jplattewhere would be the appropriate place to ask about ubuntu-device-flash?01:44
ahayzenjplatte, probably in #ubuntu-touch but alot of the people are in this channel or that one :-)01:50
jplatteyeah so this thing is NOT behaving as it should01:51
jplatteit fails to go into recovery mode despite me having specified the recovery image file, even when I use an absolute path01:51
jplatteand now I'm trying to flash the bq channel instead of the non-bq devel channel and it fails before it has even downloaded the new image?!01:52
ahayzenjplatte, what is the command you are running and the output ?01:52
jplattealso, the -v flag has to be before the touch apparently? but who cares, it doesn't do anything anyway >_<01:52
jplattejonas@VirtualBox-Xubuntu:~$ sudo ubuntu-device-flash -v touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris.en --bootstrap --recovery-image /home/jonas/recovery-krillin.img01:52
jplatte2015/11/18 02:50:39 Expecting the device to be in the bootloader... waiting01:52
jplatte2015/11/18 02:50:39 Device is |krillin|01:52
jplatte2015/11/18 02:50:39 Flashing version 26 from ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris.en channel and server https://system-image.ubuntu.com to device krillin01:52
jplatte41.34 MB / 52.68 MB [===============================================================================================================================================================================>_________________________________________________] 78.48 % 550.23 KB/s 21sFailed to enter Recovery01:52
jplatteI had a = instead of a space after --recovery-image first, does not make a different01:53
jplattewith a space is simply how I found it online01:53
ahayzenwell firstly you shouldn't need sudo01:53
jplatteI do, fastboot devices doesn't find it without sudo and ubuntu-device-flash waits forever for the device to be in the bootloader01:53
jplattedunno why, fastboot devices works on my host system (I'm flashing through usb passthrough on a xubuntu 15.04)01:54
ahayzenhmm i've never used the --recovery-image before so someone else is probably better to answer01:54
jplatteI guess I'll restart the VM01:54
jplatteah right, this was the problem without sudo:01:56
jplattejonas@VirtualBox-Xubuntu:~$ fastboot devices01:56
jplatteno permissionsfastboot01:56
ahayzenhmm $ adb devices and $ fastboot devices both work without sudo for me01:58
jplattethey're talking about udev, might well be that it's the virtualbox passthrough that results in the permission problem01:58
jplatteis there a manual chmod I can do?02:04
jplattealso, how high is the probability that running ubuntu-device-flash as sudo actually changes anything for worse??02:04
ahayzenprobably not stopping it doing what its failing todo02:05
jplattewill upgrading from 0.30 to 0.32 potentially help?02:06
cwayne1jplatte: what version of ubuntu is your vm02:06
cwayne1jplatte: and where did you get that recovery image from?02:07
jplattesomewhere on launchpad I think, linked to on askubuntu02:08
cwayne1ah, that'd probably be the right one then..02:08
jplattenot sure, I guess that could actually be the problem02:08
cwayne1jplatte: something you could try is sudo fastboot boot /home/jonas/recovery-krillin.img02:08
cwayne1jplatte: and once that's booted, verify you can adb shell to it02:09
cwayne1then you could try the same u-d-f call, but without --bootstrap02:09
jplattehey, it shows up in adb devices! :)02:10
cwayne1:) also jplatte the udev rules you would need are in the second answer on the askubuntu question02:11
jplatteYeah I looked at that02:11
jplatteDidn't copypaste it but played around with the vbox udev rules02:11
jplattebut didn't work02:11
cwayne1im just not sure how it works with usb passthrough to vbox, never tried that02:11
jplatteanyway, now I'm getting weird error messages02:12
jplatteDo I have to use a bq-approved channel? :<02:12
jplatteThe bq images are so cluttered with useless stuff that's tedious to remove02:12
cwayne1im pretty sure that's the right channel, what're the errors you're seeing?02:12
jplatteNo I didn't use the stable channel this time02:13
jplatteI used ubuntu-touch/devel/ubuntu02:13
jplatte(it did show up with ubuntu-device-flash query --list-channels --device=krillin so I thought it should work)02:13
jplatte2015/11/18 03:11:15 Device is |/sbin/sh: getprop: not found|02:13
jplatteDevice /sbin/sh: getprop: not found not found on server https://system-image.ubuntu.com channel ubuntu-touch/devel/ubuntu02:13
cwayne1jplatte: adding --device krillin should fix that02:14
jplattethanks! :)02:14
jplatteit's doing something... ^^02:15
jplattefor longer than before...02:15
cwayne1it's cause the way it auto-determines the device doesnt work from recovery (there's no getprop command)02:16
cwayne1neat :)02:16
jplatteso now that this is non-bootstrap, what's going to be reset?02:16
cwayne1userdata should be preserved, if you dont want it to be you can --wipe02:17
jplattenah, it's nice to have that stay02:17
jplattedoes userdata include non-preinstalled apps?02:17
cwayne1i believe so02:19
cwayne1but its been a while since ive done phone stuff, so i could be wrong :)02:19
jplatteso you also don't know what apps are preinstalled on the non-bq image?02:19
jplattewanted to ask that next :D02:20
cwayne1it depends on the channel02:20
cwayne1they all have different custom tarballs with different preinstalled apps02:20
cwayne1i think that was the least amount of preinstalled stuff, but i never really used that one02:20
jplattebut do the non-vendor-specific ones also have apps that aren't in the store?02:21
cwayne1no, theyd all be in the store02:21
jplattebecause that was the most confusing and annoying about the bq image02:21
cwayne1there were only a select few that weren't in the store02:21
jplatteit has all these scopes that you can't uninstall (at least without the command line) because you just can't get to their store pages02:21
cwayne1yeah, that is an issue02:22
jplatteonly english names being searchable is another one :P02:22
cwayne1in which scope?02:22
jplatteI'm really sceptical about UTs future in general :D02:22
jplattewhich scopes were uninstallable? a lot02:23
jplatteI think reddit was one of them02:23
cwayne1ah, see those ones aren't even installed on the phone02:23
cwayne1those live on a server02:23
jplattenot that I don't like or use reddit, it's awesome, but the scope is absolutely useless because I can't log in02:23
cwayne1reddit, weather channel, openlibrary, wikipedia, yahoo finance,02:24
cwayne1jplatte: you know i cam pretty close to writing a logged-in reddit scope, but figured theres enough apps in the store for it02:24
jplattethat's another thing, why is canonical marketing scopes so badly..? at the current state they can't do shit02:24
cwayne1well i dont know about that02:24
cwayne1a lot of them can do quite a bit02:24
cwayne1there's certainly room for improvement02:25
jplattewell, I think a logged in reddit scope wouldn't be so much better02:25
ahayzeni live in the main scopes :-) lol02:25
cwayne1also full disclosure02:25
cwayne1i wrote a whole lot of those scopes02:25
cwayne1and im the one that added a bunch of those things to the preinstalled images02:25
cwayne1sooooooo you hate me :)02:25
jplattemy general problem with the scopes is that they don't have their main selling feature, which is being instantly accessible02:25
cwayne1how so?02:26
jplatteWhen I swipe to a scope, it always has to load for 1 or 2 seconds before actually showing up to date data02:26
jplattethere's no quick swiping through them to view stuff on the go02:26
jplatteI could open up an app just as well as it it currently02:26
cwayne1i always just swiped up from the bottom and chose the scope that way02:26
cwayne1but you can swipe through them if you set them as favorites02:27
cwayne1but that said, if you have like 10 favorites its not quite as useful02:27
ahayzencwayne1, i think the aggregation scopes should have a higher precedence in that list from the bottom, even have the single scopes collapsed under them in the menu02:27
cwayne1ahayzen: i agree02:27
ahayzenas if i'm looking for the News aggregation scope in my list of scopes i have to scroll quite far down02:27
jplatteuhm... shouldn't this flashing come to an end by now?!02:27
ahayzenand i really don't care about the BBC/CNET scopes02:27
jplatteit's been running since more than 10 minutes02:27
cwayne1ahayzen: not if you favorite the news one :)02:28
ahayzeni just want the aggregated one02:28
jplatteokay, I can see aggregate scopes being useful for some people02:28
ahayzencwayne1, yeah its favourite now, but my point is that list is *way* too long and i never use it because of that02:28
cwayne1if you add it as a favorite you can set its place in the list of favorites02:28
jplattethat is a thing I didn't consider02:28
cwayne1ahayzen: yeah, that's fair02:28
cwayne1i dont know that a list is the best way to do it02:28
jplattebut aggregated scopes are also useless to me because there is nothing they could aggregate02:28
ahayzencwayne1, but if it showed a list like Music, News, Videos etc .. then if you tap on news it shows all the news ones in the list or something .. would be much easier to navigate02:29
cwayne1jplatte: any specific examples of what you think they're missing?02:29
cwayne1ahayzen: absolutely02:29
ahayzenthen the main issue of scopes after that, is i can only read the first X characters of the article, i have to then open the browser02:29
jplattecwayne1: aggregated scopes or scopes in general?02:30
ahayzeni believe the refreshing of the scopes is planned to be improved, right cwayne1 ? so it doesn't go completely blank/white ?02:32
jplatteCan I safely assume the flashing failed (again) when it's been taking more than 15 minutes??02:32
ahayzenjplatte, what stage is it at?02:32
jplatte2015/11/18 03:14:27 Start pushing /home/jonas/.cache/ubuntuimages/pool/ubuntu-631ce387d6c729c3da0ae9177d0c9d9a07f3e0dfb15b21b20771079322915d20.tar.xz to device02:33
jplatteit's started pushing 4 files, then logged it was done with 3, started pushing 2 more, and now it just sits there02:33
jplatteall the logs are from within the first minute of starting it02:33
ahayzenusually the last file is huge and takes a while02:33
jplatteokay, then I'll keep waiting I guess02:34
ahayzencould adb shell in and see what $ top is showing02:34
jplattelet me just check the files sizes of those02:34
cwayne1jplatte: both, really02:34
cwayne1ahayzen: not sure to be honest, i've been out of the scopes game for a bit now :)02:34
jplatteso aggregation scopes are just not for me I think02:34
ahayzencwayne1, haha thought there was a discussion at UOS about it02:35
jplattethe only one I might be interested in would be news aggregation in the form of RSS feeds02:35
jplattenormal news as one is useless, I only have one text source for that02:35
cwayne1jplatte: that's basically what the news aggregator is02:35
jplatteI guess I would use an rss aggregation for comics, but then again that might not work because the screen is to small. but I also don't wanna read articles on my phone02:36
cwayne1jplatte: you can create a new scope from an rss feed in like 5 minutes, and add the news keyword so it shows up in the aggregator02:36
jplattebut I can't add my own rss feeds, can I?02:36
jplatteOh, oaky02:36
cwayne1jplatte: well, there is a configurable rss scope in the store i think02:36
jplatteShould do that for my favorite news site then, even if I'm not gonna use it myself ^^02:36
cwayne1jplatte: :)02:36
jplatteokay, might try it out if my phone works again02:37
jplatteabout that...02:37
jplatteadb shell hangs02:37
ahayzencwayne1, if you have the calls and/or messages scope shown on the today scope, does that dramatically slow down the loading time for you ? (and sometimes causes it to not load anything below the calls scope)02:38
cwayne1ahayzen: yeah :(02:39
jplatteand about scopes in general.. not sure. I don't like any of the scopes that I actively do stuff, and haven't found many that just show information passively that I really like.02:39
cwayne1that's supposed to be fixed in ota8 IIRC02:39
ahayzen:( ooo :-)02:39
cwayne1jplatte: do you have any suggestions for specific ones you might like more?02:39
* ahayzen wishes mako had the nearby aggregator 02:39
jplatteI know there is something like this, but it either didn't work or there was some big problem with it, but I like stuff like "Daily random XKCD scope"02:40
ahayzenhmm but i'm on rc-proposed that should be fixed for me :') lol02:40
jplatteWhich would also be one scope that would massively suffer from not being pre-loaded02:40
cwayne1ahayzen: ill check with the dev tomorrow02:40
ahayzeni think its better than before, but still slow02:41
jplatteI'm not gonna wait a full second for this thing that might be nice to see, but I don't actually need02:41
cwayne1jplatte: ha, i did do an xkcd one, but admittedly havent tested it in quite some time02:41
ahayzencwayne1, what about if you could make your own aggregator on the device02:41
cwayne1jplatte: that's fair02:41
ahayzenlike a "My Scope" ... where i go .. i want the BBC News...the XKCD ..the Local Music02:41
cwayne1ahayzen: that idea was thrown around a lot, im not sure what became of it02:41
ahayzencould that even be a thing02:41
cwayne1in theory02:42
jplatteso yeah, the only scope besides apps and store I have 'favorited' is today, which is kinda nice I guess? but I could totally do without it02:42
cwayne1jplatte: but i mean do you have any specific ones you would use?02:42
cwayne1like services that would fit well to a scope that dont exist as a scope today02:42
ahayzencwayne1, do local train/bus times appear on the nearby scope ?02:43
cwayne1ahayzen: nope, but they could if someone found a good api for them02:43
cwayne1ahayzen: it could work on a local level02:43
ahayzenthat'd be pretty cool for some places02:43
jplatteUse as in actively do something in? I'm having a hard time imagining how a scope would be better than an app for anything I would do actively. But if it's also about passive one like today and XKCD, I guess a few more that just show info that would go on the "welcome screen".02:44
jplatteBecause that welcome screen, if ever possible, will be replaced by media control buttons for me02:44
ahayzenjplatte, ok flip the question, which apps do you tend to use a lot? (that could then maybe be scopes)02:44
cwayne1well generally a scope is supposed to be about consuming content rather than actively doing stuff02:44
jplatte#1 App by faaaar: Music02:44
ahayzenmusic \o/02:45
jplatteThen Timer02:45
jplatteOh, I guess that would be nice as a scope02:45
jplattehm, am I actually using any web app scopes often..?02:45
ahayzenjplatte, we are considering taking the local music scope into the music-app click... so then we could expose the playlists to the scopes and then like most played/recent etc all from the scope02:45
ahayzenwould that be useful ?02:45
jplattemusic control indicator would be useful :P02:46
ahayzenthats inprogress :-P02:46
jplattebut yeah, about the music scope..02:46
jplatteor actually the "My Music" scope, because the aggregation scope was just awful the last time I had a look at it02:46
ahayzenyeah i talking specifically about the My Music one02:47
jplatteI'm pretty sure I haven't started playing music from it a single time02:47
ahayzensame, and i'm a music-app dev :-)02:47
* cwayne1 uses the untappd scope and the fitbit scope constantly02:47
* cwayne1 also wrote the untappd scope and the fitbit scope though..02:47
jplatteIt has been there for a while, might actually be the fourth favorite scope I forgot, but I only ever scrolled though it, thought how awful it looked because of missing images, and gone on doing something else02:47
jplatteokay yeah not gonna use fitbit, am slightly underweight :D02:48
jplattewhat's untappd though?02:48
ahayzenjplatte, yeah i think the navigation of it could be improved and if it exposed data from the music-app it could be pretty cool02:48
jplatteahayzen: to quote myself: dunno ^^02:48
cwayne1jplatte: beer info02:48
jplatteyeah not my thing either02:48
jplatte(my music scope) I just don't see how it's any better than using the app directly02:49
ahayzenyeah once you have the app open i agree02:49
jplatteso what's the use case here?02:49
ahayzenyou can search your music and select an album to play without having to open the app first, i guess02:50
jplattesaving on startup time of the app?02:50
ahayzenyeah :-/02:50
jplattewell I guess this might be useful for people who don't have it running constantly02:51
jplattethat reminds me.. how near are we to the music control indicator?02:51
ahayzenbut say you were on the Music aggregation, you could search for an Artist and you would then get results locally, on 7digital, any events they are playing, soundcloud etc02:51
ahayzenjplatte, "close" ;-)02:51
jplattebecause that will include the change where the music app doesn't actually have to run anymore when music is being played, right?02:51
ahayzenjplatte, we missed OTA8 but we are working with upstream, fingers crossed for OTA9 :-) lol our side is in this branch https://code.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/media-hub-bg-playlists-rework02:52
jplatteI fear my phone is gonna be even more annoying to use, because the music app will constantly have to restart :S02:52
ahayzenjplatte, eventually yes it won't have to run, but you will be able to control from the indicator :-)02:52
jplatteI still want it to run in the backgroudn though, just to save on startup time! :D02:53
ahayzenand when the app comes out of suspend it should jump back to the same spot you were02:53
ahayzenhaha, what's our startup time now ~3seconds IIRC ?02:53
jplattecan't test :/02:53
ahayzen(note it was much worse before we halved it last year)02:53
jplattebut is suspend wakeup time low?02:54
ahayzenidk, we have never been suspended :-) lol02:54
jplattedo the wakeup times vary from app to app?02:54
ahayzendepends what the app needs to load02:54
jplattethat sounds like a yes02:55
jplattealso, I just checked the files that are being flashed onto my phone02:55
ahayzeneg we have quite a few multimedia libraries to load, that say the weather app doesn't need to load02:55
jplattethis can never take this long02:55
jplatteit's been running since 40min02:55
jplatteit's 570MB of data02:55
ahayzenis the device doing anything visibly ?02:55
jplattehasn't been since going into recovery mode02:56
ahayzenhmm i don't know i'm afraid02:56
jplattejust a orange ubuntu on a white circle on a purple background02:56
ahayzenspinning ?02:56
jplattecwayne1: is it safe to ctrl+c ubuntu-device flash in this state?02:56
jplatteugh whatever02:57
jplattewait what :O02:58
jplatteI have a recovery menu! :)02:58
jplattebuutthe factory reset says it will wipe all user data02:58
jplatteI have a feeling this will *only* reset user data02:59
jplattethat's the one thing I want to keep :D02:59
ahayzen:-/ i would take a backup02:59
jplattehm, did a cache wipe02:59
jplattedon't think that's gonna help but hey :D02:59
jplatteapparently I can just restart the device-flash..03:00
jplatteat least I don't get an error message03:00
jplattebuut it doesn'tseem to be doing anthing either03:00
jplattein recovery mode again03:01
jplattethe first is the standard aquaris image, right?03:02
jplattewhat's the second one?03:02
jplatteis proposed some sort of thing that gets deemed-as-stable-updates a little sooner or sth?03:02
ahayzenjplatte, probably best to read this page https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/image-channels/03:03
jplattewow the channel selection guide gives me nonexistent channels03:08
jplatteI kinda want devel03:08
ahayzen...you likely don't want devel...03:08
ahayzeneither rc or rc-proposed03:09
ahayzenlike no QA at all03:09
ahayzenor stable03:09
jplatteokay, trying rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en now03:09
ahayzenthat's what i'm on03:10
jplatteeven the fricking download bar is buggy03:10
ahayzenits doing multiple downloads, so its gets confused lol03:10
jplatteokay, so it has to push 427MB03:14
jplatteI think it actually needs hours03:14
jplatteand it didn't hang last time03:14
jplattebecause the <1MB files already needed a full second03:15
ahayzenit usually takes like a couple of minutes on my mako IIRC03:15
jplattewell, it's 04:15 here03:16
jplatteI'm just gonna let it run the next 8 hours :D03:16
jplattewhile I sleep03:16
jplattegood night03:19
dholbachgood morning07:32
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popeydholbach, beuno do warnings trigger manual review in the store? (someone complained that their app has taken ages to be reviewed, it was stuck in manual review, and I looked and it's the vcs .excludes file again)09:17
dholbachpopey, maybe we need another category for app reviews, maybe "notification" or something, which allow the app developer to publish regardless09:18
dholbachjdstrand should be part of this discussion as well09:19
popeyyeah, I haven't been checking for apps as much recently because they generally all go through09:19
dholbachI realise that this is irritating and creates additional work, but as I said yesterday I feel there are valid cases where vcs files in the package are a problem09:19
popeysure, i just wasn't aware this was happening until this week, so will now have to check for manual review needed more often09:20
dholbach1) huge vcs history, 2) proprietary app are two reasons which come to my mind09:20
popeysure, I understand why09:20
dholbachI agree we should discuss this09:20
popeyit's just breaking the whole automated things09:20
popeyI don't want us to go back to the bad old days where stuff sits there for weeks, untouched09:21
popeyBecause there's a giant queue of stuff for manual review, just because it has a .excludes file in it09:21
popeyand actually, the .excludes file is put there by our sdk!09:22
dholbachjdstrand, ^09:23
dholbachor hang on, I'll file a bug09:23
dholbachpopey, so removing .excludes would make you happy for now? in that case I'll make the bug just about that09:24
popeywell, we should have the sdk and the review tools line up09:24
popeyhaving the sdk actually make apps which by default _cannot_ be automagically loaded into the store is broken09:25
popeywhether that's fixing the sdk or the review tools or the store I'm not sure09:25
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1517378 in Canonical Click Reviewers tools ".excludes file (part of SDK template) makes apps held for manual review" [Undecided,New]09:26
popeywill poke jdstrand when he wakes09:29
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sverzegnassipopey, balloons: is Jenkins still down? We have a few branches ready to land, but auto-landing isn't currently enabled.12:32
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timpahayzen: I fixed the second issue you commented on https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/lessHeaderDisabling/+merge/27771314:37
timpahayzen: could you try it out with your app?14:38
ahayzentimp, yup will do, thanks :-)14:43
timpahayzen: with the previous change, I made sure not to update 'moving' if unneeded when the height of the flickable contents changed14:44
timpahayzen: but in the case of a long list being filtered, also the contentY of the flickable may change.. but that should also not always set 'moving' to true for the header.14:44
ahayzenah :-)14:44
timpzsombi: ^I updated https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/lessHeaderDisabling/+merge/27771315:05
zsombitimp: why don't you take the verticalVelocity into accont to see whether really moves? That supposed to eb changed when the mouse/touch related moves are happening15:06
timpzsombi: it only matters how much the flickable moves (the header needs to follow it), not how fast15:08
timpzsombi: the flickable does really move, but the header does not always have to move as well.15:08
timpzsombi: when the header is exposed and you scroll up, the header stays exposed (doesn't move)15:08
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jdstranddholbach, popey: .excludes fixed in trunk. really, the sdk probably shouldn't include that in the click, but that is a flat text file and small, as opposed to .git or .bzr, so letting it through15:58
dholbachjdstrand, does https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/click-reviewers-tools/1517017/+merge/277679 look god to you too? :)15:59
jdstranddholbach: commented16:03
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jplatteahayzen: I have music player controls in the music indicator! :O21:09
ahayzenjplatte, hehe ;-)21:10
jplatteflashing finally worked when I extracted the ubuntu-device-flash executable from the xenial deb package and ran it on my laptop (though it would have worked on my desktop outside the VM as well I guess)21:10
jplattewill there have to be a system update before next / prev track will work?21:11
ahayzenjplatte, yup thats all work in progress :-)21:12
jplatteOkay.. so how does being on rc-proposed change what updates I get? Are there more frequent OTAs, do I just get the features sooner?21:13
ahayzenjplatte, you get like daily updates other than weekends, of what has been approved by QA that day21:14
ahayzenjplatte, and then eventually a cut of the rc-proposed is taken and released as a normal OTA to the other users21:14
jplatteOkay, but what would the update be for when it's stuff like the indicators?21:15
jplatteSurely it won't be a completely new image whenever something in Unity changes?21:15
ahayzenyup its a new image each day, usually only around 5-15MB though21:16
jplattebecause all the unity updates I had before were updates for "Ubuntu" in the form of completely new images21:16
jplatteSo that means a restart each update?21:16
jplatteThat sounds like it would get annoying quickly21:16
ahayzenas a dev it doesn't as you have the later stuff you need to be working with, but as a user yes it probably will21:17
ahayzendepends if you want to be on the latest or the most stable21:17
jplatteI definitely like to see all the latest stuff21:17
jplattedidn't know rc-proposed was this bleeding-edge though21:18
ahayzenlike you don't *have* to update every day, you can update at the end of the week and just download a slightly larger download21:18
jplatteWhaat? No, I can't just not check for updates if I know there will be one almost every day :D21:19
ahayzeni usually just update when i wake up21:19
jplatteSo how do I know what changed? Do I have to subscribe to some Mailing List? :/21:19
ahayzenits on the landing emails or just look at the diff located...21:20
jplatteokay, so what are those landing emails?21:22
ahayzenthere are landing emails as well in the ubuntu-phone mailing list that summarise everything21:22
jplatteoh okay, that would be the ML alternative21:22
ahayzeneg https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg16811.html21:22
jplatteI guess I'll have to write a small script to do something once there is a new file in that people.canonical.com directory21:23
jplatteDon't like email21:23
jplatteSooo, how's the music app development going?21:26
ahayzenpretty good, lots todo :')21:26
jplatteOkay, are there any things I already have on rc-proposed that I didn't have before? Haven't noticed anything yet21:27
ahayzennot for music, because its a click whatever we put in the store you get on stable and rc-proposed21:28
jplatteoh, right21:28
ahayzenno beta store yet :-/21:29
jplattewhat's the next update gonna bring, then?21:29
ahayzenbump to ubuntu components 1.321:29
jplattesmaller header bar?21:29
ahayzenjplatte, look at the unreleased section of this http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/trunk/view/head:/debian/changelog21:29
jplattethat's a thing I noticed in the settings ^^21:29
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