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smoseragy, no, you cant. :-(13:43
smoseragy, but patches are definitely welcome for that.13:43
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BarnacleBobhi there.  i'm trying to use cloud-init to partition and mount a disk using the latest ubuntu 14.04 official images on aws and i'm getting a stack trace.  https://gist.github.com/BarnacleBob/ef00cbed7d49bd97a05818:53
BarnacleBobanyone see what i might be doing wrong18:53
Odd_BlokeBarnacleBob: I think you're hitting https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init/+bug/131146318:57
BarnacleBobah excelent19:00
BarnacleBobdoes cloud-init rerun everytime the machine boots up or is there some protection against that?19:03
Odd_BlokeBarnacleBob: So it does run, but modules specify if they are per-instance or per-boot.19:05
Odd_BlokeBarnacleBob: So generally it comes up and finds there isn't anything to do.19:05
BarnacleBobok great.  i'm guessing disk partitioning and filesystem are once per instance but i'll test it19:05
Odd_BlokeI believe they are.19:05
Diplomathey guys, I have a little issue.. my code fails to create users and set passwords: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13333626/19:07
Diplomatand here's my script: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13333632/19:08
Odd_BlokeDiplomat: Is that the output in /var/log/cloud-init.log, or is there more info there?19:09
Diplomatwell, I can't access my vm unfortunately19:09
Diplomatno it's from the console19:09
Diplomatconsole log from openstack19:10
Odd_BlokeOK, getting cloud-init.log would probably make it much easier to debug.19:11
Odd_BlokeDiplomat: Can you mount that disk on another VM and access it that way?19:11
DiplomatNot really19:11
DiplomatI'm seeing this too19:12
Diplomat[WARNING]: Running ssh-authkey-fingerprints (<module 'cloudinit.config.cc_ssh_authkey_fingerprints' from '/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/cloudinit/config/cc_ssh_authkey_fingerprints.pyc'>) failed19:12
DiplomatI'm using CentOS 6.7 cloud image19:12
Diplomatfrom their website19:12
Odd_BlokeDiplomat: OK, if you aren't going to get cloud-init.log, then your best bet is probably to strip down to an empty configuration and add a line at a time.19:13
Odd_BlokeDiplomat: I'm curious to know why you can't mount the disk though. :)19:13
DiplomatBecause I'm not using a volume19:14
DiplomatIf i'd boot using a volume then i could do that19:14
Odd_BlokeDiplomat: What are you booting from?19:15
DiplomatFrom that disc it creates into a compute node19:15
Odd_BlokeDiplomat: "that disc it creates" <-- what is creating the disk?19:16
DiplomatUmm.. nova?19:16
DiplomatI'm not sure what you mean19:16
Odd_BlokeSo my understanding is that nova creates a volume from the image; you should be able to mount that volume on another instance, no?19:16
Odd_Bloke(I'm not super au-fait with OpenStack though, so I could be completely wrong :p)19:17
DiplomatWell, you can't do that.. if you would use a volume (Cinder) then you can remove it and add to another VM, mount it and then access those files19:17
DiplomatAlso.. I just commented out "customer" account creation and used a key pair and now it works19:18
DiplomatChanging password for user root.19:18
Diplomatpasswd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.19:18
DiplomatLocking password for user root.19:18
Diplomatpasswd: Success19:18
Odd_BlokeCool. :)19:18
DiplomatYes, but now I have to figure out why it doesn't want to create an account19:19
Odd_BlokeDiplomat: Just add in each line of config there one at a time, and you'll discover which one is the problem.19:19
DiplomatI think I already found it.. its that account creation thingy19:21
smatzekso you want to log in to an account that is non-root using password after creation?19:21
Odd_BlokeDiplomat: Right, I'm saying see if adding "- name: customer" works and iterate just through that section.19:22
Odd_BlokeDiplomat: Having said that, I suspect lock-passwd should be lock_passwd.19:22
Diplomatsmatzek: yes19:22
Odd_Bloke(Not 100% sure)19:22
smatzekI was going exactly where Odd_Bloke went.  lock_passwd is wrong in the public cloud-init docs.19:22
smatzekthat's burned hours for me in the past.19:22
Odd_BlokeOh, really?19:23
DiplomatI removed it.. but it still failed :/19:23
smatzekhttp://cloudinit.readthedocs.org/en/latest/topics/examples.html#yaml-examples  has lock-passwd which is wrong.19:23
Diplomatyea i took it from there lol19:24
smatzekif you want to be able to log in with password it must be lock_passwd: False19:24
smatzeklock-passwd: False doesn't get picked up because of the - _ difference and the default for lock_passwd is True.19:25
Diplomatgroups: sudo19:25
Diplomatmaybe that's a problem too ?19:25
Odd_BlokeDiplomat: Try a line at a time. :)19:26
smatzekalso, it's not covered much in the docs but you could try plain_text_passwd: passw0rd  instead of the hashed one to see if its a problem with a SHA / salt difference.19:30
DiplomatGood idea19:31
Diplomatgroups: sudo was wrong19:38
Diplomatit failed then19:39
Diplomatbut I still can't login with customer:password19:40
Diplomatthere are no error messages :/19:40
Diplomatalso it only says Changing password for user root.19:41
Diplomatnothing about customer..19:41
Diplomatoh, because i forgot to add that line :>19:41
Diplomatworks :D19:44
DiplomatNow I have to figure out why it doesn't resize the disc19:45
Diplomat mode: auto19:48
Diplomat devices: ["/"]19:48
Diplomat resize_rootfs: True19:48
Diplomat resize_rootfs_tmp: /dev19:48
Diplomatsorry for spam19:48
Diplomatbut shouldn't this part do that?19:48
Diplomator i have to do under runcmd growpart /dev/vda 119:49
Diplomator whatever it was19:49
DiplomatActually.. I can see that something is running this: fsck.ext4 -a /dev/vda119:51

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