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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:00
knightwisemorning brobostigon07:43
brobostigonmorning knightwise07:44
knightwisehey brobostigon ,  how are you dude08:18
DJonesI think I'll give this project a miss, somehow doesn't appeal to me https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1468268424/l-i-v-i-n-hive08:35
MyrttiI'd rather eat mealworms that grasshoppers08:56
Myrttigrasshoppers were a bit too crunchy for my taste08:56
davmor2Morning all08:59
DJonesOne of the people at work has a 9 year old daughter, her christmas request is for edible bugs to try, she tried grasshoppers at school and wants to try different bugs now09:02
Myrttithat's cute09:07
foobarrywhy does git not track files after i git add them?09:44
foobarry# On branch master09:44
foobarry# Changed but not updated:09:44
foobarrylots of files09:44
foobarry#   (use "git add <file>..." to update what will be committed)09:44
SuperMatthttp://matty.digital is now signed by letsencrypt.org :D09:44
SuperMattuhhh, there should be an s in there, but it redirects anyway09:45
foobarryah, git commit -a09:48
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Tuesday, and happy Home-Made Bread Day! 😃10:08
foobarryevery day is HMB day10:08
SuperMattbleep bloop10:09
JamesTaitIt should be, I need more practise.10:09
SuperMattI guess now I have my own flat, I could make my own bread10:09
foobarrymakes my little daughter less farty10:09
foobarrythey put loads a crap in supermarket bread10:09
JamesTaitBlame the daughter and the supermarket bread. 😉10:10
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MooDoohowdy all10:12
zmoylan-piyour intestine needs gas to operate efficently iirc10:26
davmor2JamesTait: not so much the songs relevance here as the band name :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Q1kB0R4Ijs10:32
* awilkins loves home made bread10:36
awilkinsI may have to make some later now10:36
awilkinsHome made focaccia 4tw10:36
TwistedLucidityDown with Chorelywood!10:40
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popeyTwistedLucidity, i used to work in Kings Langley, whenever I said "Kings Langley", wifey would immediately say "Chorleywood!" because the two were always said together in the traffic reports on radio...11:46
daftykins£160 27" HannsG 2560x1440 IPS arrived :O11:55
TwistedLuciditydaftykins: What version of Linux is that in the screenshot? Looks totally amazing!11:57
zmoylan-pilooks like xubuntu...11:57
daftykinsi would imagine the less said about that the better :>11:58
daftykinsthat's about the only machine in the house that has HDMI and can drive that res; even then it required going into the advanced settings, setting a custom mode and changing the timing standard11:59
daftykinsi'd hate to think how bad the same would be with xrandr - often i see folk trying to add a mode over in #ubuntu and all it does it spit out some complaint at the parameters regardless of being correct or not :P12:00
zmoylan-pithe fun of selecting a freq that creates a whine that annoys the kids, cats and dogs...12:00
daftykins:) there's something odd about having VGA on the above display, given it can only do 2048x1536 max...12:02
* zmoylan-pi misses the green text on black of ancient ibm monitor i first used in 80s... hercules video card powered it.12:08
zmoylan-pifranken pc that someone had erased the disk park utility on.  so it had to be moved super carefully.12:09
daftykinscouldn't obtain it again? 0o12:10
diddledanlol, my first pc had one of those utilities - dad added a call to it via a batch script called bye.bat, so to shutdown I just typed "bye" and waited for the hard drive to shutdown then power off12:10
zmoylan-piwell it would involve finding a bbs that hosted park utilities for companies that no longer existed iirc12:10
zmoylan-piand the bbs would most likely be in usa so be a long distance call...12:11
diddledanI wonder if anyone has tried data calls via skype12:12
zmoylan-pialso the noisiest hard drive i ever used.  i could hear the heads moving 2 rooms away12:12
zmoylan-pii did once try an acoustic coupler to an analog mobile in 80s...12:14
zmoylan-pimore a proof of concept than practical as calls were stupidly expensive.  a call to a nearby bbs was like calling japan level of cost...12:15
zmoylan-pibut i thought it might be useful if boss was in backend of ireland and needed code or binaries sent instead of a round trip back to dublin12:16
diddledanI wonder if I'm highlighted in intelligence agencies' extremist category yet12:23
diddledan(visiting linux journal might make you such, e.g.)12:23
zmoylan-pii ordered a copy of guerilla days by tom barry over a decade ago to be sure :-)12:24
diddledanfor any NSA or GCHQ guys, I'm not hard to find; I use my real name for example12:24
zmoylan-pii've loaned that book to dozens of people...12:25
diddledanalthough I appear to no-longer be on the first page of teh googs12:25
diddledanlooks like my homepage is the top result actually referring to me at number 2412:28
diddledanwhen you search for my name that is12:28
diddledanlooks like isis have managed to convince france to wage holy war on them12:38
diddledanref: http://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/france-launches-new-airstrikes-against-is/ar-BBn63WV12:39
hexhaxtrondiddledan, can I pm you?12:46
daftykinsjust ask stuff in channel so everyone can have input12:56
diddledan^ wot 'e sed!12:59
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hexhaxtrondaftykins, diddledan I just want to know if I can get problems or get caught if I use a Smart TV with an antenna without paying for the license?13:00
daftykinsyou are at risk, so it's your gamble13:05
daftykinsi don't have a license and therefore i don't use any broadcast TV method. simple as.13:05
foobarryThe Guardian13:07
foobarryFHM and Zoo magazines to suspend publication13:07
foobarryreplaced by reddit13:07
SuperMattpretty much13:08
SuperMattI'm not surprised, they just couldn't' keep up13:08
foobarry FHM’s circulation fell to less than 67,000 for the first six months of this year.That compares to the more than 700,000 copies FHM was selling in 2000,13:11
SuperMattwell, we all still had dial back then13:11
zmoylan-piso mens mags on the way out, even playboy won't be printing nudes next year, what are sales figures like for womens mags i wonder13:20
foobarrygossip mags?13:20
foobarryall mags are failling across the board13:21
zmoylan-piwell there's fashion/gossip/crafting plus other categories that if you saw on a waiting room table would label womens mags13:22
foobarryall except slimming world13:22
foobarrywhich has grown13:22
foobarrylinux format in the top 50 digital editions. not this year though13:23
daftykinsi saw a Linux Format in a local Waitrose the other day, DVD said it had ubuntu 15.04 ¬_¬13:25
foobarrythe only mag i ever buy is airfix model world...free calednar this month :)13:26
foobarrylinux magz are up against it when g+ supplies my needs13:26
daftykinsall the free stuff gets lost to buyers over here i think13:26
zmoylan-pidoes it come in parts that you have to assemble? :-)13:27
daftykinszmoylan-pi: 13 pieces13:27
* zmoylan-pi misses the days when computer shopper was about 1000 pages of adverts... and started on page 200 or so...13:27
daftykinsi remember those ;_;13:34
diddledanyey bugs! https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=55708713:34
Laneyyeah I remember buying those magazines that were just shop listings13:35
Laneyand coming up with my dream PC13:35
Laneythen working out that if I just did my paper round for 2 years13:35
daftykinsthen not affording it and having the sads? :D13:35
Laneyand spent no money at all13:35
Laneyyeah that happened13:35
daftykinsi used the entire wage of a supermarket shelf stacking job to buy a single graphics card once13:36
daftykinsgeforce 2 GTS!13:36
diddledanwhat was the games mail-order catalogue that got put into magazines back in the 90s?13:37
diddledanmaybe special reserve?13:39
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diplo_afternoon all14:26
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diddledanlanguage timothy14:33
diploIt's a peice of my anatomy :D14:33
daftykinsglad it's not your root password ;)14:38
diddledanmy root password is toor14:38
daftykinshow about on your roottoor?14:39
diploTis a fresh installed VM, no users yet :/14:46
foobarryhttp://superuser.com/a/440057 << can someone help with the sed command please?14:52
foobarrydon't understand the line break14:52
MyrttiI have a sneaking suspicion I had to do it with AWK way back when14:54
foobarrysed: -e expression #1, char 48: unterminated address regex14:54
foobarryit seems to work!15:00
MyrttiI is helpful!15:03
foobarrythanks for the hint15:03
_RidgewingJust looking at the lastest thingy from the government (UK) http://postimg.org/image/uzamha2yv/15:43
Myrttididdledan: I agree15:49
awilkins"sod off dave"16:33
awilkinsOh, wait, RANDOM words16:33
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daftykinsheh good fun calling up some clients, this old mate of my dads was telling me the company opposite his home had huge wheelie bins full of 17" LCDs and PCs that all worked, just now17:55
zmoylan-piillegally dumping computer hardware?17:55
daftykinsnah it's what that company does17:55
daftykinshe caught a couple before the rain came :D17:55
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Seeker`Are there any irc logs around from 2007 on the web?18:17
diddledanSeeker`: irclogs.ubuntu.com18:17
Seeker`Don't think loco logs there go back that far18:17
DJonesSeeker`: 20018:20
Seeker`diddledan: they go back to 18th nov 201018:20
Seeker`for ubuntu-uk18:20
DJonesMaybe thats when it became offical and had a logbot18:21
daftykinsafter anything in particular?18:21
Seeker`trying to work out when mootbot first appeared18:22
Seeker`Trying to remember if I actually wrote it, or whether I stole the code from elsewhere :P18:23
DJonesSeeker`: Have you been sued for copyright yet? If not, its yours :)18:24
daftykinsor it's really bad? ;)18:24
Seeker`DJones: haha, no. But I don't maintain meeting bot code any longer either :P18:24
Seeker`Just a discussion I'm having with someone elsewhere. I *think* I wrote mootbot in response to an ubuntu-uk meeting that went on forever18:25
Seeker`I'm not sure who was around back then though :P18:25
Seeker`other than popey18:25
popeypretty sure we have older logs than that18:31
Seeker`yay! it's popey!18:31
popeymaybe not18:31
Seeker`apparently I did write it in response to an overly long meeting https://www.ubuntu-user.com/Online/Blogs/Amber-Graner-You-in-Ubuntu/Meetings-Minutes-and-Mootbot18:31
popeyI've seen it used by other projects too18:32
popeyincluding fedora and suse18:32
Seeker`I think the original mootbot is long dead, but there have been ports of rewrites of rewrites etc.18:32
Seeker` It was started as a clone/replacement of meetbot by HolgerLevsen, which was itself a derivative of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScribesTeam/MootBot used by the Ubuntu Scribes team18:33
Seeker`That's the debian one18:33
DJonesDid mootbot become alanbell's meetingology18:36
daftykinsi take it the other alans didn't drop of the face of the earth - and just eschew IRC these days?18:38
popeyyeah, busy busy18:38
DJonesProbably can't get irc in the pepper tunnel18:38
DJonesAlan Bell is certainly active on twitter with his fire creating peppers18:39
daftykinsah good good :D18:39
daftykinssad if that Pi project never got any further though18:40
Seeker`DJones: I think he reimplemented Mootbot as meetingology18:48
DJonesquite possibly18:48
DJonesIt was done quite quickly, not sure which source he used18:49
foobarrywhat happened about the pi's ? wasn't that a kickstarter type thing?19:31

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