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jdcaddieIs there any documentation on how to configure a datasource for openstack20:23
jdcaddienewb here20:23
jdcaddietrying to figure out where to exactly configure my cloud-config files20:25
smoserjdcaddie, you should not erally have to configure anything20:39
smoserthe built in list will include openstack search20:39
smoseryou can optionally explicitly set it in a file in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/your.cfg20:40
smoserdatasource_list: [ MAAS ]20:40
jdcaddiesmoser, I guess im just trying to really figure out how to set custom configurations using cloud-init... such as mount points, running scripts, etc20:41
jdcaddiesmoser, do I just add them to the cloud.cfg or should I create cloud-config metadata scripts20:42
smoserif you want to config things and make a "golden image" with those built in20:43
smoserthen put whatever you'd like in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/your.cfg20:43
smoserbut generally, you dont have to do that and you should just pass whatever you want to happen through user-data20:43
smoserand then http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/trunk/view/head:/doc/examples/cloud-config.txt20:43
smoserand other files in that directory are really best documentation20:44
smoserand i admittedly use "best" loosely20:44
jdcaddiegreat, I will do some reading! thanks for the insite20:44
jdcaddiein openstack user-data are scripts that get passed when building a instance correct? of can there be centalized set of user-data scripts?20:45
smoserwhen you create an instance20:45
smoser(as opposed to build an image)20:46
smoseruser-data is per-instance and provied on 'nova boot'20:46
jdcaddiethanks, thats exacty what i needed to know20:47
agyif i want to create an additional DataSource for cloud-init, can i provide cloud-init an additional path to load this new DS?23:20
agyi'm not overly keen to dump the new DS in the dist-packages directory if i can help it23:21
agyor at least, the dist-packages/cloud-init directory23:21

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