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nils17 hi. how to execute a shell-script via desktop-startet, explicitly via bash (not e.g. zsh)?   e.g.     xfce4-terminal -e 'bash /home/user/myscript.sh' ??13:47
jbermudesnils17: I thought that was what shebangs were for13:50
nils17ok.. if the shebang is enough to make shure that it is executed by bash.. then ok..13:50
nils17then the question is only: how to create a desktop-starter that starts a bashscript via xfce4-terminal but with root-rights? gksudo or sudo in fron of the path-to-script? you understand?13:51
nils171.    gksudo xfce4-terminal -e '/home/user/myscript.sh"    or13:52
nils172. xfce4-terminal -e 'sudo /home/user/myscript.sh' ?13:52
jbermudesLike, you want an icon on the desktop or in a panel?13:52
nils17it for a starter I created under /usr/share/applications/     "Desktop-starter" was just an example13:53
jbermudesI'm confused. What do you want? An icon that's clickable that starts your script?13:53
nils17wait I tell you :-)13:54
nils17please have a look here: http://pastebin.com/vrkAkqu613:56
nils17I created a starter... but the script runs with user's rights. But it should be run with root's rights (sudo/gksudo)13:56
nils17you understand?13:56
nils17this starter appears in my menu.. (this part works without any problems)13:57
nils17its just the rights the script runs with13:57
jbermudessince xfce4-terminal is a gui app, then perhaps adding gksudo to the beginning of the Exec command will work?13:59
nils17ok.. I now try the easiest way... could you tell me how to create a script that shows me who I am?  e.g.   xfce4-terminal -e 'whoami'  (the terminal should not close)14:01
jbermudesYou could use the "read" command at the end of the shell script to pause and wait for text to be entered14:02
nils17yes.. alternativly I tried the following:  xfce4-terminal -e "whoami && sleep 10"14:03
nils17but NO xfce4-terminal opens14:03
nils17do I have to use -e "/bin/bash whoami" ??14:04
jbermudesYou can test this by just opening a terminal and typing xfce4-terminal whatever inside the terminal and seeing what happens ;)14:06
nils17I get error message " gtk-warning unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "murrine"14:07
jbermudesThe simplest way I can think of is to just save the whoami thing to a separate file and just make xfce4-terminal run that script14:08
jbermudesor even in the script do whoami > ~/whoami-out.txt or something14:08
jbermudesthen you dont even have to deal with waiting to read output14:08
jbermudesalthough maybe that's a bad idea if you don't know who's home folder that may end up in14:09
jbermudesIt'll either be in yours in /home/bob or /root14:10
flocculantnils17: this might help you http://askubuntu.com/questions/155791/how-do-i-sudo-a-command-in-a-script-without-being-asked-for-a-password14:15
sim642I have autologin turned on but I still get asked for keyring password14:43
sim642any way to get rid of that?14:43
JohnnyComeL8lyWho's the happy dude around here?15:25
cfhowlettJohnnyComeL8ly, this is xubuntu support.  check your channel.  stay on topic.15:26
JohnnyComeL8lyI knew which channel I was in, but had forgotten that this is strictly for support....15:40
rightarmfastHi. I have a RAM of 2 GB and 4 GB of my HDD as swap. I want to ask whether I need to decrease my swappiness value . if yes, then to how much? thanks :)16:58
RangerKThis topic does not yet exist.  :-(  http://docs.xfce.org/xfce/thunar/4.10/bulk-renamer/date-time18:22
flocculantRangerK: welcome :)18:45
WerkPlaceDTattempting to do a fresh install using 12.04 (old hardware) i get a command line screen that starts with "PID: 6049, comm: modprobe Tainted" and then pretty much everything else is meaningless to me. this happens right at the start of the install.21:20
WerkPlaceDTI get to selelct language, click continue, click continue and then this. any one have any ideas herE?21:20
flocculantpossibly helpful21:26
GavaHi, new user fleeing Windows. Having trouble trying to connect to my system. We have a WD USB Drive plugged into a BT Hub 5. I want to connect to it over wi-fi but can't make it work. Any help appreciated.21:37
WerkPlaceDTi two have a broadcom wireless adapter21:38
WerkPlaceDTthanks flocculant21:39
flocculantWerkPlaceDT: lucky guess then :)21:39
WerkPlaceDTflocculant: my bios allows me to disable the wifi card so i'm see if that works. no time for disessemby right now21:41
WerkPlaceDTand that fixed that21:44
WerkPlaceDTthanks again21:44
geniiBroadcom makes such crap21:47
xubuntu04wHey I'm trying to install xubuntu onto my computer, but every time I try I get "unrecognized maxwell chipset"22:34
xubuntu04wI'm running a 980 Ti and a pentium g325822:34
mrkrampsxubuntu04w, the free nouveau driver used by default is not supporting nvidia maxwell chipsets22:37
mrkrampsxubuntu04w, but you can start the live system with the bootoption 'nomodeset' and after system installation add the according nvidia driver22:38
mrkrampslast comment: https://askubuntu.com/questions/636969/no-support-for-maxwell-gpus-in-nouveau22:39
xubuntu11wHi I am having problems with my wireless internet adapter constantly disconnecting/connecting. And it making my computer completely freeze. What can I do to figure out the problem and fix this?23:06
AIAi'm new with Xubuntu and wanna to know how to install Emacs &c++ compiler23:31
knomeAIA, sudo apt-get install emacs build-essential23:32
knomeAIA, that is, from the command line23:32
AIAthis command to install emacs only or c++ compiler also23:33
AIAthere r any other compiler23:34
knomeno, a regular user doesn't need a compiler23:35
xubuntu11wis someone able to help me?23:37
knomexubuntu11w, what is your wireless adapter?23:37
xubuntu11wBus 001 Device 026: ID 148f:3072 Ralink Technology, Corp. RT3072 Wireless Adapter23:38
xubuntu11wim pretty sure this is it   http://www.amazon.com/Etekcity-Wireless-Network-Adapter-Antenna/dp/B006JWMOOI23:41
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xubuntu11wwas that the information you needed knome?23:51
knomexubuntu11w, that would help debugging the issue for sure, but i have little experience with ralink adapters23:51
knomeyou can try searching with ubuntu and rt3072 for potential solutions23:52
xubuntu11wokay. the wireless adapter is not the problem. It has to be something else.23:55
knomeactually, the wireless adapters are often problematic23:56
xubuntu11wlike a driver issue. or bug in linux. It used to never give me problems. now it does.23:56
knomeif manufacturers do not offer drivers or hardware specifications for everybody (including linux), things are unlikely to work ootb23:57
xubuntu11wsometimes Xubuntu, will say a internal problem has occurred. something with the network manager i see in the report. I have sent report each time.23:59

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