dobeyCommandError: Multiple image matches found for 'ubuntu/ubuntu-vivid-15.04-ppc64el-server-20151117-disk1.img', use an ID to be more specific.01:46
dobeytrainguards: ^^ this seems to be blocking some autopkgtests on ppc64el01:46
robrudobey: where are you seeing that?01:47
dobeyscroll to the bottom, and ubuntuone-credentials shows that01:48
dobeyi saw the "request autopkgtests" button on citrain and thought i'd try it. now my request's status is stuck at "Autopkgtest: in progress." because ppc64el test runner is stuck in an infinite loop trying to spawn an image or something01:49
robrudobey: that's nothing to do with the train. I guess you should poke pitti01:49
robrudobey: also don't click that it's experimental and not working very well01:50
dobeyrobru: is there any way to unblock the train status? or should i just ignore that and move along with requesting QA?01:50
robrudobey: well i could clear it manually. The only way for you is to rebuild the silo. Want me to clear it?01:50
dobeyrobru: yes please. thanks01:51
robrudobey: OK. Which silo was that?01:51
kgunnrobru: hey, i got a little bit of a strange one...in silo 20, the qtmir for vivid didn't rebuild even tho i chose FORCE_REBUILD01:52
kgunni had swapped out original mp's...and retargeted to dual landing...so maybe it's just a bug01:53
kgunnnot sure if you wanna debug? or if you would, just delete the qtmir for vivid out of that ppa01:53
kgunnand i'll rebuild01:53
robrudobey: ok that should clear up in a sec01:53
robrukgunn: looking01:54
dobeyrobru: thanks01:54
robrudobey: you're welcome01:55
robrukgunn: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-020-1-build/284/consoleFull this log looks like it's building qtmir and qtmir-gles. what went wrong?01:56
robrukgunn: huh that's weird the log shows "2015-11-17 22:47:22,811 INFO Creating secondary build in /var/lib/jenkins/silos/ubuntu/landing-020/qtmir_+vivid." but I see it is missing from the PPA01:58
robrukgunn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13322918/ that log shows the vivid version being uploaded, since it didn't make it into the PPA we need somebody like cjwatson to dig in and see why lp rejected the upload.02:03
robrukgunn: although there sure are a lot of strange errors about missing dependencies in that log, not sure how it got past that to do the package upload...02:04
kgunnrobru: so am i stuck ?02:14
kgunni kinda need to rebuild that qtmir before euro morning02:14
robrukgunn: yeah sorry, I don't have access to the info to figure out what went wrong in order to fix it02:15
robrukgunn: if it's urgent you could also try pinging infinity or wgrant, they might be more likely to be around at this time than colin02:15
kgunnrobru: hmm...could i just create a new silo request as a way to start over02:15
robrukgunn: I don't know if that would fix it, it's possible the reason it's being rejected is unrelated to the silo.02:16
robrukgunn: I mean you could certainly try that, but I'd try to reach those other people I mentioned first, they'll be able to say definitively why the package didn't make it to the ppa02:16
robrukgunn: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-020/+packages?field.name_filter=qtmir&field.status_filter=&field.series_filter=vivid looks like the ppa already has 0.4.7 in it and you're trying to upload
robruwhich is weird because I thought the train had a check against that...02:22
robrukgunn: so you need to either go back to 0.4.7 or get a different silo, yeah02:23
robruoff to the gym, brb02:25
robru(brb in 2 hours)02:25
FourDollarsHi, how can I reuqest a landing for https://code.launchpad.net/~fourdollars/unity-settings-daemon/fix-lowest-brightness/+merge/277326 ?07:56
FourDollarsWhere is trainguards?08:02
robruFourDollars: Hi08:03
robruFourDollars: did you ever use the train before?08:03
FourDollarsrobru: Can you give me the required permissions for operating the CI Train?08:03
FourDollarsrobru: No08:03
robruFourDollars: OK, one sec. What's your launchpad name?08:04
FourDollarsrobru: fourdollars08:04
FourDollarsrobru: Then?08:05
robruFourDollars: instructions are here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/citrain/LandingProcess but may be stale. Feel free to ping trainguards if you need help. I'm EOD but others should be around soon08:06
FourDollarsrobru: Have you given me  the required permissions for operating the CI Train?08:07
robruFourDollars: yes08:07
FourDollarsrobru: thx08:07
robruFourDollars: if it isn't working, log out and log back in. You're welcome08:07
MirvFourDollars: I'm here08:11
FourDollarsMirv: Thx08:11
FourDollarsMirv: I have created https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/672. What should I do next?08:15
FourDollarsMirv: Never mind. I got it.08:15
FourDollarsMirv: Could you help to check https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/672?08:18
MirvFourDollars: checking08:18
FourDollarsMirv: thx08:18
MirvFourDollars: looking correct for a xenial landing otherwise, but set the QA setting to "No QA Needed" first. once you've assigned a silo, built and tested it, you can set it to "Publish without QA" so that it'll set to published08:20
FourDollarsMirv: OK. Let me try it.08:21
MirvFourDollars: that setting and its options are confusing, we know, there's a bug about it.08:21
robruFourDollars: is this change needed for ubuntu touch?08:22
FourDollarsrobru: I don't know.08:22
Mirvrobru: looks like desktop08:22
FourDollarsrobru: It is for the desktop users.08:22
MirvFourDollars: ok, the next step is to assign the silo. then you can click build and it starts building.08:22
FourDollarsMirv: Still failed. :-(08:23
FourDollarsMirv: I saw "2015-11-18 08:22:55,354 ERROR Prepare failed: Low on silos: Ask a trainguard to assign."08:23
MirvFourDollars: oh! sorry about that, let me check if there's anything to free up some silos.08:25
MirvFourDollars: ok you got one?08:28
FourDollarsMirv: yes08:28
MirvI freed one silo08:29
MirvFourDollars: great!08:29
FourDollarsThx a lot~08:29
FourDollarsWhat should I do now?08:29
MirvFourDollars: so now you've a new action "Build" available. that runs a jenkins job which eventually gets the package to the assigned silo (010, https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-010/) from where you can test it08:30
FourDollarsMirv: OK08:31
MirvFourDollars: so now you received an error regarding the MP that you need to fix08:32
MirvFourDollars: the commit message will be used in the changelog entry08:32
Mirv(you've only set the description so far)08:33
FourDollarsMirv: I see. Thx.08:33
MirvFourDollars: hey, rather just add the commit message on this page: https://code.launchpad.net/~fourdollars/unity-settings-daemon/fix-lowest-brightness/+merge/277326 than in changelog08:38
MirvFourDollars: in changelog it's ok but actually it's cleaner if you just revert your last commit and use the commit message field in LP, so that the changelog gets generated automatically08:39
FourDollarsMirv: OK08:40
bzoltanjibel: the UITK with the updated translation files is available in silo5.08:40
FourDollarsMirv: What is the next step?09:19
mardyMirv: hi! Is there something I should correct with this? https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/59109:19
MirvFourDollars: it would be ready for testing (it's useful to always test the fresh build once more). but the changelog currently looks funny: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-010/+sourcepub/5707430/+listing-archive-extra - if you want to fix that, set the text you want in the MP's commit message instead and remove the debian/changelog change from the MP, so that the tra09:23
Mirvin can generate the changelog by itself.09:23
FourDollarsMirv: Haha09:23
MirvFourDollars: anyway, when ready, upgrade to the PPA, and if the testing is fine you can set the status to "Publish without QA". after that is set, you can either try to publish yourself (it will tell you if you can't), or you can get a trainguard to publish it.09:23
FourDollarsMirv: OK. Thx.09:24
FourDollarsMirv: I saw "2015-11-18 09:32:15,795 ERROR Merging failed: No commit message found. Please specify one either in your merge proposal or in debian/changelog." again.09:33
FourDollarsMirv: Could you tell me where is problem I should fix on https://code.launchpad.net/~fourdollars/unity-settings-daemon/fix-lowest-brightness/+merge/277326?09:34
seb128FourDollars, do what the error says?09:34
seb128FourDollars, you need a commit message on the mp and you don't have one, there is a button to set one09:34
FourDollarsseb128: I got it. Thx a lot. :D09:35
MirvFourDollars: yes, now it looks correct! the next build should be fine in the PPA.09:38
FourDollarsMirv: Thx.09:39
FourDollarsMirv: I was not aware there is a button to set the commit message on https://code.launchpad.net/~fourdollars/unity-settings-daemon/fix-lowest-brightness/+merge/277326.09:41
Mirvmardy: it claims to have a gregression in armhf autopkgtests which is why it hasn't migrated http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#online-accounts-api09:42
MirvFourDollars: right, that bit of LP I've found a bit weird - when you create the MP, you only can fill the "Description" field - only after the MP is created, you can set the commit message which is what is actually used for merges, changelogs etc.09:43
FourDollarsMirv: I agree.09:44
FourDollarsIt seems that I don't need to use pbuilder or sbuild to build the package manually. I just need to use the CI train.09:45
seb128Mirv, FourDollars, that statement is untrue, there is a small arrow on the mp submition page which gives you details, including a commit message section09:51
seb128but yeah, it's not on screen by default09:51
bzoltanMirv: zbenjamin:  I have pushed the qmake-extras to the silo5 ... it is nothing but a version bump09:51
zbenjaminbzoltan: ok!09:52
FourDollarsseb128: It is optional so people always ignore it by default. XD09:52
seb128right, that's annoying09:52
LaneyNot once you get burned by it a few times09:54
Mirvseb128: wow, I never noticed that10:02
MirvI've gradually started to use the Extra Options on other pages but not there before this10:02
Mirvbzoltan: ok10:03
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FourDollars2015-11-18 10:14:12,916 ERROR Needs review: https://code.launchpad.net/~fourdollars/unity-settings-daemon/fix-lowest-brightness/+merge/27732610:15
FourDollars2015-11-18 10:14:12,917 ERROR Publish failed: unity-settings-daemon has merges in bad states10:15
FourDollarsMirv: Any idea?10:15
pete-woodssil2100: okay, we have a successfully built silo again, and seb128 acked the packaging yesterday10:15
pete-woodsI obviously can't publish gmenuharness myself, so what's the next stap?10:16
MirvFourDollars: the MP needs to be top-approved (the Status at the top), you can probably ask pitti to do that10:17
FourDollarsMirv: OK.10:17
xavigarciasil2100: Hi there! What would be the statu of silo 000? is it waiting to get reviewed by somebody else?10:19
sil2100xavigarcia: hey! Yes, we need an archive admin doing the preNEW review, I poked seb128 yesterday but not sure if he wasn't waiting for the package to get renamed10:20
sil2100seb128: did you manage to take a look at the new package in silo 000?10:20
seb128xavigarcia, pete-woods, read backlog, that's what pete-woods was talking about10:20
pete-woodsxavigarcia: FYI I manually merged all the outstanding MRs into the tree for seb128's review10:22
pete-woodsso he'd get the complete fiew10:22
pete-woodsand the silo just has an empty MR in it now10:22
seb128I had a look yesterday and it was fine to me, just the descriptions could be a bit more descriptive10:23
pete-woodsyeah, I agree with that10:23
FourDollarsMirv: What is the next step for https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/672?10:23
pete-woodsyou could probably generate those descriptions ;)10:23
sil2100seb128, pete-woods: remember that you can now always access the merged branch of the train10:24
sil2100(as an example)10:25
=== vrruiz_ is now known as rvr
MirvFourDollars: it is now published (congrats for your first train publishing!), the next step is simply waiting to see if it migrates from -proposed pocket to -releae pocket, after which the ticket will be marked as Landed. this takes often takes hours at minimum, so there's nothing to do right now. the package is at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-settings-daemon/15.04.1+16.04.20151118.1-0ubu10:26
pete-woodsyeah, that's good to know :)10:26
MirvFourDollars: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-settings-daemon/15.04.1+16.04.20151118.1-0ubuntu1 (repaste since IRC cut the line)10:26
FourDollarsMirv: Cool. Thx a lot. :)10:27
MirvFourDollars: you're welcome10:27
rvrxavigarcia: ping10:29
xavigarciarvr: pong10:29
rvrxavigarcia: Hi, yesterday I was testing silo 5110:30
xavigarciarvr: I was now testing what you posted for it10:30
rvrxavigarcia: Ah, cool10:30
xavigarciarvr: let me check and will ping you back10:31
rvrxavigarcia: Sure10:31
xavigarciarvr: what was the case exactly when you cannot trigger the warning?10:31
xavigarciarvr: after moving volume down or after pressing cancel?10:32
rvrxavigarcia: Hmm10:33
seb128FourDollars, congrats on the landing, and thanks for handling it ;-)10:33
rvrxavigarcia: I pressed "Ok"10:33
xavigarciarvr: ah, in that case you approved the warning... and it does not appear again10:33
xavigarciarvr: maybe the test plan is not clear enough10:34
rvrxavigarcia: Yeah, I was confused about what to do with the notification10:34
rvrxavigarcia: Is there any way to reset it?10:34
xavigarciarvr: the idea is that when you approve the warning it should not appear again until you unplug and plug the headphones again10:35
rvrxavigarcia: Yeah, understood10:36
xavigarciarvr: so... unplug the headphones.... keep playing music, plug the headphones again and the warning should be reseted10:36
xavigarciarvr: If not it would be annoying for the user to be all the time approving the warning once he already did10:36
rvrxavigarcia: I thought the notification only appeared once "in a lifetime"10:37
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xavigarciarvr: sorry, I had a phone call11:16
xavigarciarvr: yeah, but there was a bug opened asking to reset that then unplugging the headphones11:16
rvrxavigarcia: Ack11:22
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=== xavigarcia is now known as xavigarcia_lunch
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pete-woodsseb128: so do we need you to do that prenew thingy then? or is that someone else12:39
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
rvrxavigarcia_lunch: Take a look to the card (when you're back :)12:49
seb128pete-woods, I did that yesterday no?13:10
renatuMirv, ping13:11
Mirvrenatu: pong13:16
Mirvrenatu: I see your email13:17
renatuMirv, I just sent you a e-mail :D13:17
renatuMirv, nice thanks13:17
pete-woodsseb128: I have no idea. I don't know how to check what has or hasn't been done on that end. does that mean I just need a properly authorised person to hit "publish" now?13:21
seb128somebody with upload rights I guess13:21
pete-woodsseb128: okay, well at least I know you've done the pre-upload now :)13:22
pete-woodsjust need to badger for the CI train publish13:22
pete-woodssil2100: apparently the pre-upload was done by seb already yesterday13:23
pete-woodsI think we just need to publish now13:23
rvrtvoss: Hey. FYI, silo 47's merge proposals need review.13:23
=== xavigarcia_lunch is now known as xavigarcia
xavigarciarvr: Ok thanks... I'm taking a look13:25
jibeltvoss, mardy you can publish silo 57 the status is bileto is wrong13:32
xavigarciarvr: I have one question... what do you mean with "After the volume confirmation dialog has auto-closed"?13:33
rvrxavigarcia: The high volume dialog, I wait until it is auto-dismissed13:33
xavigarciarvr: ah, ok... good one.. I've never tried that13:34
xavigarciarvr: In relation with the volume changing while the warning is showing... you can modify the volume, but it will never go beyond the warning level until you press OK13:34
xavigarciarvr: I think that is what we expect13:34
rvrxavigarcia: The test case explicitly says that volume shouldn't change while the high volume dialog is displayed13:35
xavigarciarvr: in relation to the label in the volume notification. After discussion with design we decided that it was best to remove it, as it was not specified in the regulations and because we now have the output label13:35
xavigarciarvr: I think I need to update the test plan13:36
rvrxavigarcia: Yes, please :)13:36
xavigarciarvr: I will confirm with the spec first, but in relation to the label it was removed intentionally13:36
mterrysil2100, robru: I have a silo I want to add a manually uploaded package to.  It's been a little while since I've done this.  I add the package name to the "Source Package Names" field and just upload to the ppa?  for both overlay and xenial?13:36
xavigarciarvr: OK, I will update and will ping you when it's ready13:36
xavigarciarvr: I also need to test the auto-dismissed warning dialog. I don't think that's what we want to happen13:37
=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
xavigarciarvr: Ok, I managed to recreate the issue you mention... looking for a fix. thanks!13:44
jibelrobru, hey, some silos in bileto have a status 'Requesting autopkgtests for this silo...' can you fix them?13:45
rvrxavigarcia: Ack13:53
tvossrvr, I know13:59
tvossrvr, see comment on the silo13:59
rvrtvoss: The reason to do QA after reviews is that, even if the developer doesn't expect any change, there could be, and would be wasted time if verification was done or in progress.14:01
tvossrvr,  as you wish, I just set it to qa'able as it works fine14:02
bzoltanMirv: could you help me with the silo number five?14:05
Mirvbzoltan: helping14:14
bzoltanMirv:  thank you14:15
bzoltanMirv: ^ WUT?14:17
bzoltanMirv:  queuebot: 3.5.2+16.04.20151118-0ubuntu114:18
Mirvbzoltan: might be because of the binary -> source trick. I'll publish manually.14:18
bzoltanMirv: could be. Thank you14:18
bfilleris errors.ubuntu.com working for anyone? I keep getting Aw Snap page in chromium14:21
jibelbfiller, works fine here14:28
sil2100mterry: hey! Yeah, that's more or less what you should do14:28
mterrysil2100, cool14:28
bfillerjibel: weird ok14:29
seb128pmcgowan, jibel, there was langpack regression in the ota8 candidate pointed this morning on #ubuntu-touch, unsure how much of an issue it is14:48
seb128I reported https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/1517501 about it14:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1517501 in Canonical System Image "unity8 translations reverted to june version in most recent langpack update" [Undecided,New]14:48
seb128basically the unity8 translations got reverted to their june state because somebody changed the domain on launchpad14:49
sil2100I wonder how serious it is14:54
sil2100rvr: hey, could you install the recent rc image and check if unity8 translations look okayish?14:54
seb128xavigarcia, charles, shrug, seems like the most recent indicator-sound landing regressed notifications under unity7, mouse scrolling over the indicator makes notify-osd grumpy :-/14:54
seb128xavigarcia, charles, reported https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-sound/+bug/151750214:54
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1517502 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) "[xenial] invalid notifications under unity7" [High,New]14:54
rvrseb128: o_O14:54
seb128xavigarcia, charles, that's 2 recent regressions under unity7, you guys need to start testing your changes on desktop as well please14:55
seb128rvr, sil2100, pmcgowan, seems we fixed the template at the right time, today langpacks in the overlay fixes the issue14:57
seb128the ones that landed an hour ago14:57
rvrseb128: Cool14:57
sil2100seb128: still, this would mean we'd need to import the new langpacks to OTA-8 and re-spin14:57
sil2100Which is pretty bad14:58
seb128well I think that the revert to june is an issue for e.g Chinese14:58
seb128they had incomplete translations by then14:58
seb128and we lost quite some strings14:58
sil2100pmcgowan, jibel, rvr: we need to check this, we might need to re-spin or issue an emergency OTA-8+14:58
seb128see https://launchpadlibrarian.net/226898897/language-pack-touch-zh-hans_1%3A15.04%2B20151111_1%3A15.04%2B20151118.diff.gz14:58
seb128strings like "Device Locked" or "Power"  or "Return to Call" were lost15:00
seb128remove/add to favorite, pull to refresh15:00
seb128going to be quite a step back on chinese15:00
xavigarciaseb128: roger that.... I will take a look15:05
seb128xavigarcia, thanks15:05
xavigarciaseb128: is this happening in wily?15:06
seb128xavigarcia, I guess not, that landing was in xenial only15:06
seb128xavigarcia, though I didn't try wily in the overlay ppa if that's what you mean15:07
xavigarciaseb128: so to recreate... I should move the mouse over any sound notification?15:07
seb128xavigarcia, no, you should mouse scroll over the indicator to change the volume15:07
seb128like using a mouse wheel or touchpad edge scrolling/fingers15:08
xavigarciaseb128: ah, ok... understood15:08
pete-woodsseb128: FYI, when I've tried to run changes to packages (e.g. HUD) through the QA process, I was told that QA don't do desktop packages, only phone ones15:08
seb128xavigarcia, did you change the format of the notifications?15:08
pete-woodsso the only testing will be done by the devs themselves15:08
seb128pete-woods, right, doesn't mean devs shouldn't test on their unity7 sessions15:08
xavigarciaseb128: I've only added a label to show the output15:09
pete-woodsseb128: sure, just thought that info might be useful15:09
seb128pete-woods, it is, thanks15:09
pete-woods(like, I think it's probably an issue - that we don't have enough QA resource to do the desktop)15:09
xavigarciaseb128: just to double check... you are changing the volume with the mouse wheel?15:10
seb128xavigarcia, yes15:10
xavigarciaseb128: Ok, I'm never doing that15:11
seb128xavigarcia, is there other ways to make indicator-sound send notifications on unity7?15:11
seb128middle click for muting seems also to bug15:11
seb128though I'm unsure that was sending a notification15:12
Trevinhoseb128: no, there was no notification on middle-click15:12
seb128k, makes sense15:12
xavigarciaseb128: the change I've added is just adding a string. That, in fact, I didn't add in first place15:12
xavigarciaseb128: that string was added for the warning notification dialog, but now the string is shown all the time15:13
xavigarciaseb128: anyway... will keep an eye and will try to get it fixed asap15:13
pmcgowanseb128, sil2100 yeah I dont know that we can ship that15:14
seb128xavigarcia, we are discussing it on #ubuntu-desktop15:14
pmcgowanwhats it take to fix, one langpack?15:14
seb128xavigarcia, <larsu> seb128: got it. It sends a title for the notification now, which throws off notify osd15:14
seb128pmcgowan, well, all locales are buggy, but some probably had an ok status in june and it doesn't matter much15:15
pmcgowanseb128, how did this happen?15:15
seb128pmcgowan, somebody changed the unity8 domain name on launchpad15:15
seb128but seems like launchpad has no log of those events15:15
seb128so we don't know why/when/why15:16
seb128it made the langpack update not have an unity8.po but an unity90something.po15:16
pmcgowanseb128, sil2100 I would vote to fix it with a respin15:16
sil2100Maybe we could get some logs from LP through the launchpad admins?15:16
pmcgowanthe teal issue is we didnt detect it15:16
seb128I asked on #launchpad earlier but wgrant didn't find any record of a change15:17
sil2100Ah, ok, good15:17
seb128well "good"15:17
sil2100pmcgowan: I'll copy the langpacks over to the snapshot PPA in a moment15:17
sil2100Well, good that you asked ;)15:17
seb128except it happened,  we have no record of it and no way to know it's not going to happena gain15:17
pmcgowanseems we could detect that we regressed the packs, are they versioned?15:18
sil2100pmcgowan: I wonder if BQ noticed any regressions in the translations15:18
sil2100rvr: did you have a chance to check the rc image?15:18
rvrsil2100: On it15:18
sil2100pmcgowan: they're versioned, yes, but no one checks their contents as it would be crazy, I would suspect us seeing it during testing15:18
sil2100Maybe they didn't regress enough to trigger a red flag during QA15:19
pmcgowansil2100, we should have an auto test for it, not quite sure how to define it15:19
seb128sil2100, I think main european languages were fine in their june version15:19
seb128so likely little different for e.g spanish15:19
rvrsil2100: pmcgowan: While testing OTA8, I didn't found any big problem15:19
xavigarciaseb128: so, just to be clear... is this something I need to fix or should be fixed in unity7?15:19
sil2100We might indeed do a test for this case of a change in the domain name15:19
rvrin Spanish15:19
seb128xavigarcia, maybe you can join #ubuntu-desktop?15:20
seb128xavigarcia, unsure, Lars is looking at the notifications specification15:20
pmcgowansil2100, its very important for chinese to be as well translated as possible15:20
sil2100pmcgowan: yeah, indeed, I wonder since I suppose the meizu.zh channel was tested by the China team15:21
sil2100jibel: ^15:21
seb128sil2100, pmcgowan, looking at the diff things like "Device Locked" or "Power"  or "Return to Call" were lost15:22
seb128or "pull to refresh"15:22
seb128in the chinese translations15:22
rvrI found many untranslated strings for click packages in Chinese15:22
rvrBut unfortunately I didn't compare with the previous run15:22
rvr(from August)15:22
rvrFor a subset of debian packages, these are the stats:15:24
rvr$ wc -l deb*.log15:24
rvr   46 deb-es.log15:24
rvr   46 deb-fr.log15:24
rvr   60 deb-zh_CN.log15:24
rvr60 untranslated strings for Chinese and 46 for Spanish and French15:25
rvrFor click packages:15:25
rvr   20 click-es.log15:25
rvr   17 click-fr.log15:25
rvr  207 click-zh_CN.log15:25
sil2100So, before I copy all langpacks, I would like someone to make triple sure that the current langpacks fit to the contents of OTA-815:25
rvrWhich is a similar figure (a bit lower) than in August15:26
rvrsil2100: In rc #182, in webbrowser-app.mo I see  PO-Revision-Date: 2015-09-24 06:53+000015:28
sil2100I think the biggest issue is unity8 translations15:29
sil2100As that's what regressed15:29
rvrsil2100: Yeah, checking more recent dates in https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/15.04/+lang/es15:30
rvrsil2100: unity8 PO-Revision-Date: 2014-08-26 12:31+000015:31
rvrIn launchpad, unity8 was last edited on 2015-11-1115:31
davmor2rvr: blame Saviq it won't fix it but you feel so much better ;)15:32
bzoltanseb128:  I need a coredev to ack the silo5 ... it is pure string update no code change. Would you please help me?15:36
seb128bzoltan, looking15:36
seb128bzoltan, ubuntu-sdk-qmake-extras seems to no exist in Ubuntu atm?15:37
bzoltanseb128:  it does... it used to come from different source. the qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu used to provide it. No it is a separate project15:38
seb128bzoltan, so it's not as trivial as a pure string update15:38
bzoltanzbenjamin: or how was it? ^15:38
bzoltanseb128: wait a sec... am I an idiot or not?15:39
zbenjaminbzoltan: yes we had to split it off the qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu15:39
bzoltanseb128: Ohh.. yes, that revision has the shorter control... seb128 is right15:39
sil2100rvr: could you upgrade your rc device with the latest overlay-ppa langpack for spanish and check if everything looks okayish? Remember that the rc image has stable-snapshot in the sources.list - you need to change it to the overlay first15:39
rvrsil2100: Ok15:40
sil2100rvr: thanks :)15:40
bzoltanzbenjamin: so we need to land the ubuntu-sdk-qmake-extras to 16.04 asap15:44
bzoltanseb128: zbenjamin: hold on.. we do have that package, I have landed it myself - http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ubuntu-sdk-qmake-extras15:45
seb128bzoltan, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-sdk-qmake-extras15:45
bzoltanseb128:  but too old15:45
seb128ah, it's in the NEW queue15:46
seb128let me review it15:46
bzoltanseb128: Huhh... thanks bigbang we have coredevs who udnerstand these things :D15:47
rvrsil2100: seb128: So, at least in Spanish, the language files that are not up-to-date  are dialer-app, indicator-sound, messaging-app, telephony-service, ubuntu-system-settings and unity815:48
seb128bzoltan, that package seems arch neutral, shouldn't be be arch all rather than any?15:48
sil2100rvr: with the latest overlay langpacks?15:48
rvrsil2100: No, no, with current rc15:49
sil2100Ah, ok15:49
zbenjaminseb128: it needs to be installed into the qt arch specific directories15:49
sil2100Well, the most recent regression that we're about to fix is the unity8 one15:49
seb128zbenjamin, ah, ok15:49
rvrsil2100: What about the others?15:50
seb128zbenjamin, bzoltan, the export DPKG_GENSYMBOLS_CHECK_LEVEL=4 in the rules is not needed but it's not an issue either ... NEW accepting it15:50
sil2100rvr: those should be ok, nothing we can do here, the langpacks are auto-generated and we didn't get any news of the domain changing for those15:50
seb128bzoltan, I published now as well15:50
bzoltanseb128: thanks, i will fix it and land it for the next round15:51
pete-woodstrainguards: who do I need to bug to click the publish button for the new package (gmenuharness) in silo 000? (seb already pre-new'ed it and acked the packaging)15:51
sil2100So if there are regressions there then those are from different reasons, we'll have to investigate separately15:52
pete-woodsdo we need to corner an archive admin or something?15:52
sil2100pete-woods: ok, let me press the button then :)15:52
bzoltanseb128: ^ wadahell?15:52
seb128bzoltan, hum, publish failed because of ^15:52
sil2100pete-woods: I can do it as the package is treated by default as an universe package I suppose, it will land in xenial NEW for archive admins and in the overlay15:52
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seb128bzoltan, looks like pitti already landed it ?! https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/1.3.1705+16.04.20151118-0ubuntu115:53
bzoltanseb128:  feels like Mirv has published it manually15:53
seb128yeah, unsure what's going on there15:53
seb128but it's uploaded15:53
rvrsil2100: What do I need to change in sources.list again?15:54
bzoltanseb128:  that is the most important! thanks for your help15:54
sil2100rvr: I think the sources.list has stable-snapshot instead of overlay, right?15:54
pete-woodssil2100: awesome, thanks!15:54
pete-woodsI guess the MIR will happen as a separate task15:54
rvrdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ci-train-ppa-service/stable-phone-overlay/ubuntu15:54
sil2100pete-woods: yw!15:56
sil2100rvr: hm, ok, could you check if pinning is ok as well?16:00
rvrsil2100: Pin: release o=LP-PPA-ci-train-ppa-service-stable-phone-overlay Pin-Priority: 100116:01
sil2100rvr: anyway, strange that the rc images don't have stable-snapshot in it... you sure you using rc, not rc-proposed? And latest?16:01
rvrOh, shit16:01
rvrthis is rc-proposed16:01
sil2100Well, not a big deal, we only had a few landings16:01
rvrsil2100: Just re-checked the dates16:02
sil2100But still, best to flash rc ;) And there you'd have to change both pin priority and sources.list16:02
rvrsil2100: Most are one day off and another is an update for OTA916:02
rvrsil2100: So just unity8 looks fine16:02
sil2100Anyway, I suppose using current langpacks is better than the previous thing...16:03
sil2100Copying to snapshot16:03
* rvr is finally flashing rc 16:06
rvrThis upgrade takes time16:27
rvrsil2100: unity8.mo (es) X-Launchpad-Export-Date: 2015-11-18 10:31+000016:45
rvrsil2100: unity8.mo (zh_CN) PO-Revision-Date: 2015-07-28 03:57+0000 X-Launchpad-Export-Date: 2015-11-18 10:31+000016:46
rvrsil2100: zh_CH revision date matches Launchpad (2015-07-28), so looks good16:50
pmcgowansil2100, rvr  what did we end up changing in the respin then, all the langpacks or just unity816:53
sil2100pmcgowan: all the langpacks, there was nothing landing that could cause a regression in langpacks17:00
sil2100pmcgowan: since... generating separate langpacks would be really troublesome17:01
sil2100rvr, pmcgowan: am I good to copy the langpacks to the snapshot PPA?17:01
pmcgowansil2100, do we have an image yet?17:02
pmcgowanI would copy after verifying the image?17:02
pmcgowanor does the image use the snapshot17:02
sil2100We can't have an image without copying to the snapshot17:02
pmcgowanthen yes :)17:02
sil2100But rvr checked the langpacks manually on the rc image ;)17:03
pmcgowangot it17:03
sil2100Ok, copying in progress, once it's done I instantly build an image17:04
rvrsil2100: Looks good17:05
sil2100rvr, jibel: image building17:19
sil2100I jump out now for a walk17:20
jibelsil2100, okay, I rechecking the language packs you cpoied to the stable snapshit17:20
jibeloops, snapshot*17:20
kenvandinejibel, system-settings is held up in proposed because it's waiting for autopkgtests from ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts, which claims to be "Test in progress" on the excuses page17:26
kenvandinejibel, if i click on the Test in progress link, it shows passed tests, not currently running tests17:27
kenvandineis the status broken?  or does it only show completed tests?17:27
jibelkenvandine, I cannot help, it's entirely pitti's domain now. sorry17:28
kenvandinejibel, ah, ok17:28
kenvandinei suspect the tests are running but it doesn't show that on the status page, but we'll see :)17:29
robrumterry: yep, you're a core dev so you can just dput directly to the silo PPAs. Other people need trainguards/core=devs to do itfor them.17:34
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jibelrvr, sil2100 here are all the string changes in unity8 between 34 and the image currently building.17:52
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cjwatsonthe liburcu/ppc64el problems are fixed now, so that should unblock mir/qtmir (modulo whatever library transition problems are involved)18:07
dobeykenvandine: are they running on the running page? :)18:09
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dobeyhmm, it's not18:11
pmcgowanjibel, did anything change outside of unity8?18:16
pmcgowansil2100, jibel see my email to john mc18:17
jibelsil2100, pmcgowan rvr here is the list of strings that were not translated http://paste.ubuntu.com/13332907/ essentially greeter and indicators18:17
jibelpmcgowan, no nothing else18:17
jibelpmcgowan, chinese, turkish, basque and greek had much more strings missing than other languages.18:19
pmcgowanjibel, are you comfortable with a sanity check on the respin and then publish that18:20
jibelpmcgowan, let me check what landed in vivid through SRUs18:21
pmcgowanjibel, I thought we didnt pick those up now?18:22
bzoltanpmcgowan: jibel: the translation stuff of the UITK has landed on the Overlay18:22
pmcgowanbzoltan, yep saw that18:23
pmcgowanbzoltan, we really just needed it in trunk so translators could do there thing18:23
jibelbzoltan, yes, thanks for that18:23
bzoltanpmcgowan: small thing, but makes difference.. it was an easy landing18:23
jibelsil2100, anything in vivid is not in the snapshot and pulled from the archive directly?18:25
jibelpmcgowan, any package not in the ppa is installed from vivid, I don't think sil2100 copies everytghin to the stable-snapshot18:30
pmcgowanjibel, he mentioned something yesterday about changing this but I was not clear on it18:31
pmcgowanit being controlling what came in from updates18:31
jibelpmcgowan, the only risk would have been lxc but the broken version is in proposed so it's fine to sanity check the image the respin and publish18:32
pmcgowanthis must be the new verbose ci train18:32
pmcgowanjibel, great18:32
jibelpmcgowan, but I'd need a diff of the manifest to be really sure18:32
jibelor the delta once it's on system-image18:33
kenvandinedobey, where's the running page?18:45
=== robru changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Train trouble? ping trainguards | CI problems? ping cihelp | Train: http://bit.ly/1hGZsfS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: Rolled out major train change, just ironing out some small issues, ping robru if you see anything weird.
dobeykenvandine: http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/running.html18:55
kenvandinedobey, thx18:55
pmcgowanjibel, when we build the new image do we still have the option to publish the last one?18:56
dobeykenvandine: the "Running" link at the top of the status pages on autopkgtest.u.c :)18:56
mterryrobru, nice status verbosity changes.  Looks very verbose now, but presumably better to err on that side  :)18:56
kenvandinedobey, so clearly something's broken here :/18:56
dobeykenvandine: assuming that "in progress" does not also mean "waiting in a queue you can't see"18:57
mterryrobru, tiny feature request in that regard -- endlines after each status line?18:57
kenvandinedobey, perhaps18:57
sil2100pmcgowan: yes18:57
sil2100pmcgowan: we do18:57
sil2100pmcgowan: I'm importing the new image to the rc channel now... but we can publish the previous one no problem18:58
robrumterry: yeah that's something I need to figure out. I can't put real newlines in the strings because it breaks the IRC ping. but maybe I can s/./.\n/ in the web view or something19:22
robrumterry: also I should probably take the arches off 'Successfully built' so that statuses like ^^ are simpler.19:23
mterryrobru, yeah.  And/or replace "amd64" with "all" or "*" when appropriate; unless you know the packages is arch: all, it makes it seem like it only built for one arch19:24
robrumterry: that's a bit harder as the code that reports that doesn't have knowledge of the packaging, only what it sees in the ppa19:24
mterryrobru, ah fair, then not worth it  :)19:25
robrumterry: oh god it takes 18 minutes to set all statuses for all silos.19:26
robruI need to parallelize this somehow19:26
sil2100pmcgowan: see my OTA-8 proposition I just sent through e-mail19:35
robrumterry: how's that: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/670 ?20:48
mterryrobru, looks good.  Is it obvious if not all arches are built?  Like one arch has a ftbfs or something?20:49
robrumterry: I've just changed it so that if the status is the same on all arches, it hides the arch list, but if the statuses are different on different arches it'll say "Failed to build [i386] Sucessfully built [amd64 etc et]"20:50
mterryrobru, awesome20:50
robrumterry: just like that ^ ;-)20:51
mterryrobru, I'm seeing that error you just emailed about on https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/25522:14
robrumterry: looking22:14
robrumterry: sigh, there's a lot of silos (sighlos?) affected by this. I'm tempted to just declare bankruptcy on that one check, clear it from all silos...22:16
robrumterry: what I really need to do is re-engineer that check so it doesn't cache any data that can get into an inconsistent state.22:18
mterryrobru, that sounds suspiciously like work22:19
robrumterry: this is just another in a long line of bugs where the train tries to save some state on disk, but then the world changes around it, and the state on disk is inconsistent with the world, and it causes problems.22:20
robrumterry: I'm trying really hard to eliminate the concept of "state" that can become "inconsistent". Checking authoritative sources directly, etc22:20
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