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DanChapmandkessel_: hey! sorry been without internet for a few days (it was painful!!). Did you figure out the keyboard input issue?10:30
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pittijibel: ça va !13:50
pittijibel: it seems run-ubiquity-test does not know how to set a proxy, is that right? --help or grepping didn't reveal anything13:51
jibelpitti, ça va bien et toi?13:51
jibelpitti, I don't think it is implemented at all13:51
pittijibel: ça va bien aussi, merci13:51
pittijibel: ok, so I wasn't missing something13:51
pitti    -o, --override PATH13:52
pitti                    Directory to copy into the target filesystem13:52
pittijibel: ^ is that "target" the instance that runs the live session with ubiquity?13:52
pittiI could use that to copy /etc/environment (if it accepts a file as well)13:52
jibelpitti, let me check, it's far far away13:52
pitticustom-installation/iso-override/ sounds promising, though, although this is initramfs; but perhaps that can copy it further13:54
pittioh, autopilot/ubiquity-autopilot-runner/custom-installation/iso-override/etc/ -- I could just add it there for a first test13:57
jibelpitti, override has the same structure than custom-installation and is copied on top of it13:59
jibelpitti, so you can either replace files on the iso or the target13:59
pittijibel: I added the proxy vars to autopilot/ubiquity-autopilot-runner/custom-installation/iso-override/etc/environment, testing with that13:59
jibelpitti, yes that would work too, otherwise you can create /tmp/custom-installation/iso-override/etc/environment and pass -o /tmp/custom-installation/14:00
pittijibel: ok, understood; that sounds good enough indeed14:01
pittijibel: merci !14:03
jibelpitti, de rien!14:05
pittiyay, the bzr checkout seems to have worked14:06
pittijibel: is there a trick to set a password for the ubuntu user so that you can ssh into the VM?14:12
pittijibel: it already redirects the ssh port, so I can connect, but password "ubuntu" doesn't work, and ssh doesn't allow empty passwords14:12
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jibelpitti, you could import your ssh key14:15
jibelpitti, write them in the override too14:16
pittijibel: ah, put it into /home/ubuntu/.ssh ?14:16
jibelpitti, yes14:16
pittinice idea14:16
pittiit seems stuck after "switched to page partman" here14:16
jibelif you run locally you can also run with --sdl to see what is happening14:17
pittijibel: it works locally; I'm now running in scalingstack14:19
jibelpitti, in scalingstack firewall rules might be a problem depending on the mirror the installer uses14:20
pittijibel: hm, that should be handled by setting the proxy already14:21
pitti/var/log/syslog: Nov 17 14:06:41 ubuntu partman:   No matching physical volumes found                                    [98/9150]14:21
pitti/var/log/syslog: Nov 17 14:06:41 ubuntu partman:   Reading all physical volumes.  This may take a while...14:21
pitti/var/log/syslog: Nov 17 14:06:49 ubuntu ubiquity[4026]: switched to page partman14:21
pittithose were the last messages, looks more like it's got some trouble creating and formatting a disk14:22
pittidownloading the autopilot debs into the live session works fine14:22
jibelpitti, you can start ubiquity with -d if it is not already the case and /var/log/installer/debug will contain more information14:22
jibelthere is also a flag for that IIRC14:23
pittiah, so there is14:23
jibelpitti, is there enough space in the VM to create the disk image?14:23
pittiyes, plenty14:24
jibelit'd need something like 10GB free14:24
pitti150 GB14:24
jibelit should be enough indeed :)14:24
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dkessel_DanChapman: mo - the keyboard issue is still present17:39
DanChapmandkessel_: seems it's a known issue. bug 1108742 doesn't seem to be a workaround either :-(17:45
ubot5bug 1108742 in Autopilot "Exotic keyboard layout results in incorrect characters input" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110874217:45
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dkessel_DanChapman: right... "affects me" ;)18:04
flocculantnot sure that de is all that exotic nowadays :p18:05
dkessel_that really does not make it easier for international contributors to write tests18:05
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dkesselI guess it's a exotic AS any non-US18:05
flocculantdkessel: blame balloons18:06
* balloons sees why he's blamed18:06
flocculantdon't blame me for that :p18:07
balloonsugh, that seems annoying18:07
balloonsI wonder if there's a simple fix18:07
dkesselThe most annoying part for me is really the corrupted graphics in Autopilot vis though... with forced reboot18:08
flocculantI suspect that autopilot assumes that any keyboard not connected to an Ubuntu install is gtk2 ...18:08
dkesselI should file a bug for that graphics bug18:09
veebersflocculant, dkessel: Yes please file a bug for that, this is the first I've heard of it :-)18:10
flocculantdkessel: so does autopilot only work with en-US settings ?18:10
veebersflocculant: that wouldn't surprise me if that's the case, we haven't exactly done extensive testing with it in other locals :-\ *blush*18:11
flocculantveebers: tbh - I'm only interested in as much as xubuntu qa lead - up to now, it's all been a moot point because gtk218:12
flocculantbut dkessel is trying for us again :)18:12
veebersflocculant: when you say moot because gtk2, that's what's used in xubuntu (please excuse my ignorance :-P)18:17
flocculantintrospection fail with gtk2 as far as we knew/know - so we stopped even thinking about trying to use autopilot18:18
dkesselI am not giving up that easy :) But I really have very limited time lately due to commuting for 3 hours per day now, and many times when things like that happen it really stops me from getting anywhere18:18
flocculantdkessel: as you know - anything is better than what we've managed up to now :D18:19
veebersdkessel, flocculant: gtk2 is not supported by autopilot unfortunately18:19
dkesselveebers: gtk3 is really getting more common in xfce4 lately.18:20
dkesselOr Xubuntu, even18:20
veebersdkessel: ah good to hear :-)18:23
dkesselflocculant: it works with 'de', but only if the tests use some subset of ASCII in Text comparisons18:23
dkesselfor example, i replaced "this_is_my_text!" with "this is the text" now because that is identical in both Keyboards. Pretty surevthat this won't work with Dvorak or French Layouts though18:26
balloonsveebers, is it not possible to actually fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/autopilot/+bug/1108742?18:50
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1108742 in Autopilot "Exotic keyboard layout results in incorrect characters input" [Low,Triaged]18:50
balloonsdkessel, that is one way to avoid it.. only use characters that will be the same18:50
veebersballoons: I would have to investigate, I wouldn't know how to do it off the top of my head :-\18:53
veebersballoons: At the moment the keyboard stuff is pretty barebones, I'm sure there is a better way to do it. any suggestions or help is much appreciated :-)18:54
balloonsveebers, ack. I know it's bare-bones, but that maybe you did have insight on how to do it properly as it were19:01
veebersballoons: yeah, that's true, I didn't know how to do it properly. I would love to learn how to though :-)19:02
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