ash_workhowudodat: also, should I stop ncat before telnetting?00:00
howudodatyes kill ncat00:00
howudodatash_work: try from both00:00
ash_workhowudodat: on the local machine the connection was refused00:01
ash_workhowudodat: still trying on the container00:01
ash_workhowudodat: telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out00:03
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frostschutzaraph, you should be able to do this from the running system. was it regular swap or encrypted?00:08
howudodatash_work: you might need to add a -6 flag to your telnet-->telnet -6 localhost 9000, telnet -6 900000:08
araphfrostschutz, it was regular swap. I'd assigned it during OS installation, but then I think I had to change something in partitioning, and there the area lost its 'swap' quality00:09
ash_workhowudodat: telnet: could not resolve Address family for hostname not supported00:10
howudodatash_work:your computer's ip address is what?  and that is where you run atom?  outside of a docker container?00:11
ash_workhowudodat: yeah, atom is running outside the container00:12
ash_workhowudodat: I've allocated the IP as per: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30668090/how-can-i-debug-my-docker-container-with-phpstorm00:13
ash_workhowudodat: even though I'm not using PHPStorm00:13
howudodatash_work:can you pastebin your xdebug.ini?00:15
ash_workhowudodat: I don't have one. o.O;00:16
ash_workxdebug.so is there though00:16
frostschutzaraph, check your /etc/fstab, see if it has an fstab entry. apart from that it's just a matter of mkswap /dev/partition, swapon /dev/partition, blkid /dev/partition, and adding a swap entry for that UUID to fstab. you can find examples for this online or on any other machine that is using swap00:16
ash_workhowudodat: whose path is given for zend_extension= in php.ini00:16
frostschutzaraph, make 140% sure that you're using the correct partition though or you will lose your data ;)00:16
ash_workhowudodat: and xdebug shows up in phpinfo()00:17
howudodatash_work: it seems that there is something not quite configured right with your xdebug.  Sadly I dont use it.  The stack overflow article gives some insight on what the problem might be.  and based upon the telnet tests I concur.  it seems that xdebug doesn't quite know how to get out of the container to connect to your editor on port 900000:19
araphfrostschutz, it shows a swap entry: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13305011/00:19
araphdoes it mean there exists a swap space?00:20
ash_workhowudodat: any ideas to discern where xdebug is hitting a wall?00:22
howudodatash_work: I would take the question to xdebug mailing list, or post on stackoverflow which is much more tailored to programming questions00:26
ash_workhowudodat: okay; thanks for helping me out00:27
frostschutzaraph, so it is encrypted swap after all... and the swap entry in /etc/crypttab?00:27
_habnabiton 14.04, i think i'm running upstart as init with some systemd stuff going on as well. is there a command that sets up a user session, which includes cgroups and such? previously i was doing `chpst -u someuser somecommand ...` but that isn't initializing cgroups00:27
howudodatash_work: sorry I couldn't get you going00:27
ash_workhowudodat: I was hoping this was a matter of employing a tracing mechanism or something that would let me figure out where xdebug is failing, but alas, I am not so fortunate; either way, I really appreciate your help00:27
araphfrostschutz, it's like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13305242/00:29
frostschutzaraph, is that lubuntu?00:29
araphfrostschutz, no, ubuntu00:30
frostschutzaraph, doesn't work this way in any case00:30
frenckhyxIsn't ubuntu a terrorist tool.00:31
araphfrostschutz, do you mean I cannot assign the swap area in the space where it formerly was?00:31
frostschutzaraph, not sure if this works for ubuntu as well but you need something like this https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Dm-crypt/Swap_encryption#UUID_and_LABEL00:32
k1l_frenckhyx: troll somewhere else please.00:32
frostschutzaraph, or use unencrypted swap, or luks encrypted swap that asks for a passphrase, or whatever00:32
araphfrostschutz, I dont mind using unencrypted swap. but there appears no swap space in my partition table of hdd now. could I create an unencrypted one without breaking anything, like you mentioned above?00:33
frostschutzaraph, unencrypted swap will break your encryption (if you're using luks or ecryptfs as in encrypted /home/user/.Private dir)00:35
fftaHi all, why "xrandr --output HDMI1 --auto --primary" don't work00:36
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frostschutzaraph, for unencrypted swap as I said earlier, just mkswap the partition and so on and so forth (comment out the crypttab entry)00:36
araphfrostschutz, so the solution you mentioned 'mkswap /dev/partition, swapon /dev/partition, blkid /dev/partition, and adding a swap entry for that UUID to fstab', would it work in my case, with the encrypted swap?00:37
araphwithout hazards?00:37
VictoriaXOXOQ: Anyone know the recommended way of installing "pastebinit"? Software Center or terminal?00:43
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frenckhyxk1l_: what00:43
geniiVictoriaXOXO: Either00:44
VictoriaXOXOgenii: I get the same version no matter what?00:44
geniiVictoriaXOXO: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pastebinit    etc... yes, same version00:44
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: the software center or other GUI uses the same commands in the background.00:45
geniiVictoriaXOXO: The underlying system will install whatever the latest version in the repos is no matter what way you install it00:45
VictoriaXOXOgenii: k1l_: Awesome! :D00:45
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: but we supporters like terminal commands since we get the errormessages there and you can easily paste them and show them to us.00:45
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Yeah, I know. How do I do that pipe symbol in terminal? That long l looking thing.00:46
danmulvey| ?00:46
VictoriaXOXOYes, that one.00:46
danmulveyshift & \00:46
k1l_depends on your keyboard layout00:46
geniiVictoriaXOXO: Also since many helpers are in different *buntu channels like #kubuntu #lubuntu #xubuntu, the command-line way is the same no matter what desktop environment is being used00:46
danmulveyshould be above the enter key00:46
VictoriaXOXOgenii: Makes sense.00:47
VictoriaXOXOTest: |00:47
VictoriaXOXOGot it! :D00:47
VictoriaXOXOThe Super Mario brothers sure love their |s.00:47
danmulveythat reminds me actually, how often should i be running sudo apt-get upgrade/update ?00:48
cdkhas anybody set up a vnc or something of this type to access thier computrer from ther android phone00:49
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araphfrostschutz, but doesn't the entry in fstab refer to swap area? does it not mean that I have one?00:49
danmulveycdk: i've messed around with it a bit00:49
cdkhave you had any sucess?00:50
danmulveycdk: its been a minute since i used it, but yeah it seemed to work well. i just haven't had much reason to use it that much00:50
cdkwhat service do you use?00:51
danmulveycdk: i used dyndns.org to make things a little easier connectng, trying to find the app i used right now though00:51
danmulveycdk: gimme a second to grab my phone and see what i have installed00:52
ubuntunewbiecan anyone help me with a mdadm issue. i have a non boot md0 that i setup after installing ubuntu15.10 for the life of me i cannot get it to assemble during boot. i can assemble manually after boot. i try checking dmesg and see nothing about it, i think mdadm is not running at boot/attempting at boot00:52
danmulveycdk: have you tried anything yet or just looking for recommendations?00:52
cdktried x11vnc but no luck and tried remina or somtehthing like that but no luck and seeking help00:53
danmulveyive got androidVNC installed on my phone, ive heard good things about pocketCloud though. supposed to be pretty easy to se00:55
danmulveycdk: anything specifically giving you trouble though?00:56
cdkthe remina one only connects to a vnc server not host and i am unable to figure out the x11vnc00:57
danmulveywhat are you running on the computer youre trying to connect to?00:58
cdki was trying to setup my linux computer so that i can acess it from my phone and control it from the phone01:00
danmulveyso you should be running the vnc server from your computer01:01
danmulveyi think vino is installed by default01:02
danmulveylook for "desktop sharing" on your computer, that should give you the settngs youll need for your phone to connect01:04
fftawhy VGA default dis01:09
fftacan't reset01:09
cdki treid to bring up desktop sharing but i cant find it it says that it is installed however i cant find it and it wont tell me where it is located at in the system01:11
danmulveydid you try pulling it up through the unity dash/search?01:13
danmulveyim blanking on what its called, by default its at the top of your list of applications on the left of your screen01:14
danmulveyshould be able to click on that icon and type in desktop sharing and it'll locate it for you01:14
danmulveywhat happens when you do that?01:14
araphhello everyone, I ran badblocks on a drive for two passes already, and it gave no errors. yet I read that it would need to run a couple of days to reveal deeper errors. is it really necessary?01:17
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ubuntunewbiecan anyone help me with a mdadm issue. i can assemble manually after boot with mdadm -As. i try checking dmesg and see nothing about it, i think mdadm is not running at boot/attempting at boot, is there an additional step other than /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf that needs to be setup to load the raid array? it seems that mdadm.conf is not being checked during boot and i am not sure where to start. no01:21
ubuntunewbieerrors are thrown but i believe that is because nothing is even trying to assemble /dev/md001:21
greyscaleDoes anyone else have experience with an intel/nvidia laptop having dogshit external 4k performance, but perfect internal 3.5k performance and perfect 1080p external performance over displayport?01:23
greyscaleIt runs like a dog.. I get cursor flickering and everything.01:24
greyscaleVideos are a slideshow01:24
danmulveyanyone have experience recovering data from drives that were set up in raid (striping) originally?01:25
cdkdanmulvey: it doesnt come up with it but when i look at it through the ubuntu software center it shows that it is installed but wont show where just that it is installed01:25
Canonanyone here01:26
Canonlooking to reinstall dd on a ubuntu system01:27
Canonclean install01:28
k1l_Canon: what happend that you want to reinstall it?01:28
danmulveycdk: huh that's odd, give me a second to take a look at my setup and see if i can help01:28
Canonjust cant find where to get the deb file01:28
k1l_Canon: what happend?01:28
danmulveycdk: open a terminal and type 'which vino-preferences' (without the quotes) and let me know what that says01:29
Canonjust wiped my server...01:29
k1l_Canon: you usually dont just reinstall stuff. and dd is not a own package. its included into coreutils. so i hope you did not remove that01:29
cdkkk just a sec01:29
k1l_Canon: then better reinstall your server.01:30
cdkheres thje output:::    /usr/bin/vino-preferences01:31
danmulveycdk: cool, try running 'vino-preferences &' and that should get you going01:32
danmulveycdk: that's the vnc server that comes with the default ubuntu install, should give you the info you need to connect with whatever viewer you have on the phone01:34
cdkok it opened now how do i set it up? and connect to it?01:34
danmulveycdk: youre gonna want to enable desktop sharing on there, then on the vnc viewer app on your phone you'll need to enter your ip address/login info for the computer01:35
cdkdo i check the automaticly configure UPnP router to open and forward ports?01:36
cdkand what port does it default to?01:37
danmulveycdk: i believe i had mine set to auto, let me double check on that and the default port though. just a second01:38
truexfan81is there any way to add transparency to the panel in unity?01:40
kostkontruexfan81, unity-tweak might have that option01:40
danmulveycdk: i wanna say it's port 5900 but i'm trying to make sure right now01:41
cdkdanmulvey: ok01:42
TruffelHow can I view my network adapter settings and change them?01:42
k1l_truexfan81: see in unity-tweak-tool01:42
cdkdanmulvey: i am also using "androidVNC" on my phone01:42
gzcwnktruffel ifconfig at the comamnd line01:42
truexfan81kostkon and k1l_ thanks01:43
k1l_Truffel: what you mean exactly? is networkmanager enough?01:43
danmulveycdk: yeah looks like its 590001:43
danmulveycdk: and i have the upnp config set to auto on mine01:43
Truffellets say I wanted to change what band my wifi card broadcast on and setting like that.01:44
danmulveycdk: give it a try and let me know if it works or if you get stuck anywhere along the way01:44
Gyom //mode $me +x01:44
cdkok so when i search my ip and get the public ip adress is that the one i should use?01:45
k1l_Truffel: you set that in the settings of your router.01:46
danmulveycdk: yeah that sounds right01:46
gzcwnktruffel you change networks and taht changes the channel unless you are the access point?01:46
Canonfound and installed thanks01:46
danmulveycdk: you can also use something like dyndns.org to point to your ip address and make things a little easier to remember01:46
Truffelsorry I meant the band that my wifi  adapter looks for, im pretty sure I can change that.01:47
k1l_Truffel: it will scan for all bands.01:47
gzcwnktruffel but u only do 2.4ghz?01:47
cdkok when trying to connect from m,y computer its stuck on saying establishing handshake please wait and then says connectoin timed out01:48
gzcwnkcdk are you doing vnc over ssh?01:48
Truffelyeah. I having trouble staying connected to my university wifi. It's only since my laptop has been running ubuntu.01:49
k1l_Truffel: what line in "lsusb;lspci" contains your wifi?01:49
gzcwnktruffel i odnt think that will help01:50
cdkon the phone it doesnt specify whether it is ssl ssh or what it is01:50
Truffelif I restart the laptop it fixes it for a while then it happens again01:50
k1l_Truffel: sounds more like a driver issue01:50
gzcwnkcdk you have vncclient?01:50
gzcwnkand teh remote server is ubuntu?01:50
gzcwnkI odnt use an android but i use vnc a lot01:51
danmulveycdk: you're trying to connect to your computer with your phone or from a different computer now?01:51
TruffelK1I_ any idea on fixes other than getting a eternal usb adapter01:51
cdki as foir the website you gave me i dont want to pay for this se4rvice01:52
k1l_Truffel: not if you dont give details01:52
danmulveycdk: they shouldhave a free service01:52
cdkfrom my phone01:52
k1l_<k1l_> Truffel: what line in "lsusb;lspci" contains your wifi?01:52
danmulveycdk: i think you just have to go to their website every once in a while to update it for the free service01:52
cdkgzcwnk: i have ununtus desktop sharing set up and am using androidVNC app on my phone01:53
truexfan81kostkon and k1l_ that worked nicely thanks again :D01:53
cdkdanmulvey: this is what it brought me to: http://dyn.com/dns/01:54
k1l_Truffel: please show the line here01:55
cdkgzcwnk: you have any ways of setting this up?01:55
danmulveycdk: ahh its been a while since ive used them, lemme poke around the site and see if they still have the service i was thinking of. sorry about that01:56
Truffel02:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)01:56
gzcwnkcdk so teh desktop has a dhcp ip address and it changes?01:57
cdkdanmulvey: thats ok01:57
gzcwnkdanmulvey they used to be free but now I think they charge, though you used to be able to get 30days renewable for free01:58
k1l_Truffel: what is "lsb_release -d"?01:58
danmulveycdk: yeah looks like they discontinued the free service about a year ago unfortunately. i've been using a custom domain for a little while now so I haven't had a use for them, good to know now though so i can stop referring people there!01:58
danmulveygzcwnk: yeah thats what i used to use, the one where you just had to hit their site once a month to keep it going01:59
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gzcwnkyep, before that you didnt even have to do that....i used it01:59
TruffelUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS02:00
Guest97901Hello fellow ubuntu users. Im in desperate need of help and ive literally searched the internet with no prevail.02:00
Guest97901How do i set a nickname ._. i havent used irc in a while.02:00
k1l_Guest97901: /nick newnick02:01
danmulveyGuest9790: /nick <nick>02:01
=== Guest97901 is now known as BlastRed
BlastRedThank you.02:01
BlastRedOkay, so anyone pretty experienced with ubuntu? i need help with it.02:01
BlastRedI dont want to ramble off and noone to understand02:01
danmulveycdk: ok so you have sharing enabled on your computer, and you have the vnc viewer app on your phone with the correct ip address etc plugged in, but when you try to connect it times out? just trying to make sure we're on the same page here02:02
cdkgzcwnk: yes02:03
k1l_Truffel: "uname -a"?02:03
cdkdanmulvey: yes that is what i have done02:03
danmulveycdk: is your phone on the same network as your computer? not sure if that would make a difference just curious02:03
cdkdanmulvey: is there a place that i can paste pohotos to?02:03
danmulveycdk: imgur.com02:04
TruffelLinux turbuntu 3.19.0-31-generic #36~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Thu Oct 8 10:21:08 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux02:04
cdkdanmulvey: and yes there on the same network.02:04
k1l_Truffel: so that should work fine. with that newer kernel02:04
gzcwnkcdk so you know the IP change or can it surprise you?02:05
danmulveygzcwnk: we're just trying to get him setup in general right now. having trouble connecting the phone to the computer02:05
cdkgzcwnk: as far as i know it stays the same as everytime i check it it is the same02:05
Truffelk1I_      how new is this kernel? like it seems to be working  fine today but i had not used the pc in a while because of the connection problems.02:06
BlastRedMy ubuntu computer is having a input/output error and i dont know how to fix it as im new to ubuntu...02:06
cdkgzcwnk: here is how i have the desktop sharing configured. ::: http://imgur.com/UcnbZSd02:06
BlastRedI've tried everything.02:06
BlastRedThis is my last resort :|02:06
BlastRed ; -;02:07
gzcwnkhmm pity I odnt have a andoid phone  :/02:07
BlastRedNoone has any idea on how to fix an input/output error on ubuntu?02:07
gzcwnkblastred can you paste teh error?02:07
BlastRedoh yeah sure02:07
BlastRedTheres a couple, ill leave a link in pastebin02:08
cdkgzcwnk: i can even do it through a webbrowser on my phone i just want he acesss.02:08
gzcwnkcdk I'd suggest using vnc4server and then ssh tunnel vnc, I assume you can do ssh and a tunnel with andoird02:08
gzcwnkcdk do you have an ssh app?02:09
BlastRedTheres quite a bit, so wait off a while02:09
cdkgzcwnk: i do now02:10
gzcwnkbalstred a i/o error could be a dead sisk, the fix then in obvious if costly02:10
gzcwnkcdk are u in front of your desktop?02:11
cdkgzcwnk: wher do i get he vnc4server and yes im in front of my desktop thats what im on right now02:12
gzcwnkcdk do a sudo su - to get to root and type apg-get -y install vnc4server02:12
gzcwnkapt-get i mean02:12
cdkthen is there a graphical face for that?02:13
gzcwnkopen an xterm02:13
k1l_dont su - on ubuntu. sudo -i works02:13
gzcwnkprobably but i odnt use it02:13
BlastRedA couple of more minutes please02:13
gzcwnkall my ubuntu desktops are down while i move teh gluster clsuter02:14
k1l_BlastRed: i/o errors can come from a failing disk.02:14
gzcwnkkil tahts what i suspect02:14
gzcwnkor it could be something else02:15
BlastRedHere it is:02:16
cdkok i will try it thank you02:16
gzcwnkblastred do a fdisk -l for me pls02:17
gzcwnkcdk there are a few steps02:17
twigletzonehi folks02:17
gzcwnkso once you have vnc4server installed let me know02:18
srulidoes some one have a gnome ubuntu 15.10? i deleted my 01ifupdown file, would appreciate if someone can pastebin it02:19
cdkok its installed02:19
BlastRedgzcwnk updated the pastebin with fdisk -l02:20
BlastRedit doesnt do anything other than blank02:20
frenckhyxBlastRed: wow02:20
twigletzoneanyone know if the standard 14.04.3 iso image is working OK? Trying to set up a bootable USB stick and the pendrivelinux utility gave me a lot of 'file is broken' errors02:20
sruli pendrivelinux fails many times02:21
frenckhyxtwigletzone: that's bad02:21
twigletzoneit got further than the last util i tried02:21
gzcwnkblastred i said do a "fdisk -l"   do exactly that pls02:21
OerHeks!info ifupdown02:21
ubottuifupdown (source: ifupdown): high level tools to configure network interfaces. In component main, is important. Version 0.7.54ubuntu1 (wily), package size 49 kB, installed size 245 kB02:21
BlastRedoh i did02:21
twigletzoneany recommendations for a better way to make a bootable stick?02:22
OerHekssruli it is a program, reinstall it02:22
sruliOerHeks: tnx02:22
gzcwnki cant see an output02:22
BlastRedThis is what happens :ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ fdisk -l  ubuntu@ubuntu:~$02:22
gzcwnkdid it not return?02:22
BlastRedThere is no output. thats a problem02:22
frenckhyxtwigletzone: dd command02:22
twigletzoneI'm on windows at the moment :(02:22
EriC^^twigletzone: did you checksum the iso?02:22
twigletzoneErIC^^: yes02:22
gzcwnkblastred tell me about this hardware you are on as it sounds like it has no disks02:23
EriC^^twigletzone: try linux live usb creator02:23
cdkgzcwnk: ok its installed02:23
frenckhyxgzcwnk: hardware02:23
SeriouslyLaughI've had good success with unetbootin02:23
BlastRedgzcwnk how so?02:23
twigletzoneokay... that one got me nowhere last time but i may have been doing it wrong lol02:23
Bashing-omBlastRed: 'fdisk' requires "sudo" to work .. try as 'sudo fdisk -lu' .02:23
gzcwnkcdk so you are curerently teh user you will have teh desktop as?02:24
gzcwnkblastred fdisk -l should return all your harddrives02:24
BlastRedoh ill leave a picture02:24
BlastRedanyway to screenshot on ubuntu livecd?02:25
cdkyes i ran in terminal vnc4server and got in return>    You will require a password to access your desktops.02:25
=== ale is now known as Guest2304
twigletzonethanks everyone, going offline to try more things02:26
gzcwnkcdk did you set a password?02:26
BlastRednvm found it02:27
BlastRedgzcwnk: http://imgur.com/A0FBfHp02:28
cdkgzcwnk: yes i set the password02:28
gzcwnkcdk so you got a return something like --> glusterp2:1.log02:29
gzcwnkie a 1.log?02:29
gzcwnkblastred ok you have a disk02:30
cdkgzcwnk: it then outputed the followuing::: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13306957/02:30
sruliOerHeks: it did not replace the files on a reinstall02:30
gzcwnkcdk that 1 says the vncserver is running on port 590102:30
gzcwnkif it said 2 it would be 5902 etc02:30
cdkok let me thry that config in my phones end02:31
gzcwnkyou will have to resatrt it every time you reboot the desktop, but you can set it to satrt on boot02:31
gzcwnkno wait02:31
gzcwnkcdk no wait02:31
cdkgzcwnk: and is this vnc or ssh?02:32
gzcwnktype this in the ssh client --> ssh -l <user> <ip>  -L 5902:localhost:590102:32
BlastRedgzcwnk: yeah, i showed you what happened when i tried to format the hard drive.02:32
gzcwnkblastred my only idea is use the fdisk to wipe teh disk so you do fdisk /dev/sda02:33
gzcwnkthen d to delete the partitons and w to write those changes02:34
gzcwnkq to quit02:34
gzcwnkany data will be gone02:34
gzcwnkcdk is teh ssh client agui or a comemnd line thing?02:35
* gzcwnk typing sucks02:35
BlastRedubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo fdisk /dev/sda fdisk: unable to read /dev/sda: Input/output error02:35
returnthisX has started crashing on me. three times toda02:36
returnthisis there any more info I should grab?02:36
xi_ubuntu snappy core dev details documentations & materials?02:36
cdkgzcwnk:   here is the screen throught he app that i am using----->   http://imgur.com/PRReh1l02:36
k1l_xi_: #snappy02:37
BlastRedSo theres nothing i can do ; -;02:37
k1l_BlastRed: sounds like the disk is failing due to hardware failure.02:37
gzcwnkport will still be 2202:37
k1l_BlastRed: disks will die. some faster than others. be prepared and make backups02:38
gzcwnkor its a ddgy psu02:38
BlastRedkll_ so what do i do if i cant format it? its my harddrive02:38
k1l_BlastRed: get a new one02:38
thurstylarkis utopic no longer supported?02:38
gzcwnkblastred this is a desktop?02:38
k1l_thurstylark: no. its dead since july02:39
k1l_!eolupgrades | thurstylark02:39
ubottuthurstylark: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades02:39
gzcwnkcdk you need to set ssh to tunnel vnc02:39
BlastRedgzcwnk this is a laptop. I am running of a LiveCD of ubuntu because my ubuntu apparantely crashed 12 hours aggo02:39
gzcwnknot sure how on that gui02:40
BlastRedand ive been trying to fix it for 12 hours02:40
thurstylarkk1l_: That explains the 404s I got from trying to do updates. I oughtta use this computer more often.. Thanks02:40
gzcwnkwell lik could well be right then, sounds like a dead/dying disk02:40
srulimy tun0 dir in /sys/class/net/ has also disappeared what do i need to reinstall to get that back?02:41
EriC^^BlastRed: if you want to check your disk type sudo apt-get install smartmontools , then sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdX02:41
cdkgzcwnk: ok now i have acces but only in a command line and no graphicle02:42
gzcwnkcdk so you have ssh'd tot he desktop?02:43
* gzcwnk jumps for joy, gluster is back up :)02:45
=== Richard is now known as Guest2344
cdkgzcwnk: here is what i have----> http://imgur.com/VTPe3rb02:46
cdkbut i would like to have graphical access02:46
gzcwnkcdk start the vncclient and for the IP put in localhost:590102:47
gzcwnkso if it gives you a passowrd prompt02:47
gzcwnksee i mean02:47
Bashing-omBlastRed: your A0FBfHp post does not show to be a liveDVD image .. seems it is a copy of the .iso file ???02:51
cdkgzcwnk: how do i do that?02:51
=== annie is now known as Guest72174
=== frdmn is now known as frdmn_
BlastRedBashing-om oh well i guess it is that?02:52
cdkgzcwnk: these are the optoins that i have::: http://imgur.com/ruUA1DC02:53
BlastRedBashing-om :  http://imgur.com/8nVlzW602:54
BlastRedits what my ubuntu (trial disc) is running on02:54
BlastRedEriC^^ : E: Unable to locate package smartmontool02:55
EriC^^then type sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | nc termbin.com 9999 and paste the link02:56
cdkgzcwnk::: heres what i can do> http://imgur.com/ruUA1DC02:57
gzcwnkcdk you open the vnccleint on the android it should ask waht to connect to02:57
Seven_Six_TwoIs flash finally dead? I can't get any to load in my firefox02:58
gzcwnkcdk dont you have a vnc client app?02:58
cdki will see what i can get02:58
gzcwnksorry thought you did02:59
whoami_can you teach me about how to use terminal in the linux?03:02
Bashing-omBlastRed: What is your present goal ? I still see a 1GB squashfs as an .iso image file .03:02
reisiowhoami_: CTRL+ALT+t03:02
k1l_!terminal | whoami_03:02
ubottuwhoami_: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal03:02
BlastRedBashing-om present goal?03:05
Bashing-omBlastRed: Yeah, what are we working to achieve ?03:06
BlastRedBashing-om : Oh, to format the Hard disk in order to make it NTFS to reinstall windows 703:07
BlastRedOr, reinstall ubuntu and possibly go through this process again03:07
gzcwnkblastred it sounds like teh hd is dying, try a reboot and see if its then tehre03:08
pyiosW: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-updates/main/binary-amd64/Packages  Hash Sum mismatch03:09
cdkgzcwnk: ok i have a vnc client on my pohone now... here is what it has >>>   http://imgur.com/3H8bG7p03:09
pyioshow to fix this?03:09
k1l_pyios: just wait :)03:09
BlastRedgzcwnd AND Bashing-om : brb going to restart03:09
gzcwnkcdk for address put localhost:590103:09
k1l_pyios: or if you cant wait do a "sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf" then "sudo apt update" again03:10
gzcwnktry hat03:10
cdkgzcwnk: ok now what03:11
gzcwnkhit enter see if you get a password prompt03:11
cdkno i get he port on which your computer is listening for a connectoin could not be contacted03:12
gzcwnkcdk :(03:13
gzcwnkcdk you are probably not forwarding03:13
cdkis there a way to tell vnc4server to do it on port 80?03:13
gzcwnkcdk not i know of03:15
pyiosafter “ sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf” ,the same problem is still03:15
cdkok i have to go hopefully i figur something out.......03:15
cdkthanks for the help03:16
Bashing-ompyios: Possible the problem is in the mirror site . Might change your mirror - or wait 'til the morrow and try a update once more .03:18
BlastRedIm back03:20
BlastRedwhho was helping me?03:20
BlastRedHello? who was helping me with my Disk?03:20
BlastRedFor whoever asked when i was gone, that 1 GB thing was casper so i had a linux mint live usb that kept things i installed onto it03:21
=== Gravity is now known as Guest4209
BlastRedBashing-om: who was the other guy03:22
=== ^CJ^ is now known as ^cj^
reisioBlastRed: doesn't matter, what's up03:22
BlastRedIm trying to format my harddisk but its giving me the input/output error03:23
BlastRedi have a pastebin for it.03:23
reisioa spinner?03:23
Bashing-omBlastRed: There was gzcwnd and EriC^^ .. I am done for this session and calling it a night .. wish you the best .03:23
BlastRed ;- ; its sad becausse i need you really badly03:24
=== kalen_not-here is now known as kalen
BlastRedspinner you say, reisio?03:24
k1l_disk, not ssd.03:25
BlastRed@kll_  who re you talking to?03:26
BlastRedwho are*03:26
pyioswhen I execute command with sudo at first ,does it mean doing it with root account ?03:26
BlastRedspinner you say, reisio?03:27
k1l_BlastRed: you. since you asked what "a spinner" is. a traditional hard disk got spinning metal platters in it.03:28
reisioBlastRed: uh yup03:28
BlastRedkll_ oh03:28
reisiopyios: in this case yes03:28
k1l_pyios: its root permissions, not the root account. but in the end the result is nearly the same03:29
BlastRedreisio:  im not sure if my harddisk is a spinner, but i think it may be. Why might that matter for the input/output error?03:30
VictoriaXOXOk1l_ = admin? :o03:30
k1l_BlastRed: did you reboot? did that change anything? i still think that is a disk hardware failure03:30
reisioBlastRed: well, some storage devices you can't easily or usefully reconnect the cables to03:31
BlastRedkll_ yes, i rebooted. note that my ubuntu crashed and now only opens busybox and im on a ubuntu install CD to fix errors. Rebooting does not do much anything03:32
BlastRedreisio: im using a laptop03:32
BlastRed. -.03:32
k1l_BlastRed: which could be all explained because of a failing hard disl03:32
BlastRedkll_ yes. I am trying to find a way to fix the errors to use the computer for untill christmas. For reasons unknown to the irc.03:33
reisioanyway, if you haven't sorted it yet, the most efficient solution is probably to replace it03:33
BlastRedreisio: expecting to christmas time . . .03:33
k1l_BlastRed: try to read the smart data if that is possible. but if its failing its failing. then you need to replace it03:34
reisioBlastRed: get a cheap usb stick and use that till then03:34
k1l_there is no magic command to make broken hardware work again.03:34
BlastRedkll_ : read smart data03:34
BlastRedread smart data*?03:35
reisiok1l_: /usr/sbin/cha-ching03:35
HackerIIel oh el03:35
k1l_BlastRed: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools03:35
DaViD_kGood night. What is the link to download ubuntu server x64 ?03:36
HackerIIill take, ubuntu downloads for $500 alex03:36
VictoriaXOXODaViD_k: 15.10? http://www.ubuntu.com/download/server/thank-you?country=&version=15.10&architecture=amd6403:37
reisioDaViD_k: whereabouts are you, geographically?03:37
k1l_i would suggest a 14.04 for a server03:37
DaViD_kVictoriaXOXO: Thank´s!03:37
DaViD_kreisio: Brazil03:37
k1l_!downloads | DaViD_k03:37
k1l_!download | DaViD_k03:37
ubottuDaViD_k: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Wily, and help keeping the servers' load low!03:37
reisioDaViD_k: http://mirror.pop-sc.rnp.br/mirror/ubuntu-releases/15.10/ubuntu-15.10-server-amd64.iso03:38
VictoriaXOXODaViD_k: k1l_: 14.04 LTS? http://www.ubuntu.com/download/server/thank-you?country=&version=14.04.3&architecture=amd6403:38
BlastRedkll_ which postfix config shuld i use idk which ojnen is good03:38
=== neurotus is now known as Guest39542
k1l_BlastRed: ?03:39
BlastRednevermind ill just pick one03:40
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Do you use AppArmor? Why? Why not?03:40
BlastRedkll_ : http://shrib.com/Icpu5fPJY0zsF3a?v=nc03:41
DaViD_kdownloading 15.1003:41
DaViD_kthank´s for all03:41
BlastRedthose are the config things03:41
hoodedicesuspend fails to suspend03:42
OerHeksgoal ? Oh, to format the Hard disk in order to make it NTFS to reinstall windows 7 ..now postfix configs .. i am lost there, BlastRed ...03:42
hoodediceresult: laptop overheats in backpack. Good thing is that it heats me up. Bad thing is that it then has no battery left for me to be able to do anything productive03:43
VictoriaXOXOWindows... *shivers*03:43
BlastRed0erheks the windows part is not what im worried about exactly. im just trying to clear the computer of of the errors so i can even get as far to reinstall/install ANYTHING03:43
OerHeksput in your windows disk and hit the button03:44
remona-dashdo we have daily xubuntu or lubuntu builds?03:44
BlastRedits not that simple xD03:44
remona-dashisos I mean.03:44
BlastRedi need to format the harddisk to NTFS in order for it to show up in windows installation03:44
hoodediceBlast... you want to reinstall windows?03:44
BlastRedright. because it was gone when i decided to go linux mint03:44
VictoriaXOXOBlastRed: Don't do it! There's still time! You have so much to live for! :(03:45
hoodediceoookay, and I guess without losing mint?03:45
BlastRedwhich had the input/output error which i somehow fixed...03:45
OerHeksoh, mint issues03:45
hoodedicemint tissues03:45
reisioremona-dash: does it matter?03:45
BlastRedand when i fixed and installed ubuntu to erase linux mint, ubuntu 1 day after had the same problem03:45
reisiowhat problem?03:46
BlastRednow im like, screw the ubuntu os all together and im trying to go back to windows because i have a windows key03:46
reisioBlastRed: k, well; perhaps you're in the wrong channel, then03:46
reisioremona-dash: ?03:46
BlastRedNo.. . *facepalm*03:46
BlastRedIm trying to either reinstall linux mint or windows03:46
remona-dashreisio: Yup; I need It just for its kernel. I need a live cd with newish kernel. 4.1 or above03:47
hoodediceBlast, google lilo03:47
reisioBlastRed: so decide :)03:47
OerHeksyeah. put in your windows disk and hit the button, if the disk is full errors/bad block, forget it.03:47
remona-dash 4.3 would be nice!03:47
reisioremona-dash: oh, why's that?03:47
BlastRedbut focus on the problem: Im trying TO FORMAT THE HARD DRIVE03:47
hoodedicethen, put in your windows disk and install it as is03:47
BlastRedit doesnt matter which os03:47
k1l_BlastRed: no03:47
reisioBlastRed: what's stopping you?03:47
hoodediceyour windows disk can format the drive03:47
k1l_BlastRed: you dont to format at all. that will make the OS installer you will want to run03:47
k1l_BlastRed: the problem is: your disk seems to be hardware wise dead.03:48
BlastRedLook, when i try to install ubuntu, i get the input/output error03:48
k1l_BlastRed: no, you need to look03:48
hoodediceBlast, is it a seagate hard drive?03:48
BlastRed??? ?03:48
reisioBlastRed: that's another matter, pick one03:48
k1l_BlastRed: nor ubuntu, nor mint nor windows can repair hardware failure.03:48
OerHeksyeah, next argument will be the postfix configs?03:48
remona-dashreisio: compiling a kernel for a system I don't know the hardware details. i would boot that system with ubuntu and still the list of modules that way. also I may go bunckers and still the whole thing. (i.e the ubuntu kernel and the initramfs image)03:48
BlastRedthis is silly, i know that kll03:49
k1l_BlastRed: if you know then stop telling the same wrong thing over and over again03:49
BlastRedwhich is..03:49
BlastRedwhich is?03:49
reisioremona-dash: well the distro is irrelevant, you can take any kernel from any GNU/Linux distro and plug it into any other03:49
remona-dashI hate spellchecks; **steal**03:49
k1l_that you want to format the drive.03:49
=== fginther` is now known as fginther
k1l_BlastRed: only thing you can do now on ubuntu is to make sure the drive is dead. so use the smartmontools.03:50
inteusif the hard drive has failed, you won't be able to format it.03:50
BlastRedjesus christ m803:50
inteusyo, take a chill pill03:50
remona-dashreisio: do you know any distros besides ubuntu with kernel >4.103:50
BlastRedkll_ did you figure out which mode i should use yet?03:50
BlastRedbecause i dont know.03:50
k1l_BlastRed: that just doesnt matter if you run a live-system right now03:51
reisioremona-dash: why, has Ubuntu got it?03:52
BlastRedwhat? im talking about postfix configuration for the harddrive03:52
reisioBlastRed: hahah03:52
reisiogood one03:52
BlastRedthe only reason i mentioined the hard drive format is because someone mentioned it first .-.03:52
BlastRedreisio:  good one what!?!?!?03:52
Steven_MHi all, the groups command is not showing all the groups my user is suposed to be in.03:52
k1l_BlastRed: postfix doesnt matter now. you got other issues than wanting to send mails03:52
reisioSteven_M: so add them: gpasswd03:53
hoodediceanyway, let me reiterate my problem: After suspending xubuntu 15.04 on my laptop, if I close the lid, the laptop boots back up03:53
BlastRedkll_ so local only?03:53
BlastRedkll_ or no config?03:53
k1l_BlastRed: no config.03:53
BlastRedthis computer is only like  4 years old anyway it should be fine... haha03:54
k1l_BlastRed: no03:54
BlastRedim kidding03:54
BlastRedkll_ , it is installed, now what.03:55
k1l_see the wiki page.03:55
BlastRedkll_ doesnt say much. im cchecking my drive for smart capability. what now ._.03:56
Steven_Mreisio: I've done that, but groups is only showing the login group, not the extra group.03:57
reisioSteven_M: the 'extra' group?03:58
reisioSteven_M: su - user03:58
reisioSteven_M: or log out & back in03:58
BlastRedkll_  the background LONG test has begun. I can wait it out. Question still remains: Will you still be here for results? and if so how does this prove my thing is dead.03:58
reisioSteven_M: groups aren't applied immediately03:58
BlastRedthing equalling hard drive.03:58
reisioBlastRed: replacing the device is a better use of your time/effort03:58
Steven_Mreisio:  oh, sorry03:59
k1l_BlastRed: it will make a report with different categories. see there whats going wrong03:59
BlastRedreisio: it costs money.03:59
BlastRedkll_ okay. This is what i got, by the way when i tried to view results not knowing how long it may take: === START OF READ SMART DATA SECTION === Device does not support Self Test logging04:00
reisioBlastRed: only if you spend money on it04:00
k1l_BlastRed: broken harware costs money to replace. yes. so its one broken hardware or no hardware for you04:00
reisioI'm sure the cost of a hard disk would not break your credit rating from now till December04:00
inteusnurullah: hi04:01
BlastRedreisio: it wont. im not a technician though. I dont know how to put in a new harddrive.04:01
reisioBlastRed: then waiting till December won't help you anyway04:01
reisioBlastRed: it's pretty simple, though04:02
BlastRedreisio:  for a laptop?04:02
reisiofind disassembly instructions for your laptop online, remove screws, replace drive, reverse04:02
kisbyes simple04:02
inteusBlastRed: the laptop manufacturer should have tutorials/instructions how to replace hard drive04:02
reisiohard drives in particular are usually more easily accessed than other bits04:02
reisioeven on laptops, usually04:02
BlastRedreisio: i cant find any places to buy a new one04:02
k1l_BlastRed: look into the manual from your make and model.04:02
reisiounless it's an "ultrabook" :p but even some of those are simple04:02
BlastRedjust now searched it up on google04:02
reisioBlastRed: new what, hard disk?04:02
BlastRedreisio: yes?04:03
BlastRedany websites where i can get a new one?04:03
danmulveythey keep them in the case with the razors at cvs04:03
BlastRedwhats the price range anyway?04:03
danmulveygotta get a manager to open the case though04:03
Steven_Mreisio: su - user worked, thanks :)04:03
reisioBlastRed: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&IsNodeId=1&N=100167524%20481404:04
reisioBlastRed: dirt cheap to not04:04
reisioamazon will probably have one or two better deals04:04
BlastRedreisio: could you pick one thats good? i really dont know which one is great and which one is terrible. i can go for around 12004:04
reisioBlastRed: just get the cheapest that doesn't have overwhelming "this is broken" reviews04:05
reisioBlastRed: what capacity do you need?04:05
BlastRedmy current one had 500 GB and that was great.04:05
BlastRedAnd is there a certain size? this computer is considerably small04:06
inteusinwhere #ubuntu becomes ##hardware04:06
BlastRedi had a good laugh over that.04:06
reisiointeus: yay boring commentary04:06
reisioBlastRed: yes, it's probably a 2.5″ drive04:06
reisioBlastRed: starting at $35 http://is.gd/ticehe04:07
bcxHow does ubuntu manages to sync X-clipboard with X-selection ?04:08
reisioand yeah, amazon has slightly better deals: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2/185-6389976-5074225?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=500gb+2.504:08
reisiobcx: if it's not using autocutsel, it's probably GNOME's doing04:08
rightarmfastcan anybody please help me?04:10
reisiorightarmfast: no, but some people probably can04:10
rightarmfasti have 2 GB RAM and 4 GB swap04:10
rightarmfastdo i need to reduce swappiness?04:10
reisiorightarmfast: nope04:10
rightarmfastif yes, then to how much?04:10
reisioyou could reduce swap, though04:11
rightarmfastthanks reisio04:11
reisioyou won't really need more than 2GB swap04:11
reisioand that's to do with hibernation and not really swapping04:11
BlastRedi should have this : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA5AD3GM6293 in a max of two weeks04:11
rightarmfasti thought there was a thumb rule like swap = 2 x RAM04:11
BlastRedreisio:  is there anyway i could possibly contact you when i get it?04:11
k1l_rightarmfast: today you dont want to use swap in daily usage since that is very slow compared to the speed of ram.04:11
BlastRedim going to need it tbh04:11
reisioBlastRed: sit back and wait, then04:11
k1l_BlastRed: better ask in #hardware for that04:12
reisioBlastRed: it's very simple, you don't need a personal instructor04:12
reisiomore than likely, on the bottom of your laptop is an obvious panel, with a couple obvious screws, behind which will be the hard disk, which you pop out and replace04:12
BlastRedit cant be that simple04:12
reisioall of it is very durable, you won't break anything04:12
BlastRed ;- ;  )04:13
BlastRedThis place is considerably depressing04:13
reisioif you were replacing the keyboard I'd say be a little careful, but you aren't04:13
rightarmfastBlastRed i suggest you do some reading on hardware forums like tomshardware and watchh some youtube videos :)04:13
rightarmfastI added a RAM stick to my PC that way. i was afraid i will break something because it needs to be pushed hard04:14
BlastRedanyways, thank you members so much  for the help. i appreiciate it.04:14
reisioreplacing ram can be more involved, yeah04:14
reisiosometimes the contraptions they use are absurd and fragile04:14
BlastRedive replaced ram before04:14
reisiofor laptops in particular04:15
reisiostill not usually a big deal, though04:15
bcxreisio: I'm not aware of such a GNOME feature, eg w/o gpaste04:15
rightarmfastthe motherboard sagged a little and i almost had a heart attack. until the knobs clicked04:15
reisioI got this SBC once and they'd put an extra daughter board meant to be removed underneath the ram, and I was pushing down on it and if I hadn't been very delecate it would've cracked04:15
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:16
reisiobcx: nor I, but that's what it'd be if it's not autocutsel04:16
bcxreisio: I didn't manage to identify the clipboard sync mecanism04:16
birdjesusguys, tell me plx how i can remove unity from ubuntu 15.10 and make gnome3 using by default?04:16
birdjesuslast time i tried do this i ruined all04:16
reisiobcx: does it matter?04:16
reisiobirdjesus: ask ubottu about !notunity04:16
bcxreisio: I would like to use it on my custom ubuntu gnome04:17
rightarmfastis unity a DE or UI?04:17
reisiobcx: just use autocutsel04:17
reisiorightarmfast: it's both, arguably04:17
reisiomost specifically, it's a particular configuration of GNOME and compiz04:17
bcxreisio: autocutsel does not resolve to select+paste issue04:17
reisiobcx: sure it does04:17
bcxreisio: not for pasting over selection, to my knowledge04:18
reisiobcx: yes, but to mine04:18
k1l_unity is "another shell for the gnome3 basis". but only on the gnome3 basis on traditional xserver.04:18
birdjesusidk. im newbie with dis. just installed ubuntu from minimal cd and chosen ubuntu-desktop :P04:18
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use the !Unity desktop environment by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown.04:18
reisiobirdjesus: ^04:18
bcxreisio: autocutsel -f ; autocutsel -s PRIMARY -f     ??04:19
rightarmfastso it's like built over GNOME 3? like Pantheon and Cinnamon?04:19
k1l_birdjesus: install "gnome-shell" to get the gnome desktop04:19
reisiobcx: I don't recall the particulars, but you can use autocutsel04:19
reisiorightarmfast: similarly, yes04:19
rightarmfastCool. thanks04:19
sith_rockeri am running 15.10 on an amd64 for the last week or so it has started to freeze up and i am not able to isolate the problem i have looked at the syslog and cant find anything04:19
birdjesusim already installed gnome. now i have choice between unity and gnome at load screen, but idk how to delete unity and dont crash system with this04:20
k1l_birdjesus: install ubuntu-gnome-desktop   and remove ubuntu-desktop04:20
birdjesusi`ll try it. Thank you04:22
avernoshow can I install de driver for android on ubuntu ?04:28
=== _Anonaly is now known as Anonaly_
k1l_avernos: you mean fastboot and adb?04:28
avernosk1l_, no, the one for file transfers04:29
avernosseems to be some non supported driver04:29
=== Anonaly_ is now known as _Anonaly
k1l_avernos: ubuntu got mtp support in nautilus already04:29
avernosalright, might need to upgrade04:30
Adix|2hi to all04:30
avernosif i dont have support, what should i do aside from installing the mtp package?04:30
k1l_what ubuntu are you on exactly?04:30
avernosubuntu 1304:31
k1l_avernos: "lsb_release -d"04:31
k1l_avernos: if its a 13.xx you are way too late for upgrading and not only missing features like mtp support but not having security updates since ages.04:32
k1l_if you dont like upgrading, stay on LTS in the first place. that got 5 years support04:33
avernosk1l_, will do. just realized that it seems to be a problem of my android device. lsusb doesnt show anything04:33
birdjesus_i installed ubuntu-gnome-desktop and removed ubuntu-desktop, but default login screen from unity and choice "Ubuntu" still here .=.04:34
avernosoh, thats a neat command04:35
k1l_birdjesus_: "sudo apt-get remove unity" then "sudo apt-get autoremove"04:35
srulii am cloning a few ubuntu partitions to some laptops with pre-installed windows, the original is uefi, however 1 laptop has windows installed in legacy mode, can i clone the partitions and install grub to regular boot partition or do i need to do a full install on the legacy?04:35
k1l_need to leave, bye04:35
birdjesus_last time tried do this and ruined all, i hope this time all will be nice huh04:36
birdjesus_thank you for help, bye04:36
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=== cairaptor|mobile is now known as cairaptor
VictoriaXOXOHmm. When Ubuntu is just installed, do I still visit my graphics card vendor and motherboard vendor to download chipset drivers and such?04:50
=== sins-_m is now known as sins
=== sins is now known as sins-
cairaptorSo after updating my (optimus) laptop to 15.10, my graphics aren't working. I can get past Plymouth, but then it goes to the low-graphics message in TTY2, and in TTY7 is just this - http://imgur.com/pWnwXH604:52
cairaptorLooking at the lightdm/X logs, it looks like the nvidia drivers aren't loading, but after purging all nvidia/bumblebee stuff and trying to get nouveau or even just the Intel drivers running, it's still doing the same things04:53
cairaptorWhat would be the next step in trying to solve this? Purgin/reinstalling xorg and lightdm didn't make a difference either.04:54
srulii am cloning a few ubuntu partitions to some laptops with pre-installed windows, the original is uefi, however 1 laptop has windows installed in legacy mode, can i clone the partitions and install grub to regular boot partition or do i need to do a full install on the legacy?04:56
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Guest35808Hi ,, i am trying to copy data from My ubuntu to Android device. Error while copying. libmtp error:  Could not send object.04:59
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SeriouslyLaughping flood05:00
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oOoDsGoOoHi, I am trying to sync music to my ipod and I can't seem to find any program to do it05:00
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Mariela!!!Para ver mi Videos Gratis solo por Hoy dale Click al Video///Only Today My Video Free Clik The Video!!!05:06
ubottuMariela: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:06
prakashif I upgrade ubuntu 15.04 to 15.10, how much I need to download?05:07
somsipprakash: depends how much you've got installed05:08
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SemiNuswhat is wrong about this command, please?05:08
prakashsomsip i update my ubuntu weekly, but not yet upgraded05:08
SemiNusgrep "people" -R ./ | xargs "kwrite"05:08
SeriouslyLaughif you run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade it'll tell you how much is required for you to download before it actually completes the upgrade prakash05:09
somsipSemiNus: kwrite probably doesn't take as input the output that grep will provide. You may want grep to only output the filename05:10
prakashgot it thanks SeriouslyLaugh somsip05:10
SemiNussomsip, do you have the option in mind to tell grep to only give out the filenames, or shall I look it up in the manpage?05:11
SemiNusit works!!!!05:11
SemiNussomsip,  --files-with-matches05:11
SemiNusgrep "people" --files-with-matches -R ./ | xargs "kwrite"05:12
SemiNus@ somsip05:12
SemiNusthank you soooo much :))05:12
somsipSemiNus: man is always worth checking05:12
taehyubjoin #e05:12
somsiptaehyub: "/join #e"05:12
Guest35808Hi ,, i am trying to copy data from My ubuntu to Android device. Error while copying. libmtp error:  Could not send object.05:13
somsipGuest35808: using what method?05:13
SeriouslyLaughsudo apt-get install mtpfs then eject and reconnect your device05:14
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Guest35808somsip, simply drag drop05:21
somsipGuest35808: so it's connected via USB?05:21
samthewildonequestion, I noticed when I use my hotkeys for certain programs, they always seem to open in the background instead of the forefront.05:21
samthewildoneIs there a way to fix that ?05:21
Guest35808somsip, yes connected05:21
VictoriaXOXOHmm. When Ubuntu is just installed, do I still visit my graphics card vendor and motherboard vendor to download chipset drivers and such?05:22
SeriouslyLaughVictoriaXOXO you can but generally speaking most hardware drivers should install automatically05:23
SeriouslyLaughif everything is working, you are all set05:23
SeriouslyLaughdon't forget to run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade05:23
VictoriaXOXOSeriouslyLaugh: Well... I get tearing while scrolling in Firefox and when playing videos. :(05:23
SeriouslyLaughok then yeah it might be time to look into a display driver05:24
SeriouslyLaughthough that could be caused by other things05:24
NetworkingProUsing tcpdump anyone know how t capture filter to a specific venor?05:24
SeriouslyLaughdo you happen to know the specs of the machine? ie, the GPU driver you'll need?05:24
NetworkingProie. the first 6?05:24
VictoriaXOXOSeriouslyLaugh: What other things? Please mention some for future testing. :)05:24
VictoriaXOXOSeriouslyLaugh: GeForce GTX 660.05:25
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SeriouslyLaughVictoriaXOXO check this thread: http://askubuntu.com/questions/450593/how-do-i-eliminate-screen-tearing-on-14-04-and-xbmc-with-nvidia-33105:25
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SeriouslyLaughcould be software settings, but likely is display driver related05:25
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VictoriaXOXOSeriouslyLaugh: Let me read. Give me a minute or two.05:26
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SeriouslyLaughVictoriaXOXO upgrading your display driver is a pretty painless procedure but requires some basic terminal know-how https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia05:27
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VictoriaXOXOSeriouslyLaugh: I'll bookmark both links, but I can never read the askubuntu threads. I hate how the format is.05:28
VictoriaXOXOSo messy!05:28
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SeriouslyLaughactually disregard that askubuntu thread05:29
SeriouslyLaughthat was specific to tearing occuring after installing the nvidia driver05:29
VictoriaXOXOSeriouslyLaugh: Oh, okay. I'll remove the bookmark then.05:29
SeriouslyLaughyeah -- concentrate on installing the nvidia driver. be careful with this, it's easy to mess something up and end up with just a black screen05:30
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VictoriaXOXOSeriouslyLaugh: nvidia.com wants me to download "352.63", but the latest in the manager is like "346". :/05:30
VictoriaXOXOSeriouslyLaugh: Oh, I do NOT like that sound of that.05:31
VictoriaXOXOI can't afford losing this PC.05:31
SeriouslyLaughtry the very latest from the vendor and if that doesn't work, step back a version or two05:31
SeriouslyLaughdon't worry if it fails or something -- your data will always be intact05:32
VictoriaXOXOSeriouslyLaugh: Is this harder than I'm making it out to be? What if I try the latest? How do I then go back to the open driver, uninstall that latest driver, and try another one? :/05:32
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: wich card chipset and ubuntu version?05:32
VictoriaXOXOlotuspsychje: GPU? GeForce GTX 660 and 14.04.05:33
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: i think we had users that need to install ubuntu 15.10 for that card05:34
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: you getting black screens?05:34
VictoriaXOXOlotuspsychje: Noooooo!05:35
VictoriaXOXOlotuspsychje: No black screens, but tearing.05:35
SeriouslyLaughthis thread reccomends nvidia-319 http://www.webupd8.org/2013/08/using-nvidia-graphics-drivers-with.html05:35
SeriouslyLaughthis one says use 331: http://askubuntu.com/questions/452556/how-to-set-up-nvidia-optimus-bumblebee-in-14-0405:35
SonuHi , i am unable to copy my data from ubuntu to my yureka android mobile.05:36
VictoriaXOXOSeriouslyLaugh: Uhhhhhh. What do I make out of all of this?05:36
SeriouslyLaughi would follow this tutorial: http://askubuntu.com/questions/452556/how-to-set-up-nvidia-optimus-bumblebee-in-14-0405:36
SeriouslyLaughsee how far you get. report back with any issuse05:37
VictoriaXOXOSeriouslyLaugh: But isn't that for optimus cards?05:37
bcxRunning autocutsel opens a few pixels window on the bottom right of the screen, how can I hide it ?05:37
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lotuspsychjeSeriouslyLaugh: the card is not an optimus card05:38
VictoriaXOXOI really wish this was easier. :(05:39
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: try switching drivers from your existing additional drivers list05:39
VictoriaXOXOMy head hurts.05:39
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: and choose the driver that works best for your system05:40
VictoriaXOXOlotuspsychje: I will, but why is it such a guessing game?05:40
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: every card/system performs otherwise on different drivers05:40
SeriouslyLaughVictoriaXOXO there isn't really an out-of-the-box solution due to the fact that you'll be installing a proprietary driver05:40
SeriouslyLaughrequires some effort and trial+error05:40
VictoriaXOXOlotuspsychje: SeriouslyLaugh: Okay. :(05:40
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: if you cant enter your ubuntu anymore try the recoverymode05:41
lotuspsychje!recovery | VictoriaXOXO05:41
ubottuVictoriaXOXO: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode05:41
VictoriaXOXOlotuspsychje: I'll write them down.05:41
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: you cant break an ubuntu system so easyly05:41
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: if you tested all drivers and none perform good, ill suggest ubuntu 15.1005:42
SonuHi , i am unable to copy my data from ubuntu to my yureka android mobile. http://imgur.com/6zX990u05:42
VictoriaXOXOlotuspsychje: I haven't tried any of them, yet. Too scared to move away from nouveau.05:42
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: if things go wrong=> recoverymode/fix broken packages05:42
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: if nouveau has tearing, better test another driver05:43
VictoriaXOXOlotuspsychje: Yes, I know, but I'm scared of freezes and other scary things with closed drivers.05:43
VictoriaXOXOOr am I just being paranoid?05:43
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: yeah dont be too scary, its only a testing :p05:43
SeriouslyLaughthe nvidia drivers are actually pretty solid. if you try to install and it fails, it'll tell you.05:44
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: you cant just loose data with switching drivers05:44
VictoriaXOXOlotuspsychje: Oh, trust me, I can.05:44
SeriouslyLaughVictoriaXOXO do you know if you're running a 32- or 64-bit machine?05:44
SeriouslyLaughVictoriaXOXO the vendor says to use this driver http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/95159/en-us05:44
SeriouslyLaughi would start there05:45
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: if things go really wrong and recoverymode doesnt work, you can always install 15.10 next to 14.0405:45
VictoriaXOXOSeriouslyLaugh: That's what I told you before.05:45
VictoriaXOXOSeriouslyLaugh: lotuspsychje: Shouldn't I stick with the additional drivers list? Feels safer?05:45
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: i suggest you test existing drivers from your list before you go to nvidia website05:45
VictoriaXOXOlotuspsychje: SeriouslyLaugh: VLC crashed earlier when trying to play a .mkv file. Could that have been caused by using nouveau?05:48
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: that could be05:49
VictoriaXOXOlotuspsychje: SeriouslyLaugh: Correction... VLC and then entire system/GUI crashed.05:49
VictoriaXOXONot only VLC.05:49
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: you can try launching vlc from terminal to see errors05:49
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: but screen tearing mostly indicates driver thats not working well05:52
VictoriaXOXOlotuspsychje: I really hope I can fix it.05:52
VictoriaXOXOTearing is... a nightmare.05:52
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: try driver switch :p05:53
VictoriaXOXOlotuspsychje: I will.05:53
VictoriaXOXOAs soon as I get enough courage.05:53
SonuHi , i am unable to copy my data from ubuntu to my yureka android mobile. http://imgur.com/6zX990u05:54
lotuspsychjeSonu: enabled dev mode on phone?05:54
lotuspsychjeSonu: ubuntu version?05:58
lotuspsychjeSonu: should be working05:59
lotuspsychjeSonu: try a tail -f /var/log/syslog and plugin your phone06:00
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rahuldevWhat's that icon name in ubuntu... circle icon... I mean ubuntu icon.06:04
lotuspsychjerahuldev: its african people circle06:05
rahuldevlotuspsychje, haha..06:05
rahuldevlotuspsychje, is it a joke.. or are you serious?06:05
lotuspsychjerahuldev: im serious, thats the philosophy06:05
rahuldevlotuspsychje, cool!06:06
lotuspsychjerahuldev: or do you mean 'dash' icon on left corner up(name)?06:06
djangoMeth2There's no philosophy06:06
rahuldevlotuspsychje.. aha dash icon. yes...06:06
lotuspsychjedjangoMeth2: the circle has 3 ppl standing in a circle, look it up06:07
lotuspsychjeSeriouslyLaugh: thank you :p06:12
SeriouslyLaughalso it's officially referred to as the circle of friends on the brand guidelines06:14
srulihow do i set a new uuid on a vpn connection?06:37
lotuspsychje!uuid | sruli06:42
ubottusruli: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)06:42
RahjuHi all06:42
srulilotuspsychje: i asked about generating new ones, i moved over a bunch of vpn connections to a new machine and i need it to recognize it!06:43
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cairaptor_So my X and/or lightdm config got borked over updating to 15.10. I'm currently booted into a live-usb of 14.10, will there be some config files that are likely to be compatible that I can copy across?07:12
lotuspsychjecairaptor: 14.10 is eol07:12
cairaptor_eol indicating what in this context?07:14
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bryliecairaptor_, end of life http://www.ubuntu.com/info/release-end-of-life07:14
baizon!eol | cairaptor_07:14
ubottucairaptor_: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades07:14
lotuspsychjecairaptor: try the 15.10 recoverymode07:14
lotuspsychje!recovery | cairaptor07:15
ubottucairaptor: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode07:15
cairaptor_Recovery doesn't help. Just goes to the same situation as a normal boot (i.e. finishing Plymouth, not reaching login)07:15
cairaptor_I'm just using a 14.10 boot because it's what I had and I don't have unlimited bandwidth07:15
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lotuspsychjecairaptor: did you try fix broken packages from the recoverymode?07:16
lotuspsychjecairaptor: you need to findout what brakes your 15.10 boot first07:16
lotuspsychjecairaptor: maybe wrong graphics driver?07:17
cairaptor_Nothing's broken that I can tell.07:17
bryliecairaptor_, have you tried booting into text mode?07:17
cairaptor_lotuspsychje: I think so, possibly. I've tried purging/reinstalling most graphics related packages07:17
bryliecairaptor_, what graphics card do you have?07:18
Kartagislotuspsychje: http://i.imgur.com/9a9Lu6C.png07:18
cairaptor_It's a hybrid, so a nv GT 525m + an intel07:18
cairaptor_Which is probably the problem, it's been nothing but a pain with linux07:18
cairaptor_Or windows for that matter07:18
lotuspsychjewow@ Kartagis07:19
lotuspsychjecairaptor: you need nvidia-prime for optimus cards07:19
remona_dashin liveCD is there a way to change to nvidia blob driver without restart07:19
cairaptor_It's installed07:19
lotuspsychjecairaptor: wich driver active?07:19
cairaptor_nvidia-352 I think07:20
bryliecairaptor_, did you do something similar to this? http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/120955/ubuntu-14-04-nvidia-proprietary-drivers-installation07:20
lotuspsychjeKartagis: did you find your wanted pics?07:20
cairaptor_TTY7 normally contains something along the lines of http://imgur.com/pWnwXH6 on a boot07:20
Kartagislotuspsychje: I've just come to work, going to look now07:20
remona_dashor do we have any ubuntu derivatives with nvidia driver preinstalled?07:21
cairaptor_Will text-mode do anything beyond switching to one of the first six TTYs during a normal boot?07:22
lotuspsychjecairaptor: try something less 340 or 34607:23
cairaptorOkay, will do07:24
mascot66991Hie I played around with compiz yesterday and have one problem many time the non maximized screen's get below the top bar of ubuntu07:26
cairaptorJust purge my current version and install the other? Or do you want me to do some reconfiguring too?07:26
mascot66991also i use guake and when i hit cls i cannot see the first line of terminal07:26
lotuspsychjecairaptor: purge current yes07:28
srulii got a problem with my ubuntu 14.04 most icons do not launch, from the unity launcher nothing at all launchers, what can be the cause of this?>07:39
cairaptorlotuspsychje, I run `sudo apt-get install nvidia-346`, but in the overview for the list of packages to be installed, nvidia-352 has been marked for installation too07:41
jasonj8I've had a lot more luck with the drivers from the nvidia website07:45
lotuspsychjecairaptor: 352 needs uninstall first07:50
cairaptorIt is. It's being marked for installation again07:52
lotuspsychjecairaptor: you need to purge 352 first07:53
cairaptorI have. `apt-get purge nvidia-352` spits out `Package 'nvidia-352' is not installed, so not removed`07:54
lotuspsychje!info nvidia-35207:55
ubottunvidia-352 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-352): NVIDIA binary driver - version 352.41. In component restricted, is optional. Version 352.41-0ubuntu1 (wily), package size 32576 kB, installed size 148465 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; armhf)07:55
brylieWhat happens if you forbid the package? http://askubuntu.com/a/76075/8108407:56
mascot66991my topmenubar of ubuntu is allowing program to start just below it07:57
mascot66991how can i fix this07:58
bryliemascot66991, are you using dual monitor display?07:58
cairaptorbrylie: I don't have an /etc/apt/preferences file, just a preferences.d directory in the same location. Create it?07:58
brylieHm, lets see if there are more recent instructions.07:59
mascot66991brylie: no I am not.08:00
brylieThose instructions refer to /etc/apt/preferences as well.08:00
bryliemascot66991, what version of Ubuntu are you running?08:00
JifferCould someone point me to a chat for new linux users?08:00
mascot66991brylie: 15.04 it was fine yesterday i messed it up after some compiz config08:00
cairaptorJust creating it seems to have worked, but apt-get won't install 346 citing 352 as an unmet dependancy08:01
mascot66991though it realted to switching of workspace08:01
brylieAh, OK. Can you upload a screenshot somewhere? E.g. imgur?08:01
mascot66991yes sure...08:01
bryliecairaptor, what dependency does it mention?08:01
lotuspsychje!manual | Jiffer start here maybe?08:01
ubottuJiffer start here maybe?: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:01
brylieA circular dependency?08:02
cairaptorJust uploading a shot now08:02
darkblueHi, I'm trying to install 14.04.3 on my new laptop and it's been reading the installation dvd for about 3 hours now but the cursor won't move and the desktop is frozen08:02
Jifferi just need to know where they put the terminal08:02
brylieLEts check out these instructions, which are recent: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2015/06/install-nvidia-352-21-ubuntu-1404/08:02
Jifferim runing in virtual box08:02
brylieIt recommends a ppa.08:02
brylieThis also seems a bit more out on a limb.08:03
darkbluePls help me08:04
cairaptor352 can install fine, we were just trying to get a stable system though. It's not dependant on 34608:04
Jifferi got it nvm, yeah ill check out online to see how this works, I would love to learn more about it and try a versions08:04
Jifferwhat version is everyone running here ?08:04
bryliedarkblue, can you boot from USB?08:04
darkblueAm I in the right channel?08:04
lotuspsychje!ask | darkblue08:05
ubottudarkblue: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:05
darkblueI can't do anything right now as it's churning the dvd drive and the mouse is frozen08:05
JifferThe big question I have is why cant i run thi in full screen on virtual box. Waht am i missing08:05
bryliedarkblue, how did you burn the DVD?08:05
bryliedarkblue, can you boot in to another operating system?08:06
darkblueI downloaded the iso from the ubuntu websire in windows 10 and burnt it with  the windows dvd burning software08:07
lotuspsychjeJiffer: try the #vbox channel08:07
Jifferthanks lotuspsychje08:07
lotuspsychjedarkblue: dont you have an usb stick somewhere?08:07
mascot66991brylie: http://imgur.com/4L2KVDh08:07
darkblueI haven't tried rebooting yet in case the bootloader is broken08:07
bryliecairaptor, what about nvidia-340? http://packages.ubuntu.com/wily/nvidia-34008:07
bryliemascot66991, are you running Ubuntu MATE?08:08
mascot66991no Its ubuntu and yesterday i followed macubuntu from noob's labs insrtuction though as i remeber that was not the problem even after that too...08:09
darkblueHow long would it usually take to install? I comnedted to the wifi to let it update as it installs but have a very slow connection08:09
mascot66991brylie :  no Its ubuntu and yesterday i followed macubuntu from noob's labs insrtuction though as i remeber that was not the problem even after that too08:10
darkblueShould I try to power down the laptop and reboot?08:10
cairaptor340 doesn't mark 352. Probably should gave tried that08:10
bryliedarkblue, yep. Reboot into an installed OS, if possible.08:10
bryliedarkblue, then you can try installing the image on a USB drive.08:11
darkblueJust one more thing then, I selected "install alongside windows boot manager" and had shrank the windows partition to leave a raw partition on the disk, will the installer know to put linux in the raw partition?08:12
lotuspsychje!dualboot | darkblue08:12
ubottudarkblue: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot08:12
bryliedarkblue, during the installation, it should allow you to select the partition. Just be sure you select the correct one :-)08:13
darkblueYeah, i know, but it's not working08:13
darkblueThe installer gui has crashed08:13
bryliemascot66991, there may be a related bug report worth reading https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/129710108:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1303462 in compiz (Ubuntu Trusty) "duplicate for #1297101 [Regression] Window titlebars placed behind panel" [High,Fix released]08:13
mascot66991brylie: yes i will read it but how do you find this link08:14
darkblueBut the dvd drive has been churning for hours08:14
mascot66991just curios08:14
kelvinhow do I join a channel here08:14
brylieI searched for 'compiz top menu covering application bar'08:14
brylieThere may be better keywords to use though.08:14
gu3stsKelvin type /j #channel08:15
mascot66991brylie: this is exactly my problem will read and do..08:15
amazoniantoadBest graphics card for linux?08:16
=== auronandace1 is now known as auronandace
bryliemascot66991, you can add yourself to the list of people affected by the bug.08:16
brylieamazoniantoad, what do you plan to do with your computer? Gaming? Design? Video?08:16
brylieamazoniantoad, is it a work computer for daily things?08:17
amazoniantoadbrylie: gaming, video game design, programming08:18
amazoniantoadand daily things08:18
amazoniantoadbrylie: So far I found the gtx97008:18
amazoniantoadbut it seems dated08:18
brylieamazoniantoad, do you want good open-source support from your video card?08:18
amazoniantoadbrylie: As long as there are drivers for it that I can get08:19
cairaptorOkay, 340 installed fine without taking 352 in as well08:19
amazoniantoadI chose this keyboard: http://www.amazon.com/Aluminum-Colorful-Backlights-Mechanical-Keyboard/dp/B015SQK8ZC/ref=pd_sim_sbs_147_5?ie=UTF8&dpID=51N58B8H0ML&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&refRID=18D4Q13TQCYE40S89NX708:19
amazoniantoadBecause I'm fancy08:19
brylieamazoniantoad,  Phoronix might have useful information http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=open-power-value&num=708:20
srulii need some help here please, none of my launchers are working (ubuntu 14.04) i see the icons in unity but i click forever nothing is launching08:20
amazoniantoadbrylie: thanks08:20
amazoniantoadbrylie: does radeon support sli?08:21
brylieamazoniantoad, based on that article, ATI Radeon HD 6870 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 work well on open-source drivers.08:21
amazoniantoadbrylie: currently I have a GTX 57008:22
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brylieI am not sure if ATI supports SLI.08:24
brylieThey seem to have a thing called Crossfire: http://lifehacker.com/the-difference-between-nvidia-sli-and-amd-crossfire-155523557708:24
cairaptorDriver installed fine, X still isn't working. Kicks me straight into the low graphics warning in TTY208:24
amazoniantoadbrylie: oh wow, crossfire already beats sli08:25
amazoniantoad>compatible with other cards in the same family and with different ram configurations08:25
auztyany ideas why my server network unstable, somehow get packet loss 23% , somehow 0%08:26
auztyi didn't have any ideas what must i do08:26
auztyseem like the network is heavy08:26
srulinone of my icons are working (ubuntu 14.04) i see the icons in unity but i click forever nothing is launching, i can only open shortcuts which are on the desktop08:31
amazoniantoadbrylie: my current graphics card outperforms the radeon 687008:33
amazoniantoadgeforce gtx 57008:33
amazoniantoadbrylie: http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/compare.php?cmp[]=22&cmp[]=1508:33
brylieauzty, your question may be a bit off topic. Perhaps ask in #networking08:35
brylie!offtopic | auzty08:37
ubottuauzty: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:37
bryliesruli, where are you clicking icons?08:37
brylieauzty, no worries. You might get a well-informed answer in the #networking channel. There are currently over 1000 users there.08:38
srulibrylie: in unity and in side bat08:38
sruliside bar08:38
bryliesruli, the side bar icons should launch the application.08:39
auztysure, thanks you very much brylie :)08:39
bryliesruli, have you tried rebooting?08:39
srulibrylie: 100 times08:39
srulialso tried from tty --reinstall ubuntu-desktop & unity08:39
srulibrylie: when i click on anything the curser start spining and after a few seconds it stops08:40
bryliesruli, OK, hm. What icons are you clicking? E.g. Firefox?08:41
srulibrylie: firefox, terminal, libre office, anyhting (ctrl+alt+t also doesnt work)08:41
bryliesruli, this may be relevant: http://askubuntu.com/questions/680795/unity-launcher-not-launching-apps-or-opening-links-need-restart08:42
brylieIt may be a problem with compiz. Compiz is having a day.08:42
sruliwill try it thankls08:42
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bryliesruli, the proposed answer may not work, but is worth a try.08:46
srulibrylie: sudo apt-get remove compizconfig-settings-manager = is not installed, might this be the cause?08:48
brylieWell, no. However, installing compizconig-settings-manager gives you some options to change Compiz behavior.08:49
bryliesruli, try the following in your console:08:49
bryliesudo unity&disown08:50
sruli brylie: in middle of purging compiz08:51
lesshastehi.. is there any way to enable an OOM killer on ubuntu?08:52
lesshasteIt is very annoying to have to turn the PC off at the wall08:53
sruli brylie: i lost connectivity on that pc, when can i download all those packages from?08:53
geirhalesshaste: you can adjust how it uses swap, or disable swap08:53
bryliesruli, you lost network connection?08:54
geirhaI assume you are entering "swapping hell" when you decide to pull the plug08:54
sruli brylie: on that machine, i am working from tty so cant check the issue08:54
brylieOK, can you run 'ifconfig renew' ?08:55
lesshastegeirha, thanks08:56
bryliesruli, or try:08:56
bryliesudo dhcient -v -r08:56
sruli brylie: cant get it to work, can i download from somewhere?09:00
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cairaptorOkay, with semi stable nvidia drivers installed, this is my syslog from calling service lightdm start09:05
=== erry_ is now known as erry
cairaptorI'm guessing the gpu-manager messages are the important ones. /etc/modprobe.d is indeed a directory and not a file, but that is what it's meant to be, no? I'm not sure what the updates alternatives are though09:07
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fargomeanyone alive here ?09:14
cairaptorAlso possibly of import is that in my Xorg log, it says that the build operating system is kernel 3.19, while the current OS kernel is 4.2. Not that I know what the build OS is, or if it's relevant. Xorg.conf: paste.ubuntu.com/1331029109:16
ekarlsoI gotta be stupid today, how can I umount a tmpfs that lsof and fuser says has no pids ?09:16
ekarlsowithout using -l09:17
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bryliesruli, it will probably be best if you can connect to the Internet.09:28
brylieI am not sure how to manually download/install packages with so many dependencies.09:28
srulibrylie: couldnt, backed up my data from tty, almost finished full sys reinstall09:29
srulibrylie: tnx for trying09:36
nils17hi. anybody know where to disable the warning "Granted permissions without asking for password" on a live system?09:39
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maxvihi! I installed ubuntu 15.10 on my computer and I have no sound I checked settings and there everything is fine10:30
=== Naresh is now known as Guest70247
jzk"Workspace Creation" "dynamics"10:43
jzkcool but this stack only grows down, and i want it to grow up10:43
jzkand as such, growing both ways would be best10:43
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Guest70247Hi ... i want to install Windows in Ubuntu using VM Box . i have windows setup in Usb Drive ( Pen Drive). I have installed VM box but not able to Boot pendrive in Vm box to install windows...10:46
=== Guest70247 is now known as Sonu
gu3stsAnyone have the knowledge of support contracts?10:47
=== alexandr1 is now known as alexandros_c
syntroPimaxvi you could check from a terminal invoking alsamixer10:54
slabbyI've just run the upgrade from 15.04 to 15.10 and it has crashed on installing packages. The last I have in terminal is "Processing triggers for bamfdaemon (0.5.2~bzr0+15.10.20150627.1-0ubuntu1)... Rebuilding /usr/share/applications/bamf-2.index... Error in function:". What should I do?11:10
dymHey! What happened to the Utopic Unicorn Sources Lists? (14.10) All seem to 404 for me11:11
cfhowlett!eol | dym11:11
ubottudym: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades11:11
norcHi. http://pastie.org/10562401   -- Can someone tell me where the heck those 12G usage comes from on / ?11:14
norcOr for more context, df -h reports some disk usage, that just does not match with my du output.11:15
norcIt reports my root to be completely filled, while I just cannot figure out how, where or why.11:15
Priceynorc: fwiw, the '-x' option might be useful 'skip directories on different file systems'. I also use 'baobab' for exploring disk usage.11:19
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manhatonwho is first ? :)11:29
shahar188I'm here to help11:30
manhatonok .. i have a Q.11:30
inteus!ask | manhaton11:31
ubottumanhaton: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:31
manhatoni want to bring up eth1 without an ip address .. "ifconfig eth1 up" works with no options in /etc/interfaces .. but i cannot find howto do it on boot .. google returns the same stuff time and time again but it all configures WITH an ip address not without .. any ideas ?11:31
manhaton(sorry my typing is slow)11:32
shahar188post your /etc/network/interfaces11:32
manhatonyou mean pastebin ?11:32
=== guest-UL0Ced is now known as vinicius
shahar188you can write it here if it's short11:33
cofffeebeanmsg nickserv identify sudsbuster11:33
auronandacemanhaton: why do you want to bring up an interface but not assign an ip to it?11:34
manhatonok .. my /etc/interfaces has the standard loopback entry11:34
manhatonand an static ip for eth011:34
manhatonthis all works fine11:34
manhatoni have commented out all eth1 options11:34
manhatonand uninstalled network-manager because it simply would not do what i told it11:35
manhatonall i am wanting to know is how to run command: ifconfig eth1 up .. at boot time .. would custom init.d script work ?11:36
manhatoni use eth1 for virtualbox machines only11:36
shahar188it will work in init.d11:36
manhatonshould i write my own script ?11:36
shahar188why not11:37
shahar188only one line11:37
manhatoni presume that would be the simplest way then ?11:37
geirhawhy do you not want to use interfaces(5) for that?11:38
manhatonthere is no way to do this using /etc/interfaces ?11:38
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manhatonwhy does everybody want to know why i want to do what i want to do ?11:39
auronandacemanhaton: to better understand your end goal, many people belive there is only one way to do it but that may not be the case11:40
geirhaBecause /etc/network/interfaces is Ubuntu's way of configuring linux network interfaces11:40
geirha(in addition to network-manager)11:40
manhatoni ditched NM ..11:41
manhatonmy "goal" is clearly stated ..11:41
shahar188try putting the script in init.d11:42
shahar188just try11:42
manhatonshahar188: that sounds like a challenge ;)11:42
mcphailmanhaton: an alternative would be to add the command as a cron job with the time marked as "@reboot"11:42
manhatonalready reading: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBootupHowto11:43
cfhowlettshahar188, are those clock chimes I hear?11:43
geirhaan @reboot job isn't only run during boot though11:43
auronandacemanhaton: bear in mind 12.04 and 14.04 uses upstart, 15.04 and 15.10 uses systemd11:43
shahar188cfhowlett: what do you mean?11:44
mcphailgeirha: When else is it run? "man 5 crontab" says "Run once, at startup."11:44
cfhowlettshahar188, ignore me.11:44
manhatoni am 14.0411:44
geirhamcphail: it runs whenever the cron daemon starts11:45
geirhaso if you restart the cron service, all @reboot jobs will be run again11:45
game0hey guys, there's a program called ssl something which I don't remember it's for connecting to my server by my laptop, I have installed it before but I forgot the name and how it works11:45
shahar188cfhowlett: no :)11:45
game0can someone help me with details11:45
auronandacegame0: openssh11:46
slabbygamr0: ssh?11:46
game0yes I think the ssh11:46
game0I have installed it in my pc and I don't know how to start it11:46
auronandacegame0: ssh username@ipaddress11:46
auronandacegame0: you will need to install openssh-server on the machine that you want to connect to11:47
game0yes, it's already installed11:47
norcPricey: I found the issue. It was a mess with mount points.11:47
Priceynorc: Glad to hear it.11:47
norcPricey: A directory with contents was used as a mount point.11:48
mcphailgeirha: OK, good to know. Thanks!11:48
norc/opt had some contents, so they were counted for both / and the /opt mountpoint.11:49
game0<auronandace> then how can I login from my laptop11:49
Priceynorc: Ugh, that's always an annoying one!!11:49
auronandacegame0: ssh username@ipaddress11:49
game0I'm using windows11:49
game0slabby if you can help me also11:49
auronandacegame0: ah, on windows you'll need a client like putty11:49
auronandace!ssh | game011:50
ubottugame0: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)11:50
slabbyI've just run the upgrade from 15.04 to 15.10 and it has crashed on installing packages. The last I have in terminal is "Processing triggers for bamfdaemon (0.5.2~bzr0+15.10.20150627.1-0ubuntu1)... Rebuilding /usr/share/applications/bamf-2.index... Error in function:". What should I do?11:50
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game0ok thanks guys for the information11:51
Priceyslabby: http://askubuntu.com/questions/346678/how-do-i-resume-a-release-upgrade looks reasonable.11:52
slabbyPricey: saw that but wasn't sure it was still relevant since that was 12.1011:53
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colegatronI have been using kde for long time but now I've come back to unity. I would like to know if it is possible to have 4 sticky placeholders for the windows. I'll try to explain: with unity if you drag a window to left or right side, it is automatically adjusted to left or right using half of the screen. I would like to have 4 windows instead of two11:58
colegatronI do not how that feature is named and explain it is a bit difficult (not being english my mother tonge)11:59
auronandacecolegatron: not sure how to do that in unity but a tiling window manager like i3 would easily do that11:59
manhatonsimple enough .. probably a very ugly hack though .. need to read more to make it clean12:01
lentzi90colegatron: try installing CompizConfig Settings Manager! I think there is a setting called "grid" there that does what you wan't.12:01
=== farid is now known as Guest29368
colegatronauronandace, I do not want to install extra wm or similar. Need to keep simple everything (I automate everything)12:02
colegatronlentzi90, thank you. I'm going to have a look in depth to ccsm12:02
colegatronlentzi90, it is unit tweak tool the same ccsm?12:03
colegatronlentzi90, does it is unit tweak tool the same thing than ccsm?12:03
auronandacecolegatron: ccsm is for compiz as a whole, unity-tweak tool is just for unity12:03
lentzi90colegatron, no it's a different thing12:03
auronandacecolegatron: bear in mind that there is the possibility to break unity functionality by altering settings in ccsm12:04
colegatronok. tnx. maybe auronandace do the trick, I'mgoing to check12:04
jamessilver noobs12:05
=== james is now known as Guest23261
colegatronoh, yeah, unity tweak lets you do that and more... WindowManager/WindowSnapping option12:06
Guest23261you are all silver12:07
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CryptoSiDhi guys, willy is still the last version right?12:17
CryptoSiDi mean testing version12:17
DJonesCryptoSiD: willy is a full release now, testing is 16.0412:18
DJones!16.04 | CryptoSiD12:18
ubottuCryptoSiD: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+112:18
CryptoSiDkewl, time to update12:18
slabbyPricey: has kind of worked, getting error reports though...12:19
CryptoSiDus.archive.ubuntu.com seems to have problem (using ipv6)12:19
slabbyPricey: not really sure where to start debugging, apt-get install -f, update, upgrade, dist-upgrade, dpkg --configure -a all run without error and do nothing12:20
slabbyPricey, not sure how much of the dist-upgrade was left to do when it crashed12:20
Priceyslabby: I'd try running it again then.12:30
manhatonthanks for your help .. bbfn12:30
slabbyPricey: dist-upgrade and all the others do nothing, it seems okay so I'll just see how it goes I think12:32
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rafibd01717can I update ubuntu desktop to ubuntu server?12:39
rafibd01717if I can then how?12:39
rafibd01717I am using ubuntu 14.04 LTS12:40
bazhang!lamp | rafibd0171712:40
ubotturafibd01717: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.12:40
bazhangread that rafibd0171712:40
rafibd01717but what about email server etc?12:41
bazhangdid you read the link rafibd0171712:42
BluesKajHiyas all12:42
rafibd01717bazhang: actually I want to convert my desktop version to server version12:43
rafibd01717not for using PHP but to use it with mongodb, email server etc.12:43
bazhangrafibd01717, install lamp, boot into a no x environment then12:44
rafibd01717will these commands work? http://paste.ubuntu.com/13312540/12:45
bazhangrafibd01717, how much , if any , did you read of the links I gave you12:46
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lostsoulHaving a problem with NetworkManager. After removing and re-installing NetworkManager, I now have an icon in the system try, but when I click on it and 'edit' both eth lines show 6 days since a connection.13:09
nikolamhow do I check real CPU speed ?13:12
badbodhcat /proc/cpuinfo13:12
nikolamI have Virtualbox that is running much slowly lately/uses more CPU time13:12
=== e01 is now known as Guest54690
nikolambadbodh, yeah, but does it gives REAL cpu speed or just reading from CPU info13:13
k1lnikolam: what do you mean by real speed? the maximum or the actual used one?13:13
k1lnikolam: please show the cpuinfo output in a pastebinj13:13
nikolambecause CPUS have multiple speeds, I am thinking cpu is in some low power mode and that evertything is slower., how do I check that?13:14
badbodhgives current, max and min ghz13:14
badbodhalso 'lscpu'13:14
nikolamand to see what current is13:14
badbodh^ both work, first one gives more info13:14
=== Guest54690 is now known as e01
k1lif its a new intel cpu there is intel-pstate anyway which doesnt offer the old cpufreq handling13:17
someone235What is the quickest way to install vnc server on ubuntu unity?13:17
BluesKajcpufrequtils even13:17
CryptoSiDanyone know where i can get rtorrent / libtorrent (ppa) with ipv6 support, i tryed googling i cant find anything usefull13:18
badbodhalso tlp-stat -p, too many ways to see an info. this is abominable.13:19
k1lsomeone235: vino is already included into unity/gnome13:22
k1lsomeone235: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC/Servers13:22
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=== zen is now known as Guest6239
YuvrajHello, Guys13:27
YuvrajI am facing x Display error while open browser with ubuntu service13:28
YuvrajCould you guys help me?13:29
k1lYuvraj: what ubuntu exactly? what desktop? what browser? what error? (errormessages in pastebin)13:29
nikolamtlp-stat ?13:30
=== patrick is now known as Guest99725
someone235k1l, after that I can connect it with vinagre?13:30
someone235k1l, by just typing the external IP address?13:31
nikolamxubuntu 14.04 lts 64bit updated, virtualbox form repos, win864bit in repos, I think it uses too much cpu time in guest to play pm3 or anything13:31
nikolamso aether slower cpu or bad guest13:31
someone235I cannot connect to vnc server with vinagre. Can someone help me?13:31
=== francisco is now known as Guest59143
ak5anyone know of a docker image for an ubuntu mirror?13:32
Yuvrajk1l: i am using 14.04 version of ubuntu.13:34
=== Emmanuel_Chanel_ is now known as Emmanuel_Chanel
k1lnikolam: guest additions installed?13:35
nikolamI would like to make sure host cpu is not in powersave cpufreq governor13:36
Yuvrajk1l: i have develop an application that work as a service in ubuntu. that application open default browser. but it's not working. I am facing X Display:0 not found error13:36
nikolamso make sure it always works fastest available13:36
k1lsomeone235: did you read the article? i am not familiar with vnc. but maybe you need to forward ports on the router13:36
nikolami am thinking of sudo cpufreq-set -c 2 --min 2700Mhz13:38
k1lnikolam: its already using 2.7ghz right now in that paste13:39
nikolamor setting cpu governor to performance13:39
blastermasterhi im having a problem with my steam controller is not working with ubuntu 15.10 anyone have this problem?13:39
badbodhnikolam, install cpufrequtils, edit /etc/init.d/cpufrequtils, you'll see a section for governors. pick performance (ondemand is default)13:40
mcphailblastermaster: I have heard some versions of ubuntu/steam package don't set the udev rules for the controller so it is not recognised. Is that your problem?13:41
badbodhthen you have to disable ondemand script using "sudo update-rc.d ondemand disable"13:41
k1lnikolam: cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_available_governors13:41
badbodhreboot and have max frequency13:41
nils17When I try to create a new entry in the Nautilus-Actions Configuration Tool I find that the Suggested shortcut button (in the Properties tab) is disabled. Is that just me or true for everyone?13:41
Yuvrajk1l: have you any solution13:42
badbodhYuvraj, that's not ubuntu's problem. you need better programming skills.13:42
badbodhtry asking in dedicated programming channels for the language you are using13:43
mcphailblastermaster: in channel only please. Sorry - I don't have a controller to test, but that was the only consistent problem I'd heard13:43
nikolam$ cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_available_governors13:43
nikolamperformance powersave13:43
blastermasteroh ok13:43
Yuvrajbadbodh: ok, i will Thanks.13:43
blastermasterthis is the udev file13:43
=== Spr0cket- is now known as Spr0cket
blastermaster# Steam Controller device node write access, per lp:149865513:43
blastermasterSUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="28de", ATTRS{idVendor}=="1102", MODE="0666"13:43
blastermasterSUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="28de", ATTRS{idVendor}=="1142", MODE="0666"13:43
blastermaster# Steam Controller udev write access, per lp:149865813:43
blastermaster#KERNEL=="uinput", SUBSYSTEM=="misc", TAG+="uaccess"13:43
k1lYuvraj: are you sure you call the webbrowser the right way?13:43
badbodhYuvraj, very likely you are running your script as another user who has no access to xhost.13:43
nikolamI have set /etc/init.d/cpufrequtils for GOVERNOR="performance"13:43
mcphailblastermaster: sorry. Hope someone can help you get it working13:44
cfhowlettblastermaster, learn to paste.ubuntu.com is your friend13:44
nikolamwill reboot and see13:44
badbodhnikolam, now do the ^ update-rc thingy, reboot and check.13:44
Yuvrajk1l: i am using xdg-open command13:44
badbodhunless you do that, ondemand script will keep pushing you back to 'ondemand' governor13:44
Yuvrajk1l: i mean, DISPLAY=:0 xdg-open url13:45
nikolamshould I set minimum Speed? badbodh13:45
badbodhnikolam, no need. only ^ those two steps will fix it for you13:45
Yuvrajbadbodh: how to use xhost. can you provide better way?13:46
k1lYuvraj: xdg-open cna only work inside the desktop session. not from outside13:46
Yuvrajk1l: ok, then, how can open default web browser?13:47
=== Monthrect is now known as Piper-Off
nikolambadbodh, I only don't know about "update-rc thingy"13:49
badbodhrunning as service => you running it as root. root got no display access, possible crude way, do 'xhost +si:localuser:root' and use 'dbus-launch <command>'13:50
=== paulbx is now known as pbx
badbodhnikolam, ^ i gave you the command,scroll up13:52
krcevinaHi guys. I'm rather new in Ubuntu. Does it seems normal that right after reboot on my embedded arm board with Ubuntu, "ps auxf | grep D" gives following: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13313177/ I see this as a potential cause of low IO block performance which I'm profiling...13:53
nikolambadbodh, bah haven't seen sudo update-rc.d ondemand disable , should reboot once more13:54
=== max12345 is now known as Guest95467
badbodhyep. that script reverts your gov back to ondemand after ~60 seconds of boot13:55
=== Guest95467 is now known as max12345
cfhowlett!cn | free_13:57
ubottufree_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw13:57
tykayn-ubuntuhey guys13:58
G9803oops sorry13:58
cfhowlettG9803, stop that.13:58
tykayn-ubuntui have blocked my port 22 on my server13:58
ohmyhello everybody13:58
tykayn-ubuntui have no access to the machine13:58
G9803Wrong chat window13:58
tykayn-ubuntuany idea ?13:58
free_* 无法进入 #NC7U-WTF (需要密码)。13:58
cfhowlettfree_, play somewhere else13:58
tykayn-ubuntuoh, i have ftp access13:58
ohmyi'm looking for a small C/C++ library that can help me to extract video and audio from mpeg st, any idea please ? (feel free to redirect me please if you think i can get help somewhere else)13:59
nikolamThis computer is new and also does not want to do shutdown14:00
badbodhohmy, vlc can record your stream. haven;t used it though.14:01
nikolamand displays quadziliton ubuntu errors on startup14:01
nikolambecause it could not shutdown, e.g. was holding cpu frozen on shutdown14:01
ohmybadbodh: vlc, gstreamer ffmpeg are beasts14:01
=== s00pcan_ is now known as s00pcan
nikolamcomputer is at the customer's office and I am sick of it14:02
nikolamok now it is saying performance and that one is ruled out at least, thanks badbodh14:03
badbodhnikolam, run 'dmesg' in terminal. plenty of tools in linux to troubleshoot and fix yourself. with your 'friend' google of course.14:04
jcamilohi, can someone help me?14:04
asdsdasdawhat do you need help with14:04
cfhowlett!ask | jcamilo,14:05
ubottujcamilo,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:05
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:05
jcamilook, I can access my ubuntu server with ssh, but I cant connect to the internet14:05
asdsdasdais it local ?14:06
tykayn-ubuntuanyone could help me with SSH ?14:06
asdsdasdahmm odd. did you check the router?14:06
asdsdasdamaybe its blocked for outgoing connections for some reason14:06
jcamiloit was working yesterday, I was using it for apache and dev websites14:07
Eduard_Munteanutykayn-ubuntu, ask a specific question14:07
asdsdasdavery strange14:07
jcamiloi think this happened after I created my 2 website14:07
asdsdasdaohhhh yea then i cant help you, you would need somebody a bit more invested in apache for that i think.14:08
tykayn-ubuntuk, so played with iptables on my remote server. and now, when i want to connect back to it i have this error: port 22: Connection refused14:08
jcamiloi also install ufw for testing , but I didn't enabled it  so I dont think thats the problem14:08
asdsdasdamaybe apache stole the ports?14:08
cfhowlettjcamilo, verify that ufw is not running14:08
jcamilowhere can I check the ports14:08
jcamiloits not, I unistalled it14:08
tykayn-ubuntuapache generally uses port 80, or 808014:09
asdsdasdause netstat14:09
asdsdasdanetstat -ntlp | grep LISTEN14:09
asdsdasdamaybe that will work14:09
asdsdasdai found this page http://askubuntu.com/questions/75852/how-do-i-see-which-ports-are-open14:09
asdsdasdait could be interesting for you.14:09
jcamilowhat if I stop apache and try internet14:09
asdsdasdayeah you could try that. then we will see if its apache causing the problem14:10
jcamilonop still nothing14:10
asdsdasdaand you've tried rebooting ?14:10
EriC^^can you ping
jcamiloI've tried rebooting14:10
asdsdasdatry erics advice14:10
=== anon is now known as Guest20080
jcamiloyes I can ping14:11
EriC^^then it's a dns problem14:11
asdsdasdathats good then you have internet, thats googles dns14:11
jcamiloI cant ping www.google.pt14:11
jcamilo"Unkown Host"14:11
EriC^^jcamilo: have you set up the dns server for your internet connection?14:12
jcamilonot even local computers14:12
jcamiloI dont think so14:12
jcamilobut it was working before....14:12
jcamilohow can I know if the dns server is ok?14:12
overseerspeed up brain jar production14:13
overseerforesaken almost time14:13
asdsdasdawhat the hell is brain jar productions???14:13
cfhowlettoverseer, wrong channel14:13
overseerthe red dragon is expanding its compilation14:13
asdsdasdahahahahahha what the hell is he on about14:14
overseerno I left forrsaken here14:14
cfhowlettoverseer, crack makes you stupid.  put down the pipe14:14
g105bWhere is the correct modern place to put scripts so they execute on boot? I am used to putting links to scripts inside /etc/init.d is this still correct?14:15
k1lg105b: since 15.04 ubuntu uses systemd14:15
jcamilois it ok that resolv.conf only has 2 comment lines??14:15
=== coy is now known as Guest63151
asdsdasdacan somebody pm me, i want to see what happens14:16
asdsdasdadid somebody pm me because i just got a nullpointer exception HAHA14:16
k1lg105b: so something similiar to this: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Systemd_FAQ#How_can_I_make_a_script_start_during_the_boot_process.3F should work14:16
EriC^^jcamilo: does it not have nameserver ?14:16
samdjoasdsdasda, I did14:16
EriC^^jcamilo: add that line14:17
jcamiloit says if you edit the file by hand changes will not be overwritten14:17
pukapyhi guys.. i have a problem.. i just install java oracle 8 and minecraft cuz my little brother want to play but when i start minecraft it doesnt start.. it pop-up the windows and that's it14:18
EriC^^jcamilo: ok, i guess you need to edit another file, maybe /etc/network/interfaces , i dunno much about this subject14:19
g105bk1l: thank you :)14:19
davidshaHey, I was just wondering would this be considered a legitimate bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pciutils/+bug/151609514:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1516095 in pciutils (Ubuntu) "pciutils built without libkmod support" [Undecided,New]14:20
=== adeschamps1 is now known as adeschamps
pukapyanyone know what can i do?14:21
orf_Hey guys, installing the skype package has this issue: http://askubuntu.com/questions/695423/i-cant-see-any-text-on-skype-after-update-to-ubuntu-15-1014:27
orf_anyone here have any input as to what could cause that? i'm on a 4k screen which might cause issues14:27
=== sublimate is now known as magic
=== tlyu_ is now known as tlyu
tykayn-ubuntupukapy: you should try calling minecrat in a console, so you see the output logs14:31
shalghamI just found 'disable/enable switable graphics' in efi settings! by disabling switchable option, does it mean NVIDIA is off?14:34
asdasddsasdcan i pm somebody just to see if it works ?14:37
geirhaasdasddsasd: you can pm the bot, e.g. /msg ubottu !help14:38
asdasddsasdThanks man! Will do14:38
jack-zhangHello everyone, my ubuntu 14.04 can get right IPv6 address (beginning with 2403), but I can not ping6 any IPv6 address including my default gateways (has two beginning with fe80). The most weird part is that the same computer, the same net, my Windows 7 works well. Some suggestions?14:39
asdasddsasdIt works lovley. Can i get the bot to pm me somehow?14:39
asdasddsasdI want to see how the client handles incoming pms14:39
jack-zhangasdasddsasd, talk to me?14:40
somsip!test > asdasddsasd14:40
ubottuasdasddsasd, please see my private message14:40
asdasddsasdThanks ubottu it worked really good, and thanks for recommending #test!14:41
asdasddsasdOne very strange thing that happened tho is that i cant see jack-zhangs message here. It only shows up as raw irc.14:41
asdasddsasdVery interesting, i will have to research this. Brb14:42
Pumpkin-_jack-zhang: when you say "can't ping", what exactly do you get ?. A series of ping timeouts or an error about unknown host ?.14:42
asdasddsasdOkay thanks somsip!14:42
jack-zhangPumpkin-_, I get nothing no error no timeout just wait. when I use control+C to exit it shows all packets lost!!14:45
=== Spr0cket- is now known as Spr0cket
asdasdasdsad!test > asdasdasdsad14:47
ubottuasdasdasdsad, please see my private message14:47
asdasdasdsadoverseer what are you14:48
asdasdasdsadand how can i become affiliated14:48
overseerbe baptised14:48
_cipherguys is there any website for shell scripting14:48
_cipheryou would suggest14:48
overseerfull immersion14:49
asdasdasdsadwhat is hashsashuddar, sounds like that dude from dune. whatshisname14:49
_cipherhow many of you are online ?14:49
somsip!ot | asdasdasdsad overseer14:50
ubottuasdasdasdsad overseer: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:50
davidshaHey, I was just wondering would this be considered a legitimate bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pciutils/+bug/151609514:50
somsip!bash | _cipher14:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1516095 in pciutils (Ubuntu) "pciutils built without libkmod support" [Undecided,New]14:50
ubottu_cipher: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal14:50
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overseerhow many lambs shall posess eternal life14:55
overseeronly one14:55
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:09
pbxoften when there's an update to the 'wine-staging' package the auto-updater gets confused, and i get a "do not enter" icon on the updates status bar menu. is this just a flaky package or is there something else i can do to appease the system?15:09
ChunkzZhow can I remove everything in ubuntu but keep the video drivers and audio drivers? apart from 1 by 1?15:09
ChunkzZI've been removing with -* and it removes everything related to it but isn't there an easier way?15:10
pbxChunkzZ, what do you mean by "remove everythin in ubuntu"? it's an operating system.15:10
guestI doubt you mean *everything* ChunkzZ15:10
somsipChunkzZ: install with the minimal ISO and build up15:10
ChunkzZlike the DE, I mean. but keep the video and audio drivers.15:10
ChunkzZsomsip: what? there's a minmal iso? where?15:11
guestDefinitely then start from minimal, and install packages one by one15:11
somsip!mini | ChunkzZ15:11
ubottuChunkzZ: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD15:11
guestit really is minimal though. I hope you know what you're doing15:11
ChunkzZyeah, thanks. never knew it existed!15:11
guestyou're going to be dumped at: user@ubuntu $15:11
guestwill you know where to go from there?15:11
ChunkzZshould do yes, or might use a DE and just remove it. I'll see, I got a few spare days to figure it out. my laptop ain't here, yet.15:12
ChunkzZI got ubuntu running on my odroid though, i3 and everything all configured. I moved over from arch.15:12
guestIf you want to install from the minimal iso, it might be a good idea to familiarise yourself with the packages that ubuntu-desktop provides15:12
guestChunkzZ: http://packages.ubuntu.com/wily/ubuntu-desktop15:13
ChunkzZguest: yeah I'll have a read, thanks. and thanks.15:13
guestChunkzZ: You can cherry-pick individual packages to install from that dependecy list15:13
ChunkzZthanks guest!15:13
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=== Guest20594 is now known as mfisch
TheEagerPadawananyone here that has exp with rdesktop15:22
=== DefunctProcessZZ is now known as DefunctProcess
asdasdsaddasspoko nega?15:33
davidshaHey, could someone take a look at this and see if it's worth looking into: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pciutils/+bug/151609515:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1516095 in pciutils (Ubuntu) "pciutils built without libkmod support" [Undecided,New]15:36
OneM_IndustriesI need help resizing a LVM partition.15:36
OneM_IndustriesHow would I shrink one by about...1Gb?15:37
Clockwerkhello everyone, i need help, someone cracked my website, want to be sure that they didn't have acess to vds. How can i check logs in ubuntu who tried to access?15:37
=== ServerSa_ is now known as ServerSage
pbxClockwerk, what are vds?  and before sleuthing have you changed your login passwords first?15:38
pbxClockwerk, also, details on "cracked my website" would help15:38
Clockwerknot adv. Here is website15:38
Clockwerkhttps://mumblebit.com/ below is link15:38
mekhamihi folks. i'm trying to change my DNS settings on 15.04. I changed /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base and added my nameserver in there. restarted network-manager, but the nameserver wasn't added to /etc/resolv.conf15:38
Clockwerknear found the bug?15:38
Clockwerki checked var/log/auth.log and saw that 2 days someone was trying to access web15:39
Clockwerkssh and ftp15:39
pbxClockwerk, attempted logins happen all the time. i'm still not clear on what "cracked" means15:41
ClockwerkOpen https://mumblebit.com/15:41
=== tobi is now known as Guest6594
Clockwerkcheck http://prntscr.com/93srz515:42
ClockwerkIFOUNDONE link15:42
Clockwerkit leads to some hacker website15:42
krcevinaIs it normal that on Ubuntu reboot, a couple of processes are, right from the beginning, in uninterruptible sleep state (D state)?15:43
aarobcIs there a way to make it so if a drive doesn't exist but has an entry in fstab that it won't completely break booting?15:43
pbxah, i see, thanks Clockwerk. you just needed to use more words :)15:43
ClockwerkSo i checked website with virustotal didn't find any backdoor15:44
Clockwerki'm afraid that they have access to server15:44
pbxClockwerk, you should change login passwords, for one thing15:44
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srulii am trying to install from a usb onto a partiton (win on other part) i get an error on boot "there are filesys specific -o flags" "cannot mount dev/loop1 on /cow" what does this mean? how to i sort it?15:46
=== amaury is now known as Guest88544
davidshasruli: it sounds like the file system you used to write onto the usb is different from the file system you are trying to write it to.15:49
srulidavidsha: i created the usb with ubuntu creator ,15:50
davidsha1sruli: was it written from a wondows system?15:52
srulidavidsha: no, from ubuntu15:53
davidsha1sruli: Ok, did they both use the same file system type?15:53
srulidavidsha: who is both, i dont understand, i made a boot usb to install ubuntu on a dualboot15:54
howudodatquick question on forcing nvidia version.  I want to use 346, but it keeps installing 352 (352 has bugs with displayport).  However I cant select 346 in additional drivers. and when I uninstall 352 it uninstalls 346, likewise install of 346 brings in 352. I am running ubuntu 15.10 with gnome-shell15:55
davidsha1sruli: Oh, why are you mounting it then? you should be able to boot from the USB by restarting the machine and set up a dual boot from there.15:56
sruli avidsha1: thats what i am doing, i didnt mount it, i get that error at boot15:57
davidsha1sruli: the image a .cow file?15:59
lostsoulNetworking on ubuntu 14.04, NetworkManager appears to not running, yet I an connected and using eth0.  Anyone know what to check for?15:59
howudodatsruli: davidsha1:  I have seen this error when my persistence file was corrupted16:00
davidsha1sruli: did you try this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/215589/cannot-mount-dev-loop1-on-cow ?16:01
howudodatsruli: you might just try to recreate the usb and dont create the persistence file...discard changes after shutdown or similar.  you might also try using a different usb creator.  I have found the startup disk creator to be very unreliable16:01
srulii am making it again this time without persistance, should i use gpt or msdos for the table?16:02
=== Guest9782 is now known as isReKT2000
=== ossurayynot is now known as tonyyarusso
sruli howudodat:  gpt or msdos for table?16:04
howudodatsruli: I am not 100% sure.  I would try gpt and if that fails, try it again with msdos16:06
thaddeeHi guys, I'm having trouble with my display server (I think that16:07
thaddee's what it's called)16:07
hubbunnyhey guys, I'm currently runnning Win7 but looking to dual boot with Ubuntu. Just looking for some advice, From my current setup how do I go about having a dual boot with minimum hdd space for each OS and having the rest of the HDD space available to both?16:07
=== hyp0tez is now known as c0redump
thaddeeand I read that downgrading to an older kernel is the solution16:07
thaddeenever done this before16:08
thaddeehow do I know which kernel to downgrade to?16:08
thaddeehubbunny: what I always do is shrink down the windows partition and then adding a shared partition for both OSs16:08
thaddeethe shared partition is an NTFS partition16:09
thaddeeubuntu usually comes with gparted16:09
thaddeethat's a good tool for partitioning16:09
hubbunnythaddee thanks that sounds good.16:09
thaddeeafter that you format the rest of the partition to ext416:10
howudodathubbunny: you might also take a look at the officiall documentation before starting...here is a link to it: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot16:10
hubbunnyThanks howudodat.16:10
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krcevinaAm I visible? I asked two questions today, but nothing. I will look for more dedicated channels. I just want to see if I'm visible :)16:28
minimeckrcevina: pong...16:29
krcevinaminimec: thanks16:29
davidmichaelkarrpart of my 14.04 update dbs appear to be corrupted somehow.  I'm using the gui "software updater", and I've tried a few times to install updates to "Ubuntu base", but I get a dialog saying that this requires untrusted sources, and that appears to complete the process.  When I restart it, it brings up the same info about updates to "Ubuntu base".  I then16:32
davidmichaelkarrtried "apt-get update" from a shell, and I'm getting lots of errors apparently about "failing to resolve".16:32
howudodatdavidmichaelkarr: you have repos without signed certs.  you can do apt-get upgrade and it will prompt if you want to trust the updates, review them and decide yes or no.16:34
OerHeks<krcevina> i see Kworker .. do you really run kubuntu on an ARM device?16:35
BottomNotchcan anyone here help me with my old serial touchscreen?16:36
krcevinaOerHeks: No, I run Ubuntu utopic16:37
lentzi90Is there some simple way of getting the IP addres of a beaglebone running snappy ubuntu? I can't find my micro HDMI adapter... and I can't access the router to check it that way.16:39
OerHekskrcevina, kworker is part of Kubuntu. so you installed an other dekstop on top of it, anyway, Utopic is EOL, dead, upgrade to a supported version please16:41
ubottuUbuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) was the 21st release of Ubuntu.  Support ended on July 23rd, 2015. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/utopic16:41
OerHeksand arm, what do you expect of it, it is not a racemonster for a heavy desktop16:42
=== greg is now known as akt
BottomNotchI have a Lenovo Thinkpad X61 Tablet with trusty and my touchscreen is not working16:45
BottomNotchI know that it's a serial touchscreen, I know the serial port is dev/ttyS4 but beyond that I have no idea what to do16:46
krcevinaokay, it's not up to me to decide which one to use, I have stuck with this one,  so I'm just interested in "is it normal to have processes in D state right from the beginning"16:46
BottomNotchcan anyone help me?16:48
r_riosBottomNotch: Just ask your question16:49
BottomNotch have a Lenovo Thinkpad X61 Tablet with trusty and my touchscreen is not working16:49
BottomNotchI know that it's a serial touchscreen, I know the serial port is dev/ttyS4 but beyond that I have no idea what to do16:49
=== aaaaaaaaaa is now known as Guest53875
BottomNotchI've tried the instructions found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touchscreen16:51
BottomNotchnone if the drivers work correctly even with callibration.16:51
=== _syntroPi_ is now known as syntroPi
davidmichaelkarrhowudodat: Hmm, I never got a prompt to accept certs, but doing upgrade appears to have succeeded.16:54
davidmichaelkarrhowudodat: However, I'm seeing a bad symptom afterwards, and I don't know if it was due to the upgrade.  I had configured this VM so that I could connect to it from the host, but now the connection (and ping) fails with "no route to host" or "destination host unreachable".16:55
davidmichaelkarrOh, never mind.  my guest IP has changed, by one digit.16:56
BottomNotchdid someone answer my question while I was breifly dissconected?16:57
=== cyphase__ is now known as Guest7812
BottomNotchguess not, anyone know somewhere where I might get help with my touchscreen?16:59
BottomNotchno one here seems to be able to help16:59
=== Philonous is now known as Philonous|afk
deshymersis there a way via cli to view what services/applications are owned by a certain user, these may not be running17:02
deshymersor else I would just use the ps cmd17:02
BottomNotchso no help here, don't know where else to go, guess I don't get a touchscreen on ubuntu17:04
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OerHeksBottomNotch, i have been reading about that machine, 61T https://help.ubuntu.com/community/X61T17:07
OerHeksout of date wiki, but that intel GMA 3100 is quite old, but it should work ootb17:08
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Knight80Hello everyone17:10
Knight80I've got a problem here, I can't hear sound on games17:10
=== zengine_ is now known as zengine
Knight80I'm on Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 but I installed xfce417:11
Knight80Since then, I can't hear sound on games17:11
gremlynhaving a weird wifi-ui issue, where if i try to select anything that is not one of two wifi networks, the entire wifi UI stops responding and I have to reboot in order to get wifi functionality back17:12
gremlynI have a 5GHz and 2.4GHz wifi network, and my phone tether. I can't switch to the 2.4GHz without it locking up the ui17:13
wizzkiddcan anyone here help me with bonding 2 NIC's... I previously had this done okay before I reinstalled Ubuntu and had to reconfigure my network interfaces.  Somehow my last install referred to my dual NIC as p1p1 and p1p2, but his time its enp2s0f0 and enp2s0f1 ... do the ifaces have a new name introduced in an update?17:16
TJ-gremlyn: Network Manager does some verbose logging to /var/log/syslog; there might be a clue there17:17
gremlynthanks TJ- I'll looks17:17
TJ-wizzkidd: sounds like the original naming used biosdevnames, but how you have systemd persistent naming17:17
TJ-wizzkidd: "EtherNet Port 2 Slot 0 Function 0,117:18
=== rwp_ is now known as rwp
wizzkiddTJ-: ok, the naming convention makes sense.  Do you know why these have changed now that I have rebuilt my ubuntu server?17:19
bagolytollHi all! Can somebody help? If one drive dies in a RAID 1. Do I have to format the new drive?17:20
bagolytollsoftware raid17:20
TJ-wizzkidd: which Ubuntu release is it? when you say 'rebuilt', does that mean reinstalled the *same* Ubuntu release? Did the original Ubuntu installation previously get release-upgraded  before it was rebuilt?17:20
Jakey3is there a way to stop chromium logging history17:20
gremlynany reason my syslog would have a bunch of "smtp: Failed: Connect failed" entries? says there are 37k+ messages, but from what?17:21
TJ-bagolytoll: No, you mark the failed drive as failed, remove it from the array, add the replacement drive as a spare to the arrray and then make it active. The data will then be synced to it.17:21
TJ-gremlyn: any process ID number next to those messages you can correlate to the originating process?17:22
bagolytollhm thx17:22
gremlynTJ-, nullmailer[4064] ?17:22
wizzkiddTJ-: I previously had 15.04 ... I formatted the drive and started fresh with 15.04 again followed by an update / upgrade / dist-upgrade17:22
TJ-gremlyn: OK, so whatever nullmailer is cannot connect :)17:22
TJ-wizzkidd: so the system has always been 15.04?17:23
wizzkiddTJ-: yes17:23
gremlynTJ-, hah but why nothing should be sending mail from this computer :P17:23
TJ-wizzkidd: OK, 15.04 is a weird transistional hybrid of Upstart and Systemd init systems. I can only think that the original install was using Upstart and biosdevnames (or statically assigned names via udevd) and this latest doesn't have those, so Systemd is using its persistent interface naming scheme now17:24
TJ-!info nullmailer | gremlyn17:25
ubottugremlyn: nullmailer (source: nullmailer): simple relay-only mail transport agent. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:1.13-1 (wily), package size 88 kB, installed size 451 kB17:25
wizzkiddTJ-: ok, that sounds feasible.  I seem to have the bonding working now, I just had to use the alternative interface names. I dont even have eth0 or em0 now17:26
gremlynhah apparently my minecraft server tries to send an email every time it saves the world17:26
TJ-gremlyn: the only package that depends on nullmailer is exim4-config17:26
TJ-gremlyn: ahhh, good, you found that without too much trouble :)17:27
gremlynTJ-, just had to read one of the emails once I found them17:27
gremlynheh :)17:27
game0guys, sudo apt-get isn't working with me17:28
OerHekswizzkidd, "predictable network interfaces names default on" can be turned off, in 15.04,  http://askubuntu.com/a/62849217:28
TJ-wizzkidd: right, Systemd has introduced these persistent interface names to try to avoid race condition naming errors that were becoming more frequent wth hotplug/discovery race conditions. Previously eth* naming was on a first-discovery, first-allocated basis and that could change on a per-boot basis17:28
game0I recived this problem when I've done apt-get upgrade17:28
game0E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?17:29
game0what should I do?17:29
Picigame0: What release of Ubuntu are you running?17:29
game0I'm using ubuntu server 14.0417:29
Picigame0: Have you tried to run apt-get update recently?17:30
game0yes, it's showing ign messages17:30
game0to all17:30
Picigame0: /ll pastebinit 517:30
Piciignore that17:30
wizzkiddTJ-: ah i see, great, thanks for the explanation.  I may just leave it as it is for now, if it causes complications with anything in the future (such a poor script *assuming* my interface name) then I may disable the "predictable network interface names" as OerHeks suggested17:31
game0E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.17:32
Picigame0: Can you please pastebin the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list ?17:33
game0# deb cdrom:[Ubuntu-Server 14.10 _Utopic Unicorn_ - Release amd64 (20141022.2)]$17:34
game0# deb cdrom:[Ubuntu-Server 14.10 _Utopic Unicorn_ - Release amd64 (20141022.2)]$17:34
game0# deb cdrom:[Ubuntu-Server 14.10 _Utopic Unicorn_ - Release amd64 (20141022.2)]$17:34
game0#deb cdrom:[Ubuntu-Server 14.10 _Utopic Unicorn_ - Release amd64 (20141022.2)]/$17:34
game0#deb cdrom:[Ubuntu-Server 14.10 _Utopic Unicorn_ - Release amd64 (20141022.2)]/$17:34
OerHekscat /etc/apt/sources.list | nc termbin.com 999917:34
TJ-Errr, 14.10 ?17:34
TJ-!eol | game017:35
ubottugame0: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:35
OerHeksthat is just the cdrom17:35
TJ-right, but that is *not* 14.0417:35
OerHeksthat persists during upgrading to 15.04 . ... oh no, indeed17:35
chindyapt-get tells me that there are 0 upgraded and 0 installed and 0 not upgraded17:35
MonkeyDustgame0  next time, use a pastebin for multiple lines17:35
chindyisnt it supposed to be at least 1 not upgraded?17:35
OerHekschindy, why should that be?  did you try dist-upgrade ?? ( it will not upgrade to the next ubuntu)17:36
chindyi am trying to install numpy and it does not work17:37
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest58339
game0ubottu can you help me?17:37
ubottugame0: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:37
Guest58339help please, auto updated xubuntu today now x will not start: hangs black screen17:38
zyzzygrub black screen ?17:38
OerHeksgame0, if you are on 14.10, you cannot install anything as it is EOL, dead, upgrade please17:39
TJ-!eolupgrade | game017:39
ubottugame0: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:39
game0my problem is how to upgrade17:39
TJ-game0:  read the links ^^^^^17:39
OerHeksusethe EOLupgrade trick in the last url17:39
houchengDerHeks, can not install ? i thought can not upgrade only.17:39
Picichindy: doesn't work how? how are you trying to install numpy?17:40
OerHekshoucheng, no, the servers are offline, there is 1 old-versions server, to upgrade or do some research17:40
chindyPici, sudo pip install numpy or apt-get install python-numpy17:41
houchengoh, got it.17:41
wizzkiddTJ-: is there a way to find out what is the latest supported kernel for Ubuntu 15.04 ?17:41
Picichindy: never ever use sudo pip.  The latter should work though.17:42
chindyPici, it does not tough17:42
Picichindy: If you're getting the message that you pasted above, then it is already installed.17:42
wizzkiddTJ-: actually, ignore that, I just realised that I already have the latest supported kernel installed since my new reinstallation17:43
OerHekswizzkidd, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ v3.15-rc1-trusty/09-Jun-2015 11:1217:43
TJ-wizzkidd: "apt-cache policy linux-image-generic"17:43
wizzkiddTJ-: it appears im sitting on 4.2.0-18-generic17:44
TJ-wizzkidd: so that's 15.10, not 15.04 ?17:44
Guest58339zyzzy: no it loads quickly past the ubuntu graphical screen then as x should be starting,  screen goes black with flashing _ at top left of screen. small occasional hard disk light, wifi light flashing17:44
TJ-wizzkidd: "lsb_release -a"17:44
chindyPici, if i import numpy as np i get no module named numpy17:45
wizzkiddTJ-: you are correct, I am infact on 15.10 - im not sure how i made that silly mistake17:45
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
Picichindy: Which version of python?17:45
chindyin both python2.7 and python3.417:46
wizzkiddTJ-: ahh i see, my  bad, i saw 14.04 and mixed that with 15.04 ... my bad!17:46
wizzkiddTJ-: so with that said I am on 15.10 ... lol17:46
TJ-wizzkidd: that better explains the device naming, too17:47
wizzkiddTJ-: :) gotcha17:48
zyzzyGuest58339 reinstall xfce stuffs ?17:48
Picichindy: Are you in a virtualenv?17:48
chindyPici, no17:48
xMopxShellhow can I strace a kernel thread?17:48
emitattuoI can't seem to find the hal package for flash on 15.10.17:48
Guest58339zyzzy: im not sure how to do that. im now running live usb to get online. i thought there would be a way to fix the hard disk install  using this live version17:49
Picichindy: hm.  Are you running this within an interactive python session?17:50
Guest58339zyzzy:or shall i try reboot into hard disk safe mode17:50
OerHeksemitattuo, HAL is long gone, if you want flash/shockwave/moonlight you want chrome browser, for DRM content.17:51
chindyPici, how can i make sure that i am running this within an interactive python session17:51
zyzzysafe mode is usually worth a look just to learn things17:52
Picichindy: Well, what exactly are you trying to run?17:52
chindyPici, by now? this line import numpy as np17:53
dragosikonia: hi17:53
Guest58339zyzzy: i did the usual safe mode fsck and reinstall broken packages etc17:53
Picichindy: yes, but where are you typing that?17:53
=== dragos is now known as pingslas
Picipingslas: please don't hilight people for no reason.17:53
emitattuoOerHeks, oh, thanks.  It was working in arch.  Why was it dumped?17:53
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
zyzzyGuest58339 dang and your desktop package still isn't booting17:54
chindyPici, in a test.py file aswell as in the console interpreter17:54
Picichindy: what does   which python   say?17:55
zyzzyGuest58339 feasible solution? use live cd to backup data, nuke & pave17:55
OerHeksemitattuo, https://wiki.debian.org/HALRemoval 2011/12 ,, "it was working in Arch" but does it work today in Arch ? i don't want to know actually :-)17:56
zyzzyguest58339 i did that many times with xubuntu why not17:56
Guest58339zyzzy: worse its my girlfriends computer. i have 24 hours. it took months to get the 3g card set up correctly and all the right modules and firmware. should have backed up i know. can i at least get a listing of all the packages/fw/mods etc to help reinstall if really needed?17:57
emitattuoOerHeks, thanks again.  (it did last week :-)17:57
TJ-Guest58339: use the logs, Luke! /var/log/* on the installed root file-system; check /var/log/X0rg.0.log, syslog, kern.log for clues.17:58
TJ-Guest58339: you'll need to mount that root file-system from the Live env first, then you can inspect those logs17:58
emitattuoGuest58339, can't you chroot into it?17:58
Guest58339TJ-: thanks. hope i understand them17:58
=== qdbou_ is now known as higgsboson
TJ-Guest58339: once you have access you can pastebin them to get help. It sounds like a relatively simple GPU driver issue17:59
Guest58339hey guys you are going to fast for me! how to chroot from this live usb17:59
=== llorephie1 is now known as llorephie
Guest58339i really want to avoid clean install17:59
game0guys, I solved the old date problem by this18:00
dczhello guys, i use ubuntu mate 15.10 and when i open caja , after 1 min later it freezes and i have to force quit it ? whats the problem here ?18:00
Guest58339TJ-: i googled that before, a few people having that mproblem18:00
OerHeksgame0, good, same way as the url from ubottu18:01
emitattuoTJ-, if it is a graphics issue, could Guest58339 tell GRUB to nomodeset?18:01
game0no, it's more simple steps18:01
game0the url the commands was not working18:02
game0there's differences OerHeks18:02
=== Piper-Off is now known as Monthrect
OerHeksgame0, no there is not, but have fun upgrading.18:02
TJ-Guest58339: something like "sudo mkdir /target; sudo mount /dev/sdXY /target" - where /dev/sdXY is the root file-system of the hard-disk installation. Use "lsblk" to discover what device that is18:03
arunangshuon installing vlc player i am getting this error" http://pastebin.com/RZsgNXe2 "18:03
game0thanks OerHeks18:03
arunangshuplease help18:03
Guest58339emitattuo: i write that down for a try. need to gather much info while on live x18:03
bagolytollHi all! I need help. I installed quota. I set for one user quota check and set 1024 for hard. 1MB? It doesnt work. I could copy 100MB18:04
MonkeyDustarunangshu  how are you installing vlc?18:04
arunangshuthrough software centre18:05
dczhello guys, i use ubuntu mate 15.10 and when i open caja , after 1 min later it freezes and i have to force quit it ? whats the problem here ?18:05
MonkeyDustarunangshu  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue18:05
arunangshuits elementary OS Freya \n \l18:06
Knight80Hello everyone18:06
OerHeksarunangshu, LANGUAGE = (unset),        LC_ALL = (unset), install/upgrade your locale and language  is your issue18:06
OerHeksoh elementary .. is not ubuntu18:06
MonkeyDustarunangshu  elementary is not supported here, you're in the wrong channel18:06
Knight80I need some help here, I've got no sound on some games18:07
OerHeksarunangshu, they have their own issues, but basicly setup your locale18:07
arunangshuhow to setup lacale i am new here18:07
OerHeks!elementary | arunangshu you should ask here18:08
ubottuarunangshu you should ask here: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.18:08
MonkeyDustarunangshu  ask in the elementary channel, not here18:08
k1larunangshu: the non-ubuntu versions do have issues with the repos because they change stuff. like the naming of the OS which is sometimes needed. so better ask them for support18:08
Knight80Do you have any ideas about this issue?18:10
k1lKnight80: are that old games and they dont work with pulesaudio or alsa?18:10
Knight80k1l They're quite old, yes18:11
Knight80k1l And they don't work with pulseaudio nor alsa18:11
dczwhat a community, elementary is not ubuntu , so go fuck yourself, very nice, ubuntu is linux , elementary is linux , so help everybody , need that. congrats guys, you are awesome. i hope, one day you guys stuck somewhere and cry like a baby18:11
Jakey3is there a way to stop chromium logging history in ubuntu 14.04?18:11
Knight80k1l I tried uninstalling pulseaudio, without success...18:11
k1lKnight80: there you go. that can be very difficult to get them running in a way we have good audio support today.18:12
k1ldcz: then there is still ##linux18:12
OerHeks... dcz, we appreciate your input ... not18:12
chindyPici, so you cant think of a solution either?18:13
daftykinsdcz: you're welcome to install a distro that actually has a community...18:13
daftykinsthere are 0 benefits to running elementary18:13
requiesthi all18:13
Knight80k1l Both games used to work properly, but I guess I changed something and now they don't18:13
dczfucking douches, you still think giving anwer to me :D haha very nice18:13
vachohello guys, I got an email from linode saying my server is sending spam... how do I disable all outbound emails?18:13
Picichindy: I had asked you what the result of   which python  was, but didn't see a reply.  Now I'm sort of busy with other things.  You might be able to get an answer in #python though, they're usually pretty good with these things.18:14
OerHeksvacho, pull the ethernet cable, and fix it.18:15
vachoI want to disable it temporarily until I can investigate the issue. Must be malware of some sosrt.18:15
requiesthelp on emote boot in linux using pxe (not remote installation o linux)18:15
TJ-vacho: add a firewall rule on the OUTPUT tables for ipv4 and ipv6 DROPing all outoging to --dport 25 maybe ?18:16
vachoTJ-: that sounds like an excellent idea..18:17
vachoTJ-: do you mind walking me through it?18:17
Knight80k1l I actually turned to xfce4 from Gnome... Since then, there's no sound...18:17
EriC^^vacho: iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp --dport 25 -j REJECT ( found this here http://superuser.com/questions/291439/disable-or-block-outgoing-email )18:17
TJ-vacho: "sudo iptables -I OUTPUT 1 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 25 -j DROP' sudo ip6tables -I OUTPUT 1 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 25 -j DROP"18:18
EriC^^maybe add another port that's used for ssl ? TJ- ?18:18
vachoTJ-: iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp --dport 25 -j REJECT ... will that do both ipv6 and ipv4?18:18
TJ-vach duplicate those rules for ports 587 and 465 just in case your MTA tries to deliver to the secure services18:19
vachoTJ-: done!18:19
TJ-vacho: "iptables ..." does IPv4; "ip6tables ..." does Ipv618:19
bagolytollhow to set up quota on raid?18:19
vachoTJ-: gotcha, well thanks guys..really helpful thanks TJ and EriC^^18:20
EriC^^sure thing18:20
requiesthelp on remote boot in linux using pxe (not remote installation of linux)18:20
TJ-vacho: note the use of "-I <chain> 1" to ensure that rule is the first in the chain. If you used "-A <chain>" it'd be added to the end , which may mean some other rule processes/allows the packets and your new rule is never reached18:21
rinkithanks all those that helped with my problems running x after update! turns out to be a touchscreen calibration profile i modded!18:21
k1lKnight80: i would start and see if there are known workarounds for that games.  i self tested some older games and there the old workarounds dont work anymore.18:22
OerHeksrequiest, lots of docs https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DisklessUbuntuHowto https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PXEInstallServer or https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP18:22
bagolytollCan anybody help with quota? Error: Cannot guress format from filename on /dev%sik%by-uuid/... Please specify format on commandline. Cannot find filesystem to check or filesystem not mounted with quota option. RAID 118:23
OerHeksrequiest, remote boot is so wide, what do you want to do exactly?18:23
Knight80k1l Thank you :)18:23
TJ-requiest: 'cobbler' is a good package for auto-deploying PXE boot profiles18:23
Knight80By the way, one of the games is Mania Drive, binaries downloadable from here -----> http://maniadrive.raydium.org/index.php?downloads=yes18:24
higgsbosonhello everyone, I recovered some video files, and I get 'could not determine the type of stream' error when I want to see their contents. does it mean they are corrupted?18:26
daftykinshiggsboson: try running them via 'mediainfo' or just playing them...18:28
requiest60 pc with i3 with 2g ram 500 gb hdd on that windows os my requirement is only  shell login is required without using window. o.s should boot through server18:28
higgsbosondaftykins, the error comes when I just play them18:29
daftykinsprobably hosed then, double check with mediainfo18:29
shudonhi all :) i'm using ubuntu 14.04. i don't have a touchscreen. how can revert back to classic scrollbars? these new ones are always getting in the way :(18:31
shudonor is there a key i can hold to suppress the appearance of the scroller that pops up when my cursor goes near the scrollbar?18:31
shudonreally anything could help18:31
=== add0 is now known as addo
OerHeksshudon, unity tweak can do that18:32
=== roo_ is now known as roo
k1lshudon: run in a terminal: gsettings set com.canonical.desktop.interface scrollbar-mode normal18:33
higgsbosonjust now my cursor is locked, touchpad doesnt work. is there a way to release it back?18:34
higgsbosonor something I could check?18:34
OerHekshiggsboson, fn + internal/externalmouse key ?18:35
RNevilleHello, I'm using the Firefox plugin Dictionary.com and when I try to get this plugin to play the sound recording for the work I get this error message: Activate VLC Multimedia - any help appreciated18:36
higgsbosonOerHeks fn+F8 and fn+left touchpad key didnt work so far18:36
Bilel_mk /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER Bilel_mk zbrfocfnaaay18:38
Knight80I've got a laptop with Ubuntu 15.04 and sound is working with Mania Drive!18:38
Knight80I can't wrap my head around it18:39
daftykinsRNeville: sounds like your default application association in Firefox is to run VLC, but that doesn't work quite right - you might want to ask the Mozilla folks in their own channel, they may be very familiar with this18:39
requiest60 pc with i3 with 2g ram 500 gb hdd on that windows os my requirement is only  shell login is required without using window. o.s should boot through server18:40
k1lrequiest: and where is the issue now?18:40
daftykinsrequiest: no need for a repeat.18:41
requiestok i am sorry thank you18:41
ratiohi this is more a general linux question, but I have a shell account with limited priviledges, and keep getting errors like this:  not allowed to execute '/usr/bin/apt-get install -q -y software-p roperties-common' as root18:41
devsysHi All, I have been struggling with an issue as of late -- my /boot partition has became full presumably due to kernel updates. I manually purge these from time to time, but I was wondering why this is happening and if there is a way to do this in a more automatic fashion? Thanks18:42
k1lratio: best is to talk to the shell hoster about such sings. we dont know what the limited the accounts to and if they have a 3rd party pacakge system or they install packages for you on demand18:43
ratiook ty18:44
k1ldevsys: which ubuntu exactly?18:44
devsysk1l: I am on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS18:44
OerHeksratio, maybe a typo ? software-p roperties-common18:44
devsysk1l: uname -a says I am on 3.13.0-65-generic18:45
k1ldevsys: ubuntu added scripts to the kernel install so old kernels get marked as "to be removed by apt-get autoremove" but i dont know since when that works18:45
k1ldevsys: at least since 15.04 i only need to run "sudo apt-get autoremove" to get rid of old kernels18:46
devsysk1l: Ok, maybe I need to do a dist upgrade then18:46
daftykinsk1l: not certain myself either, but i've seen it since 14.04 first hand18:47
k1ldevsys: did you try a apt-get autoremove?18:48
daftykinsdevsys: every time i install a new one i reboot into it then purge the last :)18:48
devsysI think it works on my version, it's trying to do a kernel upgrade at the same time and failing formt he looks of it (due to the full /boot)18:48
daftykinsyeah you won't be able to autoremove whilst an install attempt is going18:48
devsysok, I guess I'll have to manually purge some of the old kernels and then retry18:49
daftykinsyou'll need to use "sudo dpkg -r linux-image-extra-3.13.0-##-generic linux-image-3.13.0-##-generic" to clean some out18:49
devsysok thanks trying that now18:49
bruinsis there a way to install 15.05.01 LTS if you are -currently- on 15.05.03 LTS (.01 will maintain 3.x kernel, while .03 will require a kernel upgrade to 4.x to maintain support)18:49
baizonbruins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases18:50
k1lbruins: its about enablement stack. if you install the "linux-generic" you will add the 14.04 3.13 kernel again.18:51
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases. see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack18:51
bruinsok hmm18:51
bruinsi dont need that , it is a VM18:51
bruinsit says on the release page that support ends fairly soon, but the support doesnt matter you are saying?18:52
k1lbruins: no18:52
daftykinsbruins: 15.04 is EOL end of January i think yeah, you shouldn't be running it by then18:52
k1lsee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack  it explains how the kernel is supported on the LTS versions.18:53
k1lbruins: you can switch the (backports) kernels easily with the enablement-stack packages like shown on that wiki page18:53
bruinsi apologize18:53
bruinsi am on 14.04.03, and this is re: 14.0418:53
bruinsso i am looking at 2019 EOL18:53
bruins:/ sorry18:53
higgsbosonI had to restart for the cursor problem18:53
bruinsEOL for 14.04.03 is before 14.04.01, i would like to stay with 01 i feel is the right choice, but i am currently on 14.04.0318:54
k1lbruins: either you go "back" to the 3.13 original 14.04 kernel or you move through the backports kernels to the 16.04 kernel then.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Support?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=Ubuntu+Kernel+Support+Schedule.png18:55
k1lbruins: do you even read what i explain?18:55
bruinsi see your highlight above now, ok18:55
bruinsi missed when typing..18:55
daftykinsbruins: 14.04 can be using the supported 3.13 kernel *AND* show up as being 14.04.3 when checking version - it's about updated packages.18:55
devsysk11 & daftykins: Thanks for the help, I got it straightened out18:56
=== neurotus is now known as Guest26654
daftykinsbruins: installing 14.04.3 from 14.04.3 media can show up as being the 3.19 kernel due to coming with the vivid (15.04) HWE stack. this kernel does *NOT* go EOL when vivid goes EOL.18:56
daftykinsi believe all of this is covered in the links you were given :)18:56
k1lbruins: see the wiki page the bot mentioned. it explains it and got nice pictograms :)18:57
bruinsok :) wow yes18:57
bruinsi am writing your help to emails now18:57
bruinsand will source here of course18:57
bruinsthank you all -- i wasnt' sure and this is a long term question brought up --18:58
* bruins back to programmin.. ;/18:58
MassrawyHello everyone ..18:58
daftykinsbruins: what do you mean writing to emails? :P18:58
Massrawyi seem to be off today .. I am not able to set a user cron job ...18:59
daftykinsMassrawy: support only, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic18:59
Massrawydaftykins: thanks.19:00
PiciMassrawy: er... are you asking for support for that?19:00
bruinsi am deploying project to 14.04.03, and spec includes software/kernel support for x years.. i wrote asking the same questions i am asking here. :) now with real answers, and eye-candy answers..19:00
daftykinsi figured the question might have been coming :)19:00
PiciMassrawy: Because this is the channel for that, I dont know why you were pointed to the other channel.19:00
daftykinsbruins: ah ok, yeah as long as you setup new systems from 14.04.0 or 14.04.1 media then, they'll dist-upgrade to 14.04.3 but keep the 3.13 kernel and not have any HWE stack hassle19:01
=== Philonous|afk is now known as Philonous
Guest76042Alt-Tab does not display desktop in elementary freya19:02
Guest76042is it possible to configure that19:02
Bashing-om!EOS | Guest7604219:02
k1lGuest76042: please ask the elementary guys about issues on ther OS19:02
k1l!elementary | Guest7604219:03
ubottuGuest76042: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.19:03
bpye_Would a library in Ubuntu 14.04 that will not work with Clang 3.5 without a newer commit being added be considered a bug?19:04
=== bpye_ is now known as bpye
Guest76042apparently that channel seemed inactive..so I asked here considering that elementary is based on ubuntu 14.0419:05
daftykinsGuest76042: yes, however we do not support it here regardless. if you want support, install a supported Ubuntu release, sorry.19:06
Bashing-omGuest76042: But in Elementary, there are differences we here on ubuntu would not be aware of . thus no support .19:06
MassrawyPici: yes I am19:06
MassrawyI think my issue is something silly but I have been focusing on it so much I just need another set of eyes to point what is the problem19:07
daftykinsMassrawy: you need to type it out then, possibly in a http://paste.ubuntu.com if it's long :)19:07
PiciMassrawy: The task that you described in the other channel would run daily at 6am, is that when you want it to run?19:07
MassrawyPici: yes, however it's not running for some reason19:08
Massrawyi will be glad to post anything needed on pastebin19:08
PiciMassrawy: Can you pastebin the script that you're trying to run?19:09
Massrawysure .. thaks for the help, working on it now.19:10
Massrawyhere it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/13316444/19:11
PiciMassrawy: and if you run that manually with root, it works?19:13
=== Gravity is now known as Guest54289
sarinki just downloaded the nodejs tarball from https://nodejs.org/en/download/stable/ and then unzipped it, where do i put this folder now? where would it go if i had installed from apt? (i didn't because i wanted v5.0.0)19:14
PiciMassrawy: what you can do is include a >> /root/apt.log 2>&1  at the end of your crontab line (before the comment, of course) which should log all stdout and stderr to that file.  Also make sure that there is indeed an entry for this line in /var/log/auth.log, it should say that CRON ran something.19:14
daftykinssarink: finding a PPA would've been a lot better than attempting a manual install19:16
Massrawyok .. making changes now and will update19:18
Massrawyrun-parts /var/spool/cron/crontabs -v would be the correct way to force/test the cron job, right ?19:20
sarinkdaftykins: it's a zip file of the binaries, is it more complicated than just putting it somewhere and adding the bin folder to the path?19:22
sarinki don't have to compile it19:22
PiciMassrawy: I've never done it that way, usually I just modify the crontab to have the thing run close to now.19:22
mcphailMassrawy: silly question, but have you made sure there is a newline at the end of the crontab?19:23
Massrawymcphail: you know what, actually there is now new line ! ... would that be an issue ?19:24
mcphailMassrawy: yes - see the end of "man 5 crontab"19:24
MassrawyPici: adjusted to 2 minutes from now and will see how it goes19:24
mcphailMassrawy: age old crontab bug19:25
Massrawymcphail: Pici ... thank you both ! it seems like the run-parts command was throwing me off, as suggested by Pici adjusting the time to test seemed to have kicked the job, for the sake of sanity I added the line as suggested by mcphail19:28
daftykinssarink: i'm not a dev so i can't comment on the usage of that product, however i'd be willing to bet there are channels where folk might be able to tell you if there *is* a PPA or better way to set it up; try messaging alis to find channels19:29
=== ^CJ^ is now known as ^cj^
emadhelmihi dears i have open vpn on my IOS tablet an on my windows but i dont know how to connect with a openvpn connection19:33
emadhelmii means usisng a ".ovpn" file19:33
django_2nd time since iv einstalled ubuntu that i get an error that it crashed and it wants to send data to ubuntu19:34
django_is this normal?19:34
rinkihelp! trying to use xinput calibrator but device id's change every boot!19:37
akikemadhelmi: do you have the certificate and tls key too?19:39
starligh1hello :)19:39
akikemadhelmi: open the .ovpn file and see what files are referenced there19:40
daftykinsdjango_: just remove the logs, if it happens again... then you need to check up on it19:40
django_daftykins: its happened multiple times19:40
django_ive only had ubuntu for like 3 weeks19:40
django_or so19:40
emadhelmiakik, yes i do19:40
starligh1does anyone know how I can make a script file with a bunch of export A=B?19:40
daftykinsdjango_: with deleting you mean, or that it comes up on every boot? because it will pop up on every boot if it happens once19:40
OerHeksdjango_, yes, that is normal.19:41
emadhelmiakik, i have certificate and tls19:41
daftykinsdjango_: also why was your image nothing to do with problems whatsoever?19:41
emadhelmiakik, i.e they are in the ovpn file19:41
django_daftykins: this is like 3rd time its happened, i just opened my laptop in school..i had closed it (not shut off) before leaving19:41
django_i do this all the time19:41
daftykinsemadhelmi: install the OpenVPN client19:41
wizzkiddlist zfs19:42
daftykinswizzkidd: what are you looking for?19:42
daftykinsdjango_: right but have you EVER *cleared* the crash logs?19:42
django_daftykins: probably not19:42
emadhelmisudo apt-get install what?19:42
daftykinsdjango_: ok so then pay attention to what i'm saying...19:42
daftykinsemadhelmi: look it up with "apt-cache search openvpn"19:43
wizzkidddaftykins: apologies, i didnt mean to type that publically.  I'm looking for a zfs channel19:43
OerHeksemadhelmi, on Unity 14.04, all I had to do was go to edit connections, Click "add" by using the drop down list to select import a saved VPN configuration, and then select my "filename.ovpn" file19:43
daftykinswizzkidd: message the bot 'alis'19:44
akikemadhelmi: "sudo apt-get install openvpn" then "openvpn --config file.ovpn"19:44
wizzkidddaftykins: oh ok, ill try it19:44
akikemadhelmi: not sure if you need to use "sudo openvpn --config file.ovpn". probably if it adds routes19:45
daftykinsakik: seems non-user-friendly to point someone to non-GUI options? :)19:45
emadhelmiOerHeks, Where is edit connections?19:45
OerHeksemadhelmi, in your network manager? like this old 12.04 page http://askubuntu.com/questions/187511/how-can-i-use-a-ovpn-file-with-network-manager19:46
daftykinson the network manager icon :>19:46
akikwhat non-gui what?19:46
OerHeksmight be a bit different, but basicly the same.19:46
daftykinsakik: why give someone a CLI solution, if they don't know how to find packages it hints at their experience level :)19:47
OerHeksno need for an extra package, AFAIK.19:47
daftykinsgood to know :)19:47
akiki'll just ignore those comments19:48
xchatterSince the upgrade to Ubuntu 15.10 my PC freezes about 3-4 times a day and I have to restart. How can I check what causes this?19:48
daftykinsakik: i'm deadly serious, i think it's advice worth considering - why do you have a problem with that?19:48
akikdaftykins: i gave instructions on how to use the openvpn client. i don't have a problem with it19:49
daftykinsright but CLI only, which doesn't suit all users - nevermind, either you don't understand my point or don't want to.19:49
akikdaftykins: if you have info on how to install the openvpn gui client, go ahead19:50
mcphail!info network-manager-openvpn19:50
ubottunetwork-manager-openvpn (source: network-manager-openvpn): network management framework (OpenVPN plugin core). In component universe, is optional. Version (wily), package size 23 kB, installed size 79 kB (Only available for linux-any)19:50
daftykinsakik: yes i did.19:50
transhumanhi getting a php error on UBUNTU latest stable funny thing is the error says its looking for a dll which is to the best of my knowledge a windows problem. anyone able to help http://paste.debian.net/333417/19:50
daftykinstranshuman: where did this PHP file come from? have you tried to install some kind of product there? looks like something looking for a hardcoded bunch of libs19:52
akikevery linux user should be able to use the shell19:52
daftykinsPHP build rather than file19:52
transhumanits from my website which is running apache and wordpress19:52
daftykinsakik: yes i agree, however that's not appropriate to a new user support channel19:52
daftykinstranshuman: is this even an ubuntu VPS, or a debian one?19:53
akikdaftykins: this channel is for all users, right?19:53
BluesKajakik, learn to walk before leaning to run19:53
daftykinstranshuman: if you pay someone to host this, they may have paid support19:53
akikBluesKaj: what?19:53
BluesKajlearning even19:53
BluesKajnew users that is, akik19:54
OerHekstranshuman, looks like it is not LAMP, but WAMP.19:54
transhumanno its my  own hosting. I have been around the block a few, but cant figure out a solution. It says that adding extensions to the php.ini fixes it but the extensions are windows dlls so I am wondering do I need to install something on windows and copy the dll over or something19:54
transhumannot even sure if that would work on the core of it19:55
daftykinstranshuman: well that is setting off alarm bells to me, what've you added recently that's calling for those files?19:56
transhumanopenssl is installed and so isnt the second ubuntu package19:56
dupondjeanyone knows a good file/partition recovery tool?19:56
daftykinsdupondje: testdisk19:56
mcphaildupondje: photorec19:56
dupondjehad a raid0 where 1 disk failed, was able to copy 1/3rd of the broken disk, but ofc the mdadm array doesn't moint anymore :19:57
daftykinswhich is part of testdisk :D19:57
transhumanI disabled all but the youtube plugin same thing happens. strange for sure19:57
mcphaildaftykins: you type too fast for me :)19:57
daftykinsmcphail: :D sorry19:57
mcphaildupondje: recovering a broken raid0 is going to be an exercise in pain/futility. Time to restore from your backup19:58
=== EriC^^ is now known as eeee
VictoriaXOXOQ: I hate these folder icons. Is this caused by the Linux version of Firefox, my DE, or something else? https://i.imgur.com/A8d1QDA.png19:58
dupondjemcphail: I know, in fact I would just want to be able to mount it, as I think nothing important is on it ... :)19:58
goku_I'm totally new to this xchat stuff lol19:59
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: got any themes on firefox?20:00
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Not a single one. :)20:00
VictoriaXOXOI could live with the icon as long as the stupid arrow is gone.20:00
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: putting another on would be a quick test, then it could be your DE icon set yes - which DE?20:00
JifferHeres a good question, where do i find help on the terminal and using terminal commands20:00
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: MATE.20:00
goku_So.... xchat is just for Linux?20:00
daftykinsgoku_: no don't think so20:00
OerHeksJiffer, good start https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal20:01
Jiffergoku_ Xchat is just a client of IRC20:01
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Would it be easier to just remove the stupid arrow than the whole icon?20:02
VictoriaXOXOIf yes, how?20:02
VictoriaXOXOWell, it's more of a triangle than an arrow.20:02
JifferOerHeks thanks for that link20:02
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: sounds more like a mozilla / firefox question that - i don't personally use bookmarks toolbars20:02
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Hmm.20:03
dupondjeThe harddisk (617 GB / 574 GiB) seems too small! (< 617 GB / 574 GiB)20:03
dupondjeblehhhh! :(20:03
MrCee3anyone here20:03
nagromltneed help20:03
nagromltbut drinking :D20:03
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: But if it IS the DE that I'm using... Is there a good guide to change icons?20:03
daftykinsJiffer: are you wanting to get started as a new user, or more intermediate?20:03
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: surely it's just in your system settings -> appearance config utility20:03
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: I'll look. Thanks.20:03
MrCee3I have some questions concerning cinnamon20:04
nagromltne1 help me w/audio?20:04
MrCee3anyone have WoW on ubuntu20:04
daftykinsMrCee3: hmm i think that's more relevant to Mint support - someone might be ableto say whether it's in the Ubuntu repos these days, i'm not sure it is20:04
daftykinsMrCee3: please ask the actual questions, not ask if people use things ;)20:04
nagromltWoW try steam...?20:05
daftykinsi don't think that game is on steam20:05
kisbwhats wow20:05
nagromltwomen of westshire20:06
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Nope. Nothing in there. :(20:06
VictoriaXOXOOnly colors.20:06
daftykinstranshuman: i'm pretty certain what you have there is not ubuntu - and is not the repo installed PHP being called, so you'd need to state what your pastebin was run by :)20:06
daftykinskisb: that'd be a chat question for #ubuntu-offtopic :)20:07
kisbits fine i figured it out20:07
daftykinskisb: good stuff, but keep it to ubuntu support please :)20:07
transhumannot sure what you mean draftykins I went and pastebin'ed at paste.debian.net because its the one I always use, but this server is definately ubuntu20:08
VictoriaXOXO(Asking again. Waited some time.) Q: I hate these folder icons. Is this caused by the Linux version of Firefox, my DE, or something else? https://i.imgur.com/A8d1QDA.png20:09
MrCeeIIIanyone here?20:09
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: any mileage in the theme suggestion? i highly recommend asking in the mozilla/firefox channels. message 'alis' to find them20:09
daftykinsMrCeeIII: people need to stop asking that20:09
MrCeeIIII have an audio issue20:09
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)20:10
nagromlti have one too20:10
OerHeksMrCeeIII, nope20:10
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: I guess I could ask in such a channel, but people always keep sending me back and forth. :P20:10
transhumanoh and draftykins its wily20:10
nagromltsenor tree20:10
daftykinsi'll have you know i'm warm, not drafty20:10
transhumanoops sorry for the lack of tab typo20:11
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: that's because topics make more sense in places where people work with the program20:11
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Yeah, but... Ubuntu -> Firefox -> Mozilla -> Linux -> Mate -> Ubuntu... XD20:12
transhumanI think this is one I am going to have to sit on for a while. I'll disable the youtube plugin and see if it goes away, then maybe I will change the theme and see if it goes away20:12
nagromlti have audio problems20:12
kisbits actually faster to answer the question if you know the answer20:12
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: so install a theme, 20 second test.20:12
daftykinskisb: that was a really stupid comment, obviously people will answer if they know.20:13
MrCeeIII_i have an audio problem too... my machine wont play wma files the video shows with no sound...20:13
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Feels dirty, but I might resort to that. I've never (EVER) installed a theme for anything.20:13
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: nor me but it saves wasting time doesn't it...20:13
VictoriaXOXOGuess so.20:13
daftykinsMrCeeIII: you mean wmv? wma is audio only.20:13
OerHeksMrCeeIII_, known issue, there is no WMA drm driver in 15.04/15.1020:13
MrCeeIII_yes wmv20:13
daftykinswindows media audio - windows media video.20:13
OerHeksat least, i dodn't find it.20:13
daftykinscan you stop typing that please20:14
Seveasthe who20:14
=== Guest58763 is now known as qdii
MrCeeIII_i get video with no sound although everything else works i even tried VLC20:15
OerHeksMrCeeIII_, again: known issue, there is no WMA drm driver in 15.04/15.1020:15
daftykinsrun the file via mediainfo to check it even has audio20:15
MrCeeIII_i have 14.04 lts20:15
SeveasOerHeks: even with mplayer?20:15
OerHeksSeveas, i have no cure yet, let me know if you find it20:16
SeveasI don't do .wm?, so can't even test :)20:17
MrCeeIII_ok thanks everyone will try mediainfo when i get home (at work now)20:17
daftykinsprobably needs ubuntu-restricted-extras installed at a minimum20:18
OerHekseven this PPA ppa:mc3man/gstffmpeg-keep is not working > gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg20:18
daftykinsMrCeeIII_: ^20:18
MrCeeIII_daftykins i do have ubuntu-restricted extras running already20:19
daftykinsgood stuff20:19
SeveasMrCeeIII_: did you try mplayer? It's my go-to mediaplayer for difficult files.20:19
VictoriaXOXOQ: How dangerous is it to add PPAs? Is there a list of trusted ones or what?20:19
MrCeeIII_no i haven't i will tho thanks Seveas20:19
daftykinsno it's at your own risk, VictoriaXOXO20:20
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge20:20
VictoriaXOXOGuuuulp! :o20:20
daftykinstry and avoid them as much as possible ideally - if you're more into dev work you'll likely have to dip into one or two if chasing newer versions of things20:20
daftykinsrisks include malicious content, or disappearing overnight20:21
kisbnormally find ppas on www.webupd8.org i consider them safe20:21
JifferQuestion, I am running Ubuntu in Virtualbox, I have it in full screen mode, but everytime after I restart my box I have to do vbox addon's and its annoying , how do i do this so it will stay full screen in the future20:21
daftykinsJiffer: what are you running to resolve it each time, exactly?20:21
kisbJiffer, is ubuntu installed?20:22
Jifferinsert guest addons20:22
bradlandon a bare install of Ubuntu 14.04, which profile is adding /usr/local/bin to the path? i can't find it anywhere.20:22
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: I need to check the PPA I added.20:22
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: that's a bit of a vague statement, define 'check'20:22
JifferI have it installe don a 8GB virtualbox20:22
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Well, I just want to look at the address.20:22
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: err are you sure there's no 'software and sources' settings item in MATE's settings? this really ought to be the first place you go; else the PPAs tend to get added into files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/20:23
Seveasbradland: that's set in /etc/environment20:23
bradlandi've checked ~/.profile ~/.bashrc /etc/bash.bashrc20:23
bradlandSeveas: @_@20:23
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: I just found it. Does this look malicious to you? "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/nilarimogard/webupd8/ubuntu trusty main"20:24
bradlanddur, thanks20:24
bradlandseems like an odd choice20:24
bradlandthere's so much path mangling going on elsewhere20:24
JifferSo VB is running a full install of Ubuntu like 8 to 10GB, i then start it, have to run guest add ons, then reboot the box then i get full screen mode.20:24
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: i can't tell you what's safe, because i do not and will not use it - really.20:24
bradlandwhy separate this one out?20:24
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: There's no list or stats of the most widely used PPAs?20:25
nagromltneed help with audio20:25
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: i've already said it's down to you to decide20:25
bradlandso invoking `/bin/bash -l -c my_awesome_script` doesn't load /etc/environment.20:25
daftykinsnagromlt: you need to describe your problem to get a response.20:26
bradlandsry, this is from within a cron job20:26
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Yes, but if maaaaaany people use it, at least I'm not the only one getting screwed. :P20:26
d4rklit3something is wrong with my ubuntu instance20:27
d4rklit3the package manager20:27
d4rklit3seems totally f'd20:27
d4rklit3can i just nuke the whole thing20:27
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: then your favourite search engine will be your best approach - since these are very, very basic queries.20:27
d4rklit3and get apt to reset clean20:27
Seveasd4rklit3: what are the symptoms?20:27
d4rklit3well like i had nodejs installed20:27
nagromltdaftykins /?/ rear speakers stopped working after upgrade to 15.1020:27
k1ld4rklit3: "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" in a pastebin please20:27
daftykinsnagromlt: 5.1 set huh? is this on a stereo audio source?20:27
Seveasd4rklit3: and don't use the enter key as if it's a spacebar...20:27
nagromltdaftykins /?/ usually I'll just reinstall pulse/alsa but this time they still dont work20:28
nagromltdaftykins /?/ 4.120:28
OerHeksVictoriaXOXO, use it at your own risc, and report to the maintainer, not here.20:28
daftykinsnagromlt: right but what's the source material?20:28
OerHekswe don't do anything about it.20:28
daftykinsnagromlt: if you're playing stereo, you need to set something to tell PA to clone the output to the rear pair as well, i would wager.20:29
nagromltdaftykins /?/ not clone.  had full surround befor20:30
daftykinsnagromlt: you only get surround audio when the source is surround, e.g. a film - you still haven't answered what the source material is.20:30
nagromltdaftykins /?/ source? the server...?20:31
daftykinsthe source of the audio20:31
nagromltmy cpu20:31
daftykinsi.e. the thing we're talking about20:31
Seveasd4rklit3: which ubuntu version are you running? You have trusty and quantal sources...20:32
nagromltubuntu is the source?20:32
daftykinsexample: watching youtube, sound is stereo = 2.020:32
daftykinsno you're talking absolute nonsense20:32
d4rklit3im sorry what?20:32
Seveasd4rklit3: then remove the quantal and mongodb repos from /etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d20:32
nagromltgames I guess... but tried other things besides games... like playing audio (surround) in VLC???20:33
nagromltall the things.20:33
daftykinsyou have to set up VLC appropriate to your speaker config most likely, a 5.1 dolby digital soundtrack on a film would need to be decoded to multi channel audio if your setup is analog20:33
daftykinswhereas with a digital setup, e.g. optical out, passthrough audio needs to be used to bitstream dolby digital to a comptible receiver20:33
nagromltyes... codecs that support surround dont work20:34
d4rklit3Seveas, now what?20:34
nagromltcodecs in THE source20:34
daftykinsnagromlt: yeah so configure your player appropriately20:34
d4rklit3im tryin to upgrade my node version20:34
Seveasd4rklit3: once you removed that, apt should not gets its knickers knotted anymore :)20:34
d4rklit3adding the new PPA doesn't install anymore20:34
daftykinsd4rklit3: your sources file is hosed, it contains multiple ubuntu versions combined, you can't do that.20:34
d4rklit3ok let me try20:34
daftykinsoh Seveas already replied, sorry Seveas20:34
d4rklit3that worked20:35
Seveasd4rklit3: we don't support PPA's. If apt is behaving correctly after fixing sources.list, our work here is done :) If you want help with a nodejs ppa, contact the ppa's author :)20:35
kisbwhats wrong with the ppa20:36
OerHekskisb, a PPA is just a way to make your builds on ubuntu available for anybody, and you should give support for it. we don't.20:37
JediMasterhi guys, what causes CPU system usage? I'm seeing some odd problems with a database hanging for a few minutes and at the same time the system CPU usage goes much higher than at any other time20:37
daftykinsJediMaster: what's top saying?20:38
daftykinswatch it and screenshot/pastebin when load spokes20:39
JediMasterdaftykins, didn't have top open at the time, however got zabbix graphs20:39
daftykinswell if you link some data if you have it, that wouldn't hurt - but i don't know what zabbix is20:39
JediMasterit's a 16 core VMWare Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit machine20:40
JediMasterbasically normally cpu system time is around 1-2%, and it was 9% during that problem time20:40
JediMastercpu steal, 0, IRQ around 0.3%, nice 0%, iowait around 0.4% user time 12% rest idle20:41
daftykinsvmware host, or guest?20:41
daftykinsupon what product?20:41
JediMastervmware vsphere 6 with the guest running Ubuntu 14.04 64bit20:42
JediMasteron esxi20:42
Goku_don't drink go 2 meetings20:42
OerHeks!ot | Goku_20:42
ubottuGoku_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:42
VictoriaXOXOQ: When people ask me to "pastebinit" things, are there any files I should NOT share? Things that contain personal information, encryption keys, passwords, or stuff like that?20:43
Goku_!ot | Goku_20:43
ubottuGoku_, please see my private message20:43
daftykinsJediMaster: with which kernel?20:43
Goku_Hi I saw your private messgae. I never used this app before20:44
JediMasterdaftykins, 3.16.0-51-generic #69~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Oct 7 15:32:41 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:44
dziqhi to all20:44
k1lGoku_: this channel is for technical support only. please use ##chat for chatting20:44
maxtimboVictoriaXOXO, of course, but it isn't often somebody will ask for something that has such information in it20:44
VictoriaXOXOmaxtimbo: How do I know, though? :/20:44
JediMasterGoku_, type: /join ##chat20:45
daftykinsJediMaster: ok you're using trusty (14.04) with the utopic (3.16) kernel hardware enablement stack there; either run 14.04's vanilla 3.13 kernel or upgrade to the vivid (15.04) 3.19 kernel20:45
dziqI've just installed Ubunut 15.10 on my dell e7240 can anybody tell me how to disable keyboard backlight on boot?20:45
dziqI don't need it20:45
JediMasterdaftykins, do you think it's a kernel related issue then?20:45
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: main reason we give support in an open channel that, so others can warn if something is unsafe to run20:45
maxtimboYou can usually tell right off the bat, VictoriaXOXO . it would say something like password or encryption. Aside from that, most private user data is encrypted and non-human-readable anyway.20:46
daftykinsJediMaster: i'm telling you what to try since you don't have the information i require - however normally load is 100% per core, so 2-9% sounds like nothing to me if that's from the guests perspective20:46
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: maxtimbo: Oh, okay.20:46
explosiveVictoriaXOXO: /etc/shadow and ~/.ssh/*20:46
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: maxtimbo: explosive: So almost all .log files people ask for are safe to share?20:46
maxtimboJust use your best judgement, VictoriaXOXO . and if something strikes you as "I shouldn't share that" then don't share it.20:47
JediMasterdaftykins, sorry this is averaged out over 16 cores, it certainly wasn't massively high, but more an indication something was wrong20:47
VictoriaXOXOmaxtimbo: My best judgement doesn't reach Linux. XD20:47
JediMasterdaftykins, have been over the mysql config many times in #mysql and other dba's have looked at it, and just noticed this with the zabbix graphs which I've not seen high system usage before20:48
=== explosive is now known as uyar
daftykinsJediMaster: ok, well my preference is definitely to avoid these HWEs entirely and keep 14.04 trusty on the 3.13 kernel - but YMMV20:49
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: often a config file is requested to be pastebin'd, it's easy to take a quick glance over it, or perhaps grep it for common strings like 'password' etc.20:50
=== uyar is now known as EriC^^
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: the flipside of the coin is sometimes i get people here refusing to provide me with the needed information to help due to paranoia, so there's definitely a middle road :)20:50
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Hmm. That could be annoying. How do I do the grip thing again?20:51
kisbman grep20:51
EriC^^VictoriaXOXO: most people here are on the look out and will jump to your aid20:51
daftykins"grep <word_here> /path/to/file"20:51
daftykinsadd -i to grep to cover all cases20:52
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: kisb: EriC^^: Okay, sounds good.20:52
VictoriaXOXOI got this huge bookmarks folder with Ubuntu and terminal help, but no easy overview of common commands that people in here type about. No kewl cheat sheets you use?20:53
daftykinsjust learning really, you should write your own notes really to get going quickly20:53
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal20:54
daftykinshmm that's not the one i was thinking of20:54
OerHekswriting cheat sheats will automatic memorize the commands20:54
daftykinsreally you have to stick at things and use them regularly for them to go in20:55
kisboooh i wrote one some time back. a short guide20:55
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: i always recommend the free Linux intro course on www.edx.org - called LFS101x though, for those wanting a leg up20:58
maxtimboI stopped using the gui for common tasks and used only the terminal for a couple months to get used to it.20:58
=== newbie is now known as Guest96778
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Boooooookmarked.20:59
kisbi can recommend a nice short book21:01
akikyoutube also has lots of videos to learn from21:02
ArgentoI try to start a c++ program with expect but it doesnt seem to work, isn't the line spawn "./program" correct?21:02
daftykinsin my experience youtube advice folks are well below average21:03
kisbthey are little kids sometimes21:03
wafflejockArgento: the c++ source would have to have been compiled into a binary and it needs to have executable permissions to be run otherwise the command you wrote is correct21:05
Argentowell it is compiled into a binary I hope, when I type ./program it starts21:06
Argentodoesnt that mean it's compiled?21:06
wafflejockArgento: yeah not sure I understand what the question is if the program launches, just confirming?21:06
Argentowell the question is why it launches if I type ./program manually in the terminal but it just prints "spawn ./program" at the terminal when I run my expect script21:07
wafflejockArgento: hmm yeah not sure why a script would just output the contents to the console instead of running... how are you running the script itself? also can you pastebin the script and sanitize any secrets in it21:09
ArgentoI run it by typing ./script21:10
ArgentoI will paste it, hold on21:10
VictoriaXOXOQ: Is updating through the update manager the same thing as doing sudo apt-get update/upgrade?21:10
EriC^^VictoriaXOXO: yeah, it's like apt-get dist-upgrade21:10
Argentohere it is21:11
Argentonot much but I just wanted to see if I could get the program running as a start21:11
k1lVictoriaXOXO: not exactly. you will need to run "apt-get dist-upgrade" in terminal21:11
VictoriaXOXOEriC^^: dist-upgrade? Not regular update? :/21:11
EriC^^!dist-upgrade | VictoriaXOXO21:11
ubottuVictoriaXOXO: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.21:11
django_hello all im following a tutorial to install headless fireofx21:11
django_it says:21:11
django_"In /etc/apt/sources.list add the following line..."21:11
django_what does thatmean21:11
django_' /etc/apt/sources.list21:12
VictoriaXOXOEriC^^: So... what's the difference between dist-upgrade and update?21:12
causativeFailed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/f/firefox/firefox-locale-az_41.0.2+build2-0ubuntu0.14.04.1_i386.deb 404  Not Found [IP: 80]21:12
kisbexpect is not a shell21:12
k1lVictoriaXOXO: better use the new "apt" command since its not that confusing "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" that makes sure you get all the package updates21:12
wafflejockArgento: haven't used this myself but the example I'm seeing here uses -f flag on the expect call itself21:12
wafflejockArgento: http://www.admin-magazine.com/Articles/Automating-with-Expect-Scripts21:12
EriC^^VictoriaXOXO: dist-upgrade is like a more powerful version of upgrade, it can remove or install packages to upgrade them, ( it basically lets you upgrade the kernel usually )21:12
daftykinsdjango_: reduce the amount of lines you spam us with when you ask things21:12
causativeI removed Firefox because I was having some problems with it, and now it won't reinstall - it can't fetch certain package files21:12
VictoriaXOXOEriC^^: My head spins.21:12
Argentowafflejock: thanks for the tips, I will give it a try21:12
VictoriaXOXOk1l: But the automatic update manager is so easy. :(21:13
maneshello everyone, do you know of an effective and loss-free compression tool for large-sized files (50-100gb) like images or iso?21:13
k1lVictoriaXOXO: its automated.21:13
daftykinscausative: old version grab attempt there, did you not update package lists prior?21:13
k1lso you use that if it works for you21:13
VictoriaXOXOk1l: Well... don't I have to manually run that command every now and then?21:13
daftykinscausative: which release are you on? "cat /etc/issue"21:13
EriC^^VictoriaXOXO: update just updates the package list, upgrade upgrades most packages except for the kernel, and other packages that might need additional packages to be installed or removed, that's where dist-upgrade comes in, and it can install those too21:13
Picidjango_: thats a file, you'd need to edit it with your favorite editor21:14
causative14.04.3 LTS21:14
VictoriaXOXOEriC^^: Oh, okay. Makes sense now.21:14
k1lVictoriaXOXO: the update-manager is fine. if you want to manually do it on the terminal you need the commands we said21:14
kisbupdate updates the repositories so that when you install a software you get the latest version or upgrade21:14
VictoriaXOXOk1l: Got it.21:14
VictoriaXOXOEasy enough.21:14
django_Pici: "In /etc/apt/sources.list add the following line. ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable"21:14
django_Pici: do i do that in the command prompt?21:14
k1ldjango_: dont do that21:15
k1ldjango_: 3rd party repos like that PPA belong to sources.list.d21:15
Picidjango_: that wouldn't be a valid entry.  if you want that added, do sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable21:15
bpromptmanes:       depending on what you're trying to do, but compression tools like zip or imaging tools are by definition lossless, otherwise there would be no sense in using them for archiving21:15
daftykinscausative: "sudo apt update && apt-cache policy firefox | nc termbin.com 9999"21:15
Picidjango_: unfortunately that part of the instructions are incorrect21:16
causativeit's updating, thanks for mentioning that21:16
causativealthough the updating seems to be stuck at "Waiting for headers" now21:16
daftykinscausative: can you copy that output into a http://paste.ubuntu.com and link it here?21:17
ssarahGuys whats the simplest way to share network folders on your home network, between ubuntu machines?21:17
ssarahi have one with xubuntu and one with kubuntu21:17
kisbif you are updating for the first time it takes long long21:17
daftykinsssarah: for regular swapping? samba shares21:17
causativekisb, well there's no network activity, it's just waiting21:18
daftykinsssarah: bear in mind you can also install openssh-server on both; then connect by browsing to sftp://hostname/ in the address bar of your file manager, most likely.21:18
daftykinscausative: what host is it trying to reach, then? if you can't paste it21:19
Bashing-omssarah: See: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2159449 <-easiest way to cp files 'tween two Lubuntus that share the same router/house (Morbius1)21:19
causativedaftykins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13318135/21:19
bpromptssarah:    I'd say Samba of course, haven't needed to use it, but samba shares would work on pretty much any OS21:19
causativedaftykins, oh wait now it said Ign http://dl.google.com stable InRelease and it's waiting for headers again, so i guess it's still going21:19
kisbcausative, its not stuck21:20
manesbrompt, I see..are there any command line options to adjust compression ratio with these tools?21:20
daftykinscausative: if you're on a slow connection, patience is key :)21:20
bpromptmanes:      sorta, depends, what are you trying to compress and for what purpose?21:20
ssarahthanks guys!21:21
manesbrompt, an .img file21:21
manesso that it occupies less space21:21
bpromptcausative:     just do some catchup on your X-files watching, that'd cover for the updates =)21:21
fernando_ubuntu o ubuntu Mate ?????21:22
=== fsociety is now known as Guest11850
dziqok I've add echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/dell\:\:kbd_backlight/brightness to /etc/rc.local21:22
Guest11850salve sou br porra21:22
dziqbut it's not working21:22
daftykinsfernando_: try both, pick - that choice is personal so we can't tell you21:22
bpromptmanes:    you're trying to compress an img file?    hmmm I guess if the file itself is "not" compressed, you could.... I'd use something like bzip2 or rar, either of those have a better compression ratio than zip21:23
daftykins!english | Guest1185021:24
ubottuGuest11850: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList21:24
bpromptmanes:    if the .img file has some compression already, you won't get much savings out of any compression tool though, usually depending on the imaging app used to do the .img, you can do some compression "while" making the .img21:24
manesbprompt, the file itself is not compressed.21:24
bpromptmanes:    then try bzip2 or rar21:24
=== miguel is now known as Guest29347
wafflejockmanes: just did some searching on gzip vs bzip2 vs 7zip apparently in that order they typically fastest to slowest in terms of compressing and least compression to greatest compression (without adjusting defaults)21:26
wafflejockmanes: they all have flags for adjusting the particular details of the compression as well though21:26
maneswafflejock, so if speed doesnt matter, 7zip hast the best compression rate21:27
manesis the one to choose, I mean21:27
wafflejockmanes: in general with the defaults... not sure about all the details though21:27
jct500thzI'm having a slight sound problem. my sound is coming out of my laptop instead of my TV, and I think it's because my laptop's the default... Is there any way to change that? I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with XUbuntu installed, and I'm using Pulseaudio.21:28
daftykinsso xfce? pavucontrol might help to pick device, jct500thz ?21:28
bpromptmanes:    not sure on that, I think it depends, I've used 7zip .7z format... I don't recall it to be better than rar's though21:29
jct500thzIsn't pavucontrol a terminal thing, daftykins?21:29
bpromptmaybe comparable, but not better21:29
trimetaMy Ubuntu-based server has been randomly crashing lately...one moment it's fine, and then my ssh connections drop and it stops responding to any requests.21:29
daftykinsjct500thz: one way to find out21:29
daftykinswouldn't hurt either way21:29
trimetaI tried plugging in a monitor and keyboard while it's in this crashed state, but entering stuff on the keyboard doesn't wake up the monitor.21:30
knixbit of a random question: Dell AOIs with Ubuntu come with a funky presintalled Ubuntu splash video. Is that unique to Dell? I presumed (incorrectly) that an OEM install might include it21:30
daftykinstrimeta: VPS or physical system at home?21:30
trimetaPhysical system that I can poke at as needed.21:30
trimetaAlthough that hasn't been helping.21:30
jct500thzdaftykins, It launches a GUI setup, and actually, that's the one I use. What would I need to do inside of pavucontrol?21:30
daftykinsjct500thz: dig around to change default *shrug*21:30
trimetaI'm looking through logs to see if anything shows what happened, but kern.log just shows the progress of my BTRFS RAID5 rebalance operation.21:30
manesbprompt, 7zip man page says it has the highest compression, that would be preferable21:31
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
daftykinstrimeta: i'd be memtesting or checking SMART disk health personally21:31
dziqanyone knows how to disable keyboar backlight on boot?21:31
wafflejockmanes: some tests here http://catchchallenger.first-world.info//wiki/Quick_Benchmark:_Gzip_vs_Bzip2_vs_LZMA_vs_XZ_vs_LZ4_vs_LZO 7z uses LZMA I'm pretty sure21:31
EriC^^dziq: how do you disable it usually?21:31
dziqfn+right arrow21:32
dziqthis is wired, the problem exists only on ubuntu21:32
dziqpreviously I've had Fedora21:32
dziqno issues with kbd backlight21:33
EriC^^is there a command you can run to disable it?21:33
AndChat|262656Hello there21:33
dziqEriC^^: yep21:33
EriC^^dziq: add it to /etc/rc.local maybe21:33
=== AndChat|262656 is now known as Sputniks
EriC^^what's the command?21:33
dziqred_apple: echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/dell\:\:kbd_backlight/brightness21:34
dziqEriC^^: echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/dell\:\:kbd_backlight/brightness21:34
SputniksAnyone here know use kali21:34
dziqbut I have to run it as root21:34
EriC^^dziq: try adding it to /etc/rc.local21:34
jct500thzDaftykins, I figured it out. Thanks for telling me where to go!21:35
dziqEriC^^: i've tried21:35
maneswafflejock, just selected 7z, and started compression. that seems to be the right one21:35
dziqno luck21:35
EriC^^there might be a kernel parameter you can add to grub too21:35
daftykinsjct500thz: \o/ np!21:35
dziqyes I've added video.use_native_backlight=1 to grub.cfg21:35
dziqit's not working too21:35
manesbprompt, wafflejock, thank you very much for your insights!21:36
EriC^^try adding the command to root's crontab as @reboot21:36
SputniksI need try break my wifi wpa2.... Im using aircrack ng21:36
wafflejockmanes: np always good to learn a bit more myself too, have typically just used gzip and called it good enough but good to know the trade offs for each21:36
daftykinsSputniks: no, that topic is not permitted here nor on freenode.21:37
SputniksOps...im sorry21:37
bprompt_manes:     well, in a farmer's market, if you ask anyone of the tomatoes vendors who has the best and juicest tomatoes, he/she would say he/she does, yes, if you ask 20 of them, you'd have 20 stands selling the best and juicest tomatoes, by superlative terms, of course, all 20 are being subjective and 19 of do not have the best and juicest one21:37
devsysHi all, it seems the DNS servers I have set in my resolv.conf have become entirely too slow to use. I wish to remove them, what is the correct way to to this? The resolv.conf file says not to edit directly.21:38
bprompt_manes:   so, yes, 7zip website will say things like that, pretty sure zip tools will say the same thing21:38
daftykinsdevsys: server or desktop?21:39
wafflejockbprompt_: I don't think the benchmarks I linked are related to 7z in any way and found quite a few posts claiming the same results21:39
daftykinsdevsys: as long as 'resolvconf' has been purged, you can hardcode resolv.conf after one reboot21:39
MonkeyDustdevsys  sudo -e /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base21:39
wafflejockbprompt_: I don't have any personal loyalty to 7z or anything :)21:39
MonkeyDustdevsys  nameserver x.x.x.x ... save... then: sudo resolvconf -u21:40
devsysMonkeyDust: that is what I did to add the new nameservers, it was blank, the current nameservers in resolv.conf aaren't listed. Does that mean resolv.conf was likely initially edited manually>21:40
bprompt_wafflejock:     hmmm I wasn't referring to your links :), I was just pointing out that the 7zip website will say things like that, since that's what manes mentioned, manes was referring to the 7zip website though, not your links as I understand it21:40
MonkeyDustdevsys  yes, it's a blank file, add 'namerver x.x.x.x' and save21:40
manesbprompt, it is not written on 7zip page, but on ubuntu man page21:40
devsysMonkeyDust: thanks, I did that and now I have the new nameservers as well as the old ones in my resolv.conf, should I just manually remove them from that file?21:41
daftykinsdevsys: perhaps you're seeing in there?21:41
MonkeyDustdevsys  did you   sudo resolvconf -u   <-- means update21:41
wafflejockbprompt_: ah yeah gotcha, yeah never good to just trust the salesman or provider to tell you who's best21:41
manesI said 'bprompt, 7zip man page says it has the highest compression, that would be preferable' not '7zip website'21:41
bprompt_manes:    ok.. have you checked rar's benchmarks?   dunno, I've used .7z format and rar, at least .7z is comparable to .rar, I'm not sure is better, I've seen some .rar with decent compression, then again, keep in mind, that also depends on the source that's being compressed, if it has enough redundant data or not21:42
devsysMonkeyDust: yes I ran that, I did get some sendmail errors, not sure what that was about, but if I cat the resolv.conf I have the nameservers I added to base as well as the original ones (that were presumably hardcoded into resolv.conf)21:42
samthewildonewell this isn't fun...21:43
samthewildoneI just installed 15.10 and I get the same error I got on 14.04.3LTS21:43
samthewildonesomething about problems with Xorg21:43
=== knite_ is now known as knite
zykotick9devsys: you might want to check /etc/network/interfaces and verify the old nameservers aren't specified there21:43
devsysOk, I found the old nameservers listed in head, removing them now,. Mystery solved21:44
wafflejocksamthewildone: new system or graphics card or something?21:44
=== JethroTux is now known as JethroTuxU7
samthewildonewafflejock, same system since ww221:44
OerHeksstill having themes problems, sam ?21:45
samthewildonewafflejock, plus I just installed 14.04.3LTS about 8.5hrs ago21:45
samthewildonewafflejock, took it off and slapped on 15.10 Gnome21:45
k1lsamthewildone: what issues exactly?21:45
samthewildoneOerHeks, yup21:45
devsysLast question about the resolv.conf, do I need to restart networking or anything for it to take effect?21:45
daftykinsdevsys: you can no longer do that on ubuntu21:45
MonkeyDustdevsys  won't harm, i guess21:45
samthewildonek1l, after I do all my installing and building of applications, I get a apport error about xorg fail/crashed.21:46
daftykinsfull reboot is best21:46
MonkeyDustdevsys  ok, what daftykins says21:46
devsysok Ill bounce it, thanks again all21:46
k1lsamthewildone: what installing?21:46
blb14409hi, is it possible to find out what config option where used to build a ubuntu package?21:48
ikoniareading the package manifest will show it21:48
quest9hi i have problem on my package.. help me21:49
daftykinsquest9: details21:49
OerHeksblb14409, DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS21:49
samthewildonek1l, my typically applications I install on a new install21:49
dunkI'm getting this error when I try to install some packages: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/k/krb5/libkrb5support0_1.12+dfsg-2ubuntu5.1_amd64.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80]21:49
dunkSeems that the 5_1 version is not there21:49
dunkBut 5_2 is21:49
dunkI have done apt-get update before installing21:50
dunkbut to no avail21:50
dunkany idea what I'm doing wrong?21:50
quest9error w3af..21:50
k1lsamthewildone: and prior to that all worked?21:50
quest9i use backbox21:50
samthewildonek1l, its a fresh install, how would I know ?21:50
daftykinsdunk: what version is this? "cat /etc/issue"21:50
k1ldunk: run "sudo apt-get update" before?21:50
k1l!backbox | quest921:50
ubottuquest9: Backbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.21:50
dunkk1l: I have.21:51
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
quest9oke.thanks friend21:51
dunkdaftykins: Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS21:52
dunkI'm installing via Docker21:52
k1ldunk: that version is outdated. maybe the mirrors you are using still got the old package list. just wait some time to let it sync or use another mirror21:52
dunkThe install commands are in a Dockerfile21:52
daftykinsdo it natively21:53
dunkI can't21:53
dunkMy whole build chain is Docker21:53
daftykinsoh it's one of those stupid restricted setups, i see21:53
causativethanks daftykins ... now after reinstalling firefox, it's still having the same problems as before, chiefly:  the address bar drop down box isn't working21:53
daftykinscausative: reset your profile with it.21:53
=== truexfan81_ is now known as truexfan81
daftykinsclose all open windows, then run "firefox -profilemanager" to start it; either delete the existing if you require no backup, or create a test profile21:54
causativedaftykins, still doesn't work after doing that21:56
daftykinscausative: try a purge reinstall21:58
blb14409ikonia: where do I find package metafile?21:58
dunkdaftykins: once you buy in, you're kinda fucked21:58
dunkIn some ways I regret this Docker decision...21:59
blb14409ikonia: I mean manifest file22:00
knobGuys, question: is 15.04 upgradeable to 16.04 when 16.04 comes out?22:01
Piciknob: no. You'll need to upgrade to 15.10 first.22:01
daftykinsdunk: language, please22:01
Piciknob: You can only skip releases when you go from one LTS to the next.22:01
OerHeksknob, yes, 15.04 > 15.10 > 16.04 .. not directly22:02
daftykins^ and even then it only becomes available at the first point release, e.g. 16.04.122:02
dunkdaftykins: sorry. A slip I won't repeat.22:02
josuebarrioshi, some have some idea about how to put a mantenance page for varios web sites from diferents web servers?22:02
knobPici, so I can go 15.10 to 16.04?22:03
bprompt_josuebarrios:    w0t?22:04
dunkdaftykins: seems that with Docker the apt-get update command doesn't save the caches to the image somehow, because by putting them in the same RUN line it seems to be fixed. I know that Docker basically pulls up the container from scratch between each line in the Dockerfile (hence if you do something like try to start a db it won't be running when you come22:04
dunkto your next command), but I didn't expect the apt-get update changes to get blown away. Ah well. Yet another sharp edge to cut yourself on with Docker.22:04
daftykinsdunk: nasty. do they have a channel on freenode?22:06
dunkyeah, I'm in it I think22:06
dunkI'll go have a whinge22:07
knobOerHeks, I just understood what Pici said with your comment.  I go from 15.04 to 15.10 and then to 16.0422:07
knobWhat about a 14.10 server?  Can I bring it up to 15.04?    I am getting a bunch of errors.  I think the consensus was to re-install everything in a new 14.04 server.22:07
knobNot that hard to do... I don't have that much stuff on the server, plus I have very good documentation of what I did.22:08
game0just use the following command22:08
daftykinsknob: 14.04 good, 14.10 = EOL22:08
OerHeksknob, there is an oldreleases trick to upgrade 14.10, see ubottu22:08
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades22:08
game0sudo do-release-upgrade22:08
knobThanks OerHeks ... reading up now.22:08
knobgame0, trying that in a minute22:09
OerHeksgame0, that does not work, on 14,10 .. too long ago.22:09
knobahh... ok.  After some time, it no longer works. ok ok22:09
game0knob read this topic: http://askubuntu.com/questions/91815/how-to-install-software-or-upgrade-from-an-old-unsupported-release22:10
game0it's very useful22:10
k1lthe bot already linked the official howto22:10
knobon my way22:10
OerHekssame info as ubuntu gives..22:10
causativedaftykins, tried apt-get remove --purge firefox, then reinstalled, didn't work, so now I removed firefox and am also doing apt-get autoremove in case there is some problem in one of the supporting packages22:12
daftykinscausative: you can do 'purge' instead of 'remove --purge' ; sounds fair - anything else could be down to graphics / driver / DE quirks maybe22:14
daftykinsworth trying in the guest session22:14
causativedaftykins, there's another problem with firefox which might have something to do with unity configuration, namely when it opens the icon in the launcher is wrong - just the generic gray question mark with a box around it.  this despite the fact that there was ALSO a firefox icon in the launcher, which would launch firefox to the grey ? icon22:15
daftykinscausative: yeah i'd definitely log out, log into the guest session, then test firefox; see if it behaves normally there22:16
causativeyeah, autoremove did nothing either, after reinstalling it's the same as before... although I note that it didn't actually download any new packages when it reinstalled, so if there's some problem with a package maybe I need to remove the cached packages as well22:18
daftykinscausative: yep, when purging i always "sudo apt-get clean"22:20
vadimkolchevHello, got a question. Installed ubuntu then installed kde desktop, however now I have missing icons for many apps, such as firefox, thunderbird, skype and many more. How may I fix it?22:20
k1lvadimkolchev: kde from the repos?22:21
vadimkolchevk1l: yes22:21
k1lmaybe you need the whole kubuntu-desktop package22:21
vadimkolchevk1l: I installed it22:21
hbbunnyhey guys, I've installed ubuntu inside my windows 7 machine. I'm currently upgrading from Ubuntu 12 to 14. Unity has disappeared and not accessible. Is this normal behahiour during an upgrade?22:21
mircx1Hi s, You Are In My Friends List (ArthasScript)22:22
mircx1Info Line For s, NOTSET (ArthasScript)22:22
OerHeksmircx1, stop that script!22:22
si do not know you22:22
=== s is now known as Guest25043
=== Guest25043 is now known as marsh
marshhello all22:22
daftykinshbbunny: inside means...? do you mean WUBI?22:22
hbbunnysorry yes22:22
daftykinssorry we don't support wubi, as it's an abomination22:23
hbbunnyok fair enough22:23
marshi an needing help22:23
ubottuWubi was a way to install Ubuntu from within Windows, but it is no longer supported in recent versions of Ubuntu and was never well maintained even for Ubuntu 12.04. Do not use Wubi. See !install for other options for installing Ubuntu.22:23
daftykinsyour best bet is to backup any data, nuke it, then install beside Windows instead22:23
daftykinsmarsh: we're needing a question with details :)22:24
MonkeyDustmarsh  let's hear it, in one line22:24
marshi just installed xubuntu and when i boot my computer it tells me to insert a bootable disk22:25
MonkeyDustmarsh  disable the cd-rom in your sources22:25
marshhow do i do that22:25
daftykinsi think that's a bootloader comment, you mean xubuntu won't boot, marsh?22:25
marshit will if i have the usb plugged in22:26
VictoriaXOXOmarsh: Go into BIOS and change boot order?22:26
marshbut when i turn on the computer it throws me that error22:26
marshi have done that22:26
VictoriaXOXOOh. :/22:26
daftykinssounds like GRUB installed to the wrong drive22:27
Jordan_U!bootinfo | marsh22:27
ubottumarsh: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Please run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then !pastebin the RESULTS.txt for us to use to help diagnose your problem.22:27
daftykinsmarsh: boot, chroot your install, then install grub to the HDD22:27
marshi have done that22:27
daftykinsthen what Jordan_U made ubottu say22:27
marshand it will not boot bootinfoscript22:27
marshit shows up in a command line22:28
marshhow do i install the grub22:28
daftykinsyou don't boot a script; it should upload some output to share22:28
daftykinshang on i thought you said you did try installing grub?22:28
marshno i did not try to install the grub i was asking how22:29
=== darek is now known as Guest24850
daftykinsah, the timing on "i have done that" threw me22:29
daftykinsso boot to your install flash drives' live session first22:29
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub222:29
marshit is not even showing a grub22:30
daftykinsi know, that's why you're going to install it22:30
daftykinsread the links :)22:30
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.22:33
Jordan_Umarsh: What do you mean by "it will not boot boot info script"? Can you boot Ubuntu in any way (including via LiveDVD/USB) and run boot info script from there?22:34
=== germaxhipo is now known as Germax
causativedaftykins, from a guest account firefox works fine with respect to both the launcher icon and the address bar dropdown box, what does that mean I should do?22:35
daftykinscausative: dunno, something about your ~ configs is trashing it - are you sure you tried a totally clean profile as suggested?22:36
causativedaftykins, I launched firefox -profilemanager as suggested and created a new profile22:37
daftykinsdid you pick to run that one when you started firefox, though?22:38
daftykinsso it behaved like a first run?22:38
causativewait, it is working with a new profile, I think the last time I didn't take the necessary steps to trigger the address bar dropdown box22:40
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VictoriaXOXOQ: What's the closest application to Window's MPC-HC?22:52
VictoriaXOXOI don't like VLC.22:52
daftykinsi'm a fan of that on Windows too, you're ultimately screwed - maybe mplayer22:52
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Hmm, okay.22:53
geniiVictoriaXOXO: http://alternativeto.net/software/mpc-hc/?platform=linux22:54
OerHeksKodi ?22:54
daftykinswell, Kodi is a full screen UI designed for 10 foot really22:54
VictoriaXOXOWow. VLC at 4328 likes and MPlayer at 269 likes.22:55
* daftykins never liked VLC either22:56
kisbvlc awesome22:56
VictoriaXOXOYou know what to do. I expect a MPC-HC port by tomorrow morning.22:56
daftykinsthere aren't enough cookies in all the world22:57
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Is Wine + MPC-HC too stupid?22:57
OerHeksVictoriaXOXO, it is already there, but you will find out tomorrow22:57
daftykinsMPC-HC uses APIs and functions for Windows only22:57
daftykinse.g. DXVA22:57
VictoriaXOXOIt's like losing a close friend.22:58
geniiSomething I don't see on the list there is Kaffeine22:58
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
wizzkiddi have zfs working on my Ubuntu 15.10 however after each restart, the zpool is not mounted.  Can anyone help me make this persistent?23:01
bprompt_VictoriaXOXO:     you could try installing mplayer, I use smplayer, a GUI for mplayer, is skinnable, BTW, VLC 2.x and up are skinnable, and you can change it to make it look like windows media player23:01
daftykinsedit /etc/fstab for permanent file system mounts23:01
VictoriaXOXObprompt_: That's kewl and all, but it's not the skin I'm worrying about. :P23:02
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: some specific feature, or?23:02
wizzkidddaftykins: it is not a filesystem mount... i need to import the pool23:02
daftykinswizzkidd: ok23:03
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: There's a long list of things that grinds my gears. Forget about it, since it's boring. :P23:03
VictoriaXOXOAnd not really for this channel, I guess.23:03
bprompt_VictoriaXOXO:     vlc is just as good as mplayer, I use both, in terms of decoding, is the same pretty much23:03
VictoriaXOXObprompt_: Well, it looks like I'm stuck with VLC or MPlayer.23:03
VictoriaXOXOI'll have to make my choice.23:04
Jordan_UVictoriaXOXO: There are many other players. Is there anything specific about the UI or features that you want?23:04
bprompt_ There's a long list of things that "grinds my gears."   <---- there's the clincher =P, just biases then :P23:04
VictoriaXOXObprompt_: Pfffff.23:05
daftykinsbprompt_: that was a very immature comment23:05
VictoriaXOXOJordan_U: Many things, but I'll have to figure it out on my own, because otherwise this chat would be spammed with my ramblings.23:05
bprompt_daftykins:  not sure I share you view...  but I'm listening23:05
daftykinsthat'd be off topic.23:05
bprompt_VictoriaXOXO:     well, I don't see anything wrong or better in vlc, functionality wise or decoding,  to say mplayer, and I use both, so.... seems to  me it's just a matter of preference23:06
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Jordan_UVictoriaXOXO: If you're looking for something simple then try Totem, if you're looking for something complex and feature rich try Kodi (whose primarily HTPC oriented interface might not suite you, but it's worth a try).23:06
bprompt_VictoriaXOXO:    either way, you don't have to like it, that's alright, but mplayer is another player  you could use :)23:07
VictoriaXOXObprompt_: I'll consider it.23:07
VictoriaXOXOJordan_U: I'll look them up.23:07
bprompt_VictoriaXOXO:    there are other "players" you'll find in the repositories or elsewhere, BUT they're usally just GUI for mplayer, they just call themselves this or that, but require mplayer for the decoding23:08
torcuato869Hi all! I'm relatively new into Linux. should i install any kind of antivirus/malware? I read a lot of contradictory things23:11
Bashing-om!virus | torcuato86923:11
ubottutorcuato869: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus23:11
daftykinstorcuato869: my vote is no23:11
torcuato869Thanks guys23:11
torcuato869actually I'm using a dual boot with windows. Obviously Windows is protected23:12
Pirangueiroi need help, please. how to install office xp?23:13
k1l!wine | Pirangueiro23:13
ubottuPirangueiro: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu23:13
torcuato869install libreoffice23:13
daftykinsPirangueiro: i'm sure there's a better approach to whatever your task is.23:13
k1li guess that should mean ms office there23:13
OerHekslibreoffice is already there :-D23:13
OerHekssuch old office without bugfixes .. good luck23:14
torcuato869What do you think about the Ubuntu Studio distro? Is a good distro?23:15
OerHeksubuntu-studio is ubuntu, so yes23:15
k1ltorcuato869: it works and is an official ubuntu flavor23:15
marcus68723Anybody experience garbage green artifacts and occasional stuttering sound when watching ATSC over the air TV in Ubuntu with a USB TV tuner?23:16
marcus68723it happens in both Kaffeine and Me-tv23:17
=== Monthrect is now known as Piper-Off
OerHeksmarcus68723, yes, due to extentioncords without groundwire.23:17
hyliani get intramfs boot issue with uuid. I can "mount /dev/sda1" then exit to boot, how do i fix?23:20
MrCeeIIIhello i need help creating a launcher on my desktop... who got me?23:20
OerHeksMrCeeIII, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UnityLaunchersAndDesktopFiles23:20
daftykinshylian: are you saying you get dropped to initramfs if your fstab contains UUIDs?23:21
MrCeeIIIwell im an newb would love a step by stepo23:21
cblakeAnybody with experience in Creative USB X-Fi sound cards?!23:22
OerHeksthat wiki is pretty clear23:22
daftykinscblake: just ask the actual question to the channel23:22
akkadis upstart supported still?23:23
daftykinsin releases that use it which are still supported23:24
cblakemy sound card's Mic gain is very very low.. alsamixer showing dB gain max to 6.. any ideas?!23:24
k1lakkad: its still supported. but since 15.04 we have systemd as standard.23:24
wizzkiddakkad: im trying to find out whether to use systemd or upstart to automount my zfs pools23:24
akkadis systemd easier to debug?23:26
daftykinsthe better question, is "what is LTS?" and the answer is not systemd until 16.04 :)23:26
akkadso how does one clear an old pid from upstart. status shows a pid is running, stop, restart, start, all fail because they see a pid as active when it is not.23:27
cblakemy sound card's Mic gain is very very low.. alsamixer showing dB gain max to 6.. any ideas?!23:27
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/23:27
daftykinsi'd look for an alsa/pa channel - cblake23:28
daftykinsin case nobody replies23:28
hyliani get intramfs boot issue with uuid. I can "mount /dev/sda1" then exit to boot, how do i fix?23:28
daftykinshylian: i asked you a question and didn't get a reply23:28
hyliandaftykins: i didn't see it23:29
daftykins< daftykins> hylian: are you saying you get dropped to initramfs if your fstab contains UUIDs?23:29
hyliandaftykins: i guess yes.23:29
daftykinsthere shouldn't be a need to guess, you should know23:30
mib_mibhi all, i have a machine with 2x480GB SSDs and 2x960GB SSDs - i want this to be a database server, and am wondering what RAID anyone would recommend here?23:30
daftykinshylian: what caused this problem to first appear? what happened between when it worked and now?23:30
hyliandaftykins: this is a fresh install of ubuntu23:30
daftykinshylian: ah ok, is it the sole OS? are you typing from a live session on this system?23:31
hyliandaftykins: yes sole os23:31
alemSo I received a new PSU and CPU Cooler, installed everything, and when I now turn on my machine, it stalls around this area after booting grub. http://imgur.com/a/E4fvO (it is an image album)23:31
alemWith image 3, that is when everything is plugged in. With image 2, that is with only my root and home drive plugged in.23:31
cblakedaftykins, alright23:32
daftykinshylian: and the second question?23:32
hyliandaftykins: no using another machine. and i am booting from the hd, not a usb. but like i said, i have to mount /dev/sda1 myself first.23:33
daftykinshylian: no i'm suggesting that you *do* boot from USB to poke around and fix23:33
daftykinsalem: lots of disks there huh? do you press 'S' at the error in image 1?23:33
alemNo, it automatically bypassed it23:34
alemWhich was honestly, odd.23:34
OerHeksalem, looks like you forgot a sata cable23:34
OerHeksor notpropperly connected23:34
hyliandaftykins: i have tried that first, continues to have this option. i wish i could just force intramfs to use the old /dev/sda1 system...23:34
hyliandaftykins: *issue23:35
BottomNotchI have a Lenovo thinkpad x61 tablet running trusty.  It has a serial touchscree that doesn't work.  I know that it uses serial port /dev/ttyS4 but the instructions at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touchscreen to not help.  Can anyone help me?23:35
daftykinshylian: tried what? i'm saying boot to live session then have a look around at the boot configs23:35
OerHeksalem, maybe an other sata port on your mobo, without updating the bios it will not see it.23:35
OerHeksalem, updating bios = enter bios, and save it.23:35
hyliandaftykins: i did just that. /etc/fstab has the same uuid as sudo blkid says it should...23:35
alemAlright, well, I will reseat all the cables and see if that helps with anything.23:35
daftykinshylian: ok now that's language i can understand. did you try chroot-ing your installation then updating the initramfs?23:36
hyliandaftykins: no, dont know how to chroot, never had to before.23:38
=== EOIP is now known as crocodilehunter
daftykinshylian: ok so boot to the live session first23:38
hyliandaftykins: ok, i hate to do it because it's sooo slow, but.. will do23:39
daftykinsfrom flash drive? shouldn't be.23:39
hyliandaftykins: this is an older vista laptop from dell, speed isn't it's strong point. (intel celeron). ;)23:40
daftykinsright, just wondered if you were booting from DVD23:41
hyliandaftykins: ok booted to usb. just fyi, needed to force a driver for wifi, so now that pc is net less.23:42
BottomNotchI have a Lenovo thinkpad x61 tablet running trusty.  It has a serial touchscree that doesn't work.  I know that it uses serial port /dev/ttyS4 but the instructions at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touchscreen to not help.  Can anyone help me?23:42
daftykinshylian: ok. have a look at the red lines here: http://karuppuswamy.com/wordpress/2010/06/02/how-to-chroot-to-ubuntu-using-live-cd-to-fix-grub-rescue-prompt/23:43
=== DefunctProcess is now known as DefunctProcessZZ
daftykinshylian: if you're not familiar with identifying your partitions and so on, "sudo parted -l" is ace23:45
daftykinsnaturally that guide is for something else, so skip step 723:47
BlastRed[HasAre my old buds here23:48
daftykinssupport only23:48
=== BlastRed[Has is now known as BlastRed
BlastRedi cant remember his name23:48
BlastRedbut it was like llm_23:48
BlastRedi think like that23:48
BlastRedand bashing-om23:49
daftykinsBlastRed: ubuntu support only, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic23:49
BlastRedYes i know haha23:49
BlastRedi was here yesterday23:49
BlastRedim resuming on my previous topic23:49
daftykinsthen cut the chat and follow rules please23:49
BlastRedI said, "are my old buds here" as in, "where are the people who were helping me yesterday"23:49
daftykinsjust resume the support query, don't fight policy.23:50
BlastRedbashing-om . where are you.23:50
daftykinswe have volunteers that come and go, the best thing to do is to just ask again - hassling individual users isn't so effective if they're not here right now23:51
BlastRedOkay, generic question as im switching my other ubuntu hard drive into a computer23:51
bprompt_BlastRed:    they may well be here, but unless you state specifics, you wouldn't know23:51
BlastRedoky im sorry :323:51
BlastRedSo i have two laptops of a relative size23:51
BlastRedIf i replace one hard drive into the other, will that have all my files and data from the previous comp? and the OS?23:51
daftykinsyes because the hard disk is the storage device23:52
BlastRedThats awesome23:52
hyliandaftykins: i got 1 error, "unable to resolve host xubuntu"..??23:52
daftykinsbut only if it was on its' own, i.e. it wasn't a multiple drive system23:52
BlastRedits a problem with your internet hylian23:52
daftykinshylian: why are you trying to do anything online? chroot doesn't require this23:53
BlastRedive gotten that before, you probably want to check your ip23:53
hylianBlastRed: um, no it's not./23:53
daftykinsnot even close :)23:53
BlastRedReally? i had the same error "unable to resolve host" in a certain game, and i ended up fixing the localhost code or something23:53
BlastRedhaha... i know nothing; what i said never happened.23:54
daftykinsit's part of an ongoing support query, so you don't know the full story.23:54
daftykinshylian: so you just nede to be in a terminal right now, mounting your partitions and then chroot-ing into it - there's no need to be online at all - i don't know why you got that message23:54
daftykinsBlastRed: so if the hard disk was the only one in another PC, and has the full ubuntu installation on it... you can transplant the drive and boot up wherever; as long as there are no major hardware differences23:55
Jordan_UBlastRed: Yes. Depending on some important details though (proprietary drivers, and UEFI boot entries) you may have trouble booting from and running from the swapped drive though.23:55
hyliandaftykins: ok so i did chroot it, do i reboot now?23:56
BlastRedOne computer is compaq and one is DELL, wil that have any problem. Jordan_U ?23:56
daftykinshylian: no; because nothing has been done. if you "ls" do you see bin, dev, etc?23:56
hyliandaftykins: except, it did say it didn't know the host of xubuntu when running grub-install.23:56
BlastRedi just took off the top off the bottom of my lother laptop... which one is the hard drive xD23:56
BlastRedOh i see it...23:57
BlastRedits called a disk drie?23:57
BottomNotchI have a Lenovo thinkpad x61 tablet running trusty.  It has a serial touchscree that doesn't work.  I know that it uses serial port /dev/ttyS4 but the instructions at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touchscreen to not help.  Can anyone help me?23:57
Jordan_UBlastRed: The brand of computer tells me almost nothing about the important differences. Do you have any proprietary drivers installed for either machine? Is either machine UEFI based (as opposed to BIOS based)?23:57
hyliandaftykins: no, but this is the home folder. i did all the commands on that page, and only had an error at the very end with grub install.23:57
daftykinshylian: i said not to run that part.23:57
k1lBlastRed: please look into the make and models manual to find a howto for replacing a hdd.23:58
hyliandaftykins: oops, ok, well then i am chrooted, i believe.23:58
daftykinshylian: you were supposed to mount your / partition to /mnt or similar.23:58
BlastRedJordan_U: Both machienes are windows 7, they mostly have the same drivers. theres little to no difference23:58
daftykinshylian: no, not if this partition is your /home23:58
BlastRedTheyre both toshiba hard/disk drives23:58
hyliandaftykins: yep, everything you asked for mounted to /dev. cool trick23:58
Jordan_UBlastRed: That doesn't answer either of my questions unfortunately.23:59
daftykinsBlastRed: you're going to need to be in ##hardware to ask a lot of these questions, we help with Ubuntu - and whilst i personally love hardware, it's not on topic here.23:59
hyliandaftykins: ok, so now that I have a cd looking icon that says dev, now what do i do?23:59

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