* mikeputnam heads to the Appleton Makerspace to give a talk on Google Calendar API + Python00:27
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h00ktsimonq2: negative never quite verified14:16
tsimonq2mikeputnam: ?21:46
tsimonq2mikeputnam: what's up?21:46
mikeputnamwas wondering what the :/ was referring to22:04
mikeputnamseems a look of disappointment22:04
tsimonq2mikeputnam: 08:16:31 AM < h00k> tsimonq2: negative never quite verified22:18
mikeputnamah sorry. i should move my irc-ing back to a bounce host instead of connecting from the laptop.  i lose context this way.22:22
tsimonq2mikeputnam: you should get a shell and use tmux/irssi22:22
mikeputnamman, i authored the tmux website. no need to school me on tmux. https://github.com/dsturnbull/tmux/commit/70a8ae09330cb10bf7e7c066741eaf940640ddaf22:32
tsimonq20.0 wot?22:32
mikeputnamirssi is awesome. after several years, i switched to weechat which has different warts but I prefer the interface.22:37
tsimonq2I am using an irssi and tmux setup right now22:37
tsimonq2maybe you should do it22:37

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