valorieargh, clivejo get a bouncer!00:27
murthy_valorie: Is "about system" part of kde or just kubuntu00:44
valoriewhere are you looking, murthy_?00:45
murthy_valorie: about-distro00:46
valoriethat's us, kubuntu00:46
valorieas I recall Harald wrote that (sitter) and made it work for all distos though00:47
murthy_valorie: ok, going to file a feature request to allow users to able to select the info text shown00:47
valorieso.... it's ours, but part of KDE I guess you could say00:47
valoriegood idea, I hate it when text isn't selectable00:47
murthy_valorie: Under what component should I file the request 00:47
valoriesystemsettings I would say00:47
murthy_valorie: ok so finally is it kde ?00:48
ubottuKDE bug 355460 in general "Make Information text in "About System" Kcm module selectable" [Wishlist,Unconfirmed]01:00
ahoneybunvalorie: he could share with me lol01:11
valorieoff to my dad's, but I'll comment on the BR when I return home02:06
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sittervalorie: about-distro never was kubuntu exclusive ;)08:31
valoriesitter: magician!08:59
valoriemy memory about it was a bit fuzzy09:00
viphi ho09:33
vipdo you guys use search (S) feature in kmail? it seems that it does not work for me, how to debug it? (.xsession errors says nothing special)09:33
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yofelvip: I did notice that it didn't really work for me. But I haven't yet looked into debugging it10:12
BluesKajHiyas all12:42
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ahoneybunndamn it20:37
ahoneybunnalways have a hard time connecting to my ZNC with a new install20:38
ovidiu-florinQuassel RULES20:57
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: ^20:57
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: it's just the way I have to set it up20:58
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: you around?20:58
ahoneybunnothing wrong with the client20:58
ahoneybunWindows blows20:58
ovidiu-florincan we move the not done yet cards from 16.06 Manual to 16.04?20:58
ahoneybunit nuked both my machines20:59
ovidiu-florinmeaning only this card: https://trello.com/c/fAiek8oy/26-explain-activities20:59
ovidiu-florinand archive the rest?20:59
ovidiu-florinI'm on it20:59
ahoneybunhopefully there will be lots of KDE users at FOSSETCON so I can ask questions20:59
ahoneybunsomeone from the ubuntu-doc team forked the manual to add some Mac OS X stuff21:00
ovidiu-florinyofel:  we still have many things in the 14.10 board in the todo21:02
ovidiu-florindo we still need them?21:02
ovidiu-florinAFAIK 14.10 support has ended21:02
ovidiu-florinsitter: ^^21:03
ahoneybunsomeone from the ubuntu-doc team forked the manual to add some Mac OS X stuff21:03
ahoneybunit's official support has ended21:03
ovidiu-florinthat's how pull requests work21:04
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: I think you like my workspace lol21:05
yofelovidiu-florin: most of that is junk, but a couple look still relevant. I'll move those over. Then we can just archive the board I guess21:07
yofelovidiu-florin: done, the rest is obsolete, duplicated or tracked elsewhere from what I see21:11
ovidiu-florinThank you yofel 21:13
ovidiu-florinyofel: so I can archive everything in that board? 21:13
yofelfrom my side, yes21:14
ovidiu-florinsitter: any comments? 21:14
ovidiu-florinshadeslayer, sgclark, Riddell? 21:15
ovidiu-florinI'll archive the done things for now 21:15
ovidiu-florinyofel: anything useful in the postponed list? On the 14.10 board. 21:17
yofelnot really. At least nothing that needs to be on the 16.04 board. The activity thing maybe, but unless sitter suddenly regains interest in that it probably won't happen21:20
sgclarkI think we will have to start fresh for 16.04. So much has changed, and our team has significantly reduced.21:21
yofelwell, there's nothing wrong with "we might want to eventually do that" cards to live their life at the bottom of the backlog21:22
yofelthey'll just get carried over to the next one21:22
sgclarkgo for it, I don't care.21:24
* ovidiu-florin hugs sgclark to make her feel better 21:26
ovidiu-florinHad a meeting with the LUG today 21:27
ovidiu-florinIt was weird.... 21:27
ovidiu-florinThe local LUG 21:28
ovidiu-florinwe couldn't stay on topic21:36
ovidiu-florinwe had a semi clear topic to discuss21:36
ovidiu-florinand we deviated a lot21:36
ovidiu-florinto all sorts of crap21:36
ovidiu-florinand politics21:36
ovidiu-florinCountry politics, not FOSS politics21:36
ovidiu-florinanyhow, I hope we'll improve21:37
ovidiu-florinwe've scheduled a montly hangout21:38
ovidiu-florinsome people still don't get how FOSS works21:38
ovidiu-florinsorry, FOS in gneral, not just software21:38
ovidiu-florinI'm off to bed21:39
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valorieovidiu-florin: sometimes people just have to get their yayas off before they can get down to business21:57
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valoriebad connection there, mklapatek?21:58

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