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ionutbalutoiuCan someone take a look by any chance at this Merge Request: https://code.launchpad.net/~ionutbalutoiu/charms/trusty/neutron-gateway/next/+merge/276833 ?08:43
jamespagegnuoy, can I get an ack on https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/nova-compute/lp1516640/+merge/277586 ples10:24
jamespageah you're not around today10:24
jamespageionutbalutoiu, hey - your MP looks OK - but I'd like to see some unit tests for the change please10:24
ionutbalutoiujamespage, very well, I'll update it a little bit later.10:25
jamespagecoreycb, hey - can I get a +1 on https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/nova-compute/lp1516640/+merge/277586 when you start - lxd support is currently busted11:59
marcoceppicory_fu: will charm build compile actions.yaml like it does metadata and config?14:57
cory_fumarcoceppi: I don't think it will currently, but I was going to add that soon15:05
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asanjar1marcoceppi: hi there, do u know what would be the cause of this problem http://paste.ubuntu.com/13313806/.. juju-quckstart goes halfway through deployment and then it hangs there15:26
asanjar1lazypower: looks like marcoceppi is ignoring me as usual :) would you look at the http://paste.ubuntu.com/13313806/. do you know what could cause that15:30
lazypowero/ asanjar115:30
marcoceppiasanjar1: it's been 4 mins, and I'm otp :)15:30
lazypower1 sec and i'll TAL - mid review of some doc updates15:30
asanjar1no excuse marcoceppi15:31
lazypowerasanjar1 is this juju 1.24?15:32
lazypowerasanjar1 i saw this briefly in 1.24 - but this went away when 1.25 landed for me.15:32
lazypowerok, this is most def. bug worthy15:32
kwmonroeasanjar1: are you sure the deployment is hung?  what does "juju status --format=tabular" show?15:33
asanjar1kwmonroe: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13313890/15:34
asanjar1kwmonroe: it is saying that for a while15:34
asanjar1kwmonroe: juju-gui then dies15:36
asanjar1and stays there15:36
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jcastro^^^ reactive charm things16:25
jcastrolazypower: man the overlay on the youtube videos looks awesome16:25
lazypowerYeah it does :) That juju icon really shines16:25
jcastro<3 donner made it for me16:27
Odd_Blokemarcoceppi: arosales: This is actually an experimental art project we're working on.17:21
Odd_BlokeWe're exploring the New York soundscape.17:21
Odd_BlokeIt's a real voyage of discovery.17:21
arosalesOdd_Bloke: sorry I missed the backscoll17:33
arosalesOdd_Bloke: but if your exploring sounds you should definately hit up lazypower17:34
Odd_Blokelazypower: Done any work with multiple Hangouts clients in the same room? :p17:34
jamespagecoreycb, hey - can I get a +1 on the stable fix for https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/nova-compute/lp1516640-stable/+merge/277739 as well?17:38
coreycbjamespage, done17:53
jamespagecoreycb, thanks muchly17:54
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lazypowerOdd_Bloke : i'm not sur ei follow18:28
lazypowerOdd_Bloke is this different feed per hangout client? or is this muxing audio from many clients into a single stream?18:28
Odd_Blokelazypower: We just had massive feedback going on; and I was trying to claim it was a music project. :p18:33
lazypowerAh! That's actually a problem when you're doing it all in the same room :)18:33
lazypowerso room was referring to physical location. *nod*18:33
lazypowereasy fix is to just plug in headphones on every unit so its not rebroadcasting in an audible range of the mic18:33
lazypowercory_fu - quick question - I see the http interface was re-tooled on the requires side to be more explicit about services under communication. Do we have any known layers implementing this? All i've found to date are providers, which is the simple side of the relation.18:56
lazypowerI think, its implementing as such that it just returns a dict containing the services / units + ports if i'm reading this properly18:57
jrwrenanyone using juju-test with lxd-provider? does it work? It isn't working for me, but I don't know if it is my weird env or not. I get juju-test.conductor WARNING : Could not bootstrap lxd, got Bootstrap returned with an exit > 019:04
cory_fulazypower: No, I don't think anything is implementing the requires side using the interface layer, yet.19:07
lazypowerAh! I did however find the example in the readme19:07
lazypowerTHank you for writing a proper readme cory_fu <319:12
lazypowerI'll have to take a page out of your book and do more of this19:12
cory_fuActually, I think I made those changes in response to some use-case, but I can't recall now why or who might have been trying to use it19:13
lazypowercory_fu : your words, all in one place, and i think its methodically organized - https://github.com/chuckbutler/docs/blob/2f006a4edefb9715a10fb86ff13770ce77de8a8b/src/en/developers-layers-interfaces.md19:18
lazypowerand if you refresh you'll see the missing requires side as well19:19
lazypowerhttps://github.com/chuckbutler/docs/blob/developer-layers/src/en/developers-layers-interfaces.md  <- because i clearly have no idea how github uses commit hashes and why that will keep me from seeing changes.... >.>19:20
cory_fuOn the provides side bit, the comment "Anonymous method passed into methods decorated with @when(reelation.available)" is not really accurate19:24
cory_fuAlso, could probably use some more commenting in or description around the "writing" sections.  But thanks for pulling all this together.  Definitely needed.  :)19:26
lazypowerwhats that called?19:30
lazypoweras its an implicit thing that jsut happens19:30
lazypowerlike i have the "wrong terminology but right behavior" syndrome going on in my head19:30
cory_fuUm, well, the instance of the class is passed into the (@when-decorated) handler, which is expected to call that method on the instance19:35
lazypowerok, i'll re-word it as such19:36
cory_fuI'm not sure how to phrase that, exactly.  What I just said still seems pretty cumbersome, but at least it's not inaccurate.  :)19:36
lazypowerta for the clarification19:36
lazypoweryeah :D19:36
lazypoweri'll start decorating all my "chuckisms" with :guyfawkes: so you know its completely reasonable ;)19:36
iceyI just deployed 3 instances on AWS with: --constraints="root-disk=25G instance-type=m4.xlarge"20:27
iceyjuju status shows them as error20:28
iceyhow can I find out what that error is?20:28
iceynevermind: no instance types in us-east-1 matching constraints "instance-type=m4.xlarge root-disk=25600M"20:32
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