JDAIIINew question. Has anyone installed UG 15.10 or a recent version on a macbook pro. Boss is talking about giving us all macbook pros and I hate OSX with a passion.00:34
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bcxRunning autocutsel opens a few pixels window on the bottom right of the screen, how can I hide it ?05:41
THEoraclehello all06:15
LinDolhi all :)13:57
LinDolWho does person have installed 16.04 daily build here?13:58
LinDoloh sorry my english :)13:58
mgedminI think you're supposed to call it "xenial", because 16.04 is the name for the finished product which doesn't exist yet14:04
LinDoloops )14:06
LinDoldid you install xenial ?14:06
mgedminno, I'm too chicken to do that14:06
LinDolon VirtualBox14:06
mgedminah, a VM? no time/disk space enough :)14:08
LinDolOkay :)14:08
Sicnushow can I install kde desktop on Ubuntu Gnome?  I know it's the devil but I wanted to just try it out.14:21
muelliLinDol: I have it installed14:28
LinDolSicnus, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE14:28
LinDolmuelli, oh really? did you install it on VM(virtual box)?14:28
muelliLinDol: no14:28
LinDolOkay :)14:32
LinDolSicnus, is it that you want? :)14:38
SicnusLinDol, yeah... just needed to apt-get install kubuntu-desktop14:39
LinDolthat is great :) have a good time :-)14:39
LinDolWhen i install Xenial daily build on Virtual box,,15:03
LinDolIt was not entering X window T_T15:03
LinDolI will try to install Xenial daily build on Virtual box tomorrow for checking language pack15:04
LinDolThanks . Have a great night! :)15:04
SicnusAnyone finding stability issues with 15.10?15:53
mgedminhey, so https://twitter.com/mgedmin/status/66651095178556620816:01
mgedmin(the new "+" button in the gnome-terminal tab bar in 3.18.2)16:02
mgedminapparently it's supposed to be a symbolic icon?16:02
mgedminalso hey, what version got that button?16:10
mgedmin3.18.0 had it!16:11
mgedminthis means yesterday there was no gnome-terminal 3.18 in the staging PPA for wily and I was still using 3.16!16:12
mgedminah, ok, the symbolic icon is a fedora patch16:15
mgedminso nothing's broken on my system16:15
mgedmin(for reference: http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/cgit/gnome-terminal.git/commit/?h=f23&id=162f1238db5fab5c56d77081643fe4237d0c4b14)16:16
mgedminmaybe ubuntu-gnome should pick up that patch, the symbolic icon does look nicer in screenshots16:29
mgedminupstream bug: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=75582516:29
ubot5Gnome bug 755825 in general "Incorrect icon used for new tab button" [Normal,New]16:30
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SicnusHey. I have just installed nvidia drivers and now can't startx19:09
SicnusIs there a way to start an existing WiFi connection from console?19:10
SicnusI am logged in to console. I also removed nvidia-current19:11
SicnusOn my phone now. Lol19:11
SicnusI did apt-get purge nvidia-current but X still won't work19:16
SicnusFailsafe mode didn't work19:17

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