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deletemepleasea while ago I posted this error in the channel: 'SETTING OF KERNEL PARAMETER FAILED: echo ondemand \> /sys/devices/system/cpu/cp$'04:09
deletemepleaseI continiue to get this error to date on my laptop04:09
deletemepleaseI was told my SSD might be responding too slow (unlikely) or dying (extremely unlikely)04:09
deletemepleaseSo i've done a bit of research and it this happens for many laptops, even the chromebook pixel04:10
deletemepleaseAs it turns out, this error might be nothing more than STDIO is closed when hibernating before the echo command can be issued.04:10
deletemepleaseAlso laptop-mode-tools is not as important now thanks to TLP and kernel changes.04:10
deletemepleaseSo anyone else having this problem now or in the future, don't worry. It's most likely a harmless bug.  ✔04:11
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Kamilionlol, cholby08:15
KamilionI havn't heard that name in ages08:15
hateballCholbyRulez: Well hello there, oyu certainly seem a friendly fella08:17
orflonhey guys, is there something like Terminator in lubuntu without having to install GNOME packages?15:33
bioterrorwhat does Terminator do?15:33
orflonit's multiple GNOME terminals in one window15:33
bioterrorurxvt + tmux15:34
orflonI'll look into it! Thanks mate.15:35
Rezwanhow to install tar.xf on Lubuntu?15:54
bioterroryou already have gunzip and tar installed15:56
bioterrorbut do you mean you need to unpack the tar.gz file?15:56
RezwanI have extracted the tar.xf file15:56
Rezwanof 'Telegram"15:56
Rezwannow it have two files in it, 'Telegram' and 'Update'15:57
bioterroruse that PPA instead15:58
Rezwanbioterror, thanks16:23
pvl1hey uh, so does unetbootin not work at all for the latest lubuntu20:05
redwolfno, pvl1, not a problem of unetbootin really20:06
redwolfthe only solution is using mkusb20:06
bioterrorI prefer Rufus on Windows and on another systems dd20:06
pvl1well, im ony arch. so can i just dd the lubuntu desktop iso20:06
Unit193pvl1: Of course.20:06
redwolfyes :)20:07
pvl1and that'll just work? no need to install grub or anything?20:07
Unit193Nah, everything should be good.  You in theory could install syslinux then rsync the mounted ISO over, renaming s/isolinux/syslinux/, but that's not quite as easy.20:08
redwolfor use "sudo pacman -Syu imagewriter"20:08
pvl1ooo i just found rufus on the arch wiki, looks sexy20:08
redwolfit is :)20:09
pvl1weird imagewriter wasnt found. its kool tho, yall got me on the path :)20:10
pvl1oh its in the aur. yaourt imagewriter20:10
pvl1i like that image writer has aprogress bar20:14
pvl1cuz dd doesnt20:14
pvl1and im impatient20:14
redwolfdon't be :)20:17
pvl1the day is saved everyone20:18
redwolfnice to hear20:18
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hudohello i like to compile a static and lib32 version of "file" from file-5.1121:14
redwolfright click? ctrl+n?21:37
redwolfsorry, ctrl+shift+n21:37
redwolfsorry, wrong tab! :D21:39

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