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anpok_alan_g: https://code.launchpad.net/~andreas-pokorny/mir/load-all-supported-input-platforms/+merge/274421/comments/702108 you mean the mouse cursor itself is not moving?09:42
alan_ganpok_: right09:42
anpok_with a touchpad or mose?.. do you have logs from the hosting server?09:43
alan_gIt's a lenovo - there's both a touchpad and a button in the keyboard. The latter is what works with the current input stack, but not with the MP09:44
alan_g(It does move without the button presses)09:45
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anpok_alan_g: hm oh libinput might have defaulted to disable while typing10:09
anpok_but that would be odd for modifier keys10:09
anpok_i remember a change for that ..10:10
anpok_whats your libinput version?10:10
alan_ghold on, I have to grab the laptop...10:11
anpok_0.10  was the last abi breaking release.. the source version should be higher10:16
anpok_hm maybe I should finally make an MP that adds input configuration examplse and also one that makes disable while typing configureable10:17
alan_gsorry, 0.21.010:17
anpok_thx will dig through logs10:17
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alan_galf_: did you get a response from CI re mir-mediumtests-builder-vivid-armhf?10:34
alf_alan_g: Yes, they fixed the infrastructure problem. The mir-mediumtests-runner-touch are now failing because of https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/1515660 .10:39
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1515660 in Mir "CI test failures in GLMark2Test" [High,New]10:39
alf_alan_g: I'll take a look. I need a break from the Android stuff.10:42
alan_galf_: I thought it the same as I get 404 from https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/mir-mediumtests-builder-vivid-armhf/4834/console and https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/mir-mediumtests-builder-vivid-armhf/ ends on the 12th10:45
alf_alan_g: That's yet another problem (something goes wrong when publishing the result to the public server), but it doesn't affect the job result. Logs are available in s-jenkins.10:51
alan_galf_: I can't access that since I have trouble with the VPN I've not been motivated to resolved.10:52
anpok_hm this is also a vivid-clang problem .. "Failed to trigger thread shutdown"10:55
anpok_in several MPs during NestedServer acceptance tests10:56
anpok_ NestedServer.display_configuration_reset_when_application_exits10:57
anpok_the mako test runner failure is beause 0.17.1 landed11:00
anpok_alf: we need to incorporate the changelog to lp:mir.. or even add an entry for 0.18.011:00
alf_anpok_: ack, will take a look11:01
anpok_as a result of the newer version archive it only install some of the ci built packages..11:01
anpok_despite the complaints initially it does install the ci build11:04
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alan_galf_: kdub - at the root of some of the display config problems is the way that nested::Display manages overlapping (in my case cloned) outputs. It makes a surface supposedly the size of the bounding rectangle but also fullscreen on the first output in the overlap group: the server resizes the surface and things get "inconsistent". Is it better to have fullscreen surfaces for all active outputs? Or not have it fullscre14:25
greyback_alan_g: I see no reason why a nested server would want a non-fullscreen surface14:25
alan_ggreyback_: in this case it wants one that covers all the overlapping outputs. Suppose your outputs are {{0, 0}, {100, 700}} and  {{0, 0}, {700, 100}} then the current logic wants  {{0, 0}, {700, 700}}14:27
greyback_alan_g: ah, cloned mode14:28
anpok_that may cause weird behavior for input too..14:29
greyback_if you're cloning the nested server's surface on each display, why would arrange things so it is partly occluded? i.e. is too big for each display14:29
greyback_either we choose size which is intersection of the display geometries, else we start scaling to fit14:30
alan_ggreyback_: ...or we pick "the biggest" monitor and window the others.14:31
alan_gthere are lots of options. But the current choice is broken.14:31
greyback_desktop currently chooses the intersection of the display geometries, which is most reliable choice I guess14:33
alan_gthat also makes sense.14:35
alf_alan_g: greyback_: The single surface for overlapping is an optimization that's, in theory at least, worth having, but it's not necessary. Are there any downsides to option 2, not making the surface fullscreen?14:35
alf_greyback_: so for 0,0,100x700 0,0,700x100 it would show a 0,0,100x100 surface on both screens?14:36
alan_gCurrently, the system-compositor WM rejects non-fullscreen surfaces14:36
kdubkgunn, I didn't see the mir packages installed from the silo...14:36
alan_gSo that affects USC14:37
kgunnkdub: you have to pin the ppa14:37
kdubah, right14:37
kgunnjust copy that entry14:37
kgunnand modify one to be "landing-020"14:37
kgunnkdub: so how did you get that thing to build without gles there ?14:38
kdubI don't know how silos work :) :/14:38
kgunni was reading up on that....twins...and i guess it's always suppose to fail14:38
alf_alan_g: on the other hand, the single surface may interfere with overlay optimizations on the host server...14:38
kgunnkdub: i'm trying to get qtmir force merged around the xenial mess14:39
kgunnso we can add that back and rebuild more easily14:39
alan_galf_: yes, I'm not sure how to evaluate the trade-offs14:40
alf_alan_g: We would need to measure unity8 FPS with the two approaches. For now I would say if (1) (one fullscreen surface per output) is simpler overall, go for that and we can revisit.14:45
alf_alan_g: greyback_: What are our main clone mode scenarios (for phone)?14:45
anpok_alf_, alan_g: would those two surface be overlapping on usc too?14:46
greyback_alf_: none in my opinion14:46
greyback_clone mode only makes sense for very limited situations - usually mirroring desktop onto projector for presentation14:47
anpok_alf_, alan_g: or would usc always be neutral and.. assume them to be side by side?14:47
alf_greyback_: then I guess the optimization isn't important anyway, so let's go for the simpler solution14:47
alf_alan_g: ^^14:47
alan_ganpok_: they are also overlapped in USC14:48
alf_anpok_: hmm, actually that's a good point14:48
alan_galf_: ack. I just need to test that compositing isn't confused by overlapping display buffers.14:49
anpok_alan_g, alf_: thinking about the cursor..14:49
anpok_and enter exit events that we can probably filter out..14:49
kdubkgunn, alright, so i'm seeing what you're seeing, so I guess we had 2 corruption issues14:52
kdubbecause the demo_client_flicker one sure was a problem14:52
kdubwhere's our xmir source?14:52
kgunnkdub: one sec...lemme dig14:52
kgunnkdub: https://git.launchpad.net/~xmir-team/xorg-server/+git/xmir14:52
kdubkgunn, thanks, let me see if there's anything in there that stands out14:53
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tsdgeoshi guys, i'm getting the "Failed to wait for event" exception of dispatch_loop in threaded_dispatcher.cpp16:16
tsdgeoswhen starting unity8 in my laptop16:17
tsdgeosany idea of what may be the culprit?16:17
alan_ganpok_: did you need me to do anything on laptop? (yet?)16:25
anpok_you would have to run evemu-describe and evemu-record as root16:31
anpok_but but for all involved devices16:32
anpok_so touchpad and touchpad button ... if those are exposed as separate16:32
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dandraderanpok_, are we tracking the lacking of mouse acceleration on the relative mouse axes in some bug already?17:28
dandraderanpok_, if so this bug could be make a duplicate: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/151713317:31
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1517133 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "mouse speed is much lower than elsewhere (to the point of useless)" [Undecided,New]17:31
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