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tseliotricotz, mamarley: hey guys, just a heads up. I'm going to upload new nvidia drivers in xenial this morning (in an hour or so), so you might want to reuse my tarballs instead of uploading your own08:39
mamarleytseliot: Sure, will do.11:06
tseliotit should all be in xenial-proposed now11:06
mamarleytseliot: Which versions are they?   I get "no current release" for https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-358 and https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-355.11:11
tseliotmamarley: 352, 340, 30411:11
tseliotonly LTS releases in Ubuntu, that's my policy ;)11:12
mamarleyAh, OK.  We have those versions in the PPA too, but the ones you uploaded have a higher version number, so ours won't get installed.  Did you want us to re-upload them now based of what you did, or just the next time there is a release?11:12
mamarleyAlso, is there anything we need to do for 355 or 358?11:13
mamarley(Sorry for all the questions; I just want to make sure that I don't screw up and do something wrong like I have repeatedly in the past.)11:14
tseliotmamarley: I think nvidia-352 and nvidia-358 are different packages, so they can all be installed, unless you use transitional packages to migrate users from one to the other11:16
tseliotmamarley: sorry, I misread11:17
tseliotmamarley: my original point was, if you need to make changes to the latest 352, etc. you can use my new packages as a base. No need to upload a new tarball11:17
mamarleyOK, sure.  Thanks!11:18
tseliotmamarley: as for 358, I haven't looked into that yet but, if that one needs device nodes to be created with specific permissions, I posted an update on what I plan to do here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-modprobe/+bug/142120911:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1421209 in nvidia-modprobe (Ubuntu) "[MIR] nvidia-modprobe" [Undecided,Won't fix]11:19
mamarleytseliot: It just needs to have the nvidia-modeset module loaded automatically before X starts, nothing more.11:21
tseliotmamarley: ok, that's easy to do11:22
ricotztseliot, will take a look in the evening11:26
* ricotz notes there is a "working" 358 in the ppa11:26
mamarleyricotz: How did you have it load nvidia-modeset?11:27
ricotzwith a hacky udev rules11:28
mamarleyAh, OK.11:29
mamarleyLooks like 352.63 and 340.96 have been released.  I will begin working on those right away and should have something ready before lunch (it is early morning here right now).11:30
ricotzmamarley, this is what tseliot was talking about!11:31
ricotzand to reuse the uploaded tarballs of him11:32
ricotztseliot, btw due to the internal module dependency it should just work while loading nvidia_modeset as default/main module (instead of nvidia)11:33
mamarley*facepalm*  I completely misunderstood the initial message, sorry.11:35
mamarleytseliot: Sorry, I thought you meant you had made packaging changes and to re-use those, but you actually meant to re-use the tarball.11:35
* mamarley beats himself with the clue-by-four.11:35
tseliotricotz: right, I need to see if that breaks anything though11:45
* tseliot -> lunch11:45
mamarleyricotz and/or tseliot (when you get back): I noticed that the packages were uploaded to Xenial as nvidia-graphics-drivers-yyy-updates, should I keep using the same name as before from the PPA or add "-updates"?11:55
ricotzmamarley, there are nvidia-graphics-drivers-yyy uploads too (I am going to take a look in the evening)12:23
ricotzcurrently busy with other things12:24
mamarleyAh, OK.  Missed that, sorry.12:32
tseliotyes, you don't need the -updates flavours12:53
mamarleyricotz: OK, I have everything uploaded to https://launchpad.net/~mamarley/+archive/ubuntu/staging/+packages14:18
ricotzmamarley, nice :), it still have to wait some time -- btw what is up with 304?15:42
mamarleyricotz: Why does it have to wait?  I didn't realize anything was up with 304.15:43
ricotzmamarley, because I want to take look at it first15:44
mamarleyOh, OK, sorry.  What's up with 304?15:44
ricotzthere is a 304 relase too as mentioned earlier15:45
mamarleyOh, I didn't even realize.  I will get on it.15:45
mamarleyHmm, tseliot's amd64 build of 304.131 failed because execstack segfaulted.  That's odd...15:50
tseliotmamarley: in the ppa or in proposed?15:53
mamarleytseliot: proposed: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-304/304.131-0ubuntu1/+build/830847115:53
tseliotmamarley: I'll try to rebuild it in my xenial chroot when it's done building some other stuff15:55
mamarleyricotz: Done. :)16:21
tseliotmamarley: it should be fixed in -0ubuntu217:06
ricotzmamarley, looks ok apart from some minor issues, will copy them over17:31

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