inetprogood mornings04:59
pieter2627jolly good morning all05:12
pieter2627hi skokkkk & Akiva05:24
* pieter2627 wonders if everyone here is "hailed under"07:01
who_da_flyhi pieter2627 07:04
who_da_flypieter2627: no hail here in Moz07:04
pieter2627hi who_da_fly, we had a massive one last night07:04
pieter2627sunny there in moz?07:05
thatgraemeguymorning peoples07:18
pieter2627hi thatgraemeguy07:49
Kilosafternoon all10:29
Kiloshi who_da_fly hows things there10:30
* Kilos waves to inetpro10:30
Kiloshi thatgraemeguy as well10:30
who_da_flyhi. busy.10:31
=== skokkkk is now known as skokkk
Kiloshi skokkk Cryterion 16:22
skokkkhello Kilos 16:22
CryterionHi 17:08
inetprogood evening18:06
grembleHey inetpro 18:09
inetprogremble: how far are you with all your exams?18:15
inetprooops... I see you just spoke about it last night18:16
gremble:P Ya. Preparing for discrete structures now. RSA encryption/decryption by hand. Fun times 18:17
Kilosohi inetpro gremble 18:26
grembleHey Kilos 18:27
superflyHi gremble 18:58
grembleHey superfly 18:58
Kilosyou home superfly ?19:10
superflyNope, just on my phone 19:13
inetprosuperfly: still working non-stop?19:45
inetprotake a break, have a kit-kat19:47
inetproKilos: raining here now20:15
Kilosjust started here too a bit20:18
Kiloslotsa thunder and bright lights20:18
Kilosi crash now. love sleeping when its storming20:19
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:19

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