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DammitJimMichael, do you still need help Thursday morning?18:46
DammitJimman, I hate that I am going to miss so many good talks on Friday afternoon. Do you think they'll have them on video for me to watch later?18:47
mhall119DammitJim: no idea on video, I'll take any help I can get on Thursday, but if you can't don't worry about it18:57
DammitJimwould you like for me to get there early?19:01
DammitJimLori offered to take the kids to school, so I can be there before 8am if needed19:01
Garheadeahoneybun_: are you going to FLUX tonight?19:11
mhall119DammitJim: sure, I don't know when I'll arrive, but others will be staying at a local hotel20:24
ahoneybunGarheade: I am20:43

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