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dholbachgood morning07:50
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hasselmmzbenjamin: as i just saw you on qtc-devel, is there a branch of the ubuntu plugin that works with qtc master? how about moving the entire plugin to qtc master to offload api-breakage burden to tobias, eike and friends?11:53
hasselmmbasically everyone does that11:53
zbenjaminhasselmm: not atm, 3.5.x is what we build against atm11:53
zbenjaminhasselmm: we thought about upstreaming but we did not get to the point yet. At least all our patches to the other plugins are upstreamed11:54
hasselmmzbenjamin: yeah, 1000 thanks for your cmake work, btw11:55
zbenjaminor 99% of them , except some small if (device == ubuntuDevice)11:55
hasselmmmakes my daily routine so much easier11:55
zbenjaminhasselmm: yw, i had some hard time to get it in ;)11:55
hasselmm(ok, not for the current project. but usually)11:55
hasselmmstill 1000 thanks to everyone involved11:55
zbenjaminhasselmm: one feature i had to remove btw, the run cmake dialog is back again (but since you use master you know that already)11:56
hasselmmzbenjamin: well, at least it became better11:56
zbenjaminhasselmm: yeah imho the cmake per Kit feature is pretty nice and makes sense11:57
zbenjaminhasselmm: problem is i only can use the QtC in the most recent ubuntu development branch12:02
zbenjaminso keeping up with master is not on the daily agenda12:02
zbenjaminbut maybe i'll start porting to the current development version soon12:03
hasselmmyeah, qtc with its permanent api changes is a pain to work with12:03
hasselmmsee, i also just bug you, because ubuntu-sdk killed all my configured kits12:03
zbenjaminhasselmm: -settingspath ftw12:11
zbenjaminhasselmm: qtcreator -settingspath ~/.config/QtCMaster12:12
hasselmmzbenjamin: indeed! great idea!12:16
zbenjaminhasselmm: :D12:16
hasselmmthank you12:16
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timpahayzen: I have a fix for bug 151414315:54
ubot5bug 1514143 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "While searching often times the keyboard hides while typing" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151414315:54
timpahayzen: see https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/lessHeaderDisabling/+merge/27771315:55
timpplease test and comment if it works for you :) (I think it does).15:55
ahayzentimp, awesome thanks, i'll have a look when i have a moment, thanks for the quick patch :-)15:55
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cwayne1popey: how many beers and/or cat pictures would I owe you to let my latest version of activity tracker through? :)  For some reason it has a warning for vcs files, even though when I run click-review locally, it says it's fine...16:30
popeyThere are not enough cat pictures.16:30
popeycwayne1, done16:31
cwayne1popey: <316:31
popeycwayne1, seems you are not alone, davmor2 is getting that too16:31
popeydholbach, has something recently changed in the review tools? it's barfing for some people when there's no vcs files in the click package16:31
dholbachpopey, have an error message16:34
dholbachand yes, it changes now and then :)16:34
popeyfound VCS files in package: .excludes lint_vcs_files16:34
popeywhy does it care if there's an ".excludes" file in there?16:34
popeyI mean, it's only a warning, granted :)16:34
dholbachit's a valid point16:35
cwayne1should a warning be enough to stop something from being published?16:35
dholbachconsider you're working on a closed source app16:35
dholbachI don't think I implemented the check, but I think it's fair enough16:35
dholbachand it can potentially be huge16:35
dholbachI think it's good to make the uploader aware16:36
popeyit stops the line in the store16:36
popeyforces manual review16:36
dholbachthe check has been in place since 201316:37
cwayne1then how did it just start flagging it? i didnt change anything in my click pkg and that check used to always pass16:38
dholbachcwayne1, some files were added to the vcs_files list in the past few weeks16:39
cwayne1ah, that's it then16:39
dholbachthe check didn't change, but some files were added (r533 in lp:click-reviewers-tools)16:39
cwayne1should click build not inlcude them by default then?16:39
dholbachI'm not sure I understand the question16:40
dholbachyou mean... "click build" should run "click-review" and complain?16:40
popeyclick build shouldn't assume what files you should/shouldn't have in your source dir16:40
popeyoh, yes.16:40
dholbachthat's what it does if you have it installed16:40
popeyi do16:40
popeyand it passed davmor2's app if I run it manually16:41
popeybut fails (warning) in store16:41
cwayne1yeah, same here16:41
popeyand cwayne1's :)16:41
dholbachit does: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13314634/16:41
cwayne1popey: btw, my cat tax: https://www.thedodo.com/hoodie-with-pouch-for-pets-1154767753.html?xrs=RebelMouse_fb16:41
cwayne1dholbach: yeah, but click review is passing my app locally, but got an error on the store16:42
popeyyeah, but they pass locally, no warnings issued, but fail after uploading.16:42
popeyyeah, that :)16:42
popey0.35-0~532~ubuntu15.10.1 is the version of click-review-tools I'm on16:42
popeywhich is some 15 merges out from trunk..16:43
dholbachso you're on wily and have all updates applied - do you have the SDK ppa enabled?16:44
davmor2dholbach: pfff wily that's so old hat, I'm on xenial16:46
dholbachdavmor2, I'm on xenial too16:47
davmor2dholbach: no to the ppa I am running the sdk from repos16:47
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dholbachit's not my decision, but we strongly recommend that folks use the ppa16:48
dholbachso the sdk and its tools are not updated in the distro16:48
popeyi am on xenial16:49
dholbachright... what about the ppa?16:51
dholbachso yeah... if you feel that the vcs check should be dropped, please file a bug - I think it'll need some more discussion with Jamie and others16:51
* popey re-enables the ppa which got disabled on upgrade to xenial16:53
* popey expects his sdk to break if he updates16:53
popey\o/ successfully fails on my machine now davmor2 :)16:56
popeythanks dholbach16:56
davmor2popey: updating mine16:57
dholbachbrilliant ;-)17:00
davmor2dholbach, popey: now if I run click-review on my .2 I get 2 errors about debug in apparmor that I don't have in the file and arch all it doesn't like17:01
popeydavmor2, odd17:15
davmor2and no mention of the vcs17:18
davmor2popey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13315080/17:22
davmor2I might just destroy this an try again with a .3 version17:23
popeyhow did you build the click?17:23
davmor2popey: click build . like it tells you in the Readme file17:23
davmor2popey: also the readme say 128x128 for icon and it is 256x256 :(17:24
popeyfile  abug17:24
davmor2popey: will do when I finish tearing my hair out with bluez5 that was supposed to be so easy because we had already tested the hell out of it /me shakes his fist17:25
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davmor2removed the .excludes file and now it passes which begs the question why does the sdk create it17:34
davmor2meh and I forgot to change the url now D'oh17:37
davmor2yay and now it works \o/17:52
davmor2cwayne1: so apparently just remove the .excludes file from the dir and any other .dotfiles and the it builds and everything :)17:58
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* mcphail wonders how many apps go unpublished because the dev cannot think of or make a decent icon? Bah.19:39
davmor2popey: feel free to confirm https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-sdk-ide/+bug/151719620:08
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1517196 in Ubuntu SDK IDE "Webapps readme incorrectly says icon size 128x128 " [Undecided,New]20:08
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