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_RidgewingAre we there yet ?14:58
_Ridgewingdholbach: Are we nearly ready ?15:00
dholbach_Ridgewing, I won't run the Q&A today15:01
dholbachdpm, balloons?15:01
_RidgewingCan't see anything ....15:11
balloonsi believe it begins in 1 hour, yes?15:12
balloonsindeed. 50 more mins15:13
_RidgewingOh .. ok I wasn't privy t that.15:14
_Ridgewing**to that15:14
balloons_Ridgewing, page is updated to reflect the right time and the new video isup15:16
balloonsyou can leave it up till you hear voices, hehe15:16
dpmyeah, Q&A in 45 mins15:16
_Ridgewingdpm, balloons, oh dear me , http://postimg.org/image/ihlq3tyj9/15:18
dpmoops, no idea what's going on, the site works for me15:19
_Ridgewingdpm, Yes it's ok now ... http://postimg.org/image/9ehkbkxij/fd8bc4c6/15:20
_RidgewingOh dratts - I've got to leave at 10 minutes before the end because the Mother in Law has just phoned asking for a coffee & cake.15:25
dpmhi varen15:43
varenwhat is this15:43
dpmwe're about to start the Ubuntu Community Team Q&A in 15 minutes15:44
varendo we ask our questions here?15:44
_Ridgewingvaren, Yes you do .. Type "QUESTION" before your query to begin.15:45
_RidgewingCybbro: Hi starts in 13 minutes.15:48
_Ridgewingraj_: Hi starts in 13 minutes.15:48
dpmhi everyone o/15:48
varenQUESTION how can we delete the Repositories in ubuntu?15:49
_Ridgewingdpm: Hi starts in 13 .. Oh wait d'oh!15:49
dpmvaren, generally support questions are better directed to the forums or ask ubuntu.15:50
_RidgewingHi jake905015:50
jake9050@_Ridgewing: Hello :-)15:50
_Ridgewing7 minutes to go ..15:52
CybbroThe pressure is killing me!15:54
_Ridgewing4 minutes to go. Deploying youtube tethered stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkjSwjLoybI15:56
theBestHello everybody! How are you?15:59
mhall119hi everyone15:59
_Ridgewing½ minute countdown https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86bY6Ltrdp416:00
dpmok, about to start in a minute16:01
mhall119ask your questions here starting with QUESTION in all caps16:03
mhall119popey: got a link for google code-in for Ubuntu?16:04
theBestQUESTION: What is the Community Council or better: How is Ubuntu structured. Which place does Canonical has in Ubuntu and which the Community. How do those work together?16:04
popeyclick our logo16:04
theBestQUESTION: I have a BQ E4.5 Ubuntu smartphone. Will I also get all those convergence features although this smartphone will most probably never be able to connect to a bigger screen etc.?16:04
_RidgewingQUESTION: Cud we ever get these Blue-tooth beanies into the store if Canonical worked with the manufacturer ? http://www.caseco.ca/product/blu-toque-bluetooth-beanie/16:04
dpmthanks for the questions everyone :)16:06
popey_Ridgewing, I spoke to the store people after the question last week, there are no plans to add more things to the store right now.16:06
_Ridgewingpopey: OK, thank-you.16:07
dpmalso check out http://community.ubuntu.com for the governance structure16:09
varen QUESTION where do u think ubuntu is headed16:10
ekimiamhall119: you should stop the fan behind you , video encoding would be better16:13
dpmbut it's warm in Florida! :)16:14
mhall119ekimia: then I would be sweaty16:14
dragonbitemaybe turn your desk so the fan is off the screen, or raise the camera so it is looking down more and the fan isn't captured?16:15
mhall119desk is heavy :)16:15
dragonbiteor just turn off the light of the fan so it is dark spinning in dark?16:15
_Ridgewingpopey: Is the ubucon trademark thing on-going ?16:16
mhall119_Ridgewing: what trademark thing?16:16
dragonbitein photography the best lighting comes from behind the photographer (camera)16:16
_Ridgewingmhall119: Community track 14th down : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS/Summaries/UOS151116:19
mhall119chrome has frozen on me :(16:20
_Ridgewingmhall119: Yes , I saw that.16:20
dragonbiteQUESTION: Is their any focus on Ubuntu on the desktop that does not relate to the Ubuntu Phone convergence?16:21
_Ridgewingmhall119: Can I use the "Logo" programming language as a case-study App: in the App-Touch_Development for the mobile ?16:21
_RidgewingQUESTION: Can I use the "Logo" programming language as a case-study App: in the App-Touch_Development for the mobile ? mhall119 soz 'bout that.16:22
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: With Mir and unity8 is canonical and valve still working together alot so games are optimised well for mir and all work on that platform or will there be issues with steamOS using wayland and not having contained apps?16:22
puttynoh, i am late :'(16:23
_Ridgewingwe've lost Mike.16:23
puttynwhere lost mike?16:23
_RidgewingMust be the blu-tooth page.16:23
mhall119I'm back, had to wait for chrome to finish crashing and restart16:23
* _Ridgewing sends out a search team for Mike ..... Halp halp !16:23
theBestmhall119: Welcome back.16:24
puttynQUESTION: have you guys updated to telegram 2.0?16:24
dragonbiteQUESTION (SUGGESTION): when you reference a URL can you also type it in the IRC?16:24
_RidgewingQUESTION: What is a good foo-bar in California to try ?16:25
_Ridgewing**that's fow BTWay16:25
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: using steam with the steam controller you had to edit some config to make it work as a controller, is that something you can do with unity 8 on the desktop or will it be more like the phone where you cant edit them if not whats the plan for hardware such as the steam controller? (Valve added a config to make the steam controller work but I had to manually edit it so it worked as a controller)16:26
_RidgewingChloeWolfieGirl: good question16:26
ChloeWolfieGirl_Ridgewing: thanks :)16:26
* _Ridgewing checks his empty sausage try for coins for steam controller ...16:27
_Ridgewing**sausage tray16:27
ChloeWolfieGirl_Ridgewing: yeah they're expencive £45 from game >.<,16:28
_RidgewingYeah, I saw they had a stand with the words "STEAM " o it.16:28
_Ridgewing**on it16:28
* _Ridgewing wonders if mhall119 has candles ?16:29
ChloeWolfieGirl_Ridgewing: where I got mine they just had like 3 controllers and 6 steam links in the back, like I saw them behind the desk xD16:29
puttynQUESTION: devel channel has 16.04 as based, when in stable or rc-proposed?16:29
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: What are some fun features and bug fixes that you're excited to see that are coming within the next few months/weeks :)16:30
_RidgewingChloeWolfieGirl: I wonder if these guys have them ? https://uk.webuy.com/16:30
_RidgewingHa Ha Ha move the turtle around .. rofl16:31
ChloeWolfieGirl_Ridgewing: CEX? I haven't seen them there, but I remember seeing 1+1's that where more expencive there then buying one new16:32
dragonbiteYes, thanks!16:32
maokeiIs there any way to get the html 5 inspector working on anything higher than 14.04 lts ?16:32
mhall119_Ridgewing: it's already hot and you want me to light a fire? :/16:33
raj_Question: when stable ota for ubuntu touch will be introduced16:33
_Ridgewingmhall119: Don't worry I have a lighter ..16:33
* _Ridgewing holds his lighter up for mhall119 ..16:34
maokeiQuestion: Is there any way to get the html 5 inspector(ubuntu SDK) working on anything higher than 14.04 lts ?16:34
Rat__Sup every 1 ?16:35
Rat__Nice !!16:36
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: do you have any insider knowlage of new apps and scopes, if so could you give us a few hints? :P16:36
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mhall119keep the questions coming16:37
RaydenHello. Question: Would we be able to replace Unity with LXDE on the phone version as well?16:37
_RidgewingQUESTION: |Just for reference : What did you have for breakfast, this morning ?16:38
maokeiTo ask a question is syntax "Question:" ?16:38
mhall119maokei: yes16:38
dragonbiteQUESTION: When Google announced Google Drive they promised a version for Linux is coming, > 5 years ago, and only a half-baked solution was grudgingly thrown out to try to appease people. Is there any communication or cooperation with Google and Ubuntu for their Apps?16:38
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: With xmir and older apps working on unity8 with mir, whats the plans with trying to keep everything looking modern and plans with icons and generally making the apps fit in?16:38
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: any updates for the HUD? please16:38
_Ridgewingdpm: Questions, Questions, Questions thick and fast - need to run through these quick.16:38
puttynQUESTION: what android apps or games do you guys want to see on ubuntu phone?16:38
dragos_QUESTION:How to get an free ubuntu phone?16:39
dragonbiteoohh... I'd love one too. :)16:39
maokeiMost likely a bug then16:39
raj_okay waitin for new ota16:40
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: What are your current plans on getting app developers on board with ubuntu for phones?16:40
RaydenQuestion: Would we be able to replace Unity with LXDE on the phone version as well?16:41
dragos_QUESTION:is there an irc client for Ubuntu phone?16:42
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: Do you expect the current phone apps to get enough features and good enough to replace the current default on the desktop in the near future, will the file manager beable to beat nautilus in features etc?16:42
dragonbitedarn :(16:42
maokeiQuestion: Is there any application compatible with google music for ubuntu touch?16:42
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ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: what current android phones would you like to see ubuntu on? is there any nitch you'd like to see phone wise?16:45
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: What do nitch do you think ubuntu for phones currently doesn't scratch?16:45
dragonbiteQUESTION: Do you feel the community is more vibrant, less or about the same as it was 5-10 years ago?  Has there been a change (maybe when Unity first came out)?  Is it growing with the excitement of the phone/touch? Or has it been fairly stable all the way through?16:46
maokeiQuestion: Is it possible to connect the BQ or meizu phone to a screen like with nexus 4 and nexus 7 to try desktop mode16:47
_Ridgewingmhall119: facebook ?16:48
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_Ridgewingmhall119: https://prism-break.org/en/16:48
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: How does ubuntu phone plan to get faster and more fluid, sometimes it seems a bit slow/slugish, expecially if a scope is refreshing or I'm opening a new app.16:48
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: What scopes do you have on your homescreen left to right and why? :D16:49
_RidgewingOk, I gotta go .. the MIL (Mother in law) is phoning me .. Uuurgh !16:50
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: Do you think convergence would help convince developers to port apps if the apps have never been brought to the desktop? Whatsapp isn't available for windows or mac desktop only the phone and web if your phones near by, do you think convergence would make an app like whatsapp care more or not?16:51
_RidgewingQUESTION: Can I record phone calls on the phone, yet . Like I vcan on android and iphone ?16:51
_RidgewingQUESTION: Where can I buy or pay-to-make a cradle for the Aquarius 4.5 ?16:51
_RidgewingQUESTION: What is the Logo for Xenial Xerus ?16:52
_RidgewingQUESTION: Could mhall119 and dpm give out there twitter names for reference (Reddit post).16:53
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: are there any apps you feel doesn't get enough developer attention?16:53
Rat__Question : can we expect an ubuntu touch phone with advanced features like finger print scanner .......3d touch or something to make my ubuntu experience "BETTER"16:54
maokeiFlashing ubuntu-touch on to my nexus 4 :)16:54
dpm@dplanella, _Ridgewing16:54
dragonbitehear! hear!16:54
Guest8481QUESTION:if I'm a developer can I get a free ubuntu phone. my plan is to make an digital frame for Ubuntu phone with mp3. I want to make it like a screensaver. but I need an Ubuntu phone but in Romania nobody sells Ubuntu phones :(16:55
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: Android is for people who like customisation and control, iPhone is for people who want something easy that has alot of polish, who would you say ubuntu phone is for now or what you aim it to be for?16:57
ChloeWolfieGirlSo many questions today, sorry for asking so many xD16:57
dragonbiteChloeWorlfieGirl, great questions!  Don't be sorry! :)16:58
ChloeWolfieGirldragonbite: thank you :)16:58
ChloeWolfieGirl"If I leaved the house more often" I know your feel mhall119 xD16:59
digim0nkIs Ubuntu Touch being discussed17:01
Guest8481mhall119 u didn't answered my question17:02
Guest8481mhall119 my email is dragoscriste@gmail.com17:04
mhall119Guest8481: we don't typically give our free phones to developers17:05
Guest8481wait why?17:05
mhall119you can sometimes win them as part of an app development contest though17:05
mhall119Guest8481: we have lots of developers and not lots of money :)17:05
Guest8481when is that?17:05
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mhall119we're working on a new contest focused on scopes, I don't know if phones will be a prize though17:06
mhall119that's still being worked out17:06
Guest8481scoupes routele17:06
mhall119no, different contest17:06
Guest8481but u sad in the video u give phones to developers17:06
digim0nkWill Firefox be ported to Ubuntu Touch17:06
mhall119Guest8481: Bq sells Ubuntu phones world-wide now17:06
mhall119you should be able to buy one and have it shipped to Romania17:07
Guest8481mhall119 do u have an old nexus 7?17:07
mhall119I have a 2012 version, which isn't supported by Ubuntu anymore :(17:08
Guest8481do u still need it?17:08
mhall119yes :)17:08
Guest8481oh :(17:08
mhall119Guest8481: try https://swappa.com/buy/nexus-7-2013-wifi17:09
Guest8481I'm 1017:09
Guest8481I'm Dragos17:10
mhall119sorry, attention was elsewhere17:13
mhall119where what?17:14
Guest8481I would really need that nexus 7 201217:15
mhall119the 2012 won't run Ubuntu17:15
Guest8481but I can port it :)17:15
Guest8481and ubuntu desktop 13.04 would still run17:16
mhall119the chipset on it isn't really good for that17:16
Guest8481but it still works17:16
Guest8481just thinking about it ... porting Ubuntu on nexus 7 2012 would be a great project17:17
Guest8481 please17:23
Guest8481mhall119 my email is dragoscriste@gmail.com17:27
Guest8481and my Facebook is varul dragos17:28
Guest8481and my Skype is dragos.criste and I'm from Romania timisoara17:29
* Na3iL is away: AFK17:46
dragosmhall119: im guest848117:50
dragosjust a network errror17:50
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