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gnuoyjamespage, https://code.launchpad.net/~gnuoy/charms/trusty/cisco-vpp/amulet/+merge/277787 if you get a moment08:01
jamespagegnuoy, merged08:48
jamespagegnuoy, https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/odl-controller/doc-updates/+merge/27779709:43
gnuoyjamespage, don't you need to reference the config.yaml at line 44 of the diff?09:45
jamespagegnuoy, yes pushed09:45
gnuoyjamespage, approved09:49
jamespagegnuoy, I'm working on refreshes to the bundles for liberty and the 15.10 charm release this morning - we should add that to the release checklist10:00
gnuoyack, good catch10:01
gnuoyjamespage, done10:03
jamespagegnuoy, mind if I do a trivial on all of our charms for "maintainer: OpenStack Charmers <openstack-charmers@lists.ubuntu.com>"10:23
gnuoyjamespage, please do, thanks10:23
jamespagegnuoy, done10:55
jamespagegnuoy, I tied some pretty crappy summary and description bits at the same time10:55
jamespagetided rather10:56
gnuoysounds good, thanks10:57
jamespagegnuoy, can you sanity check:11:14
jamespageI've just deployed telemetry in dellstack and run through the README ok11:14
jamespagetelemetry == base + ceilometer11:14
gnuoy'num_units: 0' looks odd but since you've deployed with it is looks like it does no harm for subordinates11:17
jamespagegnuoy, thats a gui-ism11:17
gnuoyjamespage, why are the mcast ports explicitly stated for a couple of services?11:17
jamespagegnuoy, again I have not idea why the gui elected to add those...11:17
jamespagethey could be dropped11:18
jamespagegnuoy, charmstore does some verification of bundles11:20
jamespageand https://jujucharms.com/u/james-page/openstack-telemetry11:20
jamespagethat validates the format and the charm revs...11:20
gnuoythe bundles look ok to me11:20
jamespagegnuoy, ok11:23
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kwmonroehey folks - what's the difference between "destroy-environment local" and "destroy-environment local --force"?  help tells me that force destroys "directly through the env provider", but i don't know what that means for local.16:10
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asanjar1kwmonroe: hi18:30
kwmonroehey asanjar118:30
asanjar1kwmonroe: thanks for v9 version. Maria's team could use you onsite for few hours to resolve the remaining issues.. do you have time? I have already asked arosales18:31
kwmonroeasanjar1: is the caffetteria food any good?18:32
kwmonroe(and yeah, i can be there around 1:45 this afternoon)18:32
asanjar1kwmonroe: I wounder if there is something unique with their environment18:32
asanjar1kwmonroe: no man, it SUCKS18:32
asanjar1kwmonroe: I am losing weight18:33
asanjar1okay let me ping here18:33
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jcastroanyone have a tldr on the current state of the jenkins charm?20:01
jcastroit hasn't been touched for over a year so it's either really awesome or horrible. :)20:01
jcastrohuh wait a minute, it is updated, the jujucharms changelog is broken?!20:05
lazypowerjcastro - correct. its been receiving some attention. The changelog in the store has been silently sometimes-functional due to the v3->v4 transition20:06
jrwrendoes juju support ipv6? I can't seem to juju ssh to a machine with ipv6 public-address the proxy-ssh netcat fails. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13334236/20:08
jrwren*doh* nevenmind. i was misinterpreting the message.  works fine20:09
lazypowerjrwren woo! \o/20:15
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jcastrolazypower: ack, filed a bug20:21
jrwrenany write amulet tests which execute on an ipv6 environment? :)20:26
beisnero/ jcastro, jenkins charm has action in the review queue to, to bring feature parity of the python rewrite back up to le ole bash precise jenkins charm.20:52
beisnertoo, even.20:52
jcastrobeisner: do you guys maintain it? you guys being the openstackers20:55
beisnerjcastro, no.  but we consume an old diverged fork, and would like to switch to consuming a converged, updated, works-for-everyone version, ie. the python rewrite + back-filled features.20:56
beisnerjcastro, so, by virtue, contributing to the thing, testing the thing, making proposals of the thing, could be pretty close to "maintaining"  ;-)20:56
jrwrenbash charms <320:59
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adam_ghey, ive got a charm questino wrt coordination between two services. i have service A that will eventually get a relation to B. when it does, B will do some stuff on A's API.  before it can, service A needs a complete relation to service 1 and 2 (say, DB and message queue)22:36
adam_gis there a good way to interrogate that on B's side, short of adding some data in the relation settings exported by A that B can use as a test?22:37
adam_gits been a while since ive juju'd, but i remember dealing with this often. wondering if a good practice has come up since22:37
adam_gjamespage, maybe you know22:38
mgzadam_g: I think the normal way is that B doesn't set it's api details on the B-A relation till it has B-1 and B-2 relations up and whatever real interfaces for those up and ready22:40
mgzso, A will not get the relation config stuff it needs to start the api poking till B is really ready to act on it22:40
mgzjuju now has nice reporting in status where a charm can say it is "blocked" for these sorts of situations22:41
adam_gmgz, well, thats complicated by the fact that the API endpoint isn't advertised via relation, its published into a catalog (read: keystone)22:41
adam_gmgz, ya, im looking at the status stuff now in the openstack charms. will have to go find the docs on that22:42
marcoceppiadam_g: there really isn't a way to interogate b's relations, Juju doesn't set up that kind of dependency train, otherwise A becomes co-dependant to Bs architecture. Relation data is the best way to handle this22:44
mgzadam_g: https://jujucharms.com/docs/1.24/reference-status is some of it, there are some new tools for setting that from hooks22:44
adam_gmarcoceppi, yeah, was hoping to get around it without having to extend existing stuff22:45
mgzadam_g: if you can't set the api details directly, you can just have a api-ready: bool type thing on the relation config22:45
adam_gmgz, thats what i was thinking, thanks22:45

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