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czajkowskigreetings from Smithfield12:00
zergless_hey ho12:01
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tdr112hey cztab12:02
tdr112Are you dropping into your old local12:03
slashbeltoo bad myself and ebel are no longer in smithfield12:04
czajkowskitdr112: already gotten a chicken roll and mayo!12:11
czajkowskihad a tayto sandwich on the flight over12:11
czajkowskiam like a child!12:11
czajkowskizergless: so wehn I get to DCU where do I go I nede to be on meetings from about 3:3012:12
slashbelall you need now is a glass of red lemonade12:12
czajkowskiMmmm or cidona12:13
zerglessyey meetings12:14
zerglessdo you have a phone you can ring off?12:14
zerglessIf you ring me at 085824250412:14
zerglessill come and get you12:15
zerglessits probably easier that directions12:15
tdr112zergless: this room is logged and publicly searchable12:17
tdr112becareful with your personal info12:17
zerglessAH well12:18
zerglessIf someone could erase that line? :D12:18
tdr112Sorry, its a thing with these ubuntu channels12:20
tdr112I dont think you can12:20
zerglessOh well :)12:20
czajkowskizergless: pm ftw :_12:38
czajkowski:) thanks12:38
zerglessczajkowski: ill remember for next time :)12:39
czajkowskizergless: so for context all Ubuntu-* namespaces are logged12:39
czajkowskithis also helps keep our channels pretty friendly and welcoming and avoiding topics that can often offend due to language and culture12:40
czajkowskizergless: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/12:41
zerglessThats alot of logs :)12:41
ebelmany channels, for many years :)12:44
zerglessso it seems :)12:45
czajkowskigreetings from dcu15:39
tdr112hey czajkowski , does it still have lots of red bricks15:50
czajkowskihow do I get WiFi! !!15:53
tdr112you need Eduroam15:57
tdr112I dont think they have open wifi anymore15:57
czajkowskifound guest15:58
tdr112waiting on the bus,16:22
tdr112the wind is something else16:22
czajkowskiyes we got attacked by the wind coming in to the building!16:23
zerglessits ok building beats wind :)16:47
zerglessczajkowski: heading across the hall out the door on the left16:49
tdr112czajkowski: coffee ?16:57
tdr112here now16:57
czajkowskizergless: well done good event21:17
zerglessczajkowski: Thanks! and thanks for coming! Howd it go for you?21:59
zerglesstdr112: thanks for coming along aswell!21:59
zerglessappeciate the help for you both :)21:59
czajkowskizergless: really interesting and some good conversations in the pub afterwards22:01
czajkowskiif you guys want a techncial hands on nosql workshop after xmas let me know22:02
czajkowskiteam is only in london22:02
zerglessIll never say no too talks!22:03
czajkowskiping me in January22:05
zerglessSounds good!22:05

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