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tsdgeoscimi: note the new_dash thing breaks at some point because of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/151389708:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1513897 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "TextField regression/behavior change in 1.3" [High,Confirmed]08:37
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cimitsdgeos, can I still approve though? or shall we wait for that fix?12:12
tsdgeoscimi: given that it's unusable and you can't test it i don't think you should approve it tbh12:13
cimitsdgeos, ok, I tested without 1.3 with the previous silo...12:14
cimiI still have it on my phone12:14
tsdgeosyeah but that's techinically not what you're approving anymore :D12:17
tsdgeosi mean it would be quite weird for me to see something approved with such a glaring "bug"12:18
dandradermzanetti, what's the name of the "gtk mir" package? couldn't find it.12:21
mzanettidandrader, I've no idea yet12:24
cimitsdgeos, yeah but we land when is ready, that was the point12:30
tsdgeosyeah don't know12:30
tsdgeosas you fele12:30
cimiif your branch is fine, and depends on another bug...12:30
cimiunless you will need to tweak sth else12:31
tsdgeosnot in theroty12:31
dandradermzanetti, but did you get to run gedit in a "unity8 mir" session?12:32
mzanettino, never managed so far12:33
mzanettidandrader, christownsend should be able to help12:33
mzanettior perhaps the mir people would know too12:33
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greyback_dandrader: gedit -- --desktop_file_hint=gedit    works for me13:06
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seb128dandrader, mzanetti, what do you call "gtk mir"? if you are talking about the gdk mir backend it's part of gtk+3.0 itself (libgtk-3-0)13:07
mzanettiseb128, yes, I think that's what we meant13:08
dandraderseb128, ok, great13:09
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dandradermzanetti, could you please try to reproduce https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1515921 ? It's as simple as adding 'X-Ubuntu-Touch=true' to /usr/share/applications/gedit.desktop so that gedit shows up in list of apps in the dash14:00
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1515921 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "2 mouse pointers when running gedit with gtk mir on Unity8" [Undecided,In progress]14:00
dandradermzanetti, I couldn't reproduce the issue. still see only the qml cursor14:00
mzanettidandrader, you can't repro?14:00
dandradermzanetti, no14:00
mzanettiok, will try14:00
dandradermzanetti, I made sure I installed trunk version of qtmir and unity8 on my test laptop. but who knows...14:00
tsdgeosmterry: ping14:02
mterrytsdgeos, hi!14:02
tsdgeosmterry: you did some work to allow "having no text in the infographics" https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity8/handle-empty-infographic-label, right? We don't need to do anything if they revert the libusermetrics change, right?14:03
mterrytsdgeos, yeah my change was just being more permissive if the library gives us nothing back.  If they revert, we should be fine14:04
mterrytsdgeos, design didn't like it being empty after all?14:04
tsdgeosmterry: seems so https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ux/+bug/151432614:04
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1514326 in libusermetrics (Ubuntu) "There is no text in the circle on lock screen in new flashed device" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:04
mterryI told them!  :)14:04
seb128that's ridiculous14:04
seb128mpt, ^ did you see that?14:05
seb128mpt, can you talk to Magdalena and agree on what should be done?14:06
seb128it doesn't make much sense to make "no data source available"14:06
mterryYeah, I don't like that string either.  If we want to use a string, it could be nicer like "Welcome to Ubuntu" or something non-hostile14:07
seb128or at least something that makes some sense to normal users14:12
mptseb128, mterry, apart from this reported bug, are there any problems being caused by the empty text?14:12
seb128like "no events recorded today"14:12
seb128mpt, no14:12
mterrympt, no14:12
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mptseb128, ok, I checked with Ben and wontfixed it14:20
seb128mpt, thanks!14:20
seb128tsdgeos, ^ less work ;-)14:20
tsdgeoswell it's weird since magdelna said exactly the reverse14:21
tsdgeosbut oh well less work is good14:21
mpttsdgeos, not her fault, she was misinformed14:22
seb128Saviq, pete-woods, is https://code.launchpad.net/~pete-woods/camera-app/file-based-infographics/+merge/210573 / https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1410-unity-ui-infographics still a thing?14:25
tsdgeosseb128: Saviq's on holidays for like a week more14:30
seb128tsdgeos, thanks, confusing those people who let IRC going with their normal nickname when they are not there ;-)14:30
seb128pete-woods, is https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-api-team/camera-app/infographics-translations/+merge/250616 something you plan to follow up on?14:31
pete-woodsseb128: to the first question. I'm not sure. it was something that was tasked by my old manager, and he's not here now14:38
pete-woodsseb128: to the second thing, ideally yes14:38
seb128pete-woods, the second one there is a merge request for the translation thing up, so maybe you should prod Kaleo for review ;-)14:39
mterrydandrader|afk, hey at some point if you could look at https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity8/tutorial-redesign/+merge/271342 in terms of the changes I made to the DDA, I'd appreciate it.  That MP is not ready for a full review yet, but the DDA stuff likely won't change unless you want it to.  It seems to work for me15:03
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dandradermterry, ok15:24
tsdgeosoh my16:00
tsdgeoswhy i can't never run an unity8 desktop session :/16:00
tsdgeosi'm always getting crashes or aborts or whatnot :/16:00
tsdgeosmzanetti: ltinkl: do you guys use the distro packaging when running unity8 as a session? i'm getting an abort with a stack trace pointing to start_thread :S16:06
mzanettitsdgeos, yes, I install unity8-desktop-session-mir and run that16:07
mzanettithen I modify QML files in place to test things16:07
mzanettior rather, I use this script to install a working directory: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13314241/16:07
tsdgeosi have that package16:08
mzanettitsdgeos, fwiw, I'm still on v+o16:08
mzanettibut I think lukas is on x16:08
mzanettitsdgeos, anyhow, try reinstalling the unity8 package16:09
mzanettitsdgeos, also make sure you don't have old mir libs around. I remember at some point I had problems because of that16:09
mzanettitsdgeos, what graphics chip do you have?16:09
mzanettihmm... same here. should work16:10
tsdgeosmzanetti: the bug you mention about the dash coming up empty, does it only happen in unity8 as a session or also happens on other desktop if you just do "start unity8-dash"?16:10
tsdgeosand/or start unity816:10
tsdgeosmzanetti: dandrader: i get graphical glitches on the cursor on my laptop when on the unity8 greeter, known?16:38
tsdgeosmzanetti: dandrader: here the photo http://i.imgur.com/jnHMNn2.jpg16:45
dandradermzanetti, yeah, I have seem it once or twice before. but it's been a long while since it last happened. I think it happened with the fallback cursor only. do you have the DMZ cursor theme installed there?16:47
dandradertsdgeos, ^16:48
tsdgeosdandrader: maybe not, what's the package name?16:48
dandradertsdgeos, it was so hard to reproduce that I forgot about it16:48
dandradertsdgeos, dmz-cursor-theme16:48
dandradertsdgeos, you must have it as Unity 7 uses it16:49
tsdgeosyeah i do16:49
tsdgeosdandrader: i can repro all the time16:49
tsdgeosalso the mouse is like ultra slow inside the unity8 session compared to outside it16:50
tsdgeosis this something we control somehow?16:50
mterrymzanetti, guh, stupid admin password idea16:54
mzanettimterry, indeed16:54
mzanettimterry, well, I guess I'm ok with disconnecting the lockscreen from the user's passwort16:55
mzanettimterry, but putting that in the welcome wizard seems quite odd16:55
mterrymzanetti, well I think that's a very advanced user feature yeah16:55
mzanettiyes, should be in the developer mode options16:55
mterrymzanetti, but mostly it seems crazy to keep allowing apps to brute force passwords.  And if stop them from doing that, I don't see the need for this change16:56
mzanettikgunn, do you know about that requirement and where it came from / how official it is?16:56
mzanettiapparently we have to add a username, lockscreen code and sudo password stuff into the welcome wizard16:56
mzanettiwhich seems wrong to me when thinking about regular joe16:57
mterrymzanetti, (they wanted the username?)16:57
mzanettididn't she say?16:57
mterrymzanetti, I might have missed that16:57
mterrymzanetti, maybe need it for sure once they go multi-user, and she was thinking down that road, but I don't know if she said she wanted it now or then16:57
mzanettimterry, otoh, on a Ubuntu Desktop we've been asking those things too since forever16:58
* kgunn reads a little16:58
mzanettinot saying that it's great on a phone, but thinking convergence...16:58
mterrykgunn, we were just told by Patricia that there is a new requirement that we ask users for an admin password16:59
mterrykgunn, in response to the "brute force" attack by apps on the password16:59
kgunnmzanetti: mterry ...yeah that's news to me16:59
mterrykgunn, but that seems like a very odd response to that attack17:00
kgunnmterry: probably best to see if jdstrand is pushing this17:00
kgunnmaybe convince him it's overkill ?17:00
mterrymzanetti, kgunn: moving to #ubuntu-touch17:01
kgunnaltho..he's a sec guy...overkill is sort of the idea :)17:01
dandradertsdgeos, reboot and try again if you see the corruption? :-D17:06
dandraderthe Windows(tm) way :)17:06
tsdgeosdandrader: yeah did reboot like 3 or 4 times17:08
tsdgeossince i was trying to figure out why it crashes after inputting the password on the lock screen17:08
tsdgeosget it all the time17:08
tsdgeosdandrader: any pointer on what may be wrong if i want to put some time on it?17:09
dandradertsdgeos, the only thing that can be going wrong is the logic that loads the xcursor image into a QImage17:11
dandradertsdgeos, in plugins/Cursor/CursorImageProvider.cpp17:11
tsdgeosdandrader: oki, i'll see if i can repro tomorrow17:12
tsdgeoseod now17:13
* tsdgeos waves17:13
dandradermterry, DDA changes in lp:~mterry/unity8/tutorial-redesign look fine17:14
mterrydandrader, awesome, thanks17:16
mterrywill quote you in the MP  :)17:16
dandradermterry, only unsure about the property name. Because it will work all the same, only difference is that it won't claim ownership over the touch point once it recognizes it's performing a gesture17:17
mterrydandrader, yeah.  I'm happy to rename it.  Got something you like better?17:17
dandradermterry, no :)17:20
dandradermterry, btw SwipeArea just got merged into uitk staging branch17:23
mterrydandrader, that's the new name for DDA?  cool17:23
dandradermterry, yes17:23
mterrydandrader, so bad time to be futzing with DDA  :)17:23
dandradermterry, getting the same change into UITK might not be so easy :)17:24
mterrydandrader, well long term plan is to get the bottom edge part of the tutorial into the UITK and into apps themselves eventually17:25
mterrydandrader, so maybe we just carry DDA for a bit longer until that happens17:25
dandradermterry, hmm, so why don't you work already on top of uitk's staging branch?17:25
dandradermterry, or is there some other prerequisite missing for this change?17:26
dandrader(ie, having bottom edge tutorial into uitk)17:26
mterrydandrader, design isn't super ready for that portion yet, and they want to land the broader tutorial changes sooner rather than later17:27
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