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valorie\o/ webbies: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/?url=kubuntu.org02:39
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BluesKajHowdy all13:10
clivejohi BluesKaj13:28
clivejoshould kdeconnect-plasma not be linked to an upstream project in LP - https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdeconnect-plasma13:31
clivejoand as its part of the Kubuntu default install, should Kubuntu devs not be publishing it?13:37
clivejoMaintainer: Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers 13:37
BluesKajHi clivejo13:48
yofelclivejo: we've given up on changing that as most of us are members of the debian team anyway and we keep the VCS over there14:04
yofelclivejo: as for the upstream project: I guess nobody did the linking yet14:05
clivejoyofel: what is the upstream project for it?14:06
clivejois it a LP project or the KDE project page (https://community.kde.org/KDEConnect)14:07
yofelI think you need a LP project for that. Maybe ask in #launchpad or #ubuntu-bugs14:08
clivejowould it not be part of the Kubuntu project in general?14:08
yofelthere is no kubuntu project on LP. And I believe all our other links have seperate projects14:09
clivejoI cant make head nor tail of LP14:10
yofelcan't really help you as we've never cared about the upstream linking in the last ~4 years14:11
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clivejoAlbert Vaca just released a fixed tarball for kdeconnect-plasma named kdeconnect-kde-0.9f how does that transalte in debian packaging?20:45
clivejoThe fix includes translations apparently20:46
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yofelclivejo: 0.9f is a valid version21:28
clivejobut how did it jump from 0.9 to 0.9?21:28
clivejosurely 0.9.1 would be more senseable?21:29
yofelyou'll have to ask upstream... Maybe they wanted to show that no code changed? We also append characters when we need to re-upload changed tarballs for kde packages21:30
soeePlasma 5.5 beta tomorrow :)21:32
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clivejoyofel: the watch file can deal with letters in the version?21:51
yofelnot necessarily, depends on the pattern21:52
clivejostupid thing : uscan warning: In debian/watch no matching hrefs for version 0.9f in watch line21:57
* clivejo gives up and goes to bed22:10
mparilloI grabbed https://trello.com/c/xX97OnJO/65-improve-the-kubuntu-wikipedia-page and it looks like the Wikipedia police accepted my minor edit. I am wondering if the next area for edits would be around Blue Systems. Do they directly sponsor anything soley for Kubuntu, or now is all their work upstream (KDE and Debian) and downstream (NetRunner LTS) from Kubuntu?23:15
valorienot sure about netrunner, but I would characterize BS support as indirect23:18
valorieI very much hope riddell, sitter and shadeslayer will continue to contribute, but we don't have any control of that23:19
valorieI'd love to see BS hire Scarlett though, for both Kubuntu and KDE23:19
valoriedouble win for us23:20
valorieIf I could afford it, I totally would!23:20
wxli know23:21
sgclarkso would I! oh wait...23:21
wxlman if only we could afford it, we'd have both great teams AND they'd get paid well :)23:21
wxl(we already have great teams)23:21
valoriehow are you, walter?23:21
wxlgreat thanks val. and you?23:22
valoriepretty good23:22
valoriejust got done raking leaves23:22
wxloh yeah fall :/23:22
wxlhow's the weather up there in rainy coldville?23:22
sgclarkwxl: I have your shirt still wrapped in plastic lol. want me to mail it? or wait till scale not so far off?23:22
valorieour windstorm last night blew me right offline23:22
sgclarkwe had some lovely rain too!23:23
sgclarkand wind23:23
wxlsgclark: yeah you can just wait. UNLESS you happen to have our ubuntu banner, in which case i'll pay you to mail both23:23
valoriewe had buckets of rain, yeah23:23
sgclarkI dont :(23:23
wxlvalorie: wow that brings back the memories of the modem days, huh? :)23:23
sgclarkhow did south fair for rain?23:23
valorieactually, when I had a POTS modem, it didn't go offline23:23
wxlwe've had mostly typical eugene rain. a never-ending hard drizzle23:23
valoriecopper doesn't go down very often23:24
sgclarkahh, we got the buckets, though nothing like Seattle I expect23:24
wxlvalorie: maybe you were blessed with good phone lines. ours were crap. so much static and crap on the line it would cause all sorts of problems23:24
wxl(this was when i was still in cleveland, and on the outskirts to boot)23:24
sgclarkmy internet has been crap :(23:24
valoriewe're a bit over a mile from the switching station23:24
wxlsgclark: let me guess— comcast?23:24
sgclarkhate them23:24
wxlnuff sed23:24
valorietoo far for DSL, so now we have cable23:25
wxli used to defend them all the time23:25
sgclarknothing else in my neighborhood though23:25
wxlbecause they always treated me well23:25
valorienot sure if it was comcast, or my equipment23:25
valorieI worked offline no problem23:25
wxlbut now they're entirely run by freaking morons who refuse to acknowledge any problem23:25
wxlalthough i'll admit our ethernet is pretty solid23:25
wxlbut their routers are GARBAGE23:25
valoriethat's what happens when there is no regulation, and no competition23:25
wxlyes, i could get my own router, but then there's the whole issue about needing a modem for their phone service23:26
valoriehigh prices AND crappy service, why are you complaining?23:26
wxli know, i know23:26
wxlyou can't get google fiber yet, sgclark ?23:26
wxlafaik there's ton of fiber run up and down the gorge to serve their farm in the dalles23:27
wxlvalorie: please tell me you're going to scale/ubucon?23:27
valoriewhat's the dates again?23:27
valorieI've not made any plans23:27
wxltechnically i haven't either but i'm hoping for it23:27
valoriebut it wouldn't be too expensive I don't think23:28
sgclarkwxl: I am not aware of fiber being available23:28
wxlsorry disappeared at work23:33
wxlvalorie: ubuncon part is jan 21-22 https://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale/14x/ubucon-held-scale-14x23:34
valoriecoming right up after the hols23:34
wxlsgclark: yeah i guess fiber isn't there yet but you can sign up https://fiber.google.com/newcities/23:34
wxlyeah i know23:34
valoriewxl: do we already have a ubuntu table space?23:35
valorieI have "a" ubuntu banner23:35
valorieprinted thing we used last year as LFNW I think23:35
wxlwe don't yet23:36
wxlhaven't signed up23:36
wxlneed to clear it with "the boss" first23:36
wxlanyways it's on my mind23:37
wxland i'd love to see you both there23:37
wxlif not there's always lfnw23:37
valorieLFNW is a given for me23:38
wxlwonder if we could coerce the sf contingent to show up23:38
valorieto SCALE?23:38
valoriegads, it's rather expensive23:43
valorieI guess they don't have access to free facilities like LFNW does23:44

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