morphisis that known that launchpad git repositories loose all tags?08:15
morphiswgrant: any idea?08:17
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wgrantmorphis: Can you provide an example?08:40
wgrantTags work fine in general.08:40
morphiswgrant: I pushed a bunch of tags to https://code.launchpad.net/~libhybris-maintainers/libhybris/+git/libhybris08:53
morphisbut when I clone that repo again they are all lost08:53
morphisalso cgit doesn't show any08:53
seb128hey there08:59
seb128does launchpad has records of who changed translation domains?08:59
seb128https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/15.04/+source/unity8/+pots/unity8/+admin got changed to unity8928008:59
wgrantmorphis: There's nothing magical about LP git pushes. Are you sure you pushed them in the first place?09:13
wgrantCan you try pushing them again?09:14
wgrantseb128: Any idea when?09:14
morphiswgrant: sure09:14
seb128wgrant, between 11-04 and 11-1109:16
morphiswgrant: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13326374/09:16
morphiswgrant: I pushed all tags now, before I pushed a single one09:16
morphisbut that didn't help09:16
wgrantmorphis: Wrong URL09:17
wgrant~libhybris-maintainers/+git/libhybris vs ~libhybris-maintainers/libhybris/+git/libhybris09:17
morphisah damn it09:17
morphiswgrant: sorry for the noise :)09:18
wgrantmorphis: Should that repo be https://git.launchpad.net/libhybris? If so, set it in the git section on https://code.launchpad.net/libhybris/+configure-code09:19
wgrantMakes the URL a bit simpler!09:19
seb128wgrant, do you have any log of those changes?09:33
wgrantseb128: Hadn't changed between 2015-10-28 and today AFAICS10:03
wgrantBut all I have is web server request logs.10:04
seb128hum, k10:06
cjwatsonlifeless: so step 1 there seems like a non-trivial amount of work to set up (bearing in mind that this is being compared against "no work").  can you explain why "local index plus --index-url=foo" is better than "--no-index --find-links=foo", at least for a smallish directory where it doesn't take long for pip to work things out on the fly?11:31
cjwatsonlifeless: blr does have some problem with --find-links that we haven't sorted out yet, but it is working fine for other deployments; https://github.com/wolever/pip2pi seems to be a plausible thing for building a local index but it does seem like more work than not doing it :-)11:33
katyafervent_Hi all!16:10
katyafervent_If blueprint has 'Related bug' section filled, will all that bugs change status after blueprint will be implemented?16:11
cjwatsonkatyafervent_: No, they're linked for information but that doesn't imply particular workflows such as closing bugs16:23
katyafervent_cjwatson: ok, thanks16:23
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mapreri#1517510 \o/16:50
mapreriseems like that as soon as canonical chose to invest in lp once again, suddenly a whole lot of new feature has come to ubuntu (or neighborhood) :)16:52
cjwatsonThat one is kind of me off my own bat ;-)16:55
cjwatsonThough prompted by looking into what's needed for by-hash support16:56
maprericjwatson: by-hash you mean that new thing in experimental's apt?17:02
cjwatsonmapreri: Yeah17:03
lifelesscjwatson: he's putting find links into setup.py17:38
lifelesscjwatson: which pip won't honour unless you also turn it on17:38
cjwatsonlifeless: not in the code of his that I'm looking at he isn't :)17:42
lifelesscjwatson: secondly IIRC setuptools doesn't have a cli find-links equiv, so when dealing with setup_requires you need to take the replacement index approach17:42
cjwatsonlifeless: he's using it on the pip install command line, and also in .pydistutils.cfg just in case setuptools accidentally gets invoked17:42
cjwatsonlifeless: find_links works fine in .pydistutils.cfg IME17:43
cjwatsonlifeless: we're using it successfully in another project.  haven't yet worked out why blr's superficially similar case is failing (because I haven't yet reproduced it myself, because something else is failing first ...)17:43
cjwatsonwhat we're doing right now in lp:turnip is:17:44
lifelesscjwatson: ah, so I got looped in when he said he *was* using it in setup.py17:44
lifelessso, confused wires17:44
cjwatsonpip install --no-index --find-links=file://blah/17:44
cjwatsonand in env/.pydistutils.cfg:17:44
cjwatsonallow_hosts = ''17:44
cjwatsonfind_links = file://blah/17:44
lifelessok sure17:45
cjwatsonso I'm happy to switch to index-url if there's a concrete reason it's better, but the "build local index" step seems a bit more complicated than just letting pip.index work it out17:45
lifeless-f on the pip cli is fine17:45
lifelessits the find links metadata thats deprecated17:46
cjwatsonright, cool - yeah, that makes sense17:46
lifelessterrible having the same name17:46
cjwatsonsuspect wires got crossed between setup.py and setuptools [metadata] too17:47
lifelesscjwatson: certainly somewhere :)17:58
cjwatsonyay bazaar.launchpad.net has SHA-2 now17:59
cjwatsonone down, three to go ...17:59
sarnoldwoo :)18:22
clivejoCan anyone give me a brief overview of what Upstream project means in LP?18:44
dobeyclivejo: in what context?18:56
dobeythe "upstream link" in ubuntu packages in the archive?18:57
clivejowell https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdeconnect-plasma is a KDE project and part of Kubuntu18:57
clivejoits project page is https://community.kde.org/KDEConnect18:58
dobeythe "upstream link" is to link to a series in launchpad on a project in launchpad, if one exists18:58
smoser$ bzr push --overwrite lp:ubuntu/xenial/cloud-init19:14
smoserbzr: ERROR: Server sent an unexpected error: ('error', 'xmlrpclib.Fault', '<Fault -1: "Unexpected Zope exception: TypeError: (\'Could not adapt\', <SuiteSourcePackage ubuntu/xenial/cloud-init>, <InterfaceClass lp.code.interfaces.branchtarget.IBranchTarget>)">')19:14
smoseris this  known issue ?19:14
dobeybzr branch lp:ubuntu/xenial/cloud-init19:18
dobeybzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/ubuntu/xenial/cloud-init/".19:18
dobeynot sure if that matters19:19
smoserdobey, well, i had added the --overwrite when it failed without it19:19
smoserwhich is probably what confused you.19:19
smoserbut basically i want to create that thing19:19
dobeysmoser: i don't think there are any UDD branches for xenial19:25
dobeycjwatson: ^^ is that right?19:25
smoserwhat am i supposed to do then ? use a team other than 'ubuntu' ?19:26
mgzyeah, I suspect the thing just didn't get run19:26
mgzthe last few releases either I did it or more recently dimitri19:27
mgzthere's a thread on ubuntu-devel about this19:28
dobeyubuntu isn't a team19:29
dobeythe "team" that owns the branches is ~ubuntu-branches i think19:29
mgzah, there's a new informative mail from colin19:32
cjwatsondobey: indeed, not right now21:05
cjwatsonsmoser: you can push to lp:~some-team-you-are-a-member-of/ubuntu/xenial/cloud-init/xenial21:06
smosercjwatson, your're right, i can do that. and i suppose i can probably push to lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/....21:08
smoserwhich gets me the same team that could push as before21:08
su_vcjwatson: would you mind running your despam script again on https://answers.launchpad.net/inkscape ? (currently 10 messages from 9 suspended and 1 active spam account) - thx21:14
cjwatsonsu_v: sorry, it'll have to wait, need to give children some attention21:15
su_vcjwatson: np21:16
wgrantsu_v: Done.21:22
su_vwgrant: thanks a lot21:23
ki7mtHello, can someone have a look at this build error log and  help me determine what's gone wrong? It was building before, now it's failing amd64: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/226933083/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-amd64.wsjtx_1.7.0-r6126-1~ki7mt~trusty_BUILDING.txt.gz21:44
ki7mtFWIW, i386 and ppc64el built OK, and its now building on armhf21:46
wgrantki7mt: Have you retried the build? That looks like a temporary network issue.21:51
ki7mtwgrant, No sir, I have not. But I can do now.21:54
ki7mtwgrant, OK trying the rebuild now.21:55
ki7mtwgrant, It appears that was the problem, as the build is in the Cmake phase, which I don't think it would have made it that far without the required builds deps.22:05
ki7mtIt finished OK: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/226935530/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-amd64.wsjtx_1.7.0-r6126-1~ki7mt~trusty_BUILDING.txt.gz22:05
ki7mtThanks for the help.22:05

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