knomethat's a start, now a volunteer that has access to the same hardware as you has to have time to look at the reports sent00:00
knomeand even then, the solution isn't likely to be trivial - usually quite the opposite with driver issues00:00
xubuntu11wthe freezing of the computer from this is the biggest problem. ctrl-alt-delete doesnt work, even numlock frozen on.00:01
xubuntu11wctrl-alt-f2* i mean00:02
knomei wouldn't be surprised if it was caused by the issues caused by the wireless adapter00:02
xubuntu11wyeah, thats what it is. its the network manager causing this. Ive used Linux a lot, like older versions. But this happens now. im on 15.10. it almost seems that it started after kernel 4. came out00:04
knomeyou can try booting a 3.x kernel00:04
xubuntu11wi would but the problem is random. it just does it when it wants. and i have newer hardware so that might not be a good idea00:05
knomeif it doesn't boot, then it doesn't boot, and you can go back to using 4.x00:06
knomebut as you wish00:06
xubuntu11wshould i give it a try? Or wait for the issue to be resolved?00:06
knomeit's possible that the issue is resolved after a year or two - or never00:07
knomei would try the older kernel00:07
xubuntu11wwhat happens when I use a older kernel? will i have less performance? or maybe run into issues on the old kernel?00:08
knomenothing worse than getting freezes on the new kernel00:09
xubuntu11wokay. how do i use old kernel?00:09
xubuntu11wif you are busy or something right now. Or if you would like, I could try asking some other time. On the steps to try old kernel.00:16
xubuntu11wI will go. Thanks for talking with me about this issue. Goodbye00:19
hoodedicehey guys!03:36
hoodediceI'm here to report a bug in 15.04 =D03:36
hoodediceDescription: Suspend fails to suspend computer03:37
hoodediceSteps to Reproduce: Press Suspend from whisker menu's power off button. Close laptop lid03:37
hoodediceExpected Result: Laptop remains in suspend state03:37
hoodediceObserved Result: It turns back on, overheats in my backpack, warms me during these cold days, but also has no battery left when I actually need it03:38
hoodediceReproduction Rate: 10/1003:38
* xubuntu31w slaps AntiSpamMeta around a bit with a large fishbot03:39
* xubuntu31w slaps alexandros_c around a bit with a large fishbot03:40
xubuntu31wsudo killall03:40
hoodediceyou think that will work?03:40
hoodedicemy friend is telling me to sudo -rm rg or something like that03:41
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Ragadozo67Hi All!!:))07:08
anykeyshophello! how to make distributive upgrade from 15.04 to 15.50? I used "dist-upgrade" but after some packages downloaded and upgrade process finished my distr is still 15.0407:24
anykeyshop....15.10 of couse :)07:25
nils17hi. on a xubuntu-based live cd I get this warning: http://snag.gy/Xp5sd.jpg   Where is this setting stored, so that I could disable this warning? (because everytime the live-iso boots the message comes back)09:27
reelI just updated to Wily Werewolf and now my sound controll has stopped working. I am using i3 window manager and have made my own audiomode. Any tips or advice on this matter?10:19
reelTo specify: I can not lower or raise the volume. I can mute, but not change the percentile value10:21
reelNevermind, I fixed it myself.10:36
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drcxubuntu337: what are you trying to join?17:17
xubuntu337I saw a message to join or help, sorry I am a nem user from Brasil, Bahia andi I am not so good in english. I want to be with you cause I wanto to my Xubuntu fly. I have only 3 months of Linux... sorry17:23
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.17:24
drcThat is not a problem.  You are in the Xubuntu Suport channel, it is just very quiet today.17:24
drcOr, as Pici says, you can join  #ubuntu-br but it is probably just as quite.17:25
xubuntu337I must write  /join #ubuntu-br here?17:36
drcxubuntu337: Yes, you can do that.17:37
xubuntu337ok, guys I will have to to leave now, because my intalation is finishing and firefox is Syncing... thank you. I really love Xubuntu and Ubuntu.17:40
Guest58339any help please ? x will not start after update. now using usb live17:51
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evandrojr /join #ubuntu-br18:22
EightynineHi. I have just installed Xubuntu 15.10 and added English and Russian layouts and selected Ctrl-Shift to switch layout and it's not working.19:19
xubuntu337Hi everybody, I need to tell you I am ew user and I like a lot of xubuntu 14.04.3 LTS but I am 3 months of  linux learning. I am from Brasil, Bhia. I live in a poor small town by a beautiful black river. 22.000 people live here only. Most of them do not know read or write. A was school teacher by mi time , contract is over. Now I have another stable work but is not a great thing. My english is no to good. I wato learn how to make internet faster an20:13
xubuntu337d xubuntu to. My PC is 2.0 of memory only. THAT'S cause of this I choose Xubuntu it work well in my poor machine. That's it if someone could guide me I will be glad. I'm waiting for my master Yoda... Kkkkkkkk. Thank's.20:13
xubuntu337I want to learn how make internet faster and xubuntu to.20:14
xubuntu337my typing is better than that I do not know why I am writing everything wrong.20:15
xubuntu337But the drugs are among us now. Like Crack, cocaine and a horrible thing called pasta loló.20:18
knomexubuntu337, this channel is for user support, #xubuntu-devel is for general chatter.20:25
Unit193That is, #xubuntu-offtopic.20:25
flocculant#xubuntu-offtopic rather20:25
knome....yes, i'm very much off-focus20:25
sacardexubuntu what DM use?20:45
Unit193Xubuntu uses lightdm, with the lightdm-gtk-greeter.20:45
Azelphuroh whoops, dm not de :)20:45
xubuntu337Dm ?21:18
xubuntu337Let me see the info about my PC...21:18
xubuntu337my PC 2.0 RAM Intel celeron (R) CPU J1800 @2,41GHz X 2 -  iNTEL bAY tRAIL X 86/mmx/sse2 32 bit 312GB21:22
xubuntu337What can I do to this poor PC work Xubuntu better not touching in the Hardware?21:25
mrkrampsxubuntu337, not much21:26
xubuntu337I could search on web...21:26
xubuntu337Again, sorry for my english I am from Brasil...21:27
mrkrampsxubuntu337, what exactly is not working as you expect21:27
xubuntu337Everything is working fine. Only when I do reboot I got black screen. If I only shudown everything ok xubuntu comes back fast.21:30
mrkrampsxubuntu337, which version of xubuntu are you using?21:33
xubuntu337And I wanto learn to preserve my desktop the same when  start xubuntu. And want to learn to make this incredible almost alive desktops full of info about  PC . The devian art I already got. The Themes I have a tutorial.21:34
xubuntu33714.04.3 LTS21:34
xubuntu337I bet I've done something wrong.21:35
xubuntu337I know xubuntu can make a simple machine like mine fly.21:39
flocculantxubuntu337: only up to a point. It's likely to be flying as much as it will already21:40
xubuntu337Just do not know how... everybody always wants more right? Sorry, if It's not the place to talk about it. I green new in this kind of world.21:41
mrkrampsxubuntu337, concerning this reboot issue you can try to diable plymouth (boot splash)21:42
xubuntu337could you please said how do I do that?21:43
xubuntu337disable plymouth, how?21:44
mrkrampsxubuntu337, you've already used a terminal?21:44
xubuntu337yes I got 40 hours of terminal, doing dummy things.21:45
xubuntu337sudo apt-get, sudo su, sudo  apt-get clean21:46
mrkrampssudo nano /etc/defaul/grub21:46
xubuntu337shutdown -h now...21:46
mrkrampsreplace: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"21:46
mrkrampswith: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="noplymouth"21:47
flocculantmrkramps: sorry for butting in there :)21:47
mrkrampsbe my guest … i guess i need another keyboard21:48
flocculantI'm not really here - in and out a bit21:48
xubuntu337I'm in GNU nano 2.2.6 the screen have not a single word21:49
mrkrampsxubuntu337, exit and do NOT save21:49
mrkrampsi told you the wrong path21:49
mrkrampsxubuntu337, the correct command is `sudo nano /etc/default/grub`21:50
mrkrampsthere you replace "quiet splash" with "noplymouth"21:51
mrkrampsdouble check if there is no typo, save and exit nano21:52
xubuntu337Now I am seeing words thank you.21:52
xubuntu337I find it a minute please?21:53
xubuntu337I can not erase "quiet splash" I did sudo su, then su them your command but I can1t erase these words. KKkkkk. sorry21:59
mrkrampsi did not tell you to use `sudo su`22:00
xubuntu337But don't give up on me maybe another time. I don want to botter anyone.22:01
xubuntu337ok I-ll try again.22:01
mrkrampstake your time22:02
xubuntu337I can't believe I did it. I am nervous...22:07
xubuntu337emotional... sorry22:07
xubuntu337now save it?22:07
mrkrampsxubuntu337, yes22:08
xubuntu337them what maste Yoda?22:08
mrkrampsexit nano22:08
xubuntu337master Yoda. Kkkkk22:08
mrkrampsif not done already22:09
xubuntu337do not save anything?22:09
mrkrampsxubuntu337, save file and exit nano22:09
xubuntu337^0 ?22:09
xubuntu337ok save and closed.22:11
mrkrampsand now update your bootloader configuration: sudo update-grub22:12
xubuntu337not use sudo su right?22:13
flocculantforget all about sudo su22:13
xubuntu337see that:   Generating grub configuration file ...22:14
xubuntu337Atenção: Setting GRUB_TIMEOUT to a non-zero value when GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT is set is no longer supported.22:14
xubuntu337Encontrado imagem linux: /boot/vmlinuz-3.19.0-25-generic22:14
xubuntu337Encontrado imagem initrd: /boot/initrd.img-3.19.0-25-generic22:14
xubuntu337Found memtest86+ image: /memtest86+.elf22:14
xubuntu337Found memtest86+ image: /memtest86+.bin22:14
mrkrampslooks good22:15
xubuntu337It's alright?22:15
mrkrampsyou can now try to reboot22:15
xubuntu337mrkramps thant you22:16
xubuntu337maste Yoda for me.22:16
xubuntu337anything more to do?22:16
mrkrampsxubuntu337, not for now … reboot and check back to tell us about the result22:17
xubuntu337Can you teach me to do a amazig desktop?22:17
xubuntu337amazing desktop... sorry22:17
mrkrampsnope, i can just teach people to keep a working desktop22:17
xubuntu337ok. So there's more stuff to do master?22:18
mrkrampsyes, try to reboot to see if this change helps22:19
xubuntu337I will reboot. Thank you very much master Yoda.22:19
xubuntu337The reboot work's fine and fast. No windows do that in my humble PC.22:23
xubuntu337by  and thak's again.22:25
mrkrampsyou're welcome!22:25
xubuntu337I will contribute xubuntu. Anything more to do master?22:28
xubuntu337so I will continue downloadind on the central.22:29
knomexubuntu337, enjoy.22:29

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