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cmaloneyGood morning14:48
cmaloneyGotta love that I'm ini the PR list for "The Grindmother"14:48
cmaloneyHow's the morning?14:54
rick_h_the afternoon is peachy :)14:54
cmaloneyOh, right14:55
rick_h_changed out of my nice customer facing outfit14:55
cmaloneyyou're in funkytime14:55
rick_h_and working in the office feeling like a regular joe hanging out in an office14:55
Scary_Guyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bM3Gut1hIk not linux but interesting none the less.  Alternatively BinGlide is very similar and open source16:42
cmaloneyWill check that ouot. THanks for that.16:45
_stink_BinGlide - is that something one can buy at the pharmacy?16:45
cmaloneywow, that's really awesome16:49
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