pittiGood morning05:41
hikikoGood morning !05:54
hikikoHi pitti05:54
didrocksgood morning06:12
pittibonjour didrocks, hey hikiko!06:30
darkxsthey pitti, didrocks hikiko06:30
didrockshey pitti, darkxst!06:42
hikikohi didrocks darkxst :)06:46
didrockshey hikiko :)06:47
darkxstheat wave here ;(06:51
darkxstseb128, Laney can you add me to the trello group06:51
seb128good morning desktopers!07:00
didrocksre seb12807:01
seb128re didrocks07:01
seb128darkxst, unsure how trello is working, need to have a look07:01
seb128darkxst, why did you report bug #1517317 against linux?07:31
ubot5bug 1517317 in linux (Ubuntu) "FTBFS gnome-builder" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151731707:32
seb128also why isn't debian having the issue? can we get it fixed there since it's in sync?07:32
darkxstseb128, it hasnt passed new queue yet, so there is no gnome-builder to file against07:33
darkxstI've commited the change to the debian svn also07:33
seb128yeah, in which case just report against ubuntu07:33
seb128no package is better than a wrong one07:33
ricotzhey desktopers07:33
seb128also https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-builder/+filebug ?07:33
seb128it went through source NEW07:33
seb128so the package exist07:33
seb128hey ricotz07:34
ricotzdarkxst, seb128, I am hoping you are seeing broken CSD shadows too with gtk 3.18.507:34
seb128ricotz, how broken? under what env?07:34
seb128I didn't upgrade yet, let me try07:34
didrockshey ricotz07:34
ricotzseb128, missing transparency07:34
ricotzdidrocks, hi07:35
ricotz(seb128, with gnome-shell)07:36
seb128ricotz, seems like the update is stil in xenial-proposed so I don't have it yet07:36
seb128unsure if that's a side effect of larsu's fix 0001-gtkwindow-continue-calling-gtk_style_context_set_bac.patch:07:37
darkxstseb128, apparently my search foo failed then07:37
ricotzseb128, will downgrade to confirm, but I pretty certain its gtk ;)07:38
darkxstseb128, I don't know why debian didnt see it, webkit2gtk must be pulled in elsewhere, but that is ok, I know they like to be explicit with the build-deps07:40
seb128darkxst, right, it's just weird that it gets pulled in for them07:41
seb128ricotz, yeah, it's likely07:41
seb128ricotz, and you shouldn't be used -proposed ;-)07:41
darkxstseb128, ricotz always uses proposed!07:41
seb128darkxst, you might want to look at https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=804769 while you are fixing gnome-builder?07:41
ubot5Debian bug 804769 in gnome-builder "Some files are not installed in any binary" [Normal,Open]07:41
darkxstseb128, oh that is the same issue07:42
ricotzseb128, yeah, it is gtk causing it07:44
darkxstseb128, but I didnt see that in the debian build logs07:44
ricotzdarkxst, I do indeed ;), would be just half of the fun without it07:45
darkxstours "HTML and Markdown Preview ............ : no", theirs = yes07:45
seb128darkxst, their .install needs to be updated to including the missing files though no?07:47
darkxstseb128, looking at that now07:47
darkxstseb128, I think libide should be split out, assuming its really meant to be a public library07:53
darkxst^ ricotz07:54
darkxstand the gir path is commented out, in the install file07:54
larsugood morning!07:54
darkxstno idea why07:54
larsuseb128: what's the problem?07:55
larsuseb128: also, good morning. ça va?07:56
seb128hey larsu, wie gehts?08:03
seb128larsu, ricotz says the gtk update has transparency issues under gnome-shell for CSD applications08:04
seb128larsu, but that's .4 -> .5 as well, so might not be your patch08:04
larsuseb128: my patch should only do unnecessary work on shell (set a bg color that is never used)08:05
larsuI'm good thanks :)08:05
larsuhey Trq08:21
seb128hey Trevinho08:21
didrocksgood morning Trevinho08:27
larsuhi didrocks!08:29
ricotzdarkxst, does gnome-builder really install all required headers/dev-file/pkg-config now? otherwise there is not point in splitting it yet08:31
didrockshey larsu ;)08:32
darkxstricotz, no headers, but there are gir files, a pc file and docs, all for libide that are not installed due to the debian packaging08:35
darkxstI don't actaully know if libide is meant to be public though08:36
ricotzdarkxst, the staging ppa contains a package was the merged into debian?08:36
darkxstricotz, no, it wasnt08:36
ricotzdarkxst, if there are no installed headers, everything is not usable like vapi/pc-file and so on08:36
darkxstricotz, yes this is why I am questioning if any of it should be actually installed08:37
ricotzok, that is what I did in staging08:37
ricotz(only install the required and usable parts)08:37
darkxstricotz, right, so its probably fine as is, and can ignore all the list-missing output08:39
willcookemorning desktoppers08:55
larsumorning willcooke08:56
didrockshey willcooke08:58
seb128hey willcooke08:58
seb128darkxst, ricotz, ignoring list-missing is poor taste and usually bites back at some point, better to --fail-missing and rm the things you don't want to install explicitely08:58
* didrocks hugs seb128 for this!09:01
didrocksthat, trailing comas09:01
didrocksI CONVERTED YOU ALL! :)09:01
darkxstseb128, I didnt quite mean that literally, I will file an upstream bug and find out what is acutally meant to happen!09:01
* seb128 hugs didrocks09:03
larsudidrocks: you don't like trailing commas?,09:03
seb128darkxst, thanks09:03
* larsu doesn't know what didrocks is talking about,09:03
didrockslarsu: I do, I was quite alone pushing for it!09:03
didrockslonely* even :)09:03
seb128hey Laney09:03
didrockshey Laney09:03
larsuLaney: morning!,09:03
larsudidrocks: ;)09:03
davmor2didrocks: Pffff09:08
ubot5Gnome bug 758266 in general "Is libide meant to be a public library?" [Normal,New]09:13
darkxstseb128, did you work out trello?09:14
darkxstor maybe willcooke has better trello skills ;)09:15
* didrocks is puzzled why his new zsh function isn't sourced in /usr/share/zsh/vendor-completions09:15
didrocksany zsh user familiar with that?09:15
Laneydarkxst: I added you I think09:15
* willcooke is reminded to send that email...09:16
seb128darkxst, sorry was dealing with night backlog, seems like Laney sorted it out for you09:17
seb128didrocks, I'm not, -devel might have more zsh users though09:17
didrocksseb128: yeah, good idea, continuing digging just in case09:17
* seb128 investigates a u-s-d crasher due to g-s-d dropping some schemas key and grrrr at GNOME handling of schemas09:18
didrocksof course, best way to find an issue: just speak about it on IRC and your next try will work!09:18
darkxstseb128, I didnt drop any schemas09:18
darkxst(in g-s-d)09:18
seb128darkxst, well, somebody did, I'm going to tell you who want when in a bit09:19
darkxstLaney, hmm, I can't actually add items still09:20
Laneydunno sorry09:21
Laney"Any team member can join this board without being invited" is ticked09:22
willcookeGNOME work or GNOME software?09:23
willcookedarkxst, ^09:24
darkxstwillcooke, both09:24
darkxstbut maybe its just a UI fail, says I am admin of the team now?09:24
Laneymaybe you have to add yourself09:25
willcookedarkxst, reload09:25
willcookeI've added you again09:25
seb128darkxst, oh yes you did, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/gnome-settings-daemon/ubuntu/revision/491/debian/patches/revert-gsettings-removals.patch09:26
darkxstwillcooke, k thanks that worked09:26
seb128 09:26
seb128+    <key name="display" type="as">09:26
seb128 09:26
seb128+      <default>["", "", ""]</default>09:26
LaneyI was sort of hoping that he could have figured it out himself09:26
seb128 09:26
Laneyso that we don't have to hand hold every time09:26
seb128+      <_summary>Wacom display mapping</_summary>09:26
seb128 09:26
seb128+      <_description>EDID information of monitor to map tablet to. Must be in the format [vendor, product, serial]. ["","",""] disables mapping.</_description>09:26
seb128 09:26
seb128+    </key>09:26
seb128ups, sorry09:26
seb128launchpad diff copy fail09:26
seb128darkxst, that commit dropped the "<key name="display" type="as">"09:26
darkxstseb128,  that must have been a bad rebase, diffs of diffs of xml files are a nightmare09:29
Laneydiff the installed files at the end09:29
seb128darkxst, yeah, it was not meant as a blame, it's easy to make mistakes09:29
seb128just saying that this key is used by u-s-d and missing09:29
seb128(thanks e.u.c!)09:29
seb128darkxst, I'm fixing it09:30
darkxstseb128, ok thanks09:32
seb128darkxst, btw should I upload the g-c-c diff from https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-control-center/+bug/1512435 ? the other bits landed, you should be able to move g-c-c to universe with that09:33
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1512435 in unity-control-center (Ubuntu) "Stop depending on gnome-control-center" [High,Fix released]09:33
seb128just wanted your ack before uploading09:33
seb128hey andyrock09:35
didrockshey andyrock09:36
darkxstseb128, +1 go ahead09:36
seb128darkxst, thanks09:36
seb128great, g-s-d is blocked in proposed because it picked up packagekit 1.009:44
* seb128 deleted that update from proposed now09:44
darkxstseb128, yes09:44
seb128the rebuild should not have that issue09:44
=== hikiko_ is now known as hikiko
Laneyreckon anyone on the mir team is looking at it being blocked in proposed?09:55
seb128good one ;-)09:58
seb128you are the one who retried the liburcu builds?09:58
Laneysecond time now09:58
seb128k, so you are looking at it ;-)09:58
seb128that was the blocker no?09:58
seb128or is it more to it?09:59
Laneybut I don't really want to fix mir's dependencies09:59
didrockson day, people will understand why I wanted to link trunk to "package in release pocket" without giving force option to upstream :)09:59
seb128seems it built now?09:59
Laneyhow does it seem that?09:59
Laneyppc64el is in progress09:59
seb128didrocks, they did, they removed the force option10:00
larsudidrocks: one day!10:00
Laneyand seems to be hung10:00
Laneylike it did last time10:00
didrocksseb128: right, but they still have a copy of trunk10:00
seb128oh, the error is "old binaries left on amd64: liburcu2 (from 0.8.8-1) "10:00
didrocksseb128: and work there :p10:00
Laneythat's one of them10:00
Laneyfixed by removing the NBS10:00
Laneythe real one is missing build on ppc64el10:00
seb128nag kgunn10:00
seb128maybe step 1 would be fine a bug and assign to the mir team?10:01
Laneyasked in their channel10:01
seb128didrocks, not really, they removed the "force merge" trigger from landers recently because it was abused10:01
seb128so they can't merge back to trunk without carring about migration now10:01
didrocksseb128: unsurprisingly, that's why I didn't give it to upstreams at the time10:01
didrocksseems people needed to readd it without asking why it wasn't there in the first step (and only to landing team)10:02
didrocksbut well, repeating mistakes, that's the rule I guess :)10:02
Laneywill care more once autopkgtest catches up10:03
LaneyI predict that no xenial ppc64el porter machine is going to be a problem10:04
seb128Laney, that hangs happen on other archs and Debian as well, looks like the current upload was supposed to fix it but failed10:09
seb128oh well10:09
seb128I've a feeling the MIR team is not going to fix that but Debian might10:10
LaneyI know10:10
Laneythey might handle it though instead of me/us...10:10
seb128annoying that it blocks GTK10:10
Laneystill other things doing that too10:11
seb128though according to ricotz the GTK update has a regression10:11
Laneyyou know the square round corners bug?10:11
LaneyI notice that that little bit is white now where it was black before10:12
seb128but it's still solid?10:13
Laneynot fixed, don't think it was supposed to be10:13
seb128likely the workaround from larsu10:14
seb128which changed the color from black to the window bg color10:14
TrevinhoSome train working today (/me going to Turin for few days)10:24
=== vrruiz_ is now known as rvr
seb128Trevinho, so actual train, not the one used to land unity ;-)10:27
seb128Trevinho, have a good trip!10:27
Trevinhoseb128: yeah, one with wifi :-)10:27
larsuseb128: indeed10:30
seb128BAH, g-c-c ftbfs10:34
* seb128 flips the desk10:34
seb128the ldb update makes samba unhappy10:34
* larsu slowly turns seb128's desk around and pats him on the back10:36
didrocksseb128: when you are back, do you have a minute to test something on your 32 bits machine with ubuntu make?12:11
didrocks(I have a test failing on this arch, if you can't, I'll just install a VM)12:12
seb128didrocks, back13:10
didrocksseb128: so, basically, the idea is that you install ubuntu-make (to get the deps), then git clone https://github.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-make.git; cd ubuntu-make; bin/umake ide clion13:11
didrocksonce installed, try to run it (and don't touch anything)13:11
didrocksps aux | grep clion -> paste the processes13:12
seb128didrocks, ubuntu-make from standard xenial archive?13:13
didrocksseb128: yep, this is just to get the deps which hadn't change compared to master13:13
Laneylarsu: you use git bzr don't you?13:19
Laneycan I force push with it?13:19
* Laney is using it for the first time13:19
Laneypitti made me rebase/split some commits and I couldn't bear trying to do that with bzr itself :)13:20
seb128didrocks, it's downloading, keeping you posted in a bit13:21
didrocksseb128: thanks a lot!13:21
didrocksLaney: from --help: git bzr push --overwrite ?13:22
Laney--help exists?13:22
didrocks(yeah, I would have used -f also :p)13:22
LaneyI got Cannot find bazaar remote with name '--help'13:22
* Laney fails at this13:22
didrocksLaney: git help bzr13:22
seb128what are you trying to do?13:22
didrocksbut git bzr --help13:23
didrocksworks as well here13:23
Laneydoesn't exist13:23
seb128oh, git bzr integration13:23
Laneyanyway let me try --overwrite13:23
seb128use pure bzr or git, don't mix :p13:23
Laneyyeah well, give me a bzr with rebase and commit --amend then :P13:23
didrocksgit-bzr-ng: /usr/share/man/man1/git-bzr.1.gz13:23
didrocksare you sure you have the same plugin installed? :)13:24
didrocks(the binary as well is in git-bzr-ng)13:24
Laneyno idea13:24
didrockscheck it's the one you are using (first, that it's intalled)13:24
didrocksI have 0+git20120823-113:25
LaneyI have it from some checkout13:25
didrocksuse the package man! :)13:25
LaneyI probably tried it13:25
Laneymaybe I should try again13:25
didrocksyeah… keep me posted13:26
didrockshelp works at least13:26
didrocksand listing commands as well13:26
Laneyor I just push to a local repo and push from that one to LP :)13:26
Laneygit-bzr-ng is dead, removed in wily13:29
didrocksas I apt install it directly I guess, it wasn't autoremoved13:30
larsuLaney: yes, git bzr push --overwrite13:30
Laneydidrocks: you have vivid enabled or something?13:31
seb128didrocks, trying to start clion from the dash gives a "Cannot find VM options file." dialog13:31
didrocksLaney: I'm on wily, I kept it I guess13:31
Laneyrmadison git-bzr-ng is on my side13:31
seb128didrocks, process is from clion.sh which spawns zenity to display the error13:31
didrocksseb128: ah, interesting, mind doing a screenshot? Maybe it's 64 bits only13:31
didrocksLaney: yep, it was removed in wily: (From Debian) RoM; dependency about to be removed, alternative available; Debian bug #74241513:32
ubot5Debian bug 742415 in ftp.debian.org "RM: git-bzr-ng -- ROM; dependency about to be removed, alternative available" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/74241513:32
LaneyI know, I told you that :P13:32
didrocksLaney: and as I told you, I should have installed it before it was removed13:32
* Laney tries the git-remote-bzr support13:32
seb128didrocks, then when I close that one I get "32-bit JVM is not supported. Please install 64-bit version."13:32
didrocksLaney: and as I apt install it directly, autoremove didn't remove it13:32
didrocks(see above :p)13:32
didrocksnothing related to some vivid repo added13:32
LaneyI see, I thought you meant you installed it just now13:33
didrocksseb128: ok, so only 64 bits, that explains why the tests are failing! Many thanks for testing :)13:33
seb128didrocks, http://people.canonical.com/~seb128/clion.png and http://people.canonical.com/~seb128/clionbis.png13:33
seb128didrocks, yw13:33
didrocksLaney: nope, I've (happily) used it in the past13:33
didrocksseb128: ok, quite clear :)13:33
didrocksLaney: keep me posted on git-remote-bzr, I'll switch to this if that works well for you13:34
seb128I missed the start of the discussion when restarting IRC, but what are you guys trying to do?13:36
qenghogood morning13:36
seb128hey qengho13:37
seb128is anybody else using xenial and having issues with notify-osd bubbles when wheeling over indicator-sound?13:39
seb128I just see an underline on the  panel13:39
seb128or in fact might be that xenial indicator-sound landing, more likely even13:40
larsuseb128: works for me but I haven't updated in a day or so13:40
seb128that issue is older than a day or so for me13:41
larsuI'm updating and testing nonetheless13:41
willcookeseb128, just tried it, I get a very feint purple line near the bottom of the indicator panel13:42
seb128same here!13:42
seb128willcooke, thanks13:43
willcookeupgrading now13:43
seb128syslog has those13:43
seb128** (notify-osd:5464): WARNING **: bubble_recalc_size(): WARNING, no layout!!!13:43
seb128** (notify-osd:5464): WARNING **: WARNING: No layout defined!!!13:43
larsuseb128: YOU HAVE NO LAYOUT!!!13:43
seb128seems I don't :-/13:44
seb128weird it's not consistant between installs though13:44
seb128Laney, having it or not?13:44
Laneydunno, seems you already got people to try, not much point in everyone doing so13:45
Laneynot sure I am super current etc13:45
Laneyand fighting with git and bzr :P13:45
seb128Laney, k, we have 3 people and a 1 - 2, and it's a scroll event away, I though one more would give cheap extra data13:46
seb128but no big deal13:46
Laneygive me a few minutes then13:46
seb128I'm going to try downgrading things13:46
pittiLaney: s/made/kindly asked/ :-) -- but I thought about bzr uncommit, shelving the others, bzr commit, and then unshelve/commit the rest, or just ignore me13:47
Laneypitti: hehe13:47
pittiindeed it's fugly with bzr13:47
LaneyI have the right thing in git now13:47
Laneyjust got to ship it over somehow13:48
* Laney is bashing it with a floppy hammer that doesn't work quite right13:48
LaneyKeyErrors, fast-export dying, all this stuff13:48
dupingpinghi everyone.14:00
dupingpingnice to meet you.14:00
dupingpinghow can i upload a patch for gvfs?14:01
seb128dupingping, hey, depending what you are trying to do? upstream is GNOME, if it's an Ubuntu specific change/packaging/backport on launchpad14:15
Laneyah I got it to push14:15
Laneyit's messed up lp's diff though14:15
Laneypitti: there it is to re-review when you've got time14:40
pittiLaney: cheers!14:40
Laneydidrocks: this seems to work pretty well, supports --force too14:40
* Laney lunch14:47
didrocksLaney: enjoy!14:53
seb128larsu, it seems that indicator-sound changed the format of what it sends to unity7 with https://code.launchpad.net/~xavi-garcia-mena/indicator-sound/bluetooth-icons-bug-1415480/+merge/272735 and that notify-osd doesn't like it, I pinged Xavi15:06
seb128unsure if notify-osd should deal better with input it doesn't like though15:06
larsuseb128: ah I updated and rebooted but forgot to test! I see the same bug15:07
larsuseb128: we should revert15:07
larsuwait. notify osd doesn't care about the indicator sound bus messages15:09
seb128downgrading the indicator fixes it though15:09
seb128so it's something in that changeset15:09
larsuseb128: got it. It sends a title for the notification now, which throws off notify osd15:14
seb128do you consider that a notify-osd issue?15:14
larsudunno really15:14
larsuit doesn't know what to do when it gets a title and a hint "make a volume bar"15:15
larsui.e., it would simply ignore the title15:15
larsuand I guess this is specified somewhere (lol)15:15
larsuoh sorry, this is about message body, not title15:16
larsuit already ignores the title15:16
larsuindicator-sound now gives a notification with title "Volume" and body "Speakers"15:17
larsuis the sound notification on the phone showing this string?15:20
xavigarciayes, it is15:20
larsuapparently it's to distinguish between speakers, headphones, etc15:20
seb128larsu, right, I think the intend is to tell if that's your bluetooth headset or the speaking which is changing15:20
xavigarciaI added the change as it was requested for the phone15:20
xavigarcialarsu: so that would be the only change...15:21
larsuxavigarcia: there's quite some whitespace issues in that patch btw15:21
larsuI can make notify-osd ignore this15:21
xavigarcialarsu: in fact that string was added in a previous branch, but now it is shown all the time... that's the difference15:21
larsubut I guess we should also show it on the desktop?15:21
larsuxavigarcia: when was it not shown before? In the "Speakers" case?15:22
xavigarciaI'm not sure about that, to be honest15:22
larsuif so, I guess that's why noone noticed...15:22
xavigarcialarsu: it was used to show the "Warning high volume can damage your hearing" string15:23
larsuah, even less likely to get noticed on desktop15:23
xavigarcialarsu: but that warning is only used on the phone15:23
xavigarcialarsu: yep15:24
xavigarcialarsu: I'm normally testing the sound indicator changes on the desktop... but... I'm never using the wheel to change the volume, so I didn't notice it15:24
larsuxavigarcia: only very few people do, but they are very important to us ;)15:25
xavigarcialarsu: sure15:25
xavigarcialarsu: so do you reckon you can fix it? or do we need extra work in the indicator15:25
larsuxavigarcia: already did ;)15:25
xavigarcialarsu: cool!15:26
larsuhm is my icon branch still outstanding? I'm seeing the old icon here15:26
seb128larsu, which one?15:29
seb128larsu, https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/notify-osd/spam-a-bit-less/+merge/274382 you mean?15:29
seb128I just pressed published on that15:30
seb128tested it while I was testing the notifications with old/new indicator15:30
larsuseb128: review appreciated ;) https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/notify-osd/ignore-body-for-sync-bubbles/+merge/27785515:36
larsuone line!15:36
* larsu hopes that doesn't brean anything else15:36
larsubut it seems to work fine for me so far15:36
seb128larsu, looking15:38
didrocksstarted early, no break, time to sign off I guess :)15:48
didrockssee you tomorrow guys!15:48
seb128didrocks, enjoy!15:48
hallynevery few minutes unity is un-setting my caps-lock-as-control set through xmodmap.  is there a "proper" way left to set such a keymap?  (the keyboard control widget lost that setting months or years ago)16:11
hallynunity-tweak-tool has nothing,16:12
hallynused to only unset it on package upgrades...16:14
=== newbie is now known as Guest87222
seb128hallyn, no idea why/what would do that...16:33
hallyna new daemon that enforces uniformity among desktops? :-)  gnome-tweak-tool had a caps-lock-as-contorl setting, i'll see if that keeps it from happening16:35
hallynon the bright side, got unity to start for first time in months :)16:35
seb128how did you fix it?16:37
Laneyoh I forgot, local mirror is synced again17:03
Laneyreason it was so slow last time was that the hard drive was dying17:03
attentefor lintian error "unstripped-binary-or-object" am i supposed to call strip in a preinst script?17:06
attenteor do i need a custom dh_strip target in debian/rules?17:07
attentei'm also getting 'W: maliit-framework-dbg: empty-binary-package' even though 'DEB_DH_STRIP_ARGS := --dbg-package=maliit-framework-dbg' is in debian/rules17:08
Laneyattente: post the package somewhere?17:19
attenteLaney: https://code.launchpad.net/~attente/maliit/maliit-glib17:23
attenteLaney: can you please try it now?17:39
attenteLaney: er, never mind17:47
attenteLaney: i set my sbuild to not strip symbols17:48
attentealthough i'm still getting 'postinst-must-call-ldconfig' despite having 'activate-noawait ldconfig' in the triggers17:49
Laneyprobably fixed by the lintian I just uploaded17:51
Laneyyou definitely don't need to add those triggers yourself17:51
Laneydh_makeshlibs does this17:51
Laneyalthough that's in depwait17:53
Laneyseb128 / infinity: You fancy promoting libfuture-perl libstruct-dumb-perl libio-async-perl?17:57
LaneyIIRC perl packages usually just get done without MIR17:58
Laneyalright, well, hope you feel able to do that. :P18:05
willcookecya Laney18:05
* willcooke quits too18:05
willcookeg'night all;18:05
=== _thumper_ is now known as thumper
mterrykenvandine, poke on deja-dup  :)21:28
mterrykenvandine, this is a pass-through poke from barry21:29

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