PMunchYes, the stick shows up nicely. I'm just unable to choose an iso20:17
syntroPiwhat you mean unable to choose?20:18
k1l_PMunch: what system is that?20:18
django_i feel like its been progressively getting slower20:19
hijvvdI'm wanted to remotely access my ubuntu desktop from work.  What would be a secure way to go about this?20:19
PMunchI press the "other" button, find my iso but when I click open the dialog closes but no change is done in the program itself.20:19
PMunchk1l_, What do you mean20:20
PMunchThis is Xubuntu 14.0420:20
syntroPiPMunch, hmm what iso are you trying to choose? is it a debain or ubuntu?20:20
k1l_PMunch: are you running a regular user? where is the iso located? is it a iso?20:20
PMunchDoes it matter?20:20
syntroPimaybe it tries to look inside that iso to see if its compatible20:21
syntroPiwhich iso is it?20:21
k1l_dont know about other distros isos. or is it even windows?20:21
PMunchk1l_, I'm running as regular user but I've also tried sudo, the iso is in my Downloads directory and it is an iso.20:21
ioriayep, start-up disk is weird20:21
PMunchsyntroPi, it's Manjaro i3 version20:21
syntroPiPMunch, iso is just an container format for disk images20:22
syntroPicd images rather20:22
PMunchI just find it weird that it doesn't give any errors..20:22
ioriaPMunch, the iso is in Downlaods20:22
PMunchioria, yes20:22
syntroPiPMunch, not sure if startup disk creator understands manjaro disks or what it looks for inside that isos20:22
syntroPimaybe try using it with an ubuntu iso just to rule out its that?20:23
PMunchHmm, how would I go ahead and do it then? I'll download some random Ubuntu distro to check20:23
howudodatPMunch: or you can try using tuxboot.  or unetbootin20:23
newuseri find a nickname syslog, can anyone help me?20:23
ioriaPMunch, if you try to use it with mini.iso, ... same thing !20:24
ioriaPMunch, have you tried dd ?20:25
aurora_Hi. I dont know if this is the right channel for this question, if its not please direct me right, but what do you people use ubuntu (linux) for?20:26
ioriaPMunch, with standard ubuntu-desktop it works20:26
syntroPiPMunch, yeah either that or launch it from a terminal (usb-creator-gtk) to watch its output while you choose20:26
palm_premiumaurora_, that is a very broad question, one you might want to ask in #ubuntu-oftopic, this channel is for support questions.20:27
django_i have an acer aspire M with ubuntu12.0420:27
django_are there any tricks to make it faster20:27
aurora_palm_premium, thank you ver much =)20:27
k1l_aurora_: its a operating system and the use may vary from user to user. but in general: the same thing you use other OS like windows or osx for.20:27
aurora_k1l_, thanks =)20:28
PMunchsyntroPi, tried that, gave me nothing.20:28
PMunchioria, wouldn't I have to do something to make it bootable or whatnot?20:29
k1l_django_: its not the ram. that is fine20:29
syntroPiPMunch, i guess it just fails silently because it dont understand that iso contents20:29
k1l_django_: see htop or top what is using your power20:29
django_k1l_: what is htop or top20:29
howudodatPMunch: startup disk creator gives me nothing but headaches...try http://tuxboot.org/20:29
=== amr_ is now known as amr
ioriaPMunch, i'm used to cd in the iso dir, and then  dd  if=file.iso   of=/dev/sdX20:30
ioriaPMunch, with sudo20:30
syntroPiPMunch, just be carefull to choose the correct device :P20:30
ioriaPMunch, right20:30
k1l_ioria: if the iso is a hybrid iso, like the ubuntu ones :)20:30
ioriak1l_ oh.... ok20:31
k1l_django_: or use the system monitor20:32
django_k1l_: to determine what?20:32
k1l_django_: you said its slow. so look what is using your cpu power.20:33
MelRayI just installed the roundcube package using apt-get. I'm not sure how to access the installer as it doesn't find it, and all the howto's I've read talk about making directories whereas the install automatically created the database. Anyone advise me how to access the installer from browser?20:33
syntroPiMelRay, try #roundcube20:34
MelRayYou think the folks at roundcube will want to support installation NOT by their method?20:36
ioriaPMunch, seems dd should worh https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=Burn_an_ISO_File20:39
sruliwhen encrypting a file with encfs (or anything similar) should the file get slightly bigger?20:40
PMunchioria, hmm I guess. I managed to create a drive using unetbootin so I think I'm good. Just backing up my old system in case something goes wrong at the moment and then I'll try it out.20:40
aurora_Is there a way now to get netflix running on ubuntu? Or they still dont support it?20:41
ioriaPMunch, ok, good luck mate20:41
tltaurora_, isn't it possible to just use their website?20:41
JO0staurora_: it should work in chrome, I don't have a netflix account myself to test it20:41
aurora_tlt, i tryed it before but the vids dident play20:41
tltaurora_, chrome has flash embedded, so try that20:42
aurora_JO0st, ah, okay. ill give it a try later on =) Thanks for the response =)20:43
aurora_tlt, thanks =920:43
PMunchioria, thanks. This is actually one of the reasons why I haven't switched earlier. Ubuntu is just so easy to get support for with lots of knowledgeable people ready to help. I do feel however that it is a bit too bloated for me and as I've swapped out a lot of the defaults and always find myself wanting newer packages than what's in the repos I feel it's time to switch.20:43
OerHeksfor DRM flash chrome indeed20:43
ioriaPMunch, ^_^20:43
geniiaurora_: As you're being directed here, and as I stated to you in #ubuntu-offtopic also, Windows things that use the browser to operate like Office365 and so on usually work in Linux if you use the Chrome browser20:44
OerHeks!cookie | ioria20:44
ubottuioria: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!20:44
ioriaOerHeks, yuppy20:44
aurora_genii,  thanks20:45
syntroPiaurora_, i would recommend chromium-browser together with pepperflashplugin-nonfree (if you really want flash, it has many security problems)20:45
=== RCL_ is now known as RCL
syntroPithough the chrome(ium) versions are sandboxed so it may be a bit more secure than firefox + flash20:46
ubuntunewbiecan anyone help me troubleshoot a mdadm array not loading at boot (ubuntu 15 server). mdadm --assemble --scan recreates it manually. i have done mdadm -Es >> /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf but it still doesnt work and i do not see any errors. it is as if it simply doesnt try to assemble it.20:46
ubuntunewbiei have found about 100 guides but they are all dated. i have truid removing everything but ARRAY /dev/md0 and the guid as well20:46
aurora_syntroPi, sweet, thanks20:46
tltdon't forget chrome when/if that fails, aurora_20:47
OnkelTemX consumes about 400Mb of RAM. Is it normal?20:47
OnkelTemBut how it uses it? Isn't that too much for just nothing? It doesn't count plasma-desktop for example which takes only 140MB20:48
syntroPiXorg uses 27 MB on my box20:48
OnkelTemsyntroPi: you probably run black/fluxbox or something?20:49
Ben64for nothing? you realize x is the gui20:49
syntroPiwell it alway depend how you count ram usage ofc20:49
sruliwhen encrypting a file with encfs (or anything similar) should the file get slightly bigger?20:50
OnkelTemBen64: you mean the whole KDE thing is counted there in those 400MB?20:50
SCHAAP137179M here using MATE20:50
syntroPiOnkelTem, how do you check for ram usage?20:50
OnkelTemsyntroPi: I see on the resident part in htop/top20:50
OnkelTemlook at*20:50
Ben64is something not working?20:50
tltsruli, yeah all files 'grow' to 12kb, or so, it seems, with encfs. If they're smaller than 12kb20:50
tltso it's blocks of 12kb, kind of like clusters, it might seem20:51
OnkelTemBen64: I try to save some RAM for other processes20:51
Ben64how much ram do you have20:51
Ben64then don't worry20:52
ubottuIf you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/20:52
tltsruli, and with encryption it's natural that they either get bigger or smaller yes, due to encryption and compressibility, whichever applies heaviest20:53
OnkelTemBen64: actually, I worry more about Chrome. Where the hell it wastes my RAM? :)20:53
syntroPiOnkelTem, on Gnome shell i get about 67 MB for that, but hey if you got 16GB dont worry about that i think it may be normal for KDE on Xorg20:53
OnkelTemOnly starting it up blows away about 1,5GB20:53
k1l_OnkelTem: waisted ram is ram that is not used20:53
tltsruli, a 200mb text file might shrink, if you're using an encryption tool with compression, but a non compressive file might end up bigger than its original, it varies.20:53
k1l_OnkelTem: its like having a 16 floor house but only living in 4 floors.20:53
OnkelTemFolks, I wouldn't worry about no reason. I've got a job (maybe) and have installed wokring stuff. And took so much that I left w/o any RAM for even Eclipse20:54
OnkelTemwithout a reason*20:54
k1l_OnkelTem: "free -m" in a pastebin?20:55
OnkelTemk1l_: let me start that stuff first20:56
k1l_OnkelTem: actually, ram usage is split into "real usage" and some buffers and caches. and that caches and buffers can be easily made free if another program needs "real usage". so it does look full, but it isnt20:56
OnkelTemk1l_: actually I know that, but thanks :)20:57
Delta706Can someone suggest a channel dealing with security issues? I have a security problem I want to solve20:58
tltDelta706, ##security20:58
syntroPiOnkelTem, you even can flush caches like "echo X > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches" and X be 1 2 or 3. but i think its done automatically anyway by the kernel20:59
prp-eHi, I have composed a song in tuxguitar and now I want to add information about song, but unlike guitar pro, tux guitar didn't ask me at start. What can I do? (I know here's not the right place, but it's the best place I could ask).20:59
aurora_is there a way to see if i broken my ubuntu? when i tried to fix with making office365 work with thunderbird21:01
aurora_..or fix the touchpad from stop working after suspend21:02
aurora_did a lot of stuff that i really dident understand fully :/21:03
OnkelTemaurora_: my condolences. Sometimes things become complicated if you act by a guess21:06
letuschat29_Hello there21:08
aurora_OnkelTem, should I reinstall everything? it seems to be working ...21:08
OnkelTembut hopefully Linux can be fully "traced". Every action can be explained. It's not a blackbox like Windows or (my pain) - Eclipse21:08
OnkelTemaurora_: no need, just split disaster into pieces and resolve each separately21:08
letuschat29_what happened with your lovely Tux?21:09
aurora_OnkelTem, thanks. ill do that21:09
OnkelTemaurora_: so why do you think you've broken it?21:10
teslayep. you can install it but you can't run it?21:10
letuschat29_is anybody from Colombia Here21:10
aurora_OnkelTem, because i did stuff i dont know much about. not sure tho. but the sites i read it on seemed to be legit21:11
k1l_aurora_: what is your issue? you dont know if you broke your system? does it work or is it broken?21:11
k1l_aurora_: to me it sounds like you try to fix something that is not broken at all21:12
aurora_it works, i tried this for example: http://www.techportal.co.za/linux/315-laptop-touchpad-not-working-in-ubuntu21:12
k1l_aurora_: did it help?21:13
letuschat29_sudo init 021:13
k1l_aurora_: its dated to 2010, so that is 5 years old already. a lot changed since then.21:13
aurora_k1l_,  atm the touchpad dont come back online after suspend. have an extra mouse installed.  i read that i can change computer to hibernate instead but that seems to be a workaround more then a fix.21:13
letuschat29_it's a big deal21:13
aurora_k1l_, no, still same after that.21:13
k1l_letuschat29_: stop that.21:14
letuschat29_i was just kidding21:14
aurora_seemed like nothing happened when i ran that command21:15
k1l_aurora_: there are issues with resume for some hardware if the hardware is not ready when the driver wants to start it. so best is to look out for the exact hardware used and if there is a known fix21:16
OnkelTemk1l_: http://pastebin.com/c8C3AgQE21:18
aurora_any tips on where i can read more about? i have a asus f302l laptop21:18
k1l_OnkelTem: so took you so long to full your ram now :) but there is still 3 gb free ;p21:19
OnkelTemk1l_: yes :) It is a set of docker images - solr, postgis, mysql - very heavy stuff21:21
OnkelTemk1l_: btw, seems that htop doesn't print that 3GB value anywhere21:21
OnkelTembecause it counts buffers always21:22
pukapyRoses are blue;Violets are red;if u ever let me;well i post on youtube21:22
lettuce45what have you done to the kernel? sudo dpkg --purge linux-image-extra-4.2.0-16-generic takes just miliseconds instead of 20 seconds to get rid of outdated images21:25
rcoI'm trying to set up DNS caching as a local service on ubuntu server 14.04. Is there a most popular option? NSCD looked to be the simplest choice but I've heard awful things about its reliability.21:27
spartan2276I'm having a tough time installing Ubuntu-Gmone 15.10 on RAID 0 Drive as it keeps hanging on creating /boot take a look at the image https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz2E21JweMDPNGIyOXBjdmtZMDg/view21:28
friteis it problematic to abort a build? like for opencv?21:29
bivoisthere a legit repo for qtadb?21:29
friteor will a rebuild just overwriter21:29
spartan2276yes I posted this also on ubuntu-gnome but no one has answered21:29
howudodatfrite: in general building from source just overwrites.  you can also do a make clean to remove any intermediate files from the build21:30
x_hello i need help21:32
x_anyone there? i need help urgent please21:33
aurora_thanks for all the help. much appreciated =) cya later =)21:33
bekks!ask | x_21:33
ubottux_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:33
howudodatbivo: looks like you just download from their site21:33
Jazzy_Jx_, State the nature of your problem.21:34
x_i had windows 8 installed and windows 10 parallely. boot loader as installed in windows 8. after formatting windows 8 i installed ubuntu on that partition . now im not able to see the os selection at the start of computer. how do i go to windows 10 ? please help21:34
x_ i had windows 8 installed and windows 10 parallely. boot loader as installed in windows 8. after formatting windows 8 i installed ubuntu on that partition . now im not able to see the os selection at the start of computer. how do i go to windows 10 ? please help21:34
k1l_x_: "sudo parted -l"  into a pastebin please21:35
x_kil can you ive me steps21:35
x_okay kil sending21:36
k1l_x_: run that command in terminal and copy the output to paste.ubuntu.com then click on send, and give the new url here21:36
jilmy syslog is full of the following warning.  /usr/sbin/irqbalance: WARNING, didn't collect load info for all cpus, balancing is broken21:36
jilwhat can I do21:36
jil? tryed upgrading.21:37
livtylerdoes anyone have experience with samba as PDC?21:37
bekkslivtyler: I bet people do - but how does that solve your actuall issue?21:38
x_kil >> here http://pastebin.com/FTeC2FRx21:38
jilIt's been like that for several  week21:38
livtylerbekks: well, I need to know if samba last release still interfaces with LDAP or not21:38
k1l_x_: are you sure ubuntu is installed there?21:39
bekkslivtyler: Sure, why would that have changed?21:39
x_yes i am using ubuntu21:39
livtylerbekks: I think kerberos was replacing it21:39
x_3 partitions : data, windows X, ubuntu21:39
k1l_x_: did you install ubuntu on ext2?21:40
x_ext4 i guess21:40
livtylerbekks: I need to have an Active Directory based in Samba for Friday night, is it complicated?21:40
k1l_x_: no ext4 there21:40
k1l_x_: can you pastebin a "mount" please?21:41
bekkslivtyler: If you've never done it before - yes.21:41
x_what do i type in terminal> "mount"?21:41
livtylerlivtyler: what's the most difficult part to configure?21:41
x_kil can you message in private chat?21:41
k1l_x_: yes21:41
x_kil >> http://paste.ubuntu.com/13302759/21:42
howudodatjil: are you running in a VM?21:44
x_kil : http://paste.ubuntu.com/13302759/21:46
jilhowudodat: OpenVZ I think21:47
jilI have an old kernel, although my packages are up to date21:48
bekksjil: Only the version number seems to be quite old, but that doesnt tell you anything about which patches are contained.21:48
howudodatjil: I believe openvz recommends to disable irqbalance21:49
jilkernel 2.6.32 but  jeessie rep.21:49
jilok howudodat disable irqbalance ?21:49
bekksjessie repo?21:49
jilyes bekks21:49
bekksThats not an Ubuntu server, isnt it?21:50
x_ i had windows 8 installed and windows 10 parallely. boot loader as installed in windows 8. after formatting windows 8 i installed ubuntu on that partition . now im not able to see the os selection at the start of computer. how do i go to windows 10 ? please help21:50
x_ i had windows 8 installed and windows 10 parallely. boot loader as installed in windows 8. after formatting windows 8 i installed ubuntu on that partition . now im not able to see the os selection at the start of computer. how do i go to windows 10 ? please help21:50
howudodatjil: sudo update-rc irqbalance disable21:51
x_ i had windows 8 installed and windows 10 parallely. boot loader as installed in windows 8. after formatting windows 8 i installed ubuntu on that partition . now im not able to see the os selection at the start of computer. how do i go to windows 10 ? please help21:51
geniihowudodat: I believe you want update-rc.d and not just update-rc21:52
x_ i had windows 8 installed and windows 10 parallely. boot loader as installed in windows 8. after formatting windows 8 i installed ubuntu on that partition . now im not able to see the os selection at the start of computer. how do i go to windows 10 ? please help21:52
howudodatgenii: jil: correct...sorry21:52
k1l_x_: dont spam in here21:52
k1l_x_: run a "sudo update-grub"21:52
nepraXhello everyone, I am running photorec on a drive, and its output is so far a single .mpg file, that gets larger every second (currently 80gb!) is there a way to decompose this file, which obviously contains other files?21:53
SeriouslyLaughx_ if you aren't given an option to select an OS when booting, you may need to reinstall grub altogether.21:53
SeriouslyLaughx_ http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd21:54
x_kil http://paste.ubuntu.com/13302861/21:55
SeriouslyLaughnepraX http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/intrepid/man1/mpegdemux.1.html21:55
howudodatHow can I figure out why nvidia-346 depends on nvidia-352?  or is there a different channel to ask in (other than #nvidia)21:57
=== PaulePan1er is now known as PaulePanter
jilyes its debian21:59
bekksjil: And this not the Debian support ;)21:59
nigSwanI used to have a boyfriend named "ubuntu" once21:59
nigSwanhe used to "play the bongos" on my ass21:59
jilthx howudodat genii21:59
nepraXSeriouslyLaugh, but would this command work with my file, considering it is not an authentic mpg file, but rather one that is so big because of all sorts of files stuffed in it by photorec?22:00
ubuntunewbiecan anyone assist me with resolving an issue with mdadm not assembling arrays automatically at boot on 15.10 ?22:01
ash_workhow do you bind a process to loopback? (I'm happy for someone to just point me to general documentation on binding)22:03
ash_workmaybe I misspoke22:06
howudodatnepraX: I believe this is how photorec works...you need to allow the process to continue to completion, iirc.  It's been ages since I have used it though.22:07
ash_workmy editor is listening on ipv6 ... I'm trying to get it to listen on ipv4... someone in ##networking was telling me that I might be able to "explicity bind to or an available ipv4 interface" but I don't know where to begin with that22:07
=== daniel is now known as Guest11107
Chaser_ash_work: I don't think there is a way to bind a process to ipv4 with out doing it at socket level. May be your editor (?) has some option to disable ipv6. If not you can prevent getting ipv6 address by editing /etc/gai.conf and uncomment the line which says "precedence ::ffff:0:0/96  10022:13
RonWhoCaresWhat program should I use to record audio22:19
nepraXhowudodat, yes, it creates oversized files, too, along with regularly recovered ones22:20
fusa24is there a limit for hard drives for ubuntu?22:20
tonyyarussofusa24: What do you mean?22:21
geniifusa24: Whatever the limit of your hardware is22:21
fusa24I have 7 hard drvies installed, trying to install 1 more, but I cant get ubuntu to boot22:21
KDG-macubuntu is best ! :D hello all here22:22
geniifusa24: Your power supply may not have enough juice22:22
tonyyarussofusa24: That sounds like either a limitation in basic hardware stuff like power as genii mentioned, or maybe a BIOS thing, not an OS thing.22:22
fusa24I get into the command line at the beginning of boot22:23
KDG-macon ubuntu?22:23
fusa24trying to find the errors in logs22:23
jpds_fusa24: Have you checked your power usage and what your PSU does?22:23
jdangleHey guys I have a server, no changes, we just rebooted (ubuntu 12.04). It boots instantly into a black screen (and pings) but ssh never seems to come up. I can select the recovery kernel, and drop into read only shell, everything is there/fine with grub.. I tried quiet splash nomodeset etc.. what am I missing :)22:23
geniifusa24: It's possible you re-ordered the boot sequence by adding the last one, so that it tries to boot a different drive than it was before22:24
fusa24I checked BIOS, the new hdd was the last listed22:24
knutohow can i create a pattern for directories that are one level above? say i'm in /dir/server/ and i want to match /dir/src/? i need to modify this glob: '!{app.js,{src,common,lib}/**}'  but eg. '!{app.js,../{src,common,lib}/**}' doesnt work22:24
MonkeyDustknuto  sounds more for #bash22:33
knutomonkeydust: ok thanks22:33
=== DefunctProcess is now known as DefunctProcessZZ
KDG-macMonkeyDust: so bash got a channel?22:38
MonkeyDustKDG-mac  yes, simply type /j #bash22:39
KDG-maccool :)22:40
KDG-macthis channel only for support talks?22:40
geniiKDG-mac: Tha is correct22:41
KDG-macdoes ubuntu got a free chat room?22:41
geniiKDG-mac: There is this channel for support issues, and #ubuntu-offtopic for more casual conversation22:42
DzAirmaXhi everybody22:43
KDG-macoki thx22:43
KDG-macbye then22:43
DzAirmaXsomeone knows how to make some temporary space on the hdd for doing a release upgrade ?22:44
KDG-macthx MonkeyDust genii22:44
geniiDzAirmaX: Much depends on how the drive is currently partitioned, and if there is another drive in the computer with partitions which could be used temporarily22:45
DzAirmaXgenii : Can I use a second drive for making the upgrade ?22:46
fusa24jpds_ what is the best way to check the power usage of a computer, just checked what the PSU is, its 500W, so might be the issue22:46
ash_workChaser_: alas, it still bound to tcp622:46
ash_workChaser_: but thanks for the suggestion22:47
geniiDzAirmaX: You can do something like copy the contents of /var/cache/apt/ on the drive with limited space onto a directory on a larger drive, then bind-mount /var/cache/apt to that other directory. Also you clean up unneeded kernels in the /boot directory22:50
nuno_nuneshi goodnight22:50
DzAirmaXgenii : I cleaned them already but I am really limit, I need 300 megs more for finishing the upgrade22:51
geniiDzAirmaX: So it is specifically saying that /boot is full?22:52
DzAirmaXnot /boot just /22:53
=== adante_ is now known as adante
DzAirmaXI have 735 Mb for making the update, apparently I need 350 Mb more ...22:54
blb2919DzAirmaX: get some space by 'sudo apt-get clean'22:54
blb2919DzairmaX: purge all kernels except the current one22:56
k1l_DzAirmaX: did you run some "apt-get autoremove"?22:57
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs22:57
blb2919DzAirmaX: https://github.com/dustinkirkland/bikeshed/blob/master/purge-old-kernels22:57
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu22:57
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications22:58
blb2919eightiesk: stop that22:58
tewardeightiesk: do you need help?  If not, please either query the bot in PM, or use #ubuntu-bots22:58
DzAirmaXI used this tutorial : http://askubuntu.com/questions/5980/how-do-i-free-up-disk-space22:59
=== mfisch is now known as Guest73509
ash_workChaser_: so, the only way an application could explicitly listen on a particular IP is if the application itself had a setting for that (or if you do some fancy socket stuff?)22:59
ash_workChaser_: I tried uncommenting that line, but IPv6 still turned up with a `netstat -tupln`23:00
k1l_DzAirmaX: what is "dpkg -l | grep linux-image" and "dpkg -l | grep linux-headers"23:00
k1l_DzAirmaX: and how much is the disk space at all?23:00
blb2919DzAirmaX: in your home dir do 'du -sh * | sort -h' and check what takes space (if your home and root partitions are on the same drive of course)23:00
DzAirmaXblb2919 : usr , lib and var23:01
=== wook is now known as Guest79932
DzAirmaXk1l_ : 2.4 Gb23:02
DzAirmaXsmall small xD23:02
k1l_DzAirmaX: too small23:02
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howudodatash_work: it depends on what you are trying to do.  in general an application has to bind() to an interface and port.  Although that can be wildcarded.  That is something that cannot be changed or influenced externally.23:03
ash_workhowudodat: hmm... I really don't know where to even look for advice on this then23:04
DzAirmaXk1l_ : first I wanted to change the sixe of the /boot partition but it looks like too much work (GPT)23:04
howudodatash_work: however you can use ncat to help out a bit.  for example I use ncat to forward from one machine to another, the command looks like: ncat -l ipaddress port -c ncat ip address port23:04
ash_workhowudodat: hmm... I think the address is ::::900023:05
DzAirmaXk1l_ : now I am thinking to use ramdisk or another partition like genii said for bind the /var/vache/apt23:05
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k1l_<k1l_> DzAirmaX: what is "dpkg -l | grep linux-image" and "dpkg -l | grep linux-headers"23:05
howudodatash_work: for example ncat 25 -c ncat 1025  ncat will listen on interface port 25 and any connections that come in will be forwarded to ip on port 1025.23:05
DzAirmaXk1l_ : my kernel installed manually ...23:06
howudodatash_work: give me a sec to see if I can craft a similar one for you23:06
DzAirmaXk1l_ : I have so much space I am installing them by hand23:06
k1l_DzAirmaX: …23:06
DzAirmaXnot much sorry23:06
ash_workhowudodat: so in my case: ncat -l :::: 9000 -c ncat 9000 ?23:06
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DzAirmaX./purge-kernel.sh =>> No kernels are eligible for removal23:07
Exagone313Hi, I can not anymore use screen, it always says Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/1' - please check. What do I do?Thanks for your help.23:08
howudodatash_work:  no.  the first part is your "helper".  so:  ncat -l 9000  will make ncat listen on localhost port 9000.  you can just do ncat -l 9000 if you want it to listen on all interfaces.  but make sure you dont have anything listening ipv4 port 900023:08
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blb2919DzAirmax: you start it with the --keep=1 right?23:08
ash_workhowudodat: ok23:09
DzAirmaXblb2919 : nope ...23:09
howudodatash_work: I think what you want is ncat -4 -l 9000 -c ncat -6 localhost 900023:09
ash_workhowudodat: can I get ncat using apt-get?23:09
DzAirmaXblb2919 : I got only 1 kernel on this machine23:09
blb2919well then it won't help23:10
mgolischExagone313: did you change users?23:10
howudodatash_work: good question, I am not sure the package for ncat, it's already on my system23:10
Exagone313mgolisch: what do you mean?23:10
mgolischExagone313: like you sued to root or something23:10
* ash_work is depressed23:10
Exagone313the problem is '1' is pwned bny the wrong user23:11
blb2919DzAirmaX: you may also remove all *.gz in the /var/log23:11
Exagone313idk why it uses 1 and not 4 the good one23:11
howudodatash_work: try package netcat23:11
Exagone313you know what? i just change the owner and it works fine23:12
ash_workhowudodat: it was nmap23:12
Exagone313i'll do it next time23:12
DzAirmaXblb2919 : done, where you I try to grind 200 mmb more ?23:13
ash_workhowudodat: Ncat: Got more than one port specification: 9000 localhost 9000. QUITTING.23:13
blb2919DzAirmaX: du -sh ~/*23:15
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howudodatash_work: I just tested this and it works (sorry forgot the quotes).  ncat -4 -l 9999 -c "ncat -6 localhost 9999"23:17
DzAirmaXblb2919 : The upgrade has aborted. The upgrade needs a total of 923 M free space on disk '/'. Please free at least an additional 433 M of disk23:18
k1l_DzAirmaX: why do you want to keep this 2,4GB system?  that will make problems on next update anyway. make it a proper setup23:19
CodmadnessproI can't find a working fix for the error "update-rc.d: error: insserv rejected the script header23:20
Codmadnesspro" when running "sudo update-rc.d ts3 defaults"23:20
DzAirmaXk1l_ : yeah you are right23:22
srulihow do i disable guest login in GDM (gnome ubuntu 15.10)23:22
allegoricali'm having trouble to install canon mp250 drivers on my lubuntu system (ubuntu 15.04). i have downloaded from http://support-sg.canon-asia.com/contents/SG/EN/0100236101.html and ran the ./install.sh but still nothing.... any ideas? i noticed that this driver lists "ubuntu 10.04", does this make a difference?23:28
ash_workhowudodat: so the ncat command seems to be running23:29
ash_workhowudodat: but I still get tcp6       0      0 :::9000                 :::*                    LISTEN      26950/atom --type=r23:29
howudodatash_work...yes the original program needs to listen somehwere.  all ncat is doing is bridging a IP4 connection for you over to the editor's existing ip6 connection23:30
ash_workhowudodat: oh right23:31
ash_workhowudodat: well xdebug still says I: Remote address found, connecting to E: Time-out connecting to client. :-(23:31
ash_workhowudodat:  I don't know what to try now :\23:32
howudodatash_work: pastebin sudo netstat -anp for me23:32
howudodatash_work: are you trying to run atom-live-server?23:33
ash_workhowudodat: no23:34
ash_workhowudodat: I just have php-debug installed (on atom)23:34
ash_workI'm running xdebug on a docker container23:34
allegoricalarg this thing seems to need libtiff423:36
ash_workhowudodat: http://hastebin.com/mijokutozi.hs23:36
howudodatash_work:  your ncat client is listening on port 9999, that needs to be 9000.23:40
howudodatash_work: I was testing port 999923:40
ash_workhowudodat: oh23:40
allegoricalseems to work now, thanks23:41
howudodatash_work: ncat -4 -l 9000 -c "ncat -6 localhost 9000"23:42
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ash_workhowudodat: I don't get it; it threw an error, to which I clicked on and it showed a gist of the error with a comment requesting that person close other processes using ::::9000 ... which says to me people expect it to use IPv6 despite xdebugs incompatibility. I assume this is handled somehow, but now I am just shooting in the dark23:43
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howudodatash_work: sysctl net.ipv6.bindv6only returns what?23:49
ash_worknet.ipv6.bindv6only = 023:50
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araphhello everyone, I am trying to install ubuntu on hdd, and the remaining free space becomes shown 'unusable' when I create its partition. this will be the third system on the drive, plus the swap space partition. I know that max. 4 primary partitions are allowed, but I also tried to create the OS partition as 'logical' yet it didnt solve the problem.23:51
Gnjurachow to shutdown in 50 mins shutdown -h +m50 dosent work23:52
howudodatash_work: ok, that's correct.  I need to take a step back on your problem.  tell me the original symptom23:53
ChaserGnjurac: +50 (with out m)23:54
Gnjuracit istant shutdowns on fedora23:54
frostschutzaraph, what does it look like in `sudo parted /dev/disk unit s print free`, can you put it in a pastebin?23:55
ash_workhowudodat: I don't think you can help me honestly :{ xdebug is not working with atom and docker; xdebug log gives: I: Remote address found, connecting to E: Time-out connecting to client. :-(  `netstat -tupln` shows atom listening on ::::9000 .... :: shrug ::23:55
k1l_Gnjurac: this is not #fedora :)23:56
Gnjuracfedora no replay23:56
Gnjuraci have to beg other palces23:56
k1l_Gnjurac: then ask in ##linux23:56
araphfrostschutz, I think (I hope) I solved it. I deleted the swap space, and then tried again to partition. this time the unallocated space remained as free space.23:57
Gnjuraci am23:58
Gnjuracon all palces23:58
howudodatash_work: if you do telnet 9000 what happens?  what happens if you do telnet localhost 9000 ?23:59
ash_workhowudodat: from the local host?23:59
ash_workernenar p23:59
araphfrostschutz, I have another problem with swap space on another machine. I must have overlooked that it reverted to 'unknown' space while installing my system, and now there is no swap space on the drive. could I just start run an installer usb, and assign the referred space as 'swap area' now, or would this break existing systems on the hdd?23:59
ash_workhowudodat: sorry23:59
ash_workhowudodat: I mean from the container, right?23:59

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