so power might go 13:36
who_da_flyOK. We had a storm last night. Lots of lightning and HUGE rain drops13:37
Kilosdo you understand portugese13:42
who_da_flyno, not at all13:42
who_da_flybeen fun trying to buy coffee13:42
who_da_flyI threw one back at them... I spoke in Afrikaans13:43
Kilostheir seafood used to be very cheap13:43
Kilosare you alone there who_da_fly 13:45
Kilosor did you go in a business group13:46
who_da_flyKilos: I'm here with 2 colleagues13:56
Kilosthats better13:57
who_da_flyKilos: how much does a 500meg data bundle cost?14:09
Kilossec ill check14:10
who_da_flyKilos: which SP?14:12
Kilostelkom mobile14:12
Kilosdo they have it there?14:12
who_da_flyNo. They have Vodacom. Vodacom SA is R100 for a 500 meg bundle.14:13
Kilostelkom is 1g for R9914:14
who_da_flyHere in Mozambique, it's R32 for 500 megs14:15
inetprowho_da_fly: how much for 1GB there?14:17
inetproR32 for 500MB (6c per MB) is not bad 14:22
inetproKilos: have you checked the time based data bundles of Telkom yet?14:23
Kilosnope inetpro 14:23
inetproyou can get 1GB for R5914:23
Kilosit doesnt show on the online thing'14:23
inetprosadly just valid over a weekend14:23
Kiloswhat kinda time base14:24
Kilosim  hoping to leave for aus before my data runs out'14:24
inetproor R39 for 500MB14:24
Kiloswaiting for online visa app to be approved14:25
Kilosthe for  3 months ill chat to you from 9 hours ahead of you14:25
Kilosweekend only bundles are kinda pointless i think14:27
Kilosto me anyway14:27
inetprocould be useful to download an ISO14:28
Kilosoh ya14:31
Kilosmy next iso download is 16.0414:31
who_da_flyinetpro: 200MT, so R6414:31
inetprooh but hang on who_da_fly, it looks like those prepaid plans for 512MB and 1GB are just valid for 7 days14:40
Kilossomewhere is gonna get some rain i think14:40
Kiloslotsa clouds and thunder14:40
inetprowho_da_fly: good enough for you on your short trip but rather costly if you had to live on it like Kilos does14:41
who_da_flyinetpro: I don't need it longer14:41
who_da_flywho_da_fly: true14:41
who_da_flygah. referencing myself. how silly14:42
Kilosold age14:42
inetproanyway, don't think oom Kilos or any one of us would want to relocate to MZ any time soon :-)14:42
Kilosat one time i actually thought of going there and running a forklift repair business14:44
Kilosapparently the docks are full of broke ones14:44
who_da_flyKilos: it's almost always warm here15:03
Kilosya that place is more tropical15:03
Kiloseven more so than durbs15:05
Kilosmangoes and pawpaws used to be dirt cheap there15:06
Kilosand avos i think15:06
Kilosmany years ago15:06
Kiloshi Audio 15:07
Kilosyou a noisy kinda person?15:07
Kilosor musical15:07
Kilosrain starting inetpro 15:07
Kilosyou gona get wet15:08
who_da_flyKilos: yes, mangoes grow everywhere here15:12
who_da_flyand there's a papaya tree in the yard behind the office15:12
Kilostower got such a shock when it started raining it dropped signal16:13
Kilosyou wet inetpro 16:14
Kilosor did you get wet16:14
inetproKilos-: I got wet but I survived 16:35
Kilos-weve had 2mm16:35
inetproluckily just got through before the big hailstorm now 16:35
inetpropoor Loerie (Kwêvoël/go-away-bird) even landed in the swimming pool with the stones from above 16:39
inetprohope it survives after drying it up a bit and releasing it again 16:48
Kilos-shame man16:49
inetproKilos-: 20mm17:08
Kilos-we had 7mm17:18
Kilos-Audioburn feel frre to say hi to us17:38
magespawngood evening17:40
Kilos-hi magespawn 17:40
magespawnhey Kilos- 18:00
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
Trixar_zaI noticed something nice about current MineTest - new V6 areas come with iced over water and layers of snow.18:01
magespaw1Selecting best server based on latency...18:15
magespaw1Hosted by Pocketinet Communications (Walla Walla, WA) [98.03 km]: 15.835 ms18:15
magespaw1Testing download speed........................................18:15
magespaw1Download: 527.77 Mbit/s18:15
magespaw1Testing upload speed..................................................18:15
magespaw1Upload: 163.16 Mbit/s18:15
magespawnbetter 18:17
magespawnnice speed hey18:17
Kilosjsable yeah18:18
magespawnnow that would be nice if that was my local speed18:19
Kiloseither im getting blinder or my fingers are getting stupider18:19
magespawnfingers can be very stupid some days18:19
Kiloswe ned to do this here as well18:23
magespawnamazing, connecting through vodacom i get temporary failure in name resolution, through cellc everything works fine18:24
magespawnevery night between 8 and 1018:25
Kilosmagespawn what speedtest is that?18:25
Kilosmy internet is very slow tonight18:30
magespawnfrom my amazon server18:32
magespawnthere seems to be something going, i wish i knew what it was18:33
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:10
magespawnbed time, good night all20:31
grembleCheers magespawn 20:35
grembleHey kulelu88 20:48
kulelu88hey gremble my man20:49
grembleHow are you kulelu88 20:49
kulelu88fekked man. this work is soul-draining. hows you?20:51
grembleFinished my first exam and got a question wrong I knew I knew before hand :P 20:52
grembleBut I think I did fine20:52
grembleI recently took one of those bloomberg aptitute tests. got a dismal score because I couldn't finish two sections, I did however, achieve quite high on everything else. Now I got my first CV request from a company. Quite surprised at it20:53
kulelu88via the bloomberg aptitude thing?20:54
kulelu88it must be quant firms21:00
grembleI scored in the top 95% for investment banking. I've never investement banked shit. XD21:00
gremblereverse that score. top 5%21:01
kulelu88I also took it and only got 1 CV request. never bothered21:01
gremble95th percentile. I can't math21:01
grembleI need a job21:01
grembleI will take this cv request21:01
kulelu88company name?21:01
grembleDon't know until I open the request21:02
grembleI don't have a CV yet so I have to make one before I open the request21:02
kulelu88must be a phishing expedition (unless they are confirmed local)21:03
grembleIt is local. Campus based apparently21:04
kulelu88for a quant gig, I'd only go with JPMorgan, Meryll Lynch/Linch or GS21:05
kulelu88and get a transfer to New York after 12 months21:05
grembleI'm still at university after 12 months21:05
kulelu88they still protesting?21:08
kulelu88I always knew de la rey was a bitch though21:08
grembleNo, we've stopped for like 2 weeks now21:10
grembleAfter the Friay at the union buildings we were done21:10
grembleMonday she had a meeting with us, Tuesday we were back in class :P21:11
kulelu88At least they kept it classy and didn't go mad like the TUT students21:14
grembleYup. TUT has been striking. But the management at TUT is lackadaisical at best, simply apathetic at best21:15
grembleSo their frustration is understandable21:15
grembleUP was quick to mobilise and listen21:16
kulelu88those jews and afrikaaners running Tuks dont waste time. they probably mobilized their billions to qualm the students21:18
kulelu88I hear that some info came out that the endowment is +50 billion?21:18
grembleYes. A metric shit ton of money appeared. It was magical. It means that I might still get to get my degree ;P21:20
kulelu88I still hate the way they run it. As most alumni have said of local varsities, get in, get the degree and get out21:21
grembleI want to do Hons at Wits or UCT21:24
kulelu88UCT = just too expensive for regular people21:25
grembleI'm have to get a bursary21:25
grembleGoing to probably apply for both mathematics and philosophy and see which one I get for21:25
kulelu88bursaries don't cover accommodation afaik21:26
grembleI will live in the library21:27
grembleShower in the sprinklers21:27
kulelu88Like Stallman?21:28
grembleStall-man sounds like a shitty superhero21:28
kulelu88A female who studied at UCT told me that UCTs library is popular for sexual intercourse, if you are a rugby player, etc.21:29
kulelu88Search for Richard Stallman. I'm surprised you don't know who he is21:29
grembleI know how he is. I just felt like making a poop joke21:29
kulelu88oh hahaha21:30
kulelu88I did really snigger there21:30
kulelu88at least when they start having sex in the lib, you can say "STOP, that's my dining room!!!"21:32
gremble"STOP! Hammer time"21:33
gremble"STOP! Collaborate and listen!"21:34
kulelu88I'm so bored that I am even contemplating taking a pay cut just to get something more interesting to do21:35
grembleWhy is that?21:35
grembleWhat are you currently doing?21:36
kulelu88I currently make sure sites are working properly21:37
grembleHmm I can understand the slight tedium involved. Why not learn a new skill and get another job?21:39
kulelu88jobs are hard to come by it seems. sending a CV is like entering into the abyss21:40
kulelu88oh yeah, make sure your CV isn't too long21:40
kulelu88they won't spend more than 30 seconds looking at it21:41
grembleLuckily I don't have that much to put on21:44
kulelu88if you do 2 pages, that's a solid start21:44
kulelu883 pages and you're average21:44
kulelu884 or more GTFO21:44
grembleI don't think I have enough shit for more than 1.5 :<21:45
grembleI've sort of just been existing most of my life XD21:45
kulelu88I've seen school-leavers load their CVs with accolades enough to fill 6 pages and its like >.<21:46
grembleYa. My school accolades are pretty much that I finished school with marks to get into university21:49
kulelu88no sports?21:50
kulelu88math olympiads?21:50
grembleNope. Lived too far so didn't want my mother to drive extra. Didn't want her to pay extra for sport stuff, cause we're poor.21:51
kulelu88Pretoria has too many wealthy white people, so saying you're poor is quite strange21:54
grembleHahaha I wouldn't suggest it though. 21:56
grembleBeing poor that it is21:56
kulelu88there's a sad difference to being white poor and black poor though21:57
grembleYes. There is. I have running water and a house21:58
grembleAnd a car21:58
grembleBut the struggle is still real. I've went to sleep hungry at times..21:59
kulelu88because the food being served for supper wasn't edible?22:00
kulelu88Do you feel obligated to look after your folks in their old age?22:03
grembleShe won't be able to afford being old. 22:04
grembleI'll have to22:04
grembleMy mother recently got her first job paying more than R10k p/m22:04
grembleShe has a degree in Occupational Therapy but worked as a temp secretary because she was "over qualified" for more permanent admin positions and couldn't get an OT job.22:05
grembleShe's working as an OT now though, so I am glad.22:05
kulelu88you have any brothers?22:06
grembleYup. A brother and a sibling22:06
grembleI mean sister22:06
grembleBoth younger. He is working as an Earthmoving Mechanic22:07
grembleShe's busy with matric exams22:07
kulelu88aah so there's 2 of you then22:07
kulelu88don't end up as 'those' guys who let their mom stay with the sister in old age22:08
grembleI'll try. 22:08
grembleDon't plan to. Would prefer she have her own place/autonomy22:09
kulelu88what's your exam schedule like?22:10
grembleNot bad. Wrote today. Write friday and then next week Thursday. Then I am done22:11
grembleUnless I have a supp (which I doubt)22:11
kulelu88then 2 months holiday22:12
grembleYup. Get some interesting work done. I have formal logic to get through that I have been slacking off with this semester and I have writing to do xD22:13
kulelu88if you have the capacity, try building a startup in those 2 months. Biggest chance of your life to be your own boss from the day you graduate22:15
grembleI've thought about doing something like that, but idea's are scarce.22:15
grembleI've thought about doing some aerodynamics to build commercial drones, because we currently import those from Europe22:16
kulelu88ideas are cheap. find something people need22:16
kulelu88that's too capital intensive22:16
grembleYup. And skills intensive. I can work with the materials, and I have the skills to prototype, but not managing the software/hardware22:18
kulelu88sell some stuff via e-commerce22:19
kulelu88your sister is a teen, find some thing teens need and sell it online22:20
kulelu88custom jewellery or something22:20
grembleThat is also pretty capital intensive. Stock and such. Perhaps... hmm. I'll put my head together after thursday. I'm sure I could conjure up something interesting.22:22
kulelu88dont waste time thinking too much. Just brainstorm 10 ideas, draft an MVP for 5 of them, and the most lucrative is the 1 you pursue. I swear you will not regret wasting those 2 months if it works out22:24
grembleMVP? Most valuable player?22:24
kulelu88Minimum Viable Product22:27
kulelu88aim global if you can22:31
grembleHave you tried to startup?22:32
kulelu88I want to22:34
kulelu88I'm not sure whether to try now or try it part-time (although I'm so drained after work each day that I don't even want to code anything)22:35
grembleSo, interesting fact, I just found a way to work with relational databases in terms of linear algebra22:44
grembleNow just to see if I can make any interesting transformations :o22:44
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