OvenWerksGot this message by PM... I don't do much with blogs so someone who knows what it should look like should check:17:36
OvenWerks09:33 [Ubuntu] [jacekn(~jacekn@ks3308756.kimsufi.com)] I'm one of the sysadmins  working for Canonical. Just wanted to let you know that we migrated  ubuntustudio.org blog to new place. It was 1 to 1 move so nothing should  change for you17:37
OvenWerks09:33 [Ubuntu] [jacekn(~jacekn@ks3308756.kimsufi.com)] but if something is not quite  right please let us know :)17:37
zequenceOvenWerks: I got that too. 18:24
zequenceYeah, seems to be working18:24
OvenWerkszequence: I thought that might be the case but wanted to make sure.18:24
zequenceI'll look into the failed ISO build tomorrow. Some new libav problem, as it seems18:25
DalekSeczequence: Cub anywhere close to alive?18:58
zequenceDalekSec: He's mostly active on the mail list. He got a bit busy with other things for a while.20:02

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