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slacknerhiho. i've been wondering, if there is any way for the wine project to acquire the launchpad user/group name ~wine, which seems to be reserved05:17
slacknerwhen clicking on "Are you Wine?" it send an email with instructions to someone, but its noone of the wine team. maybe some random user who registered it back then? is there any other way to get that name, or is it better to register something else?05:21
slacknerwgrant: ^05:23
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wgrantslackner: I've freed up the name.05:45
slacknerwgrant: thx :)10:33
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tsvhi, is this the right channel to get help for launchpad multi-factor auth issues ?15:19
cjwatsontsv: Despite the hostname, login.launchpad.net isn't actually operated by us.  #canonical-sysadmin is probably best-placed to help.15:20
tsvthanks cjwatson, will do15:21
pmjdebruijnI have a package that seems to depend on trusty-backports18:18
pmjdebruijncan I enable that for my package build18:19
pmjdebruijnor do I have to locally backport it to my PPA myself?18:19
pmjdebruijnibosmgpsmap-1.0-dev and friends in particular18:19
dobeyyou can change the PPA dependencies to include backports18:21
dobeyusing the "Edit dependencies" link in the top right on the page for your PPA18:22
pmjdebruijnok thanks18:23
pmjdebruijnhow does that work for general users though?18:23
pmjdebruijnwill apt-add-repository tell them about it?18:23
pmjdebruijnor enable backports automatically?18:23
dobeyi don't know about add-apt-repository. anyone wishing to use the PPA at that point would indeed need to have backports enabled on their system18:24
dobeyif you don't want to require users to have backports enabled, you can copy the package from the archive to your PPA18:25
pmjdebruijnyou mean rebuild the sources right?18:25
dobeythe binaries can be copied over, or you can rebuild the sources18:27
pmjdebruijnhow does copying work?18:28
dobeyyou can copy the binaries from there18:32
dobeythere's a command line tool to do it as well, iirc, but i don't recall what it's called18:32
pmjdebruijnah thanks18:33
maprerithe CLI tool is called "copy-packages" :P18:34
mapreri"copy-package" (sorry)18:34
cjwatsonindeed, it's in lp:ubuntu-archive-tools18:51
smoseranyone able to help19:08
smoser$ bzr push lp:ubuntu/xenial/cloud-init19:08
smoserbzr: ERROR: Server sent an unexpected error: ('error', 'xmlrpclib.Fault', '<Fault -1: "Unexpected Zope exception: TypeError: (\'Could not adapt\', <SuiteSourcePackage ubuntu/xenial/cloud-init>, <InterfaceClass lp.code.interfaces.branchtarget.IBranchTarget>)">')19:08
su_vcjwatson: ping20:04
cjwatsonsu_v: Please tell me what you want and I'll reply when I'm around.20:04
su_voops - good timing ;-)20:04
su_vjust wanted to ask for another round of cleanup ...20:04
Mc-hi all, we got another massive spam posting at https://answers.launchpad.net/inkscape20:14
blrMc-: spam seems to be escalating at the moment, although it looks like we have already suspended that account. Hopefully we can get that cleaned up today.20:27
Mc-ok, thanks20:30
Mc-how can a suspended account still be posting ?20:43
blrMc-: that's an excellent question :|20:44
su_vafaict different accounts ( the last three has been posted later, by a different user )20:45
su_v"dgjkkjl" vs "dsfkljk" (both now suspended)20:46
Mc-yeah but dsfkljk was already suspended 6 minuets ago20:47
Mc-(i think)20:47
su_vwhen I checked, the account was not suspended yet20:47
su_v(of the last three postings)20:47
su_vnow it is20:47
Mc-i'll look more carefully at the name20:48
cjwatsonI'll feed it to my despam script20:50
blrMc-: it appears they _were_ suspended after their last post (suspension is working as expected).20:52
cjwatsondealt with the current run20:54
cjwatsonit's all more technical support phone number spam, if wgrant is wondering20:55
lifelesscjwatson: blr has a find_links issue21:09
lifelesscjwatson: I'm guessing this is a buildout replacement approach - but find_links is basically dead :)21:09
wgrantlifeless: It's the only way to prevent setuptools from being stupid.21:13
wgrantlifeless: We need to prevent setuptools from ever hitting the Internet, even accidentally.21:13
lifelesswgrant: you don't need find_links for that21:15
lifelesswgrant: override the index location21:15
cjwatsondo you have a specific suggestion for options to pass?21:22
cjwatsonand yes, it's to some extent buildout replacement, but also "this is the best that seemed to actually work" :-)21:23
lifelesscjwatson: so yes21:30
lifelesscjwatson: step 1, create a local index; step 2 for pip pass -i <local index url>, for setuptools - sec while I look up the incantation21:30
lifelesscjwatson: ^21:31
lifelessfirst answer there is sane21:31
blrthanks lifeless21:45
lifelessde nada21:53
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