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mupBug #1517350 opened: with special charcters in password of esxi host virsh login fails <maas-cli> <MAAS:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1517350>08:02
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gawful(is the server bugged for logins?  I can't auth as myself "los")19:26
gawfulMaaS 1.9.0rc1 is amazing!19:26
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mgzyou can't log in, but it's amazing? :P19:29
los_lol...sep'ly I couldn't log in as los here, and it logged me in as los_19:29
los_I noticed a few people in the same boat, was aronwdering.19:29
los_MaaS 1.9.0rc1 has a huge number of new things in it.  Surprising.19:29
losLooks like 1.9.0rc1 is not seeing cores allocated in the case of VirtualBox for node creation, even after repeated Commissioning.19:47
losNot seeing cores > 119:51
roaksoaxlos: maybe the VM is not commissioning successfuly? If VirtualBox is not exposing thatto the OS the way actual hardware does, then that is a bug20:25
roaksoaxwe don't really test against VBox VM's as it is not officially supported20:25
losroaksoax: thanks.  I am sure you're right...its a virtualbox->OS failure to communicate <banjos>20:37
losroaksoax (BUT 1.9.0rc1 is an astounding pile of new features!)20:38
roaksoaxlos: hehe, thanks! 2.0 should be more exciting then :)20:39
losroaksoax: part of the fun was figuring out what tools y'all were using in your vids.  Here's some of them and more: http://www.beisner.com/corp/remote-linux-server-admin-tools-byobu-htop-nethogs-nload-and-iptraf/20:44

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