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flocculantknome: could you twit the irc session for testers please07:16
flocculantochosi: ^^ on google + :)07:18
flocculantno idea how to get anyone to do facebook 07:18
flocculantknome: something up with the wp bit for our site?08:09
flocculantgot a warning  - then it appears to want to be http://www.ubuntu.com/wp-admin/profile.php 08:10
knomeflocculant, WP was set up to a new environment yesterday by canonical IS (i was contacted with them)09:44
knomeflocculant, if you can, please send me an email with exact steps you took and the errors you got09:44
knomegosh, mailman definitely doesn't handle html mail graciously09:46
knomeflocculant, ^09:51
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flocculantknome: you haz mail11:49
flocculantand thanks 11:50
bluesabreAOL 2015, "Sup, wb. You haz mail. LOL. YOLO."12:00
bluesabrethough, I wonder if AOL commercials are lost on folks on this channel12:01
Akxwi-davenah.. not lost.. used to use aol and compuserve in the good old days, on a 4800 modem12:04
knomeflocculant, ygm too :P16:36
knomeand with that, bbl16:36
flocculantknome: ACK16:37
flocculantpleia2: sorry - but holstein's nto been about for ages and I have no way to contact the other facebook contact - can you copy the twitter testing session to fb please :)18:03
pleia2flocculant: sure18:03
flocculantthanks :)18:03
pleia2flocculant: he's on freenode (in #ubuntu-news and a few other places), so just a PM away :)18:04
flocculantholstein ?18:04
pleia2dunno why he doesn't hang out here anymore18:05
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flocculantoh right - not seen him around for an age here 18:05
pleia2which reminds me, if any other team members want to help me with fb, you're welcome to it18:05
flocculantnot sure whether he's in studio channel 18:05
flocculantpleia2: heh :)18:05
pleia2ok, shared to fb and g+18:07
flocculantpleia2: thanks :)18:07
flocculantwe got it on something that's very close to being almost local to me as well :D18:07
flocculantnot far (ish) away from me18:09
pleia2ah :)18:09
Unit193Uhh, anyone up for pinging?  slang is active.19:56
knomepleia2, what's your schedule today then?20:11
knomeflocculant, should be fixed "later this week"20:12
Unit193Pinged in -devel, should be on his queue.20:55
flocculantnice to see people interested enough in testing for us to go to some website and fill things in 21:20
flocculant2 turned up there since twit/fb/g+ posts 21:21
pleia2knome: kind of overwhelmed today and tomorrow, thursday around this time should be better21:39
knomepleia2, ok21:58

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