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akxwi_daveHowdo all..10:08
knomegood day11:26
flocculantgood day12:58
knomehullo flocculant 12:59
flocculanthi knome :)12:59
flocculantknome: how much use would it be for team to know when test calls are going out? I can see it being helpful for people who fix and upload stuff 13:04
knomeguess it could be useful to have some kind of communication13:04
knomeso that developers would have time to fix bugs they intend to before testing13:04
flocculantI enabled the calendar output on the qa trello board this morning so I get that in tbird - but perhaps we could add it to the team calendar13:04
knomeor do syncs or whatever13:04
knomeotoh, i don't know if that would make much of a difference - if they don't have time, they don't13:05
knomeyeah, we can do that13:05
knomei just got to figure out how then...13:05
flocculantthough trello's not specific on what app is being tested 13:05
knomelet's see...13:06
flocculantis the iCal feed13:06
knomeflocculant, should show up in the tracker now :)13:15
flocculantknome: thank you :)13:15
knomehappy with the color?13:16
flocculantyea 13:16
flocculantjust glad it's not red :p13:16
flocculantknome: did you catch any of the rambling discussion krytarik and I got into the other day about the cont docs? 13:17
flocculantwhich can in fact be boiled down to 1 statement and 1 question :D13:17
knomei looked at it briefly but haven't read it throughout13:18
flocculantwell then simply :)13:18
flocculantA team lead should get sign-off/review opportunity on a page that concerns them.13:19
flocculantAny reason why these pages need to have Xubuntu all over them? 13:19
* knome shrugs13:19
knomepart of that is that the content is mostly copied from other sources13:19
flocculantprobably the qa ones are fullest - mostly copied from elsewhere :)13:19
flocculantyea :)13:19
knomeso no readon13:20
knomeand for the review part13:20
knomethe MP review system can be used for other kind of reviews than technical13:20
knomeso just push it in through an MP unless you have talked with the appropriate team lead13:20
knomeso far i've just pushed things in without asking, because as said, it's just copies from other sources13:21
flocculantyea I know 13:21
flocculantjust looking ahead some 13:21
knomesame thing as alwyas13:21
knomesigh, always*13:21
knometeam leads lead their team, no soloing13:22
flocculantI wouldn't for instance notice an MP there unless I had done it myself 13:22
knomeof course not, since you aren't a reviewer13:22
flocculantso perhaps team lead added as reviewer of changes concerning them 13:23
flocculantanyway - as always it'll come out in the wash :)13:23
knomeour team is so small that i don't think this is even a sensible discusson in some sense, but if i see a change that concerns QA that i know that isn't ran through you, be sure i'll poke you13:23
knomeand i expect slickyma1ter to do the exact same thing13:24
flocculantyep that works of course13:24
knomeif a non-team member pushes an MP, then it's weird enough anyway13:24
flocculantI agree the team is small and we all talk to each other anyway13:24
flocculantbtw - I subscribed to that fop bug - not likely to be too much of an issue now for anyone no pdf's, but if it's still dying in 3 months 13:26
knomethe new fop is landing sooner or later13:27
knomeit's in proposed and FTBFS, but it's on its way13:27
knomeonce the versions match, the pdfs will build again13:27
flocculantyea I know 13:28
knomebut yeah, good to track it13:28
knomethe bug can be even added to our blueprints13:28
flocculantwas just thinking that 13:28
flocculantthen I can stop marking the mail unread :p13:29
knomeyup :P13:29
flocculantdone :)13:29
flocculantthen undone and redone somewhere else :)13:30
flocculantadded it to the doc bp rather than the bug one13:31
knomeyes, probably appropriate that way13:31
knomebut ultimately - who cares ;)13:31
knomeit's true what simon said - i've used LP less now that we have the tracker13:32
knomethe old tracker couldn't exactly do that13:32
flocculantone bookmark instead of 7 or 8 for a start :)13:32
knomethere were still situations when it was easier to look at LP13:32
knomeheh, yeah13:32
knomei wouldn't even need a bookmark13:33
flocculantwell me neither now - tr in the url bar will bring it up first :)13:33
knomelocation bar -> tr -> most used link13:35
flocculantthat's what I meant :)13:35
knomesee #xubuntu-offtopic and my lag whine13:35
flocculantthey'll show up eventually with dates13:47
flocculantwelcome back akxwi_dave :)14:25
akxwi_daveafternoon flocculant 14:35
akxwi_davewell thats another stupid windows server that went stupid due to an update...14:36
akxwi_davetell me.. luckily they are all virtual servers and snapshots.. so didn't take too long to sort out.14:39
flocculantakxwi_dave: I replied 14:42
akxwi_davecheers flocculant 14:46
akxwi_davejust about to send the email to the dev list14:46
flocculantexcellent :)14:47
akxwi_daveand sent :-)14:48
flocculantcool - did the poll thing :)14:50
akxwi_davecheers.. though i'd better answer it as well14:51
flocculantakxwi_dave: maybe add that people can join the channel easily via the tracker IRC tab 14:52
flocculantwe've had 9 people join the testers lp group this cycle14:54
flocculantakxwi_dave: well that's good we can both be there any time :p14:57
flocculantakxwi_dave: not sure if I said, but I added you to the QA trello thing - so you can do whatever there 15:01
akxwi_davethx,  thats good 9 new testers...15:02
akxwi_daveWhat is it with Windows Servers today.. The SQL servers just thrown a wobbly, seriously some one needs to write a Legal Practice Management System for Linux.  15:16
flocculantakxwi_dave: I forwarded the session mail to users15:28
flocculantakxwi_dave: not sure about mailing the testers LP page about how to test :)15:43
SwissBotfeed xubuntu-docs had 4 updates, showing the latest 316:23
flocculantwut? 16:24
flocculantwhy does that keep repeating old stuff ... unless because I use the same branch name *shrug*16:24
flocculantakxwi_dave: nice one from zleap :)16:25
akxwi_davetime to go.. cya all later16:36
flocculantcya :)16:37
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dkesseli think i forgot to thank bluesabre for enabling gtk3 builds of mousepad in the ppa; thank you, bluesabre :)20:10
dkesselit enabled me to get started on an autopilot. now i only have to fight bugs and missing features in the testing tools to get the manual test implemented as an automatic one...20:10
flocculantdkessel: that's the first positive thing I've heard about our apps :)20:47
knomewell i can tell a lot of positive things about our apps21:09
knomenegative too, though..21:09
flocculantI can tell lots of negative in relation to autotesting - nice to see something positive 21:10
ochosilate evening all22:13
ochosiwhat's new?22:21
knomeeverything that is not old22:22
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bluesabrehey everyone23:57
bluesabredkessel: np23:57
Unit193bluesabre: My KY weirdo!23:57
knomehullo bluesabre 23:57
bluesabrehey Unit193, knome 23:58

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