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ubottuLaunchpad bug 1517309 in Light Display Manager "X run again." [Undecided,New]04:44
pittismoser, slangasek: booting with systemd.log_target=console will make the logging visible to the console if you don't want it in the journal; systemd.log_level=debug only increases verbosity of systemd itself -- if you want also kernel debugging, use "debug" (the kernel reads that by itself)05:38
pittilogging to kmsg is also useful in some cases, mostly if the journal is broken05:39
pittisarnold, jetsaredim: err, do you still see bug 1511376 with current images? I'm not aware of anything else right now that still creates broken /etc/mtab, what/how did you install?05:40
ubottubug 1511376 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Xenial) "install writes /etc/mtab as file, not symlink" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151137605:40
pittiand yes, you can ignore kdbus, it's not at all related05:40
jetsaredimpitti: it got sorted05:40
pittijetsaredim: still some installer problem?05:41
jetsaredimturns out systemd was complaining about a fstab entry for a mdadm device that had yet to be created in the boot cycle05:41
pittithat still sounds like a bug05:42
jetsaredimit was a user-created md05:42
jetsaredimif that matters05:42
jetsaredimI regularly have issues with the system every time it reboots having to go in and manually stop & re-assemble the dev05:43
pittiI mean, MD arrays are supposed to be auto-assembled at boot, and if fstab wants to mount something from it it should wait until that has happened05:43
pittiso apparently the waiting part works, but not the assembly05:43
jetsaredimit certainly waited05:43
jetsaredimnot sure what's with my config i don't reboot the system that often so it only comes up about twice a year05:43
jetsaredimits like the auto-config that's supposed to happen on boot is just not smart enough to do it right05:44
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jetsaredimwhen the system's finally up and I can login I literally just have to run "mdadm -S <dev>; mdadm --assemble <dev>" and all is right with the world05:45
jetsaredimwhich you'd *think* would work during boot too...05:47
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nils17 Does any one have an idea: when executing the command (alt+f2)  gksudo xfce4-terminal I get the warning "granted permissions without ask for password"... do you know where this setting is stored? (to disable it)07:13
dholbachgood morning07:32
FourDollarspitti: Could you help to review https://code.launchpad.net/~fourdollars/unity-settings-daemon/fix-lowest-brightness/+merge/277326 for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1381625 ?07:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1381625 in linux (Ubuntu) "Adjust brightness to lowest value caused screen whole black" [High,Confirmed]07:35
pittiFourDollars: that looks more or less like a straight port of the upstream gnome-settings-daemon heuristics, right?07:38
FourDollarspitti: yes07:38
pittiFourDollars: this is loads better than https://code.launchpad.net/~kaihengfeng/unity-settings-daemon/add-brightness-limit-mechanism/+merge/277416 :)07:42
FourDollarspitti: yup07:42
FourDollarspitti: Thx a lot. BTW, when will it be merged into lp:unity-settings-daemon if everything is OK?07:44
pittiFourDollars: it's CI train managed, so I guess you can just reuqest a landing07:46
FourDollarspitti: How can I request a landing?07:48
pittiFourDollars: there's a new system, https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/07:48
pittiI haven't used it myself either yet, but hopefully not too different from the old spreadshet07:48
pittiotherwise the desktop team can certainly help you with that07:49
seb128that system is to do landings though07:49
seb128not to request somebody else to do one for you07:49
pittiright, but can't FourDollars request/do a landing?07:49
seb128and we do regular u-s-d landings when there are enough changes to justify one07:49
pittiah, ok07:49
seb128pitti, dunno what team membership is needed07:49
seb128if you have upload rights you can07:49
seb128but FourDollars probably doesn't have upload rights on the desktop set07:50
FourDollarsYup, I don't have the upload rights.07:50
pittiseb128: I thought that was the purpose of the train?07:50
pittimost phone developers don't have archive upload rights either07:50
seb128I think there is a lp team you need to join though07:52
FourDollarsHa~ After I login https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com, there are many pages I can not access.07:52
seb128better to ask on #ubuntu-ci-eng07:52
LocutusOfBorg1dupingping, hi, you there?08:23
LocutusOfBorg1wrt your virtualbox pkg join request08:23
dupingpingLocutusOfBorg1: yes, i'm here.08:24
LocutusOfBorg1why did you request to join?08:24
LocutusOfBorg1that team is well... empty08:24
dupingpingdebian virtualbox team?08:24
LocutusOfBorg1you asked to join to the ubuntu virtualbox team, not the debian one08:25
LocutusOfBorg1I maintain virtualbox, but I use the alioth debian infrastructure for doing it08:25
LocutusOfBorg1anyway, do you plan to contribute in virtualbox?08:25
dupingpingyes, right.08:25
dupingpingAnd what is launchpad.net url for join?08:26
dupingpingLocutusOfBorg1: I created a new account.08:29
dupingpingIt shows me, https://launchpad.net/~pkg-virtualbox-devel and "Debian Virtualbox Team" team.08:30
dupingpingwow, I have been joined.08:30
dupingpingthank you.08:30
LocutusOfBorg1yes, but there is nothing to do on launchpad08:30
LocutusOfBorg1you need to apply to alioth08:30
dupingpingoh, yes.08:31
dupingpingI logged in to alioth, LocutusOfBorg108:36
LocutusOfBorg1before accepting you I would like to see some patches, or some work on virtualbox08:41
LocutusOfBorg1it is a really deep package, and *really* difficult to maintain08:41
dupingpingyes, i'll show a patch on oracle i made.08:42
LocutusOfBorg1e.g. you might start with testing this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/virtualbox/+bug/1517161 :)08:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1517161 in virtualbox (Ubuntu) "virtualbox SRU for CVE" [Medium,New]08:42
dupingpingcan you see https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=74546&p=345693#p345693 ?08:42
LocutusOfBorg1"You are not authorised to read this forum."08:42
dupingpingyes, perhaps, you are not a virtual box contributor on oracle?08:43
dupingpingvirtualbox 5.0.x's revision r58717 is my patch.08:43
cpaelzersmb and I were discussing about the proper use of debian/watch09:23
cpaelzerwe wondered if it should be encoded in a way to refer to the latest "possible" tarball09:23
cpaelzeror the latest tarball to the currently packaged version09:24
cpaelzere.g. if we have Package-2.0 - should it09:24
cpaelzera) only fetch and report 2.0.x updates09:24
cpaelzerb) or any >2.0 updates09:24
cpaelzerrbasak (and others) ^^ ?09:24
pitticpaelzer: if you package multiple major upstream series, restricting it to the current microversion of that series seems adequate09:36
LocutusOfBorg1hi folks, is the ci sleeping today?09:44
LocutusOfBorg1I don't see the tests going09:44
FourDollarspitti: I saw https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1381625 is changed to "Won't Fix" by you. Could you help to change it back to Confirmed?09:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1381625 in linux (Ubuntu) "Adjust brightness to lowest value caused screen whole black" [High,Confirmed]09:47
pittiFourDollars: ah, you can't? done09:48
pitti("in progress")09:48
FourDollarspitti: I don't have the permission to do that.09:48
FourDollarspitti: In fact, I also want to fix it in trusty. But I don't have the permission to also affect trusty series too.09:49
pittiFourDollars: added09:51
FourDollarspitti: thx09:51
cpaelzerpitti: thx09:57
rbasakcpaelzer: it's entirely up to you. For an Ubuntu-only package there isn't anything that runs uscan automatically for you. So debian/watch is only as useful as your ability to run uscan. So make uscan do what you want :)09:59
cpaelzerrbasak, thanks++10:01
FourDollarspitti: Could you help to set https://code.launchpad.net/~fourdollars/unity-settings-daemon/fix-lowest-brightness/+merge/277326 as a top approved?10:19
pittiFourDollars: done10:19
FourDollarspitti: Cool. Thx.10:19
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Laneycjwatson: What's the status on the ppc64el/wily upgrade?10:40
LaneyWe have gtk+3.0 -> mir -> liburcu blockage coming up. :)10:41
* Laney sees some comments on the ticket10:43
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cjwatsonLaney: waiting for IS to see if wily images work on arm64 this time, then I should be able to ask for ppc64el/production shortly after10:57
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cjwatsonLaney: ah, progress on the ticket so I've replied asking for ppc64el/production11:11
Laneycjwatson: Oh, great, thanks11:12
dupingpinghi lightdm developers.11:51
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smoserpitti, thanks for following up.13:46
pittismoser: what? where?13:46
Mirvcould a core-dev do a QA acked copy to xenial (train is not understanding our switch of one binary package to new source package, so publishing manually): ./copy-package --from=~ci-train-ppa-service/ubuntu/landing-005 --from-suite=xenial --to=ubuntu --to-suite=xenial-proposed -b ubuntu-ui-toolkit - everything else is done14:23
Mirvticket https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/67014:24
pittiMirv: done14:48
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MrBIOSgood morning, would anyone who is familiar with the casper/livecd boot process happen to be around? I’m trying to debug some stuff and not having much luck16:41
MrBIOSbdmurray: ping17:25
bdmurrayMrBIOS: hi17:27
MrBIOSbdmurray: I wanted to ping you regarding an (old, sadly) casper ticket https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/casper/+bug/50410317:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 504103 in casper (Ubuntu) "textonly parameter has no effect when booting from usb-stick" [Medium,Triaged]17:27
MrBIOS any reason why that’s gotten zero love in four years? :"(17:28
bdmurrayMrBIOS: Is that really the question you want me to respond to?17:29
MrBIOSwell, if there’s a known workaround, I’d happily employ that17:30
MrBIOSI’m unfamiliar with the Ubuntu bug triage process17:30
MrBIOSall I really want to do is accomplish an install17:30
Laneyxnox: you want to take the mdadm merge off me?17:31
* Laney spots the new maintainer :)17:31
bdmurrayThere are lots and lots of bugs and this one only affects a couple of people, based off the bug, and is something of a corner case.17:31
bdmurrayAre you trying to install a desktop version of Ubuntu?17:33
MrBIOSbdmurray: yes, I’m definitely in corner-case-land17:35
MrBIOSdeep into it. I should set up a fort17:36
MrBIOSout of curiosity, do you guys accept man page improvements? :)17:36
bdmurrayMrBIOS: Of course we'd accept a fix.17:37
MrBIOSbdmurray: I’m also getting an error when scripts/casper-bottom/25adduser gets called, where the  step fails with “pwconv: failed to change the mode of /etc/passwd- to 0600” and I have no idea why. Is that a known issue? I see it a lot in google searches, but not as the focus of attention17:40
MrBIOSthis is unfortunate, since I then have no way to log in to examine log files to figure out why things aren’t progressing further17:41
bdmurrayWhat release are you installing and how did you create the usb stick?17:41
MrBIOSthis is 16.04, and I DD’ed the ISO to the stick.17:41
MrBIOSthe same thing happens with 15.10 and earlier though17:42
tsgmicahg: can you please comment on https://bugs.launchpad.net/trusty-backports/+bug/1515710?  what is needed to resolve this - there are 3 openstack bugs that are pending on this request, so I can provide any help needed17:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1515710 in vivid-backports "Please backport liberasurecode-1.1.0, python-pyeclib-1.1.1 to precise, trusty, vivid" [Undecided,New]17:56
tsgmicahg: the trusty and precise backports are more critical17:57
Laneycjwatson: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/liburcu/0.9.1-2/+build/8293095 excellent18:02
cjwatsonLaney: liburcu built now; will just need a bit of proposed-NBS cleaning18:02
cjwatsonyep :)18:02
cjwatsonppc64el guests are wily now18:02
Laneythanks for getting that fixed18:02
* Laney nods18:02
Laneymaybe autopkgtest will be less extremely backed up by tomorrow morning18:03
Laneygtk's triggered tests have barely moved all day18:03
* Laney floats some more clouds18:03
slangasekaccording to pitti the queue is about a day long currently18:03
cjwatsonLaney: liburcu2 proposed-NBS cleaned up too.  so now it's just whatever remains from that library transition18:07
cjwatson(2 -> 4)18:07
LaneyYeah. I'll look when update_output.txt has something to say about the matter tomorrow18:08
lpotteris there any way to edit my comments on a bug in launchpad?18:59
smoseris this a known issue19:18
lpotterawe: ping19:21
awelpotter, pong19:21
lpotterawe: in regards to nm bearer plugin. upstream has been refactored a bit, so it might benefit to use that19:22
lpotterI thought it had already been updated to it19:22
awelpotter, has the code been released by upstream yet?  or is it just part of their latest devel?19:23
aweI'm super new to the Qt codebase19:23
aweI only started looking at as I started chasing this bug19:23
lpotterI am sure it was released19:23
aweok, I'll poke around this afternoon19:24
aweit'd be great if they've already fixed this match rule leak19:24
aweit looks to me like a ref count problem19:24
aweas I'm never seeing the match rules ever get released by QDBusConnectionPrivate19:25
lpotterwell, I refactored all objects so the are derived from QDBusAbstractInterface19:25
lpotterthe old code is pretty fugly19:26
awelpotter, I think the current code does that19:27
aweeg. QNetworkManagerInterfaceAccessPoint does so19:28
aweand it's the obect that's not properly disconnecting a signal watch for "PropertiesChanged"19:29
aweit also apparently sends a "GetAll" in response to the "PropertiesChanged" signals19:29
awewhich is kinda broken too19:29
lpotterhmm.. I must have wrong ubuntu repo or something. all I see is original really ugly code19:31
awewell.... I've actually downloaded the source package from the phone overlay PPA19:31
aweas I didn't want to hunt for the VCS19:32
lpotterupstream uses the property map from PropertiesChanged19:32
awewhen you say upstream, do you mean the 5.5 release, or code in devel branch?19:32
aweI just cloned the git5 repo...19:33
lpottershould be 5.5 but I could be wrong. I've lost track of Qt releases19:33
awethis is a slippery slope19:33
awelpotter, k19:33
aweI'll take a look this afternoon...  so close to solving this bug, which has a *huge* perf impact19:34
lpotteryes 5.5.0 release has the changes19:35
aweok; I'll def compare our code to that branch then19:36
micahgtsg: commented19:41
lpotterawe: but then the problem will be those blocking dbus GetAll calls when those objects are created. Which cannot really be changed as QNAM depends on syncronous backends19:45
awelpotter, so... in the bug I'm working on, it sounded like "blocking" was an ambiguous term19:45
aweare you describing "blocking IO"?19:45
lpotterblocking as it waits until is gets an answer19:45
aweor apparmor "blocking"?19:45
awegot it19:46
awewe're on the same page then19:46
aweMirv mentioned something about "apparmor blocking"19:46
lpotterthere's that too.19:46
aweI care less about that, as it's a confined app problem, and I'll let others solve it19:47
lpotterwhich is why I wrote and suggested the connectivity-api plugin19:47
aweI'm just trying to ensure the plumbing works when used by unity, maliit, ...19:47
aweand doesn't gum up the rest of the system19:47
awewe have a security team to worry about apparmor, and they're all smarter than me anyways...19:47
* awe hopes the qt submodules don't eat all his diskspace19:48
lpotterat least its not aegis19:48
lpotterbecause of app armor restrictions on phone, all thats really needed in bearer is connected/disconnected19:50
awefor confined apps you mean?19:50
awebecause the system apps need to distinguish between connected 'wifi' vs. connected '3g'19:51
aweand I think every process also needs to know about flight-mode19:51
aweand/or individual 3g blocked, wifi blocked19:51
lpotterdo they use QtBearerNetwork?19:52
lpotterI meant for things using QNetworkAccessManager and QNetworkRequest & friends19:52
aweit's a bit confusing, and I can't answer all of those questions directly19:53
aweas I don't know the code bases all that well19:53
lpotterif they use QNetworkConfigurationManager than yes, that connectivity-api will not be useful19:53
awe( I typically work on ofono, NetworkManager, ... )19:53
awelpotter, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/+source/location-service/+bug/1480877/comments/6819:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1480877 in location-service (Ubuntu RTM) "Access points' "PropertiesChanged" dbus signals freeze UI on mobile devices" [High,In progress]19:54
awethis doesn't include all system processes, but it mentions the ones that show up in my dbus scans19:54
lpottercleanup code rely's on Qt's own object clean up. but if that is delayed due to parent not getting deleted for long time I can see thats a problem. with app armor on top those signals wont get disconnected straight away.20:01
aweso again... this is only when used from unity8 directly, which should be totally unconfined20:02
lpotterhmm maybe QDBus does things differently20:02
aweI'm assuming if the layer can add dbus signal match rules20:02
aweit can remove them20:02
aweif it can't20:02
aweit's badly broken20:02
aweI see the correct calls happening in the networkmanager plugin20:02
aweit's just that qtdbus doesn't seem to be removing the rules20:03
aweit looks like the rules are ref counted20:03
aweso someone's holding on to a ref somewhere20:03
aweI'm rebuilding with a bit more debugging added to qtdbus20:03
lpotterI think the logic in QNetworkManagerEngine::removeAccessPoint is wrong. Are you seeing the QNetworkManagerInterfaceAccessPoint d'tor getting called?20:33
aweAlso, I enabled QDDBUS_DEBUG=120:37
awebefore starting  Unity20:37
aweI see a log message that tells me the DBusConnection.disconnect() function succeeded20:38
lpotterit looks like when an AP is known to the system, the accessPoint object will not get deleted when it is removed20:38
awebut what I don't see is a corresponding "Removing match rule..." from QDBusConnectionPrivate20:38
aweit looks like the intention is to reference count them20:38
aweand remove if/when someone calls disconnect()20:38
aweand the ref-count == 120:39
awethe code in 5.4.1, doesn't explicitly disconnect in that destructor20:39
awebottom line is NM is continually adding and removing AccessPoint objects20:39
aweso the plugin needs to track them, and adjust it's match rules on the fly20:40
aweotherwise we swamp the dbus daemon20:40
aweas the plugin just continues to add match rules till WiFi is disabled, or the phone dies and/or reboots20:40
lpotterI assumed that those got disconnected when it gets desctructed20:40
awewhen what gets destructed? the AccessPoint object?20:41
lpotteryes. internally to QDbus20:41
aweI looked at the doc for DBusConnection and it doesn't mention auto-disconnect for signals anywhere20:41
awewell.. it's not working automatically, and it's not working if I try to explicitly disconnect either20:42
lpotterthere is also a problem if two AP's have the same ssid20:43
awealso, I wrote a small QtCoreApplication and played around with connect/disconnect20:43
aweand was able to properly add a match rule for the same AP20:44
aweand then remove it by calling disconnect20:44
aweso the DBus code works20:44
lpotterso the engine is holding on to an object :)20:44
awelpotter, yea... as previously discussed this is all no-op code20:44
awethanks for all your thoughts on this20:45
aweI'll know more if my build ever finishes20:45
aweby the way, I diffed our code to 5.5.1 and 5.620:46
lpotterI usually try to build only QNetwork library or plugin20:46
aweand there's very little different in qnetworkmanagerservice/enginer20:46
* lpotter wonders where that repo is20:46
awehowever there's quite a bit different in qdbusintegrator.cpp20:46
awelpotter, the ubuntu repo?20:46
lpotteryes, with the newer plugin20:47
awewell, from what I can tell... our version of Qt isn't that different than the Debian package ( at least that's what it looks like from the debian/changelog )20:48
lpotterthere doesnt seem to be one master-of-all20:48
aweI'm not sure it was worth us importing into a VCS20:48
awebut Mirv_ would know better than I20:48
aweagain, I just grabbed the source package from the phone overlay PPA, and extracted it locally.  Some I working with quilt20:49
awethe base is 5.4.1+dfsg-220:49
awewith the "dfsg-2" being what appears to be the Debian version20:50
aweI've got the upstream git5 repo cloned though, so that's what I'm using for comparison against our source package20:50
lpotterit's nearing chaos hour where kids wake up and go to school...20:56
stgraberawe: +dfsg means that the source tarball was repacked by the Debian maintainer to conform to the Debian Free Software Guidelines, so you'll probably be getting a fair amount of diff compared to upstream just for that20:56
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stgraberawe: there typically is documentation as to how the dfsg tarball was generated in debian/ either in a README or as code in debian/rules20:57
awestgraber, thanks!20:57
lpotternot sure I know how to grab the phone overlay PPA20:57
aweyou can download the orig tarball, debian diff, and dsc files, and reconstruct with dpkg-source21:01
tsgmicahg: thanks - will resubmit using requestbackport - thanks for your attention!21:57
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