sergiusensballoons, hey, do you know how to edit in d.c.c, I'm supposed to have edit rights, but I am failing to find the edit button01:10
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dholbachgood morning07:32
fgimenezgood morning08:14
mvohey fgimenez and dholbach, good morning :)08:16
dholbachhey mvo08:17
fgimenezhey mvo and dholbach :)08:19
dholbachhola fgimenez08:20
fgimenezhola dholbach! :) guten Morgen08:22
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Wednesday, and happy Education Support Professionals Day! 😃10:04
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fgimenezmvo, these errors have begun to show up in the suite execution this morning
fgimenezmvo, here's the console output, search for "FAIL:"11:11
mvofgimenez: yeah, I noticed them too11:11
fgimenezmvo hello-world failed to install: unpack /tmp/hello-world730293314 to /apps/hello-world.canonical/1.0.18 failed with exit status 111:12
fgimenezi'll try to reproduce locally in kvm11:12
mvofgimenez: thanks11:14
mvofgimenez: my kvm did not have network this morning11:14
fgimenezmvo, same here, 249 is throwing me into emergency mode11:26
mvofgimenez: uh, emegerncy mode? fresh install or upgrade?11:31
fgimenezmvo, i've just generated it with udf11:33
mvofgimenez: for me 241->249 works, but I have not tried a fresh one, let me do this now11:33
sergiusensmvo, ogra_ dpm I took a stance of updating the porting guide, the only thing a bit wonky is all the uEnv.txt comments which were replaced https://gist.github.com/sergiusens/fa40a344ad4b395a99ed12:07
sergiusensanyone care to look a bit12:07
sergiusensdpm, I didn't update the guide directly as I couldn't find the `edit` button12:07
dpmdholbach ^12:20
dpmsergiusens, we're working in getting the documents directly imported from markdown. But for now, you can also edit the page on the developer site directly: https://developer.ubuntu.com/openid/login/12:22
sergiusensdpm, ah, so clicking on login last night did nothing, I only had the option to go to myapps in the combo12:41
sergiusensdpm, feel free to use my markdown as a base ;-)12:42
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mvofgimenez: fwiw, it seems like there is one bug in the systemd.enable code that I fixed, there is also a issue with systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service that shows as failing12:48
fgimenezmvo, ok thanks12:57
dpmsergiusens, hm, what does "did nothing" mean? I see you're a member of https://launchpad.net/~ubuntudeveloperportal-editors, so assuming you had the box ticked in the SSO login, that should get you into the site with edit rights (i.e. you should see the edit toolbar at the top of the browser)13:18
sergiusensdpm, I had no way to login, the direct link you gave me, logged me in ;-)13:19
dpmsergiusens, did you have the ubuntudeveloperportal-editors checkbox ticked? SSO always asks for team permissions13:20
sergiusensdpm, the scopes don't always show up13:21
sergiusensto be clear, on the top bar I had a 'Log in' button that did nothing, only showd a combo box that took you to 'My Apps'13:22
dpmsergiusens, not sure we're talking about the same thing. Which scopes?13:22
sergiusensafter I clicked on the link you gave me, (and I suspect the magical openid/login/ at the end helped), I had that 'Log in' turned into 'Sergio'13:22
sergiusensdpm, by scopes I mean oauth scopes (the checkbox you asked if I had clicked)13:23
sergiusensand no, I didn't have to click on anything13:23
sergiusensdpm, to be even more clear and obvious, go into private mode in your browser, then go here http://developer.ubuntu.com/en and try to login ;-)13:24
dpmsergiusens, my point is that this is the url that should be used for login https://developer.ubuntu.com/openid/login/ , the combo box has no other function that tell you you're logged in (and to log out). I think what might have happened is that you logged in the first time without checking the boxes. So you might need to log out and log in again13:27
dpmI've just tried it on a private browser to make sure the site is not broken, seems to work13:28
sergiusensdpm, right, with your magical link I can log in just fine, the problem is, I had no idea that was the only way to login13:37
sergiusensdpm, I was saying, try to login without going straight to https://developer.ubuntu.com/openid/login/ and try to reach that from the main site ;-)13:37
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dpmsergiusens, did you get a copy of the editor guide? Let me just send it to you13:52
dholbachsergiusens, taking a look13:52
dholbachdavidcalle, I just tried to help sergiusens and update https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/porting/ but I got all confused with the eight-col / twelve-col bits14:15
dholbachcan you help me?14:15
dholbachand can we maybe make this easier somehow?14:15
dholbachI feel really bad about asking you every time :)14:15
sergiusensdholbach, davidcalle wait, I need some reviews for that from ogra_ or mvo ;-)14:16
davidcallesergiusens, eight-col is text, twelve-col is code, that's the Ubuntu web guidelines, can't do much about it. Also, if you have any suggestions on how to ease the editing process, I'm all ears :)14:21
sergiusensdavidcalle, heh, that was for dholbach I guess.14:23
davidcallesergiusens, hah :)14:23
davidcallesergiusens, still, I'm open to suggestions :p14:24
sergiusensdavidcalle, my only suggestion is autogenerated d.u.c ;-)14:24
sergiusensdavidcalle, I would like it to use pandoc which supports the github """extensions"""14:25
davidcallesergiusens, well, all docs can't be autogenerated, but we could see how to add a markdown editor, that would help for some large docs.14:26
sergiusensdavidcalle, certainly; that is also a great idea14:27
dholbachdavidcalle, once we have the new djangocms landed we can check into adding new modules :)14:28
davidcalledholbach :)14:29
mvofgimenez: I think I found and fixed the issue, lets see if the next image is better14:45
fgimenezmvo, great! we haven't yet in place the automated process for creating the images used by jenkins, ping me when ready to upload it14:49
plarsfgimenez: mvo: I'm seeing that issue too with 249, is there a new one building now?14:54
plarsor will it be tomorrow?14:54
mvoplars: now, should be ready in ~30min14:56
plarsmvo: woo! thanks :)14:56
mvoplars: well, bbb will be a bit slower and I only tested by live-patching the initrd so it may take another iteration (but I hope not)14:57
plarsmvo: understand, thanks14:59
plarsmvo: looks like it worked :)15:27
mvoplars: yay, I'm still downloading :/15:38
jdstrandmvo: hi!15:41
jdstrandmvo: so, I did snappy update yesterday and rolling edge amd64 r248 didn't have policygen15:42
jdstrandmvo: so then I upgraded this morning to r249 and it went into emergency mode. looks like plymouht failed?15:42
jdstrandmvo: is this known?15:42
mvojdstrand: r250 from ~5min ago fixes it15:42
mvojdstrand: yes, know, plymouth is a red-herring, it was me breaking the initramfs in an unfortunate way15:43
mvojdstrand: if you run the update again it should be good15:43
jdstrandwell, I couldn't seem to get a shell that would allow me to do that15:44
jdstrandthat's ok though-- I use kvm snapshots15:44
* jdstrand is getting 250 now15:45
jdstrandmvo: hmm, so, r250 doesn't seem to have policygen either15:47
jdstrandmvo: is that known?15:47
jdstrandmvo: basically, yesterday I was in the process of writing the email to the list about it and then I wanted to wait until it was on the image15:48
mvojdstrand: uh, that sucks, looks like unfortunate timing between daily build and git importer :/15:51
mvojdstrand: give me a sec to check15:51
mviphey ricmm_. Thanks for coming out to the BBVA event on Monday.15:53
jdstrandmvo: ok-- I don't want you to go out of your way for this. I just wanted to make sure things were working as planned15:58
mvojdstrand: could you approve my https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/3966/ ? its the first squashfs based snap for the store15:58
mvojdstrand: I'm very thankful that you brought it up15:59
mvojdstrand: I triggered a build of snappy and will soon make a new image with it15:59
jdstrandmvo: can you request a manul review? if I do, then I can't approve it I don't think16:00
mvojdstrand: its a bit unfortunate that the turnaround time is close to 24h in the worst case, I merged last afternoon thats something the snappy team needs to discuss/improve :)16:00
mvojdstrand: I think I did that now16:00
jdstrandmvo: that is good timing-- I have a branch that I've been working on to handle squashfs snaps16:05
jdstrand(for the review tools)16:05
mvojdstrand: nice16:05
jdstrandmvo: so, if you are uploading to the store, that means that snappy has enough implemented to install it?16:05
jdstrandmvo: I guess when this new image comes out?16:05
mvojdstrand: yes, it has enough implementation for this now and it will be useful as a regression test16:06
mvojdstrand: its rolling only so should not affect anyone who is not up for the ride16:06
jdstrandmvo: well, this needs the policygen branch, no?16:06
mvojdstrand: the current code will just unpack it, the next image (once I get review) will properly mount it for that the policygen is required16:07
jdstrandI see16:08
mvojdstrand: are you concerned that it might break? I could use something different or a different name16:08
jdstrandI'll accept and now I have a snap to work with16:08
mvojdstrand: great, thanks16:08
elopiofgimenez: ogra_: I gave up with this when xz was killed because it was consuming too much RAM.16:22
mvofgimenez, elopio: could you update the base image to r250 for the integration tests?16:24
mvoplease :)16:24
fgimenezmvo, elopio i was trying the new jenkins job for automating this and i think it's already done, let me check16:26
mvofgimenez: \o/16:27
fgimenezelopio, ok np, when automated the initramfs resize test could be filtered/annotated like the gadget snap ones, so that we can keep all them together and reuse the helpers16:33
fgimenezelopio, i've pinned some of the build reports in the jenkins executions for you to have a look, most of the errors will be probably because of the canonistack instances
elopiofgimenez: /me looks.16:48
elopiofgimenez: this looks wrong: Error: unable to create /boot/grub/grub.cfg/grub.cfg: open /boot/grub/grub.cfg/grub.cfg: not a directory16:51
elopiobut I was debugging it yesterday and the test started passing.16:51
elopionow without the init going crazy I hope it will be easier to debug.16:51
fgimenezelopio, i'm looking into it right now too :) it's present in the latest 3 executions16:51
fgimenezelopio, i've tried the fake update manually and it works fine, not sure where does this come from16:56
elopiofgimenez: my last try last night seemed to be caused by initramfs test being killed and leaving a weird state. I don't see that in this log.16:57
elopiobut let me run dozens today again, and I'll tell you what's going on.16:57
fgimenezelopio, yes, initramfs hasn't been executed yet, this happens for the three failover test, and it seems that up to this point https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/blob/master/integration-tests/tests/failover_test.go#L57 all goes fine17:02
elopioI ran only the three failover tests, and couldn't reproduce that. But only a couple of times. I'm not yet sure if it's caused by the full suite.17:03
elopiomoar runs!17:04
fgimenezelopio, :) it may be related to the slow instances too17:04
fgimenezbut didn't happen before yesterday afaik17:05
fgimenezleaving, have a nice day o/17:12
mvojdstrand: I have more interessting stuff for you :) https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/3753/17:46
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mvojdstrand: and the os snap in https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/3752/18:13
mvojdstrand: if those could get in that would be very nice indeed18:13
jdstrandmvo: re https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/3753, can you request a manual review?18:52
jdstrandmvo: same with https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/375218:53
jdstrandman, you are going to keep me busy with the review tools18:53
mvojdstrand: ups, I thought I did request that already, sorry. requested it now :)18:56
jdstrandmvo: done18:58
mvojdstrand: \o/18:58
jdstrandmvo: I think once I teach the tools not to just die on non-click snaps (in progress), these tests will simply see if it is a kernel or os and then flag for manual review. nothing more. if someone wants to add more tests for the review tools for those once things have settled, that would be great19:00
mvojdstrand: I think thats totally fine19:01
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mvojdstrand: hey, fwiw I found and fixed the issue that held the policygen stuff back its now ready but for some reason the import imports are disabled in cron. I asked sil2100 about it but no feedback yet. I will wait until my morning and if its not there by then I will manually import the image21:22
jdstrandmvip_: ack, thanks21:26
jdstrandmvip_: sorry21:26
jdstrandmvo left and you got tab completed :)21:27

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