pauljwHi everyone02:04
OerHekshi pauljw02:05
Bashing-ompauljw: o/ , been slow but picking up now .02:05
pauljwhey OerHeks02:05
pauljwbeen seeing several unfamiliar helpers today.02:09
Bashing-ompauljw: Yeah, The quality has been commendable .02:17
pauljwseem to be holding their own.02:19
Bashing-omEriC^^: The big 'E" has arrived .. Good for us !02:25
EriC^^how are you Bashing-om ?02:27
Bashing-omFair .. considering .. Waiting on sumpthin to happen I can handle . How is your world ?02:28
EriC^^i'm ok02:28
EriC^^was sleeping and woke up to a thunderstorm, they're rare here02:29
EriC^^it's one lightning after another like a stroboscope outside O.o02:29
Bashing-omEriC^^: Times like that I know to shut the systems down and unplug ! Lightening is unforgiving too .02:30
EriC^^that's a good idea02:31
EriC^^i'll remove them02:32
Bashing-omI live at the top of a mountain ... highest point .. lighteneing has done a number here more than just once !02:34
EriC^^i see02:37
EriC^^i've removed everything from electricity02:37
EriC^^i imagine in the morning "why is everything not turning on? wtf?"02:38
EriC^^lol and i'm in my sleep and cussing is going on in the house02:38
Bashing-omHah ! Better bleary eyed and catching up that spending big bucks replaceing hardware .02:40
EriC^^yeah :D02:41
Bashing-omEriC^^: ya ninja's me with BlastRed . Fast on the fingers huh ?02:42
EriC^^what's his issue?02:43
Bashing-omsorta unknown .. I "think" He is working from a bad bad - what he thinks is a liveDVD - to install to the hard drive  .02:46
EriC^^i see02:51
OerHekspostfix configuration for the harddrive ...03:53
lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:27
daftykinsnew toys! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rj9p21r6jowb4o7/AACkI5b027SctsMRNppGZLfOa?dl=011:57
daftykins£160 27" HannsG 2560x1440 IPS LCD arrived :)11:57
lordievader2560x1440 is nice :)11:57
daftykinsnot for me, just ordered in for someone... but nice to see11:58
daftykinsit was even a hassle getting it to display over HDMI correctly on Windows ;)11:58
lordievaderI like having lots of screen estate.12:28
BluesKajHiyas all12:42
daftykinshallo o/12:57
BluesKajhey daftykins13:11
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daftykinsTJ-: heya o/17:58
TJ-Evening :)17:58
daftykinsstill playing with this 27" thing :)18:02
daftykinshmm i forget TJ- can't view those links without hassle!18:02
daftykinsthere's a tad more sane version18:04
TJ-It amazes me; an organisation depends on another externally controlled server for its core product - in this case ajax.googleapis.com18:04
daftykinsmmm that's annoying18:05
daftykinssome have sworn off dropbox because that ex-government person Condoleeza Rice is on their exec board o018:05
TJ-looks like the larger monitor ought to be above the other 2 :)18:05
daftykinscan't say i saw a reason there though18:05
daftykinshaha, well i bought this in for a client y'see, so it's just getting 'testing' right now18:05
daftykinsamusingly only my desktop can drive this 27" with its' native 2560x1440, and even then only if i turn off one of my two18:06
TJ-I generally won't use any service that depends on external servers - shows the directors have no concept of controlling their quality and core value18:06
TJ-is the GPU capable of driving more than 2 heads at once?18:06
TJ-many only have 2 outputs at once18:07
daftykinsonly two TMDS signal converters on-die18:07
TJ-right. That's why I have the Quadro with dual GPUs, to drive 4 heads18:07
daftykinsmakes me laugh this panel came with VGA, since that can't drive >2048x1536 iirc18:07
TJ-analog can get some very high resolutions, more than some digital outputs18:08
daftykinsRAMDACs used to be limited to the 2048 res though, or maybe more so the VGA cable MHz rating? *shrug*18:09
daftykinsi've not tried VGA, could be fun for a laugh18:09
TJ-RAMDAC frequencies was the top limit, but bad cables could cause some terrible crosstalk and ghosting/wobble18:10
daftykinsit's funny that i've owned these Dell 2408 LCDs since 2008, with all the inputs under the sun, yet still haven't owned anything with displayport to make use of it :)18:12
daftykinsold v1.1 though it is18:12
TJ-I've got the U2412 and the same; but what I like is they take 12V DC input18:15
daftykinsooh nvidia's stab at HBM tech18:18
TJ-trying to rsync 64GB from android phone over MTP; looks like it'll take a few days!18:30
daftykinseven on Windows when i've done backups of phones before wiping, it takes forever just counting the data before a copy starts18:31
daftykinsooh i'm getting a free LG Nexus 5 soon, it has a smashed screen but i ordered one from Hong Kong on ebay for £26 :)18:32
TJ-Good plan18:36
daftykinshope it works out, 'official' LCDs with digitizer and panel etc are listed for more like £9018:41
daftykinsif only Elementary didn't exist :)19:03
Bashing-omelementry is close, but no chocolate chip cookies !19:05
daftykinsthat's true19:07
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daftykinsOerHeks: i'm not sure that WMV or WMA have to have DRM, i think they can be without too, no?20:15
OerHeksYes, with and without20:16
OerHeksthemes problems should be top priority, guys.21:45
OerHekswe are losing 1000+ users per hour21:46
* daftykins sings whilst doing maintenance22:11
OerHeksthat game0 dude is annoying, earlier in #ubuntu-touch he was insulting volunteers, but they have a policy to be nice,not ban.22:12
daftykinsmmm i wasn't very impressed with the things being said22:14
OerHeksdaftykins, it is your fault that his celeron is slow.23:41
OerHeksman, some don't want help23:41
daftykinsmaybe if i give it a cookie?23:41
daftykinsjust because it came from Vista era though, it shouldn't be slow :/23:41
daftykinsmaybe it has a faulty hard disk / shouldn't be running unity23:42
OerHeksceleron single core perhaps23:42
daftykinsyeah, low cache celeron + low RAM = swap++23:42

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